I am Zane Lamprey and for the past 7-8 years I have been traveling the world exploring drinks, bars, and drinking cultures with TV shows "Three Sheets" (Travel Channel, Spike) and "Drinking Made Easy" (Mark Cuban's AXS TV).


I am currently promoting my newest project through kickstarter called "CHUG" which will bring back the international travel/drinking show format by following me as I travel by train to drink in exotic locations around the world. The show, if funded, will also bypass the networks (they don't like "drinking shows") and be delivered directly to the fans (who are freakin' awesome).

I have been to over 60 countries and have tried all types of alcohol ranging from high-end luxury champagnes to home-distilled liquors with dead animals inside them. Mmmm Viper Rum.

I'll be answering any questions you may have over the next few hours so fire away.


Edit: These questions are great. I'll be checking back intermittently throughout the day so keep them coming.

Edit 2: Signing off, your questions were awesome and thank you for all your support. I may jump back on later tonight to answer more. It was fun.

Edit 3: (Friday morning) Just jumped on and answered some more questions. I had fun doing this! I've never had more fun getting carpal tunnel syndrome! Let's do it again!

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Lolram146 karma

Can we turn this AMA into a drinking game?

ConeFails134 karma

ZaneL AMA Drinking Game Rules

  1. Zane makes a spelling mistkae: Drink ( As it turns out, Zane is the most correct typist I've ever seen on reddit)

  2. Zane fucks up the format on Reddit: drink

  3. Steve's beard is referenced in a question & answer: drink

  4. Someone posts here who MET zane: drink

  5. someone posts who met zane at the save three sheets rally in new york where mark cuban noticed him: HUGE DRINK

  6. Zane posts a picture of him and pleepleus right now: finish your drink

  7. a redditor posts a picture of their pleepleus: drank

  8. a shameless plugging

  9. zane mentions pleepleus will edit with more

ZaneLamprey88 karma

These are great!

ZaneLamprey255 karma

I mean, thees ere graet!

ZaneLamprey93 karma

Sure! Drink whenever I shamelessly plug Chug! http://chug.tv

Any mention of Pleepleus from me also deserves a drink!

fatguybayonet79 karma

What's the most ridiculous moment that didn't make it to air in Three Sheets or DME?

Edit: and on that note, since Chug is bypassing the networks, are you planning anything more outrageous/R-rated now that you can get away with it without the networks saying anything?

ZaneLamprey242 karma

The outrageous stuff usually makes the show. A DME moment that didn't was at Alpha Bar in Phili. The bartender was a fan and really wanted to see Steve McKenna (the man) become Steve Mckenna'd (the verb). So he gave Steve a lot to drink-- which Steve has never turned down. When Steve was "in the bag", the bartender brought him behind the bar to do a shot. When Steve got back there, he said, "Wait, I need to pee". The bartender said, "Go head", so Steve peed, right there, into a sink behind the bar... I was mortified, but everyone else thought it was funny. The bartender then put an electric dog collar on Steve. We put it to 10, and I pressed the button. Steve collapsed... I think it's on the DVD outtakes.

ZaneLamprey180 karma

I love to have fun when I'm drinking, but I'm not really into rated-R stuff. I think that's a cheap way of adding shock value. Mark Cuban asked for an R-rated version of DME, and I talked him out of it. I want to make a network-quality show, even if our budgets are challenging.

As far as a Three Sheets experience that no one has seen. That would be the pilot episode that we shot in Seattle. We went to a Polish social club, and pretended that it was Poland, since it was just for the network execs and not for air. Since I really wanted the job, I wanted to impress the production team and the execs. But, I didn't know if they wanted me to be funny, full of information, or able to drink a lot. So I did all of them. I was a wealth of information on Polish drinking customs, made my usual quips, and didn't refuse a drink. In the end, I was definitely Three Sheets.

Then...... after we were done shooting, a Polish guy who was supposed be there hours earlier, showed up with some bathtub vodka. Mike Kelly (the director) said, "You're good. We got what we needed. You don't have to drink with this guy", but I saw it as a challenge.

