I will be answering questions from all of my reddit fans starting at 4pm PST.

While you are waiting why don't you go check out my new video Gentleman here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASO_zypdnsQ

And the Making Of Gentleman video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcUHOD_w_T0

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candyballs2116 karma

What's it like to hear people attempt to sing your song who have no clue how to speak korean/pronounce the words?

PSY_Oppa2699 karma

that's the most touching thing since i started to become an artist in so many different countries

PSY_Oppa1921 karma

OK i have to go rehearse now for the American Idol finale show! Thanks for all your questions and hope to do this again soon~

thomasmeadia1715 karma

Most of us found Gangnam Style amazing because we didn't understand WTF you were doing. What is something that confuses you about Western culture?

PSY_Oppa2860 karma

timing of laughing. when i say something that i think is funny sometimes people don't laugh. then when i am not trying to be funny people laugh. it's random.

SwedishColumns1677 karma

Have you ever actually farted on someone?

PSY_Oppa2649 karma

among friends, often.

DeadXavier1479 karma

What is your favorite song?

PSY_Oppa2644 karma

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

bonemzone1462 karma

are you a tit man or an ass man

PSY_Oppa2617 karma

i'm a boob man

Rexapro1408 karma

Dude. Aren't you suck of traveling?

PSY_Oppa2183 karma

VERY sick of traveling

bloodmachine4041408 karma

how do you feel about piracy

PSY_Oppa2750 karma

money-wise it's not good but exposure-wise not bad.

JewishDoggy1401 karma

Will you release an all English song?

PSY_Oppa2241 karma

i'm working on it...

crickey231379 karma

Thanks for coming back to Reddit!

  1. What was your reaction to Gentleman being banned in Korea because you kicked a traffic cone?

  2. What was your favorite part of filming Gentleman?

  3. Do you come up with your own dances or do you have a choreographer?

PSY_Oppa1973 karma

  1. They banned it because kicking the traffic cone was considered destruction of public property. Funny thing is the cone was a prop for video owned by me but I guess I agree with them.

  2. When I shot the "WET PSY" scene with the water shooting. It was really cold outside but I always feel great when I'm harsh to myself for some reason.

  3. I have 2 choreographers in Korea and the 3 of us work together to make up the dance routines.

Five_Spice1363 karma

How did your parents react when they found out just how popular your music, particularly Gangnam Style, had become?

PSY_Oppa2160 karma

they were happy but on the other end they were kind of frightened because it's getting too large...

kaax1329 karma


PSY_Oppa2123 karma

my biggest concert in South Korea was last fall at Seoul city hall plaza with 100,000 people.

congratz1251 karma

If you are planning for a new parody performance of someone on your concert, who would you pick?

PSY_Oppa2001 karma

lady gaga

teentop1206 karma

What to do if you're heartbroken?

PSY_Oppa2436 karma


knetzy1197 karma

What do you consider to yourself to be your greatest achievement in life thus far?

PSY_Oppa1885 karma

Gangnam Style

Shelbutt1102 karma

Can I marry your blonde backup dancer, JungHa Kim?

PSY_Oppa2213 karma

yes you may. he's easy.

Kaste1020 karma

Whos your favourite artist outside of Korea?

PSY_Oppa2529 karma

too many to pick just one but i can say Queen.

BlackDragonGizmo991 karma

As a musician with a lot of comedic elements in your videos, what/who is your favorite comedic influence??

PSY_Oppa2115 karma

jim carrey

ahshitsticks983 karma

What has been the best thing about becoming so famous?

EDIT: Psy responded to me twice. Life = complete.

PSY_Oppa1845 karma

at the airport everyone is so nice to me!

Happyginger870 karma

What is your opinion on becoming so famous so fast? How overwhelming is it? Thoughts on being the first to reach 1 Billion views on Youtube?

PSY_Oppa1764 karma

it already has been 7 or 8 months after Gangnam explosion but it is still so unrealistic.

reaching 1 billion views is a dream and nightmare at the same time. the number itself is a dream and the number itself is a nightmare because i won't be able to break that record again.

mcfattykins782 karma

What have you been listening to the most lately?

PSY_Oppa1951 karma

i've been listening to the song "Can't Hold Us" a lot lately.

Sylphetamine769 karma

How long does it take to create the choreography and then teach it to the other dancers in the videos?

PSY_Oppa1209 karma

it usually takes a week altogether after creating and practicing the dance.

Rexapro691 karma

How can we get the sick "Right now" remix u played at your Happening concert? Really want it!

PSY_Oppa1306 karma

that's gonna be on my next album coming soon!

Apologician638 karma

What if you could only eat 1 type of meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

PSY_Oppa1381 karma

Korean food and especially kimchi

zadabe597 karma

Are you going to get Ryan Seacrest to dance with you on Idol tomorrow?

