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Scariest country visited? Coolest? How was the experience? Would you do it again?

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I didn't really find any country particularly scary, although the 5th night I spent in a Congolese jail was tinged with a tint of terror! Coolest OH MY GOD SO MANY!! Palau, Bolivia, Egypt, Thailand, El Salvador, Papua New Guinea, Iran, Ethiopia, Seychelles... SO MANY!

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How did you end up in jail? And cool AMA Btw.

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Cape Verde thought I was a people smuggler. Congo thought I was a spy. Silly Congo.

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Did you ever fall in love while traveling?

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Ha! Spoilers!! I did fall in love, but it was when I had returned home to the UK for a few weeks last summer (family emergency) so yes and no!!

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Did you visit the principality of Sealand?

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No. But I'm thinking of taking my summer holiday there.

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Hey Graham! I met you briefly on your welcome home thing in Liverpool in December, but didn't ask the questions I intended to. Now seems like a good op! - What's Iran like? Do you recommend it? - Best travel tips? Considering you're a seasoned pro. - What's your favourite song?

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Hey Chris! Iran is incredibly - and surprisingly - friendly, well recommended. I give my 20 best travel tips in this video: Favourite song? Travel song? Tricky. I love Human by The Killers, Starlight by Muse and Travelling Light by Tindersticks, Man of the World by Fleetwood Mac, Go Places by The New Pornographers, Hoppipola by Sigur Ros, but my number one has to be Slow Show by The National.

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Afterthought, sorry. What country varied most from your expectations? (either positively or negatively)

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Iran. I thought it would be very different!! I was wrong, in a good way!! Also, South Africa was nowhere near as terrifying as some South African ex-pats would have you believe!!!

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Solo. But I'm never alone for long!

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Honestly tell us... which was toughest/worst country to visit/travel? If you had to do it all over again and had an option to drop one country, which country would you drop?

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Russia! The visa costs a fortune, it was bloody FREEZING and I got escorted out of the country by the army!!!

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You have to buy his book! Please focus on rampart.

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You don't need to buy my book, since I haven't yet written one!!! You can, if you like, go on my website and read over 1000 blog entries covering almost every day of the adventure FOR FREE YIPPEE!!!

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how was lebanon and dubai?

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Lebanon was THE BEST for food!!! I think I left a kg heavier. Dubai could have been dull, but my TV show was screening on the National Geographic Adventure at the time and so everyone wanted to buy me a drink! I spent a VERY good month in Dubai!!

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which was your favourite country in the far east and why?

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South Korea was INCREDIBLE. Those people NEED to get you drunk! I also loved Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, The Philippines... got to say, East Asia is pretty much my favourite region on Earth!

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Your most cherished memory from this trip?

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Sitting on the wing of the bridge of the overnight ferry from Wewak to Madang in Papua New Guinea. To my right, a HUGE electrical storm silently kicking off over the mouth of the Sepik River, to my left, the volcanic island of Manam rising out of the ocean, glowing red magma light at the peak. And straight ahead and above a carpet of the brightest, clearest stars I've EVER seen. Amazing.

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What was the problem getting a Russian visa that cause you to try wading in across a river?

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It cost 150 quid!!

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I am a student from Denmark and I graduate next month. I want to travel on a low budget. What's your best advice?

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How long did it take?

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4 years.

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Oh, and North Korea, there must be a story behind that...

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Getting into North Korea, the easy way:

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Which country do you plan on never going back to?

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Nowhere. I would honestly be happy to go back to Cape Verde and/or Congo even though last time they put me in jail: ...but the people were lovely!!

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No, same gear for the whole trip, didn't get mugged or have anything stolen. I'm either the luckiest badger in the universe or the people of this great planet aren't as bad as you think! No tent (I CouchSurfed) I had a mini sleeping bag, laptop, video camera (Sony A1) and a little still camera. Here's a full list:

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Did the TV/youtube channel make any money?

What would you estimate it cost you to do the whole expedition?

If the TV/youtube content made any money did it just supliment what you'd already put aside for the trip.

Were you happy with what you earned for Water Aid?

Are you going to Glastonbury this year?