I drank with the guy, he thought I was hilarious and wanted me to be his best friend. When it was time to go, he wouldn't let me leave until I promised to spend Christmas with him, in his ski cabin, where he was a "Ski Patrol". I pretended to go to the bathroom, but snuck out the side door, where a PA was waiting with her car. As I was closing the door, he put his foot in, to stop it from closing, and made me promise again to join him. I did, and we sped away.

From then on, the crew referred to "over exuberant fans" as Ski Patrol. Now we just use that to describe our super-fans!

JLodata18 karma

I'm interested in knowing about the more outrageous stuff as well. This would partly make up for No Steve.

ZaneLamprey41 karma

In Three Sheets, I was the crazy guy. In DME, I thought it would be fun to bring Steve along. And, since he's not really interested in the information, just the drinking, I let HIM be the crazy guy. Only now do I realize that I wasn't the fun one in that show... But with Chug.... That will all change! http://chug.tv

skooner3261 karma

When drinking internationally, have you ever had any issues with doing something that was unintentionally offensive to the locals?

ZaneLamprey111 karma

Ah, GOOD question! We were always prepped on this before going to a country. There are a lot of things that we, as Americans, don't think about, that are offensive to other cultures-- like showing someone the underside of your shoe in the Middle East!

In Taipei, Taiwan, there were a few things we were told not to do. One was to NOT TOUCH A CHILD ON THE HEAD. OK, that's fine, but not one I really felt that we needed to worry about. BUT, when shooting on a street, a kid (about 9 years old) was standing in front of me. I gently touched the top of his head to get his attention and nicely asked him to just move over a bit. Then my heart stopped... WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

I looked at his mom and said, I'm so sorry. She just smiled and walked off. I asked our translator what the ramifications were for what I did. Was she going to get the kids dad to beat me up? And the translater said "I am not familiar with this custom". I later asked other people and no one else thought touching a child on the head was worthy of being stoned.

That being said, I still have never touched a child on the head to this day...

skycake57 karma

Thanks for doing this, Zane! Three Sheets is one of my favorite shows; it's a perfect blend of comedy, debauchery, education and cultural exploration. Chug seems like its spiritual successor and I have told everyone I know about the kickstarter. I have a bunch of questions, feel free to answer any/all/none of them.

Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy were very popular shows on lesser-known, not-so-popular networks. What do you think are the biggest obstacles to getting a show like Chug onto a major television network?

Are there any Three Sheets destinations that you really, really want to revisit in Chug?

What was the most memorable experience you had while doing Three Sheets? Did you get into any interesting/hilarious shennanigans while filming that didn't make it into the show?

Was that really Pleepleus's stunt double that was monkeynapped by macaques in Gibraltar? Speaking of Gibraltar, will you be traveling about town via unicycle in Chug?

I really hope Chug gets the funding it needs and is a huge hit. I can't wait to watch! L'Chaim!

ZaneLamprey64 karma

Drinking is controversial, since so many people abuse it. We drink responsibly, but we have fun doing it. That's too fine of a line for the networks. That's why the fringe networks have picked it up. MOJO and HDNet did not depend on advertisers. They were subscriber-based networks.

I want to go to new locations for Chug. I want to keep it fresh-- not try to out-do my first visit. I have, however, gone to many locations on my own.

daybreaker45 karma

No question, just want to say Three Sheets was amazing, and thanks for being awesome.

ZaneLamprey33 karma

Thanks! I hope we have your support for http://chug.tv

daaave3344 karma

When will your rums be available for sale in most of the US?

ZaneLamprey89 karma

Yes. We launch in San Diego soon. After that, we'll move through CA and then the country. I expect to be everywhere by Christmas! It's been a long process. But, we just went to the WSWA spirits convention last weekend and won a medal for both rums!

bamarket39 karma

Does Pleepleus have a back story?

JustARandomChugBacke19 karma

IIRC, his wife gave him Pleepleus to take with him in order to remember her by while they were away from each other. Zane?

