My wife I started an adult site called Barelist at the end of 2008.


The site now gets around 100,000 unique visitors a day and is growing well.

Feel free to ask us anything about the site, the adult industry from an affiliates perspective, working with your spouse on an adult site, etc...


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SnorreJD38 karma

Where do you get your content from, how do you create revenue? How do you compete with the tube-sites?

barelist33 karma

Content is from paysites that either email us galleries they host. Or from the 50+ sites my wife logs into the members areas to make pictures galleries from.

Revenue is basic affiliate marketing. If somebody signs up to a site we promote, we get paid.

We focus a lot of pictures... tubes aren't too picture friendly.

mubgub1470 karma

Or from the 50+ sites my wife logs into the members areas to make pictures galleries from.

IANAL, but isn't that illegal?

barelist3 karma

No 100% legal. The paysites are happy with what we do :)

Rozo-D2 karma

if they're with an affiliate program with said site than no, it's not. Add to the fact that what's posted on they're site is just thumbnail galleries which are associated with the paid site via banners and text links.

Some sites will package up galleries for affiliate sites or simply host those galleries themselves which the content can be pulled from. When I worked for an affiliate content at TopBucks we'd zip up our dailies and provide links to download the zip files for affiliates.

And now I feel horrible for hijacking this guys AMA. sorry barelist.

barelist2 karma

No problem, well put :)

We're affiliates, nothing illegal here!

memymineown27 karma

Why are you in this business?

How much money do you make?

barelist28 karma

Actually is an amazing exercise in web design, database / site optimization, etc...

It's enough to make a living off of... wish it was more... but we have other ventures as well. Very self-driven people, my wife and I :)

memymineown14 karma

I looked up your website and saw that you make around $2,000 a day. Or $200 depending on the website I used. Not bad either way.

How did you get into this business? Does your wife know your reddit username?

barelist20 karma

Hehe it's between those two lol :)

Just looked at a market that we thought we could make a living off of... porn came up. She does now :)

SubjectArc25 karma

How did you, in the course of your marital communications, decide that the family business was going to be distributing fuck videos?

barelist18 karma

Looking for an additional source of income and I'm a software architect by trade. Thought porn was a hot market to get into.

Didn't know anything about how online porn worked... and am still learning.

SubjectArc14 karma

Sounds like the wife is pretty open minded to begin with, but how did the conversation with Mrs. barelist go?

barelist13 karma

Well... she is.

We were both in our early/mid 20s when we started the site... so being younger helped. She told me before that she thought of shooting girls in college and trying to start a site, before she met me.

We weren't happy with some of the other business partnerships we had at the time and wanted something fully ours. She was down.

Kilgore-troutdale3 karma

Family? There are kids?

barelist3 karma

No just two dogs :)

Kilgore-troutdale2 karma

I hope your business is a success!

barelist2 karma

Thanks! :)

SnorreJD11 karma

How do you direct traffic to your site? What is your new customer acquisition cost?

barelist12 karma

Most of the traffic comes from search engines or twitter (

Otherwise, bookmarkers.

We don't spend anything to acquire visitors.

Motoko-Kusanagi4 karma

I would image a lot of the main keywords are taken up by larger sites? What sort of keywords brings in traffic to your site?

barelist1 karma

Mainly models' names :)

SnorreJD9 karma

How did you first start off getting visitors to your pagee?

barelist7 karma

Submitting galleries to sites like FreeOnes and PicHunter.

Maybe Twitter as well at the start... some model's retweets can generate tons of views.

G359 karma

Has someone tried to buy you out? If so, could you share the amount?

barelist35 karma

No never got a buy out request. Tons of people asking for us to run ads, but don't want to junk up the site...

CGRampage43 karma

God bless you.

barelist11 karma

Thanks as well :)

Trashcat218 karma

Just for this, I would like to support you in the only way I know how.

barelist6 karma

Thanks :)

Gonzoco8 karma

Have you or your wife done any porn?

barelist16 karma

None that I know of.

I've seen a lot and haven't seen her yet. So it must have been extremely low budget if so lol

Gonzoco4 karma

i think you should start

barelist6 karma

Maybe tonight :p

nafaaan7 karma

Do you have any interaction with actors, actresses, or directors? If so, what is your impression on the state of the business from them? I'm assuming tube sites are crippling the porn business.

barelist13 karma

Speak to models pretty much daily. I'd say they really don't worry about tubes, etc... too much. Maybe those with personal sites.

