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The FCC won't allow it. Wired had an article on this, I believe.

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Or legs.

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Fantastic work, thank you ALL for what you're doing. This is SO important.

My question is about people who took pleas because of the culture of the state in the late 90's and early 2000's for a specific crime -- guilty until proven innocent. I'm sure you can easily figure out which offense category I'm referring to.

Hear anything about the state redressing the malicious and overzealous prosecutions from that era? It's sorely needed for people whose lives were ruined (can't get work, etc) for accusations that weren't even felonies.

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Agreed. In my case, my attorney had a taped interview with the accuser saying she made up charges to get my car and bank account (which worked). Attorney didn't show up to a trial date, I had to plead out of fear of conviction.

Haven't been able to have a job, etc, with this following me. Super frustrating. Misdemeanor, so I can't even get a pardon. And CA's "expungement" is a load of B.S. which isn't recognized by anyone who matters.

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Mr. Grayson, hello from just North of New Port Richey, FL, in your 9th district.

First, let me say how proud I am to have someone with your character representing us in the House. When people talk about an "honest politician," your name consistently comes up with others such as Joseph Lieberman (from my birth-state of Connecticut). Your decision to leave a lucrative and successful career in the private sector and enter public service is an inspiration.

My question focuses on your struggle to impose fiduciary responsibility on Washington, holding policymakers accountable for decisions that act against the interests of the people. Sir, how do you scale your efforts beyond the few such as yourself and Jim Himes? It seems, from a citizen's perspective, that the representatives who want to do right are few and far between, fighting a losing battle against an entrenched oligarchy.

As a follow-up, what is one thing you wish the average citizen would do or become educated about, in order to begin to heal the country from years of failed policies and self-serving decisions?