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I became an adventurer gradually. At university I started dreaming of big adventures. So I saved up and then, after graduating, set off to cycle round the world. 4 years later (and £7000 / $10,000) I arrived back home, wrote a couple of books, and began trying to earn a living from my adventurers. Now I earn money from writing and speaking and save up until I have enough cash to go on the next adventure (which gives me more stories to write / speak about).

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Because I had not realised you were supposed to do it 'live' - I had intended to return in a day or two to answer them.

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Definitely! Kids in schools often ask me if I know Dora...

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Here is my business card: http://instagram.com/p/adZc5dlBXd/

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Here's a video to encourage people in offices to have their own adventures: http://www.alastairhumphreys.com/summer-solstice-microadventure-challenge/