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why dont you move to the NW? its dark and rainy there for 10 months outta the year, you wont burn much lol

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hawaiians gon be mad

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they ban you over 8 grand?

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I wouldnt say its gentle at all lol. ayahuasca is probably the most intense and painful (but the most effective) therapy experience. lots of vomiting, diarrhea, seizuring etc lol. not something that I think can be easily accepted in a western therapy setting.

edit: purge (vomit, shit, seizure, rage etc) intensity depends on dosage and how much the individual has to purge. Ive had rough experiences purging 3 generations worth of military/war baggage + drug addiction. Delicate first world new agers might not have as much to purge and can enjoy calmer experiences.

edit2: dosage and potency matters too. an ounce or two might not cause a heavy purge, but a full mugful probably will.

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there are some legit and some completely phony BS institutions in south america who are opening ayahuasca retreats and therapy centers with some hefty price tags aimed at treating westerners. While normal ayahuasca retreats done by native healers are maybe 700 for a couple months, or 20 bucks ala carte, these new western retreats are 3000 a month and pretty much offer the same thing except with some new age BS. What do you guys think about people trying to capitalize on the new ayahuasca tourism interest that is sort of booming in the west?

I truly hope that a legitimate organization like yours can open up a cost effective, no-BS treatment facility in South america or Mexico, since a lot of people who are suffering illnesses that need this kind of treatment might not necessarily be able to afford tourist prices. To be honest it does not cost as much as people would think to buy land, build a retreat, hire a native shaman and build some dorm type rooms to open such a retreat. If any non-profit organization can offer this kind of treatment facility, it would be yours. It would even be better if you guys could offer some sort of financing available to people who are in need of ayahuasca or herbal medicine treatment but who do not have the funds to pay, as I was one at one point in my life.

Anyway, if you guys need any sort of help planning or connections I might be able to help you guys out since I have history in the south american ayahuasca scene. There are so many BS treatment facilities, if MAPS opened an honest, effective and affordable one it would be much needed. Hell, I'd be open to helping build and finance such a place in the future as its always been a small dream of mine, I have friends who already done such a thing, it would be very feasible for an organization as established as MAPS.

Thanks for listening!

Edit: actually opening one in mexico might better due to the cheaper airfare. but theres always that drug cartel risk, which makes it a bit more dangerous than south america.