Hello Reddit,

Blackjack is my hobby, and I've been successful at it for over 30 years now.

I was mesmerized the first time I saw a blackjack table. It became an obsession. And I found a way to win consistently.

I've seen it all at the casino. I've spent time in all the high roller rooms. I've enjoyed all the perks of the casino. I've even seen a dead body outside a casino parking garage.

And I've been banned for what the casinos suspected as cheating.

I wouldn't cheat. I'm not that kind of guy. My only crime was that I spent years studying blackjack and I figured out how to beat the casino.

So, go ahead and ask me anything!


Edit: Those who are interested in purchasing my book may visit my website: http://askdrblackjack.com/

Edit 2: Thank you everyone for your questions! That's all the time I have for today.

Edit 3: Regarding the top comment from user "thisisasham2", this is absolutely not a sham. I am committed to my blackjack strategy and have had success with it for a long time now. My friends wanted to know how I was able to win at blackjack, so that was the perfect opportunity for me to author the book. The book allows me to share my method with both my friends and the casual blackjack player who wants to stretch his gaming dollar a little bit further.

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ico2ico2771 karma

How to make a profit at blackjack: 1. stop playing blackjack 2. write a book convincing others they can profit at blackjack

SamBarrington57 karma

Blackjack is not as a risky investment as the stock market, but people will give their life savings to a snake oil salesman in the stocks and bonds market and sit back and wait to see what happens.

In blackjack, you have control of your assets approximately every 30 seconds.

I assure you that I still play blackjack regularly and I make more per dollar at that than I do at the stock market. And I make more in the stock market placing my own buys than my broker does.

I wrote the book at the request of friends and acquaintances because they wanted to stretch their gaming dollar while at the casino. I self-published my book and then a publishing company picked up the rights to it.

I can assure you that I make more money at blackjack than I do at book sales! When I published the book, it was never my intention for it to be a profitable enterprise. It was another hobby.

Natemaid209 karma

My dad has read your book 30 times and now thinks he's a blackjack master. Is there any way I can prevent him from losing his life's savings in a casino?

SamBarrington186 karma

My philosophy on gambling is to only gamble the money you can afford to lose. Not your life savings.

Your dad should set aside a "purse" for gambling purposes only. He should make a run with that purse and see what kind of player he really is. And he has to keep accurate records of all his sessions, as detailed in the book.

Your dad needs to know where he stands at the end of every session, at the end of every day, at the end of every week, at the end of every month.

Tyranoth83 karma

I guess I will get this out of the way for everyone:

  1. The most you have won / lost in one hand / night?
  2. Ever been taken into a back room by security (21 style)?
  3. Did you earn enough to make a living off of it?

SamBarrington41 karma

  1. The most I have won in one hand in one night is $8,000. The most I have lost in one hand in one night is $3,000.

  2. No.

  3. I'm a recreational player; I don't do this as a job. Blackjack is not my profession, it is a hobby.

evolutionaryflow57 karma

they ban you over 8 grand?

SamBarrington53 karma

No, they do not ban over $8k. They banned me because I was a consistent winner and was flagged as a card counter.

SeismicDuck17 karma

I imagine you as a well endowed gentleman in a tuxedo talking in a hush manner in a slight english accent, never to lose your cool. How would you describe yourself?

SamBarrington51 karma

I'm old and southern. And overweight... I wear comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. I look more like everyone's grandfather than James Bond.

Jaerbs14 karma

Biggest mistake players make? Also, thoughts on hitting 15? (obv with 7 or higher showing)

SamBarrington16 karma

Always hit your 15 with a dealer's 7 or higher card. That will give you an 11.84% advantage over just standing with the 15.

Biggest mistake? Drinking alcohol while playing. You need a clear mind... Why do you think they bring you those free drinks!!!

anotherguy211 karma

why should I buy your book?

SamBarrington20 karma

I honestly think it will help your game if you're a casual blackjack player. If you buy it and don't like it, send it back to me and I'll refund your money.

c1a1rehunt11 karma

whats your biggest loss ? and have you ever let your heart control your head while at the table so to speak and did it pay off ?

