Specifically I am the Tim Schafer who runs Double Fine Productions, who has recently bundled a bunch of games over at humblebundle.com!!

Have any questions about Stacking, Costume Quest, Brütal Legend, or Broken Age? Or pancakes? Bring 'em on!

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chrisremo985 karma

What about Psychonauts why aren't you soliciting questions about Psychonauts

TimOfLegend893 karma

You can! Why do people think I'm not answering questions about Psychonauts?

TimOfLegend1227 karma

Oh goddamn you Chris Remo!

michfreak107 karma

Who is your favorite camper from Whispering Rock?

TimOfLegend240 karma

Tie: Clem & Crystal

pausespace936 karma

Unlimited budget, no worries about making profits, ridiculous amount of technology and talent available: What kind of game would you make? Would you even make a game?

TimOfLegend1257 karma

The truth is I always act as if I didn't have to worry about profits, had all the money in the world, and no technical limits. Maybe that's why my games are considered "niche," why they go over budget, and why my programmers have to work so hard. So basically, I'd be doing exactly what I'm doing right now! :)

daysofdre72 karma

that's a bit of a disheartening answer because there are technical limitations to video games. imagine a full VR psychonauts... how trippy would that be?

TimOfLegend8 karma

Yeah, I guess. But I've never felt limited by technology. There's tons of interesting stuff that can be done on current technology. We're limited more by our creativity than by our technology.

JustLearnedThis162 karma

Oh, please answer this one.

Also, would you prefer independent game development over major studio work? Is the type of work you do on such a game (Psychonauts versus BF3 for instance) more desirable?

TimOfLegend434 karma

I'd rather be independent and I'm not comfortable when I have to explain my actions to a higher authority. I don't like having a boss, and when you take somebody's money, they're your boss. The exception to this is kickstarter--I took the backers money, so they're my boss, and I like it! :)

AdamBlue781 karma

Do you want a Brutal Legend 2 with Iron Maiden to happen before you die?

TimOfLegend1036 karma


Schmittrigger463 karma

How was it working with Jack Black?

TimOfLegend814 karma

The best. Super nice guy. Really funny. Really serious gamer, too.

NiiruNoRidozu203 karma

Screw that, what was it like working with this guy?


TimOfLegend280 karma

The Sesame Workshop people were amazing. David Rudman (Cookie) and Kevin Clash (Elmo) were super nice, creative, hilarious people. They love what they're doing and they all jump in to help make each shot work. Touring Henson Studios was a dream come true.

vaelon358 karma

Long time fan, thanks for all the great games. One question I did have, have you ever thrown around the idea of a Grim Fandango reboot or even a Grim Fandango HD release? I'm fairly certain this would get funded pretty quickly with a kickstarter. Keep up the good work Tim!

TimOfLegend442 karma

Think about it a lot, but I don't own the rights to that game. Disney does. Hopefully that will be possible someday.

ecbremner262 karma

What do we need to do to convince you to regrow the beard? Charitable donations? Animal Sacrifice?

TimOfLegend610 karma

Men need to embrace dynamic facial hair. Change is good. Sometimes there will be a beard, some times not. Some times a half beard, soul patch, or chinstrap. Neckbeard, Lemmy handlebar, whatever. But please feel free to make charitable donations nonetheless!

LoyaltyRecompense244 karma

In regard to your dynamic hair, which razor(s) do you use as your Tim Schaver?

TimOfLegend130 karma

Not sure if it's this exactly, but it's like this: http://www.amazon.com/Philips-Norelco-QT4070-Stubble-Mustache/dp/B003U8ESI4/

martian71263 karma

You you're accepting sacrificial goats then?

TimOfLegend164 karma

Depends. Can you make bacon from goat meat?

Capappy34 karma

i try to explain this to people when ever i cut my beard off to do something new. when you see yourself every day, a little change goes a long way

TimOfLegend91 karma

Keep them guessing. They'll complain, but secretly they like it.

conchatula248 karma

Hi, Tim. I am a videogame translator and I am curious about how you get to translate your games into other languages. Do you hire a company or do you hire freelancers?


TimOfLegend338 karma

We often go through a company like Babel Media, but we are also curious about some of the croud-sourced methods that Valve has used. Might try that in the future.

Asyx225 karma


I'm German and I mostly don't even bother because translations are just awful. Terribly awful. Blizzard is probably the worst with WoW (It's been years since they've translated most of the names and I still can't get over it). But Valve is great. Portal 1 and 2 were marvellous. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the English version.

TimOfLegend233 karma

The old Lucas games had great German translations though, right? Boris is the man!

yetweallfalldown204 karma

Are waffles fancier or less fancy than pancakes? Like which one would wear a monocle?