From what I've heard from people in the business much longer than us, we would be sitting on a gold mine if this was pre-2008. Sign up ratios are horrible... but our site keeps decent rates... maybe since it's more targeted then a general blog/porn site.

tribbing13377 karma

Abby Winters please

barelist6 karma

Do they only use amateurs?

tribbing13374 karma


barelist5 karma

We try to just know "known" models. Mainly with full names.

Hardline_Pro5 karma


barelist7 karma

Good choices :)

We don't directly produce content, so it's up to the pay sites to book them...

fjhfjddddjd5 karma

How often do you have sex? Do you masturbate as well?

barelist10 karma

Once or twice a week.

Not really.

Jaluchodonozor3 karma

Why did you decide on a "list" format and links to other sites instead of a classic tiled gallery layout with videos and pictures directly on the server, or at least streamed onto it?

barelist4 karma

Just thought it looked cleaner TBH.

You can still get tiled formats too:

Model Profile Links:

New Videos:

New Pictures:

Paysite Galleries:

Most have options of either format.

Jaluchodonozor-10 karma

Hmph. Thanks, wasn't asking for that much detail, though - I was more interested in the design philosophy than the content.

barelist2 karma

Gotcha, also too many TGP sites like that IMO when we started. Kind of like tubes now.

phantombagpiper3 karma

How large is my penis?

barelist7 karma


JL783 karma

Hello, Thanks for doing this ama. I am in a market driven business that relies on ad revenue. How did you grow your twitter following, time, how much it helped your site etc? Thanks!

barelist5 karma

Mainly just being really nice to the models. Making it obvious we were promoting their name/brand.

Over time they started retweeting, mentioning us a lot more, etc...

dan_gut2 karma

What was your start up cost for your business?

barelist7 karma


We paid around 200 a month for our first server.

I'm a programmer so no development costs.

StyrofoamTuph2 karma

Does owning a porn site affect yours and your wife's sex life in any way?

barelist3 karma

Not really. It has ruined porn though lol.

We really don't think about porn as being anything much any more. See too much of it.

[deleted]3 karma


barelist2 karma

LOL probably so. :P

Blindsniper12 karma

Your website is very professional, did you design it or did you get it done by someone?

barelist8 karma

All done by myself. Frontend, backend and database.

Thanks for the compliment. Im no designer.

Deathmonger962 karma


barelist8 karma

Basically think of us as advertisers / promoters.

We promote other sites' (who shoot content) content, in return for a % of sales made through us.

Deathmonger963 karma


barelist4 karma

Yeah, know a few glamour photographers that could make content for us.

Maybe when the site gets bigger and makes more profit. :)

Grayzor2 karma

Have you ever had to remove anything from your site?

barelist6 karma


Models will change their minds about their careers and ask to take down their links and information.

We almost always do. Just try to validate the reasons for removal.

SnorreJD2 karma


overtherainbow07131 karma

what is a personal fetish of yours you like to get on video?

barelist2 karma

I wouldn't want to see myself in a video lol

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barelist1 karma

Lol thanks :)

Nation221 karma

Are you hiring? Ha

barelist1 karma

Lol no sorry :(

inevitabled34th1 karma

My girlfriend and I are more into the romantic type of sex, is there any porn that we can watch (recommendations?) that is slow, fully-nude, but more like two intimate people making love, rather than 2+ complete strangers fucking each other?

barelist2 karma

Check out , think you'll like that :)

Here are the latest galleries from them:

dflddude1 karma


barelist1 karma

My wife makes 15-60 galleries a day from the various paysites (hosted by us)

I put in 40-300 galleries a day hosted by the paysites that I get in email newsletter updates.

We put in 30-100 galleries submitted to us by other webmasters per day.

We put up 1-5 interviews a week.

Maybe a blog post a week.

Articles few and far between. We are starting to get models to write blogs/articles now... so hopefully a few a week starting soon.

DohRayMe1 karma

Will you show us your site traffic graph after appearing on IAMA.

barelist2 karma

I will Monday :)

kuja9001 karma

Done or plan to do any work with Cody Lane?

barelist1 karma

Nothing is planned, but she is hot. :)

dflddude1 karma


barelist1 karma

  1. I'd say about a year when sales exceeded server costs.

  2. Still do other projects. :)

  3. Just slow and organic SEO. Nothing much past optimizing the site (page speed), putting up a ton of content and trying to make our visitors happy and stay on the site longer per visit... and make sure they have a reason to return.

  4. Never heard of it :(

stopdropnrofl1 karma

As a college graduate, I want to help you grow your website. Help me help you.

barelist7 karma

How so? ;)

DismembermentGoblins1 karma

You said you knew nothing about this business before you go into it, and are still learning--but clearly you have not failed at it, so great job :)

What are/were some good sources of wisdom that helped you along the way?