ZaneLamprey83 karma

Well, that's not really the story... I told that in an interview where my wife (now ex-wife) had joined me for the interview. I said it in that interview to be nice to her, since I had just returned from a trip without her. But, since then, I have told the real story.

I had thought about making the show, Three Sheets, a drinking game. I knew other other shows that had become drinking games AFTER the fact. BUT, I knew that the networks would never go for it, so I didn't tell anyone, even Mike Kelly, the director, so he'd have plausible deniability.

So, I brought a stuffed monkey that I had sitting around the house. I don't remember where I got it. I think my mom used to send me beanie babies every Christmas, thinking that they'd be collectors items. I also decided that I would talk about a different friend of mine in every episode, to give them a shout out, and make it part of the drinking game. I thought I'd reveal the game, through social media, once the show came out.

But, I didn't want to be deceitful to the crew, so I told them what I was doing while shooting the first episode (Galway, Ireland). They LOVED it, as did Mike. But he said he still had to clear it with the network. I thought... Oh, here we go. The network would NEVER OK something like this. But, I was wrong. They said it was a "genius" idea.

So, I decided to name the monkey. I wanted something silly and weird sounding. So I came up with Pleepleus, originally thinking it was Greek sounding, and maybe his backstory would be that he was once a pet of the Greek Gods... I registered www.pleepleus.com, just to make sure the name really was original. And the rest is history!

daaave3335 karma

Mabuhay Zane, and thanks for coming! I've been a big fan since the MoJo days when I got my first HDTV. I was wondering if we can expect Chug (the new show being funded on Kickstarter) to be like Three Sheets was, where the focus will be primarily on you? Though I like Steve Mckenna, the learning aspects and overall entertainment of Drinking Made Easy fell way short comparatively I thought.

ZaneLamprey47 karma

Yes. Absolutely. That's the plan. We brought Mike Kelly (EP from Three Sheets) ensure that the episodes are Three-Sheets-esque. I can't SAY that it will be like the fifth season of Three Sheets... but you could infer that from my response. ;)

beatvox31 karma

Nice...I miss that show. Your comedic aspect and connection with foreigners, and the nice video edits made the show exceptionally enjoyable among the crap TV nowadays. Tell Cuban he sucks

ZaneLamprey55 karma

I'm not telling Mark that! Are you crazy!? While we miss DME, I'm glad to be getting back to my Three Sheets roots. And, he did save us from oblivion for three years.

SuperBeer330 karma

Will Mel and her Shake Weight be part of "Chug"? I need more Shake Weight Girl!!

ZaneLamprey42 karma

Mel will be producing the show, along with Mike Kelly from Three Sheets (who will be the director and executive producer). Shake weight girl will likely make an appearance, being that she's Mel's twin sister... And I'll be sure to bring a Shake Weight along!!!

benshovian29 karma

Hi Zane. I'm a huge fan ever since the first season of Three Sheets and have really enjoyed your shows and standup (good luck with Chug!). What would you say was the worst hangover cure that you experimented with on the show?

ZaneLamprey62 karma

The worst hangover would be from the pilot episode, that I talk about in another thread. The next closest would be from Moscow, after drinking with some guys in an abandoned apartment until 4am.

There's a story.... I was told that when you drink vodka with friends in Russia, you have to finish the bottle, for luck, and as to not insult your host. So, sitting with four other people, we went through an entire bottle. Then, as I was wrapping things, up, they opened ANOTHER bottle! I remember thinking to myself: A) The scene went well. You got what you came here for. RUN!!! and B) You're in Moscow, in the dead of winter, at some abandon apartment from the soviet area. STAY!... I chose B.

After we opened the second bottle, one of the guys went and got and "old guy". It was an AK-74 (a newer version of the AK-47) made in 1974. A machine gun! It was empty (I checked 10 times), and I held it for the rest of the interview. When it got to the network, they said they couldn't air a scene where I was drinking with a firearm... So the whole second bottle was cut from the show. It was an amazing scene...

TameraRooney29 karma

How's the liver? Anything you do special to take care of it?