SamBarrington23 karma

I always play my same method regardless of what's happened or happening.

My biggest single day loss was $21,000.

The approximately 3 hour drive back from the casino took me 6 hours, because I had to stop every 40 or 50 miles to throw up.

124534545 karma

Why is this on the front page?

SamBarrington6 karma

Must be a slow news day.

hywelmatthews5 karma

I'm off to Vegas in August. Any tips? Always been fascinated by blackjack and it's various strategies.

SamBarrington6 karma

Study your basic strategy charts and don't take more money with you than you're willing to leave out there.

chrisinurpants4 karma

What's the best casino comp you've gotten

SamBarrington9 karma

The usual free trips to Vegas are hard to beat.

jmrt944 karma

If you had to give an amateur a list of tips for playing blackjack, what would they be? I'm a novice blackjack player that could benefit from a few pro tips, as I'm sure many people could.

SamBarrington9 karma

Don't drink alcohol when you're playing... It might not affect your hand-to-hand play, but it will affect when you should get up and leave the table.

Practice before you get to the casino table. Don't practice at their table.

tripstuff3 karma

When you're looking for a blackjack table (or any table for that matter), how do you decide which one to sit at? Whichever one has more elderly people or people who look unskilled?

SamBarrington0 karma

As long as it's a 2-deck game, it really doesn't make that much difference which table I choose. Unless the table is full of loud drunks, which just makes the whole playing experience a downer.

I_Key_Cars3 karma

If what you say is true, there should 1000s of other people just like you, right?

SamBarrington1 karma

There are approximately 37 million blackjack players in the world. The problem with most blackjack players are just like all the rest of the gamblers -- they won't quit when they get ahead because they think they'll have a much bigger pay day on down the road.

Out of the 37 million blackjack players, there indeed could be 1000's of guys like me.

blindey893 karma

Hi Sam!

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA.

Do you have a favorite casino, taking into account the atmosphere, personality, and overall "feel" you get from it? Which one and why?

SamBarrington2 karma

Hello, Blindey89!

Since I am in the proximity of the Mississippi casinos, I tend to visit them more than any place else.

The Horseshoe and the Gold Strike casinos in Tunica, MS are usually the most accommodating in regards to the room, food, show tickets, etc.

DipsomaniacDawg2 karma

When you are at a table and people make shitty plays in front of you, do you get irritated? Or do you not care?

SamBarrington0 karma

I don't care. Their stupid plays mean they're not going to be at the table very long.

Their goofy plays will save you as many times as they will ruin you.


Do you think almost anyone can become a blackjack pro? Or is there a certain level of natural ability that helped you become so good?

SamBarrington3 karma

Most people cannot handle the mental strain of high stakes on the table and seeing it disappear into the chip tray. By turning pro, do you mean your only income would come from blackjack? If so, I'd advise against it.

Mor1or2 karma

There is a very thin line between a hobby and an addiction, do you see yourself in some way addicted to blackjack? how did you react when the casinos banned you?

SamBarrington5 karma

Blackjack is strictly a hobby for me. For me, it takes the place of golf, tennis, skiing, and other hobbies that other people have.

I stay within my means when I gamble.

I was truly shocked when they told me I had been banned for being identified as a card counter. And I was asked to leave the casino at that moment...

I had an attorney that spoke with their attorney, and he asked them to run the tape to find any evidence of me being a card counter. They re-ran the tape and then I was admitted back into every casino when it showed that I was not altering my bets in any way from hand to hand.

anotherguy22 karma

Have you been to the new Horseshoe in Cincinnati?

If you plan to come, can I come watch you?

SamBarrington2 karma

I haven't been there, but I would like to visit it.

If you'll send me your email and phone number, I'll call you when I'm headed that way. I'd love to share a table with you.

wasdclick2 karma

What do you do now that you aren't playing blackjack anymore?

SamBarrington1 karma

I still play blackjack regularly, at least 2 or 3 times a week.