TimOfLegend588 karma

Waffles are definitely more STRUCTURED than pancakes, and look better in pictures, imho. They are the tuxedo of baked flour and milk.

countchocula86179 karma

How do you feel about Kickstarter as a tool for developing games at this stage in your development, particularly since creating this new humble bundle to secure more funds?

edited a bit for clarity

TimOfLegend453 karma

You mean kickstarting twice for one project? I have seen it done, but I feel like that takes a way some of the victory of the first kickstarter, so I'm trying to avoid it.

We're not doing the humble bundle to secure funds for any specific project. We're just always trying to find new ways to make money off our games so we can stay independent.

DracoVolans156 karma

How is the juice diet going?

TimOfLegend310 karma

Well, losing the first 42 pounds was great, and I'm still juicing, but I've hit a bit of a barrier. I had a gall bladder scare a while back. One night I had pain in my gallbladder, and rapid weight loss can lead to gallstones. So I started re-introducing one meal a day back into my diet. Since then I have lost 0 lbs. I haven't gained any, but I'm flat lined. And now I'm about to travel to new york (kill screen conference) and Sweden (Nordic Games conference) and it's going to be hard to stay on the juice during that trip. So when I get back I'm going to go back to hardcore, 100% juice. A gallbladder is a small price to pay! :)

SattvicGamer155 karma

Thanks for Psychonauts - incredibly amazing, and thanks for all the great memories of Monkey Island (Haven't played your other games yet)

Do you think you'll ever make a game for Android? I'm seeing that in the last 6 months I've played the most on by Galaxy S3 and less on the PC.

How do you think the boom in Mobile gaming bodes for Adventure gaming/ gaming in general?

TimOfLegend151 karma

We are going to be bringing Broken Age to Ouya, so Android is rapidly approaching in our future.

I think the boom in mobile for gaming, specifically tablets, is very exciting for adventure games. They're great on the iPad!

Masquerade78148 karma

Please make my Halloween dreams come true and tell me a Costume Quest 2 will eventually exist. Please?

TimOfLegend225 karma

That is my dream as well. I think we'll make it happen some day!

Simmo13203147 karma

Hey Tim, pretty much a life long fan of your games, growing up with Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. How big a role will humour play in Broken Age? It seems a lot more serious that your previous adventures. Also, do you eat your pancakes with ice cream?

TimOfLegend272 karma

I think it's more like Grim Fandango or Full Throttle, where the story set up is very serious sounding, but the moment to moment interactions are all comedy-inspired.

racingschoolguy130 karma

Hi Tim! How's your day going?

TimOfLegend289 karma

So far so good. It's pretty sunny here in SF, and I did not hit anything with my car on the way to work.

disrutupticon82 karma

Are you still driving the Challenger to work? I stalk you on twitter and see pictures of it from time to time.

TimOfLegend153 karma

I drove my wife's prius, because my Baracuda is in the shop. But I'm picking it up today at lunch!

kactus17128 karma

Hi Tim! I don't really have a question, but you were on my plane on the way back from PAX Prime last year. I was wearing the double fine PAX shirt and you said "nice shirt". I know you probably don't remember that but it was one few times I have ever been starstruck in my life. Thank you and good luck!

TimOfLegend118 karma

Thanks for backing!

yarrysmod127 karma

Is Double Fine in the red right now? (financially, of course)

TimOfLegend340 karma

No we have money in the bank, and we don't owe anything. Except for the game we owe are backers! :)

TimOfLegend467 karma

OUR backers

xandan116 karma

Why did you make brutal legend? I just want to get an idea for what went through your head when you birthed the idea of a rock and roll themed RTS game.

TimOfLegend235 karma

I always wanted to make an RTS since Warcraft and Herzog Zwei. And I wanted to do it with hot rods and demons, like the custom car art I grew up with. Then I also had a story idea about a roadie for a heavy metal band who goes back in time like Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court, or the end of Evil Dead II. Then I realized the two things would go great together. And tada! It turned into our bet selling game do date.

LTKerr107 karma

Would you like a Day of the Tentacle HD or a sequel?

TimOfLegend135 karma

yes. If i could work on it.

vahnfox92 karma

I LOVE PANCAKES. And I also love you, Tim, and all your awesome games! But my question is, as a game developer, what would you say has been your biggest regret thus far, and your biggest triumph?

TimOfLegend259 karma

I wish we had made meat circus easier. Biggest triumph so far is surviving 13 years!

AUSternum81 karma

What made you decide to include such unique gameplay in Brütal Legend?