EveryCountry230 karma

  1. A couple of hundred quid, mostly from this video that I shot in West Papua:
  2. About £7,000 a year over 4 years
  3. I had savings to start with, now in a LOT of debt. Currently sleeping on parent's couch!!!
  4. No. A cut from the eBook of my adventure will go to WaterAid, that will make me a little happier!!
  5. HELL YES!! Look for the 'GOD HATES FLAGS!' flag :-)

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Which country's food disagreed with you the most?

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Nowhere. 4 years on the road, didn't have a day off ill!!! I ate some gnarly goodies: Guinea pig in Ecuador, live octopus in South Korea, Cockroaches in Thailand... although I can NOT recommend 'balut' in The Philippines - hard boiled fertilized duck egg. And yes it tastes as gross as it sounds. A few years ago I accidentally ate dog in China (don't look at me like that - the menu was in Chinese!!!) and it tasted like solidified fart. I puked.

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You have to get in touch with the shipping companies and ask... nicely!! You can sometimes pay - at least one company (CMA-CGM) does 'cargo cruises', there may be others.

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How did you fund your trip?

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Savings, the TV show I made for the BBC, wonderfully generous friends and family and, towards the end, credit cards (eek!).

You can watch the TV show here: (UK only I'm afraid)

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Yes I did from Uruguay to Papua New Guinea (184 countries) after that came the Pacific Nations which I dealt with on a pretty ad-hoc basis (and took a looooooong time). Here's the GPS of the entire route:

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I love love love the USA. I hate hate hate GREYHOUND BUSES. In fact, public transport in general is the US is a joke. It's better in West Africa. I didn't visit all the states... maybe next time!!

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Can you tell me about your time in Cuba?

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Cuba was tricky to get to because Americans aren't supposed to go there (I'm British, but all the ships in the area were American). I ended up getting a lift over there from Florida on a sail boat with an American guy who was on his way to Fiji and wasn't coming back. We spent a day in the lovely seaside town of Maria la Gorda (Maria the Fat, a popular prostitute back in the day). The Cuban people were wonderful, I intend to go back for a holiday as soon as I can.

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Not on this journey, but I have travelled in the past by horse in Bolivia, camel in the Thar Desert, India and elephant in Cambodia. Horse was the best, elephant was exhilarating, camel: NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

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Where there some surprising things (good or bad) that you found in a certain country?

EveryCountry145 karma

Loads of things! I learnt very quickly not to judge a people by the actions of their government.

One thing stands out: IRAN has the friendliest people IN THE WORLD. Read the story about the Iranian grandmother in this article:

Googalyfrog52 karma

Have you been to both the Republic of the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan?

EveryCountry129 karma

YES! I actually had to backtrack from New Zealand to Africa because South Sudan became a country!! Here's me there:

Thatinsanity51 karma

  1. Most interesting person you met?
  2. Place you never wanted to leave?
  3. Point at which you thought about giving up?

EveryCountry177 karma

  1. AJ Hackett, Bungy Jump Entrepreneur
  2. ALL OF THEM! (With the possible exceptions of Cape Verde, Congo and Russia).
  3. After my sister died from cancer in March 2011. I had been to 184 countries, had 17 to go, it was damn hard to get back on the horse.

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How was Bosnia and the othet balkan countries? :)

EveryCountry57 karma

On this journey I just whizzed through Bosnia, but I went there a few years ago when I was at the Exit Festival in Serbia. (Video: Beautiful country, beautiful place. I've been to Croatia many times, another favourite of mine. Montenegro is pretty spectacular as well!

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What did you learn by seeing from a different perspective?

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That you should never judge the people of a country by the actions of its government.

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Red or Blue?

EveryCountry50 karma

BLUE. I come from Liverpool, not Surrey ;-)

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Any future odysseys planned?

EveryCountry51 karma

YES!!! But let me get my wonderful fully animated eBook finished first: it'll be choc-full of videos, photos, maps and hilarity!!!!

RaisingCain12319 karma

Why didn't you just fly?

EveryCountry60 karma

Too expensive. And boring!!

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How did you get to places like Tonga and Samoa? Must have taken YEARS!

EveryCountry56 karma

I hitched a ride on a cargo ship from Fiji. It stopped in on Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga on the way to New Zealand. The captain was a crazy Ukrainian IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!

