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My philosophy on gambling is to only gamble the money you can afford to lose. Not your life savings.

Your dad should set aside a "purse" for gambling purposes only. He should make a run with that purse and see what kind of player he really is. And he has to keep accurate records of all his sessions, as detailed in the book.

Your dad needs to know where he stands at the end of every session, at the end of every day, at the end of every week, at the end of every month.

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Blackjack is not as a risky investment as the stock market, but people will give their life savings to a snake oil salesman in the stocks and bonds market and sit back and wait to see what happens.

In blackjack, you have control of your assets approximately every 30 seconds.

I assure you that I still play blackjack regularly and I make more per dollar at that than I do at the stock market. And I make more in the stock market placing my own buys than my broker does.

I wrote the book at the request of friends and acquaintances because they wanted to stretch their gaming dollar while at the casino. I self-published my book and then a publishing company picked up the rights to it.

I can assure you that I make more money at blackjack than I do at book sales! When I published the book, it was never my intention for it to be a profitable enterprise. It was another hobby.

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No, they do not ban over $8k. They banned me because I was a consistent winner and was flagged as a card counter.

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I'm old and southern. And overweight... I wear comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. I look more like everyone's grandfather than James Bond.

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  1. The most I have won in one hand in one night is $8,000. The most I have lost in one hand in one night is $3,000.

  2. No.

  3. I'm a recreational player; I don't do this as a job. Blackjack is not my profession, it is a hobby.