TimOfLegend161 karma

It started out as an RTS, inspired by Herzog Zwei. It just got more action-based as we worked on it. By the end it was thought of as an action game with "surprise" rts elements in it, which is pretty funny.

FreekBoy76 karma

Favorite kind of pancakes?

TimOfLegend333 karma

I prefer the flatter Scandinavian variety, rather than the fluffy, cakey kind that sop up syrup. So a nice Swedish or Norwegian pancake with lingonberries, for example. Or else a Finnish oven pancake.

hitimschfer69 karma

How are you doing post-juice fast? Are you keeping the weight off? I always thought they were silly, but I ended up buying a juicer when you went on your fast. I lasted a month, and lost 20 minutes. I've kept it off and have been more active and eating better.

TimOfLegend125 karma

You lost 20 minutes??? :) I answered another question here about that, but yeah, I'm keeping it off so far. More to lose though.

FuzzyPuffin69 karma

What made you decide to do Mac/Linux versions of your older games?

TimOfLegend126 karma

We eventually want to have all the games on everything! And people asked for mac & linux. Also, linux is showing up in more and more places.

Y2DAZZ66 karma

Out of all the previous games you've worked on, which ones we you love to make a sequel to? (Besides Psychonauts like you said in the Broken Age backer videos a few times)

TimOfLegend104 karma

Yeah, Psychonauts. Maybe Costume Quest because I'm reminded of that game every year! Lots of untold stuff in the Brütal Legend world as well.

brunhildr64 karma

Tell me how to continue relevant in the game biz after so many years and so many financial flops [I'm not questioning the quality of your adventure games, which are awesome, but Grim Fandango and Full Throttle unfortunately didn't sell very well]

TimOfLegend217 karma

Full Throttle was actually a big hit. Gave me the money I eventually used to found Double Fine.

Every game we've made at Double Fine has made a profit. We just haven't had a blockbuster yet. Luckily our business plan isn't dependent on blockbusters. You can make a lot of money off a game that sells less than that if you keep your costs down and plan ahead.

Dr-Venture35 karma

What's your definition of Blockbuster, 'cause I'm staring at Psychonauts, Grim and Monkey Island to name a few.

TimOfLegend99 karma

In the old days, it was selling a million copies. These days, it's like six million or more.

captainjumpy62 karma

Any chance Double Fine will be undertaking another Brutal Legend/Psychonauts scale game in the future? Or are you pretty committed to the smaller indie style game?

TimOfLegend104 karma

For the moment, we need to make games at the scale where we can afford to make them ourselves, so we can stay independent. But maybe we'll be able to fund a huge one later. Who knows?

AtSignAtSign57 karma


TimOfLegend8 karma

Man, that was a good trip. Soon!

howtojapanese53 karma

When are you going to launch the next Kickstarter project?

TimOfLegend111 karma

When would you like us to launch it?

IamTomThumbsBlues48 karma

First of all, thank you from making some of the most lovable characters in gaming, and some of my favorite games. What do you think is the most exciting thing about Broken Age?

TimOfLegend97 karma

Thanks! I'm excited to find out if adventure games can reach new people. I've always thought that many people who currently call themselves non-gamers would actually enjoy adventure games if they tried them.

TriviallyTravis34 karma

Sacrifice Girl. What's her REAL name?

TimOfLegend77 karma

I'm about to post about that in the Backer Forums!

Atwalol33 karma

So we cant ask questions about Psychonauts?

TimOfLegend91 karma

It says ask me ANYTHING.

chrisis12342 karma

Can I ask you about LOOM?

TimOfLegend33 karma

I answered that last time I did an ama. :)

zappa10329 karma

Woo!! So are you and Scott C. still good buds? Do you make recommendations for his "Great Showdowns" paintings?

TimOfLegend49 karma

We are still best bros. But he has so many ideas for great showdowns, he doesn't need any from me.

drchocapic27 karma

What were your feelings when you heard about Disney closing LucasArts ?

TimOfLegend11 karma

I was actually shocked, even though I saw it coming long ago. I just didn't think they'd close it so much. I thought they'd leave it open a little bit.

Spider-Batman24 karma

What are you wearing right now?

TimOfLegend65 karma

Levi's 501s, Iron Brigade t-shirt.

Matthias72021 karma

What is your favorite video game food item?

TimOfLegend53 karma

Beer hat.

GameOverGreggy20 karma

What's your favorite episode of Up at Noon?

TimOfLegend29 karma

That so sucks. Oh man. So much male nudity.

ickyb0d_16 karma

Saw you recently started juicing. What's your favorite juice recipe?

TimOfLegend34 karma

The Mean Green. That's the one from the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.