ZaneLamprey39 karma

Just had it tested. It's 10/10. I take breaks. I like to have fun, but I'm not drinking in real life every time I'm drinking on TV.

jimbobdonut27 karma

What's the greatest drunk Steve McKenna in college story?

ZaneLamprey120 karma

Oh, God. I stopped telling this one, because it offends a lot of people... But, since you asked...

We had a big winter storm where we went to college in NY (Cortland State). The college closed down, so I went to meet Steve at the bar, wondering if they'd even be open. When I got there at 10:30am, they were PACKED! Everyone, faculty, students... Everyone was there.

Steve had gotten there early and had a spot at the bar. But 1pm, he had been there all day. He didn't want to lose his spot, as you couldn't move in there, and he was right there, bellied up, getting drinks as quickly as he could. Then, it happen... He says he thought it was a fart... but it wasn't. He shit his pants. Bad. BUT, being the trooper that he was, he stayed there, getting his friends drinks. But, after 20 minutes, he had to deal with the problem.

I'm going to end this story quickly.... When he got to the bathroom there was a line. He pushed his way to the front. But he found that, in this crappy college bar, there were no doors on the stalls. Didn't matter. He wasn't wearing underwear... So, he took off his shirt, scooped out his jeans, put the jean back on, jacket back on, and went back to the bar.

Yes, we knew something smelled. But he didn't tell us the story until the next day...

I swore I'd never tell that again.... But there you go.

skooner3224 karma

Is there anything you do to ensure you won't be tanked too early when you have a long night of filming/drinking planned? Special meal? Pre-game ritual?

(Big fan of Three Sheets and I backed the "Chug" Kickstarter. Looks like it will be a great show! Good luck and Sláinte!)

ZaneLamprey52 karma

I pace myself-- I've gotten very good at it since getting "tanked" on the pilot of Three Sheets. But, if I know that it's the last scene of the day, I usually let my hair down... And sometimes my pants!

Thanks for supporting Chug! It means A LOT to me and everyone working on it.

camaro7922 karma

Next job: sleep for a living. But to be honest, you got the second best job in the world. First one is beeing Jeremy Clarkson.

ZaneLamprey60 karma

Haha. I'm a big Jeremy Clarkson fan. I'd LOVE his job... But I don't think it would be good idea to combine jobs...

tamdog7621 karma

What will make Chug different than 3 sheets & DME? Also, any more Sing the Booze shows in the future?

ZaneLamprey30 karma

The real difference is that I'll be arriving by train! That should satisfy the networks saying that I'm copying Three Sheets-- even though they haven't aired it in years.

I had fun on my music tour. A lot of fun. I won't say that I'll never do it again, but I don't see it in the near future.

gtrogers21 karma

What's your drink of choice when you're not on TV?

nevidicus14 karma

Monkey Rum

ZaneLamprey40 karma

Haha. Yes, I like rum and I like beer. Truth be told, when I'm home, chilling out in front of TV, which I rarely find time to do, I enjoy a nice beer-- craft or otherwise. But, when I'm with friends at the house, or out somewhere, rum is my drink of choice. I love mojitos, and have been a spiced rum and Coke drinker for many years. That's why I came up with Monkey Rum... I thought spiced rum could be improved with a touch of coconut... We'll see, but I think I'm right.

BucketofBabies19 karma

I think Mel would be a far better producer if she produced on camera in a bikini. Do you agree?

ZaneLamprey27 karma

That's what I tell her!!!!!

NS2419 karma

What places have you visited that you absolutely hated? Any bars or breweries/distilleries on DME that were just awful?

ZaneLamprey30 karma

I've never hated a location that we went to. We do a lot of work, vetting out the locations, to ensure that they locations will be amazing. None have disappointed me.

shimmytango18 karma

Hey Zane! I'm a big fan of Three Sheets, Drinking Made Easy and I've been to 2 of your live shows.

If you go to China for Chug, will you allow me to take you to Qingdao? It's home of the popular Chinese beer Qingdao. German influenced, lots of culture, good food, lots of beer!