PSY_Oppa1090 karma

it's gonna be live so i don't think so.

TheOnlyRealAman584 karma

Hi, my question is that Did you ever wish to make a song with the late great Michael Jackson? And what do you think about the king of pop?

PSY_Oppa1566 karma

what can i say? he's literally the King of Pop. i cried and drank a lot when i heard the news that he passed away.

I_smell_awesome532 karma

What did you have for lunch today?

PSY_Oppa1392 karma

panda express chinese food.

renaebair531 karma

As a kpop fan in America, I was so happy when Gangnam Style hit it big here. Finally my friends realized my obsession with kpop wasn't unfounded! What is it like performing in places where kpop isn't popular yet?

PSY_Oppa829 karma

makes me feel really proud. after spending more time in certain countries, i want to bring my other friends to perform as well.

thomasmeadia445 karma

I understand you've been a superstar in South Korea for several years. How has your original fanbase handled your boost to international fame?

PSY_Oppa881 karma

even though they are losing their chances to see me often in Korea, they are encouraging me a lot.

charliethehuman438 karma

How often do you hang out with 2NE1 or other YG artists?

PSY_Oppa888 karma

every one of us are traveling a lot so it's really hard to gather all together in Korea. when we are in Korea at the same time we are drinking so often.

elomenope436 karma

What's something you've never done that you hope to do by the end of this year?

PSY_Oppa989 karma

making a debut album for the entire world.

everyonesnoona363 karma

Do you ever have time to watch dramas? If you do, which ones do you like?

PSY_Oppa640 karma

even though i'm so busy i never miss dramas. i literally been watching most of them while i travel.

Factions342 karma

How do you feel knowing that most people only know you for Gangnam Style, when you have worked hard to produce many other arguably better songs?

PSY_Oppa841 karma

i think of myself as a 12 yr. old artist in Korea and a rookie out of Korea. i gotta move on...

wittymonologue262 karma

You seem to take the entertainment aspect of your performances just as seriously as you do the musical aspect, investing in concerts with large amounts of your own money. If you could collaborate with one artist or group to put on the live show of a lifetime who would you choose and why?

PSY_Oppa589 karma

Madonna because her concerts are the best thing on the planet.

MaxNV199 karma

Any plans to come to Canada?

PSY_Oppa462 karma

i'm planning on coming to the much music video awards in june. big news coming soon...

NickG8888192 karma

Which did you enjoy filming more, Gentlemen or Gangnam Style and why? Thanks!

PSY_Oppa398 karma

not just those two but i feel the same amount of happiness when i shoot all my videos.

especially when i'm filming i'm thinking about the final picture along with the editing and bottom line. when it turns out to be right it really satisfies me.

Rexapro191 karma

Who is on your remix album that scooter tweeted about? Can't u give me a hunt?

PSY_Oppa347 karma

it's not who you think...

cosplaybunny69174 karma

Who is your favourite korean artist to work with?

PSY_Oppa332 karma

i've already worked with a lot of Korean artists and from now on i want to help them make an appearance outside of Korea with collaborations.

meowkay146 karma


PSY_Oppa274 karma

they have been good friends of mine for a long time so it was really fun and comfortable to work with both of them.

congratz144 karma

Hi PSY oppa! I love your songs and you are a great entertainer! Will you be including some of your ballad songs in your next album?

PSY_Oppa351 karma

well as a product what i'm thinking is upgrading is better than making a sudden change. in Korea it took time before i could make slow songs so i'm thinking about it. i can do it but it might be too much change for international fans. i'm still thinking...

giinoyaj144 karma

What was your dream when you were a kid? What did you want to be when you were a kid? :)

PSY_Oppa371 karma

i used to have so many dreams but none of them were to be an artist. when i grew up my original dream was to be a composer.

Nivolk103 karma

What normal thing is part of a daily routine that we, the lowly public, wouldn't expect?

PSY_Oppa244 karma

composing lots of songs

cam5730 karma

Can we expect a North American tour in the near future?

PSY_Oppa88 karma

After promoting "Gentleman" I'm thinking about releasing an album or EP this year which means I have to promote 1 or 2 more songs before I start a new tour. Hopefully early next year so that my fans will know at least 4 or 5 of my songs in concert.

BitchesLovePopTarts28 karma

Has becoming famous for making Gangnam Style made you change the way you write music?

PSY_Oppa73 karma

of course it affected me a lot


Your new video, 'Gentleman' makes you out to be a male chauvinist who puts women down disgracefully. Not to be disrespectful, but why that type of image?

PSY_Oppa32 karma

everything in the video is meant to be fun. the guy in the video keeps saying he's a gentleman but is actually an a-hole. i really like that kind of twist in humor.