Park Jae-sang

Psy regular
known by his stage name PSY and his humorous videos and stage performances, and for his international hit single "Gangnam Style"

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PSY_Oppa6177 karma

because her ass was so mad

PSY_Oppa5725 karma

because i'm serious about my dancing

PSY_Oppa5675 karma

call me maybe

PSY_Oppa5277 karma

freddie mercury

PSY_Oppa4844 karma

i compose all my music myself

PSY_Oppa3764 karma

lots of ass questions. it is embarrassing to admit but this was my very first time

PSY_Oppa3746 karma

i thought so but only for korea.

PSY_Oppa3621 karma

that was ad libbed. nong chul is the name of the elevator guy and he is very famous comedian in korea. that is a very popular dirty move he has been doing for 6 years and i asked him to do it in my video. if i am underneath, it would be dirtier!

we only did 2-3 takes and everyone on the video set was crying from laughing. definitely my favorite scene in the video.

PSY_Oppa3555 karma

there's no time to be bored. i'm so busy doing the horse dance...

PSY_Oppa3515 karma

short for psycho