I asked you this in person before and you said "maybe". Now that Chug might be a reality you should totally consider it. All the other lame travel ppl only go to those cliche places in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong) and Taiwan.

ZaneLamprey29 karma

Well.... Mainland China is on our list of possibles, but "going with us" is not really an option, because it's an option on Kickstarter http://chug.tv BUT, if you know your way around the city, speak Chinese, and could get us set up at some amazing locations, then maybe you could be our fixer (on-location coordinator and translator). Email me [email protected]

IndifferentDisdain18 karma

Any thoughts on why the networks don't like the "drinking shows"? Are they just not convinced that there's an audience, potential issues w/ sponsors, Puritanical convictions, etc.?

ZaneLamprey25 karma

Audience, yes. But the networks work for the advertisers, not the viewers... And, yeah, I'm sure some are Puritans... But I think most of them could drink me under the table!

ImTheDoctah16 karma

Hey Zane, thanks so much for doing this AMA, you're awesome.

This might not be a question per se, but ever since my dad discovered Three Sheets back on MOJO, he has absolutely loved watching your shows. His birthday is coming up and I was wondering if you might be able to wish him a happy birthday? In a comment or picture or anything, really. It would mean a lot to him (and would go great with his CHUG pledge). His name is Ron, by the way.

Best of luck with the show, looking forward to it!


ZaneLamprey28 karma

Happy birthday, Ron!!! If you loved Three Sheets, you'll love Chug, too! http://chug.tv

ohcrrap14 karma

Heyya Zane, been a big fan of your exploits for years now. In fact, when I travel my first order is usually to 'belly up to a favorite watering hole' as well.

I always wonder, when you're not 'on-air' filming your imbibing activities, what other activities do you enjoy? I mean when you get a nice buzz, do you suddenly get a powerful need to do some sightseeing?

Is your crew on a pretty strict schedule, or does your drunk alter-ego ever get to call the shots?

ZaneLamprey38 karma

I'm pretty strict about working out in the morning, especially when I travel. And we try not to drink outside of the scene. When I'm at a location for the show, I'm there to do a job, so me drinking when the cameras are off wouldn't be smart. If something goes wrong, I want the cameras to be there!

The crew can do what they want. But if they show up hungover, I make them drink weird stuff. They usually learn their lesson!

capSaycin14 karma

Love all the shows obviously. Just a couple of questions for Shane Lambert

  • Your fans can get nuts at your parties. What's the worst experience you've had with a fan? Was it worse then a Giant heckling you front row at your first DME stage show in Cali or Palmert beating you at push ups?
  • I love all of your graphic design work. I've read that you do all of it yourself. Is that true and who gave you the inspiration for that badass Steve McKenna logo?
  • Has anyone ever thrown a french fry at your face at a Ski Patrol party? Possibly in Chicago?

Prost brother, take care!

ZaneLamprey29 karma

I had a fan grab my junk (my balls) while I was taking photos. I wanted to knock him out, but I just pushed him away. 99.9% of my fan experiences are amazing, even when people are drunk. Most people are VERY respectful. But my nuts are mine... and they're fragile.

I went to school for art, so I enjoy putting that investment to good use. The McKenna logo was inspired by something a fan did.

Ahhh, are the infamous French Fry thrower? Then you're the same person who inspired the Steve McKenna logo. Well played!

JumboNess13 karma

Zane, how would you go about viewing your show(s) if you do not have access to a cable provider? I loved DME when I was able to watch it, but now I have no way of doing that at all...doesn't stop me from the drinking though!

ZaneLamprey20 karma

Ahh, that's a great question! That's why we're doing http://chug.tv, so EVERYONE can see it.

That being said, Three Sheets is on iTunes and Hulu, and Drinking Made Easy is on AXStv (the episodes are still airing, and will continue to air) as well as iTunes. Oh, and there are DVDs in my store http://tiny.cc/zstore

orangefreshy11 karma

What is your go-to hangover cure? Which was the tastiest food cure from Three Sheets?

ZaneLamprey21 karma

Time is the only cure...