Dethearoc14 karma

I think you are misunderstanding the concept of proof, people usually take their own picture with a paper written hi twitter AMA. People are not questioning the fact that you have actually been to the places that you have been, they are questioning if you are actually the guy you say you are.

Other than that, great achievement I never imagined such a feat would be possible. What do you think about my country Turkey? Be gentle :P

EveryCountry7 karma

I love Turkey. Great food, loads to see and do. I've travelled all over Turkey, from the Black Sea to the Med. On this journey I spent 4 days in Istanbul and had the most incredible hilarious time with a crazy guy from Palestine!!

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Yes I went to Somaliland and counted it (as does the international community) as Somalia. Although I believe Somaliland should be independent. It's old British Somalia (the rest is old Italian Somalia), they have their own flag, anthem, government, fair elections (a rarity in Sub Saharan Africa), French Somalia was allow to become Djibouti, and IT'S ATTACHED TO SOMALIA FOR F***S SAKE!!

JustWatchingMyCat3 karma

Is Columbia really that bad or is it just parts of it? Did you go to the bad parts? Your AMA might not get a lot f attention, but this really is an amazing accomplishment, it inspires me and I hope it does to others.

EveryCountry4 karma

No, I've been to Colombia twice in my life and never had any problems. I didn't go to the 'bad parts' (ie the Darien Gap), but I've got to say, Colombia has some of the most beautiful scenery in the WORLD - huge tree covered mountains which will blow your mind. The people are superhumanly good looking as well. Also, great coffee! Yay Colombia!!


Did you ever get sick? Any particular one?

EveryCountry12 karma

No. I had backpacked a lot before I embarked on this expedition, so I had built up quite a bit of resistance. And mosquitoes don't like me, which is wonderfully helpful, so no, didn't have a day off ill! Do I get a Merit badge?

heyjude3212 karma

Did you go to Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, or North Korea?

EveryCountry6 karma

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Here's a pick of me in Afghanistan, outside a madrasa in Herat, wearing a T-shirt warning everyone to 'Watch Out For Men With Beards':

Warcraft81812 karma

Thank you for doing this Ama.

What is the smallest, most beautiful country you have been to that is a must see?

EveryCountry5 karma

Palau. Check out Jellyfish Lake: I'VE SWAM IN THAT!!!

SuperGrapeApe1 karma

Based on the title of the AMA, I'll assume you made it to Singapore. How was security with letting you in?

EveryCountry1 karma

Singapore? No problem whatsoever. I went there twice on this journey.

ISmellRape1 karma

Another question is , what did you do in Singapore ?

EveryCountry1 karma

I went to THE SCARIEST AMUSEMENT PARK IN THE WORLD!!! And had fish and chips on Clarke Quay. And went to the museum. And up the building with the surf board on top!!! Ooh, I also went to the zoo for the midnight safari. Brilliant!!

rdarga1 karma

what is the timeline on the ebook?

EveryCountry1 karma

I hope to have it ready before the end of the year. In the meantime you can read my blogs:

heliodias1 karma

Hi, Graham! Now that you finished it, what to do? I'm doing my own travel adventure. I'm on my 5th year traveling and sometimes i think about what to do when it ends. Go back to an office job? No way, man. Cheers!


EveryCountry1 karma

I'm writing the book of my adventures, giving talks and looking out for my next big adventure!

Leprosy_1 karma

How did you remember Russia? Saw any bears?

EveryCountry2 karma

Nah, I just went to Kaliningrad. I saw a lot of snow!!!!

Explolguy1 karma

Sorry for doubting you earlier, but had to make sure it was you and whatnot.

Anyway, was there ever a time where you thought your life may be threatened? If not, what was one of the most terrifying things that happened to you on your journey?

EveryCountry1 karma

Taking this leaky wooden canoe 400km over open ocean from Senegal to Cape Verde: No radio, no sat phone, no hope of survival if things went tits up. If I could go back in time I'd give myself a slap for even considering it.

GeebzUk0 karma

going to need some proof there buddy

Explolguy-1 karma

A wiki article isn't really proof

EveryCountry1 karma

??? Google me then!