Do you ever think about changing to a paid subscription service, or are you happy with the revenue you make from affiliates? Do you make revenue any other ways, given you are not just throwing ads up all over the place (which is awesome)?

Thank you and best of luck in growing the site!

barelist3 karma

Put the visitors first. Don't junk it up... make the site easy to use and fast.

We have thought about paid subs. Nothing concrete... but it's been talked about.

For our size the revenue is great. If we were 10x bigger, then that would be great!

We have a cam site through Streamate :

We are looking at how to turn our traffic into others sales leads. Thinking a store for physical merchandise will be next. My wife and I have a lot of experience in online sales of physical goods.

Thanks for the nice comments... my wife is pro ads. I would consider if it done tastefully. No popups, pop-unders, iframes, etc...

DismembermentGoblins3 karma

You have a really great business plan. Thank you for sharing! God damn do pop-ups steer me away from sites, so I appreciate your class haha.

barelist2 karma

No problem... keeping it in classy in porn :)

itzPebbs1 karma

How do you react when friends or important acquaintances ask what you do for a living?

barelist2 karma

Tell them about one of our other businesses if we don't want them to know.

itzPebbs1 karma

What other businesses do you have?

barelist4 karma

Online luxury goods sales.

MoraIlyOral1 karma

Im just going to be blunt. How much money is there in pornsites?

barelist1 karma

Decent if your site is will received and gets a lot of traffic.

XenonDown1 karma

Has it had any postitve/negative effects on your relationship?

barelist2 karma

Not really...

Sometimes my wife will give me crap if I say some 18 year old is attractive. She's kidding naturally. I guess I'm a 32 year old dirty old man.

We trust each other and I speak to different models daily.

I'm a lucky man that my wife is so cool with everything. :)

jeudyfeo1 karma

Whats your favorite category?

barelist2 karma

Glamour... solo shoots to be honest.

GiaFine1 karma

Fo you feel there is a demand In the industry for Porn catered toward Females? (I do)

Also, do you run statistics on the traffic like, time of day, time spent on the site, gender, location of IP address etc.)?

barelist1 karma

From our comments and Twitter followers, yes there are a lot of females on the site.

Various stats also say 25-40% are women.

Time on site ranges from 5 to 10 minutes depending on the source. This is only counting major traffic sources.

40% from the US. Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Russia are also big.

Don't really look at time of day.

FrostedTomato1 karma

Decent size... Porn... Hehe

barelist2 karma

Lol :p

Dom_the_Wop1 karma

What's your GFY username?

Dom_the_Wop1 karma

Nevermind, found it -- I should have expected that. ;)

barelist2 karma


OffWhiteBeige1 karma

Have you considered BDSM porn? Apologies if it is already on the site. What is your opinion on BDSM porn?

barelist1 karma

Not the biggest fan... but we try to habe a little bit for everyone :)

DFTBA4ever1 karma


barelist2 karma

We have around 20,000 galleries with 16-18 self hosted images in them :)

emmahotsonh8er1 karma

Does your business have any affect on your marriage?

barelist2 karma

None at all :)

kuja9001 karma

I imagine a large number of your models have various drug habits, do you encounter much of it during your work?

barelist2 karma

I've never encountered it.

Only thing that comes to mind is a video from a shoot where a girl flips out on everyone. She didn't seem near sober.

For the most part the models seem very normal. Just picked porn as a career.

We've done nearly 400 interviews, and from what we can tell most of the models seem like everyday people.

strawberrylump1 karma

Have you ever talked to James Deen?

barelist2 karma

Nope... haven't had a chance to yet.

CaptainMage0 karma

How did you guys think of this as an idea?

barelist5 karma

Looked at other non-pay adult sites and went from there.

Site has evolved a lot since then. Now doing tons of interviews, starting to have models write content, etc... think we're a little different than the other guys... and hey there is a lot of traffic to share :)

[deleted]-2 karma


barelist2 karma

Sorry no :(

GrooveCombo-3 karma

Yeah can I borrow some money to invest in a tech startup? Totally being serious here.

barelist3 karma

Wish we had that type of money sitting around :(

Dacreepboi-4 karma

do you ever fuck goats?

barelist2 karma


tecneeq-10 karma

Do you think there is a ethical dimension in running a porn site?

barelist4 karma

Honestly we don't push it on anybody, it's their choice to come to our site.

When we have kids one day, we might feel different. ;)

Trosso1 karma

Say you had a daughter who wanted to go into porn would you be okay with that? Would you want to produce your daughters own porn - because at least then you know shes being safe although I'm not sure if that's legal or not :/

barelist3 karma

Haha wouldn't be cool with that...