I liked the Tortas Ajogadas from Mexico.

Huntcd11 karma

Are you and Joe Francis still friends?

ZaneLamprey25 karma


Jon3laze10 karma

Will Steve be in CHUG?

Also...can I have a job? :D

ZaneLamprey30 karma

He will be in Chug in small doses, like he was in Three Sheets.

Sure, your job is to help promote http://chug.tv and your payment is this smiley face. :)

hisdaftness10 karma


ZaneLamprey28 karma


freudian_nipple_slip9 karma

What drinking event have you not attended but want to?

ZaneLamprey9 karma

I haven't attended that many-- consider the amount that there are. They all sound fun!

Ca_girl8 karma

Why do you not have a good selection of women's items? Men's shirts don't fit the same as women's.

ZaneLamprey16 karma

Supply and demand.

2pt5RS8 karma

Zane! You rock dude and I absolutely miss Three Sheets. What was your diet like outside of the show?

ZaneLamprey10 karma

Thanks! I hope you've checked out http://chug.tv

I try to eat right, but cheat at times. It's easier to do when not shooting!

cjhelms8 karma

Hi Zane. Thanks for coming. I'm a really big fan and have enjoyed your show since it was on INHD... then Mojo... then Fine Living... the the Travel Channel. I have Comcast, so I didn't get to see your show on HDNet, unfortunately. I came to your live tour show when you came to the Athaenium in Indianapolis, though, and enjoyed that.

I'm really excited about your Kickstarter and have already pledged my support, as well as sharing your status updates on the social media sites. I really hope it gets funded. Congrats on passing $100,000 a few days back.

Have you entertained the idea of having guests on your show? I think it would be terrific if you could get Anthony Bourdain since you two seem like kindred spirits in the food/drink/culture world.


ZaneLamprey60 karma

Anthony Bourdain took a potshot at me in an interview a few years ago. He said my Food Network show was unwatchable, after watching only a few minutes of it. Food network wanted Three Sheets, but about food, so I made "Have Fork, Will Travel" with the same production company as Three Sheets. I thought his negative comment, about a new host (me) trying to make it, without considering the ramifications or even watching the whole show was a super asshole move. He didn't even know me, and chose to say something negative in an interview. I know he's a "bad boy" and people like him for being edgy, but taking a shot at me, when I was trying to do the job the best way I knew how, was classless. I've met him since, and was cordial to him. Be if he wasn't an old man, I'd be tempted to smack him around...

troublewillfindyou7 karma

Are you wasted right now?

ZaneLamprey18 karma

No. Funny as that may be, I like to always do the best that I can. If I was drinking, it would take time away from my typing, every time I took a sip!

Losritenour7 karma

what kind of format are you thinking of delivering "chug" on? just download or stream on your website? On Netflix maybe?

ZaneLamprey7 karma

For the Kickstarter backers, it will be a download. http://chug.tv

After that, IF we get further distribution, other people will get to see it. But, it's a big "if".

doobiewondersmoke7 karma

Has Pleepleus ever been recovered since his abduction in Seattle a few years ago?

ZaneLamprey13 karma

No, that large Pleepleus was stolen after my show in Seattle. It was a gift from the company that makes the little ones....

HereForTheFreeCoffee7 karma

Hi Zane! My wife and I are big fans of yours from the Seattle area. My question: Is the fact that the more established networks don't want your shows simply because it primarily involves drinking? Like, that's really it? Or did someone do something to piss one of those execs off along the way??

ZaneLamprey13 karma

It's solely about the content.

darkcanuck6 karma

Hey Zane, Did you enjoy making one show more than the other? "Three Sheets" Or "Drinking Made Easy"? Also, if you had to choose, what's the best place to "drink"? When can we get your rum up here in the great white north? Cheers from Canada! Good luck on your new show!

ZaneLamprey13 karma

They shows here both fun, but the crew on DME were my friends. It was a lot of fun shooting that with them. My wife was the producer and my best friend was the co-host. We had a lot of fun.

Three Sheets was more culturally fulfilling. I was friends with the crew. I love them. but I spent a lot of time alone. I took a lot of long walks, runs, and wandered around the city. When we were shooting, though, both experiences were similar.

A_Real_OG_Readmore6 karma

Will you try to take back the record for most champagne bottles sabred?

ZaneLamprey13 karma


brandonw006 karma

Hey Zane!

You've drank all sorts of drinks all over the world, but what is your go to drink when you're at home or at a bar not filming?

ZaneLamprey12 karma

I answered this more extensively in another post, but I like beer and rum.

benjamindm5 karma

Big fan here. Thanks for doing an AMA.

  1. Through the shows, you've become extremely well-traveled. Out of the places to which you have not yet been, what is the one destination (potentially featured on Chug) at which you are most looking forward to immersing yourself in the local drinking culture?

  2. When were you last Steve McKenna'd?

ZaneLamprey14 karma

We tried to go to Australia for Three Sheets, but couldn't get the travel visas in time. So, I would REALLY like to go there. It's at the top of my list. Also on my list for the show are Paris, Rome, India, Indonesia, Mainland China, northern Africa, much of South America, Austria, Switzerland, and MANY others.

I was last Steve McKenna'd this weekend at the WSWA spirits convention, when I found out that Monkey Rum won an award. I got lit with my friends Dan Dunn, DJ Paul from three6mafia and Rohan Marley. We had fun!

ConeFails5 karma

Good day Zane. Couple questions

  1. Where did the idea of pleepleus come from?

  2. Steve still have his gas station?

  3. can you grow a beard?

  4. Thoughts on visiting Toronto? I know you've hit Van city and montreal, both spectacular drinking cities, but TO wants to see what you can find. If you'd like to see what not to do, watch Anthony Bourdains episode in toronto from "the layover".

  5. How'd you get into this in the first place? You say it often and every time I agree, you have the best damn job in the world

ZaneLamprey13 karma

  1. I explain Pleepleus in complete detail in another post.
  2. No.
  3. Yes, but it takes a long time. I'll start now.
  4. Toronto is on the long list of locations, but we want to go to farther, more unique locations for the first season of http://chug.tv
  5. The production company saw my reel and offered me the job.

No_Please_Continue5 karma

Hi Zane!! I love Three Sheets and its drinking game! Are you planning on having a Monkey Rum tasting out here in Boston (The drunkest city in America)?

ZaneLamprey9 karma

Of course! I'll be there as soon as we get distribution. I talked with some Boston distributers this weekend.

Draklems4 karma

Zane, loved your show and a big fan. Also I donated a little to your awesome project. My question, what happens if you don't reach 500k? Say you reach 300k, does that still mean the show goes on?

ZaneLamprey9 karma

If it doesn't reach $500K, there won't be a show. I couldn't sell my Honda and make up a $200K deficiency.

munche4 karma

After traveling the world and drinking all manner of crazy alcoholic beverages, what do you grab when you're just relaxing on your own time?

ZaneLamprey5 karma


johansrobot3 karma

Zane I loved your show three sheets, it seemed to be an awesome experience and you meet some awesome people from around the world!

My questions are:

Do you still talk to people you've met on those trips?

What is your favorite drink while doing some late night work?

Lastly what are some good spirits to mix with unsweetened Ice Tea!?

Cheers man! Wish you luck on CHUG!

ZaneLamprey5 karma

  1. Some. Tad Dorda from Chopin Vodka and I see each other occasionally. I'm also good friends with DJPaul from three6mafia from him being on DME.
  2. Mexican beer.
  3. Coconut Monkey Rum! :)

JMaronn3 karma

Hey Zane! Proud first day Chug contributor here: Just wondering how shooting plans for Chug will impact Monkey Rum and the talked about release parties and this year's Zanetoberfest (hoping you are already planning this and it'll stay on Chicago). Cheers

ZaneLamprey6 karma

We'll make them all work. They can work hand in hand.

I don't know if we'll ever do a Zanetoberfest or Zane Patrick's Day again...

dirtmalljunkie3 karma

Zane, one of the best parts of three sheets was seeing how hurt you were in the morning and your attempts to kill your hangovers... Do you plan on including this in Chug?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

Sure. The hangovers are hard to avoid sometimes, might as well capture the pain on film.

knight_talker3 karma

Do you feel that not having a "stunt drinker" on Chug! will make for a more interesting show? Is it going to be the same as watching a high-wire walker without a safety net?

ZaneLamprey9 karma

Bingo! You got it!

TheDazarooney3 karma

How did you get graced with this wonderful job?

ZaneLamprey3 karma

Well, hard work got me the opportunity. Luck got me the job.

Need2throw3 karma

Does Steve donate that wonderful beard everytime he shaves?

ZaneLamprey9 karma

Last time he shaved it, he sold it on eBay. I think it went for $500.

wallygatorz2 karma

Does Steve need to go to Rehab?

ZaneLamprey4 karma

No. He knows when to tone it down.

quattrocup2 karma

will pleepleus be part of Chug?

ZaneLamprey3 karma


weltek2 karma

What is your favorite souvenier you have from your travels?

ZaneLamprey4 karma

My Three Sheets jersey from Newcastle. I'm looking at it, in my office, right now.

lilacfortress2 karma

Zane Lamprey! Hello! My boyfriend and I have shared many good memories watching both Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy. I especially enjoy the interactions between you and Steve, how did you two meet?

ZaneLamprey10 karma

We met in college. I decided that I wanted to be an actor, so I joined the theater department my junior year. Steve, who was the prized-student of the department, told everyone I was gay... I didn't find out about it for several months, until I asked why everyone was so nice to me. When I told them I wasn't gay, they were the meanest group of students I have ever met...

thedevilwasanangel2 karma

You have one of the sweetest gigs out there. Getting paid to travel and get drunk is beyond cool. But my question is how hard has it been to convince network people that Chug would be successful?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

It's one of the most difficult tasks I've ever undertaking... I'm sure we'll make it. But it's all I work on.

jlhedman2 karma

Do you plan on shooting a episode of Chug during octoberfest?

ZaneLamprey4 karma

No. We shot Three Sheets there.

xuohtx2 karma

Zane, I have an idea for a show that also involves drinking (but would not be a competitor to yours). What advice could you give me regarding getting started, funding, production, first steps, etc? I'm assuming we would have to start as an Internet show first.

ZaneLamprey9 karma

Honestly, I would say to find another idea. I've had a tough time with my industry for almost a decade. If I didn't already have a following, I wouldn't be able to make it work... That being said-- Don't let anyone tell you you can't do something! Work hard, and you'll make it happen!

undercovernc2 karma

Huge fan of Drinking Made Easy.

I am from NC so i really enjoyed the Charlotte and Asheville episodes. What are your top 3 favorite drinks?

ZaneLamprey6 karma

Thanks! Cheers!

Rum and Coke, Mojitos and beer.

GreetingsNsalutation2 karma

What is your craziest drunken fan story?

ZaneLamprey6 karma

I don't really have one... Most are amazing. 99.9% of the people are incredibly thoughtful and fun. The .1% that are not are not worth mentioning.

i_drink_vino2 karma

Top 5 Midwest craft beers?

ZaneLamprey4 karma

Haha. Too many to count. There are so many good ones!

MyNameIsOhm1 karma

Hi Zane, first off I'd like to thank you for coming to the Baby Bar in Spokane while shooting for DME. I was the one who wrote you about it, and was very happy that you actually took the time to ask local fans where to go. It's things like that that really keep me being a major fan of everything you do.

My question is, since most of what you're known for focuses on alcohol and related debauchery, if you could do any other projects/shows you wanted, what would they focus on?

ZaneLamprey5 karma

I love cars-- although I drive a Honda at the moment. I also love nature, bugs, food.

messymama0 karma

So glad you are going to be making more shows (know you will raise the funds!) What was the worst hangover you ever suffered doing either Three Sheets or DME?

ZaneLamprey3 karma

I told the story in another post, but Moscow.