Hello Redditors,

Jeffrey Tambor here. Today I am answering your most pressing questions starting at 11:30 AM EST along with with Dan Mirk and Will Graham, the co-creators of the new Amazon Original Pilot Onion News Empire.

On Onion News Empire I star as news anchor David Bryant, a veteran to the media industry and personal friend to 14 US presidents. Watch the pilot for free right now on Amazon and review it as if your life depended on it here: http://amzn.to/11KlVvn

Outside of my work on Onion News Empire, you may also know me from my roles as Hank Kingsley on the sitcom The Larry Sanders Show and George Bluth, Sr. on Arrested Development, the fourth season of which premiers May 26 exclusively on Netflix. I have also appeared in the comedy films City Slickers and The Hangover, and the television series Three’s Company, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and Bob’s Burgers.

But enough about me. Allow me to introduce the co-creators of Onion News Empire, who will be answering your questions under the handle OnionNewsEmpire. They haven't had one of their famous catchphrases immortalized in t-shirt form, but maybe one day they'll get there:

Will Graham: Will was the founding executive producer and director of ONN on the web and TV. He's also directed the Jesse Miller and Time Trumpet pilots for Comedy Central, and the Homeschooled short for Movie 43.

Daniel Mirk: Daniel was the senior staff writer for The Onion News Network web series from it's launch in 2007 until last year. He was also the senior writer of the Onion News Network IFC series.

In an effort to be pander to the Reddit community as much as possible, we have created this image: http://imgur.com/ZwzZLi8

Verification: https://twitter.com/TheOnion/status/329980705759186947

UPDATE: Thank you all for your amazing questions! Unfortunately, that's all the time I have for today. Please keep talking to Will and Dan, and most importantly, watch the Onion News Empire pilot here: http://amzn.to/11KlVvn Only your views and reviews will help Amazon pick ONE up for a full season!

Thanks again, and I'll see you on May 26th for the brand new season of Arrested Development! Goodbye Will! Goodbye Dan! – Jeffrey

UPDATE 2: We had to go do some other things. But thanks for all the questions, and check out the Onion News Empire pilot! – Will and Dan

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TheGrinch48151897 karma

How do we know this isn't Oscar?

JeffreyTambor1808 karma

It's good not to know.

humankirk919 karma

Hi Jeffrey! What is your favorite running theme/joke in Arrested Development? Can't wait for it to start again!

JeffreyTambor2301 karma

"There's always money in the banana stand."

Frajer825 karma

Did Judy Greer ever flash you in real life?

JeffreyTambor2253 karma

No. And that's a problem.

fairwaykristen675 karma


JeffreyTambor904 karma

We just saw each other at the AD premiere last Monday!

deaddovedonoteat664 karma

Did working on Archer with Jessica Walter and Judy Greer remind you at all of working with them on Arrested Development?

JeffreyTambor954 karma

It was really odd to hear Jessica's voice and my character's interact. That's another group of writers that's up there with ONE and AD. I guess I do like edgy.

Mynarwhalbaconsatone596 karma


JeffreyTambor1023 karma

I think was just hungry. I wouldn't add a lot of symbolism to it.

Chrizzlechip589 karma

Can I touch you?

JeffreyTambor1988 karma

NO touching!

Flamingozilla551 karma

Hi Jeffery, thanks for doing this AMA. Last week in my civics class we watched a program from the 80s about the US Constitution, that you were in, called "Funny, You Don't Look 200." It featured alot of stars, but had the feel of a corny after school special? Did you volunteer for this, or were you sucked into participating in this program.

Edit: Link

JeffreyTambor1365 karma

Oh my god! I was actually on hand during the signing of the Constitution and one thing led to another.

IndifferentRedditor526 karma

How much of Arrested development is ad-libbed? Were there any scenes in particular where the cast had real trouble with breaking character?

JeffreyTambor1314 karma

No, really good shows like The Larry Sanders Show, Arrested, Onion News Empire, people think they are ad-libbed because they're written so well. Very little is ad-libbed. These writers are par excellence.

musky_melon510 karma

Did you do this expecting a flood of Arrested Development questions? While I'm so excited for the new season, what can you tell me about Onion News Empire?

JeffreyTambor821 karma

I'm very proud of Onion News Empire. I did expect a lot of AD questions, and I definitely think fans of AD are the type that will "get" and enjoy ONE.

Caville497 karma


How did the Chicken Dance skit come about? Did you all improvise your chickens?

Love your work, thanks!

JeffreyTambor787 karma

I never knew about it until I was asked to do it. And when I'm asked to do it, I do it very badly. I'm the worst chicken dancer of the cast.

Caville415 karma

How easy / hard was it for you and the rest of the cast to slip back I to your arrested development roles after so long away?

JeffreyTambor999 karma

It took about maybe five minutes. We're all so used to each other. Our first scenes, we just slipped into it naturally. They're all very fine actors.

bcn_dbl_chz_brgr413 karma

Hi Mr. Tambor and onion dudes. I'm really not sure what to ask, but I've never caught one of these things early enough, so as a bowling enthusiast I'll just ask. What's your highest bowling score?

JeffreyTambor692 karma

300! (That's a lie).

eztarget896336 karma

how do you keep you teeth so perfect?

JeffreyTambor819 karma

I have never gotten a comment like that ever. Is this from my dentist?

OnionNewsEmpire296 karma

He does have really incredible teeth. WG

JeffreyTambor295 karma

Don't you think they're a little yellow?

tsmith944331 karma

Hey! What is your favorite episode of AD?

JeffreyTambor1284 karma

Gosh, I would have to say that the entire fourth season. I'm just so happy to be back.

Mr_Cutestory326 karma

Hello Mr. Tambor. What's the most exciting thing about the upcoming season of Arrested Development??

JeffreyTambor945 karma

It's new format. The fact that we're doing 15 all at once, and each character gets to tell his story. We're the little engine that could, and we came back.

No-one-ever321 karma

Good morning!

Which character, George Sr or Oscar, do you enjoy portraying more?

Also, how has it been balancing Onion News Empire with the new season of AD?

JeffreyTambor810 karma

  1. One side of my brain likes Oscar. One side of my brain likes George.

  2. It's easy. One inevitably leads to the other. I'm so comfortable with the Internet approach. Next year I'm going to work with the U.S. Postal Service. Just sending in my performance in envelopes.

setthecontrolsforthe280 karma

HEY NOW Hank Kingsley was my favorite character on the Larry Sanders show. Did you ever have any awkward encounters with, say, any late night talk show sidekicks who may or may not have inspired some aspects of the character?

JeffreyTambor263 karma

Whenever I was doing any late Night show, people would inevitably say "This is just like our show." We got that a lot.

One of the great things about The Onion News Empire, like The Larry Sanders Show, is that we share a backstage with a news network. People LOVE to go backstage.

A-Magician-Named-Gob273 karma

When will the next sequel to Boyfights be released?

JeffreyTambor464 karma


bleakprophet249 karma

Was it fun to be the villain in a Muppets movie?

JeffreyTambor436 karma

I love the Muppets! They're my heroes. They're my true teachers.

lamaee3224 karma

Favorite guest star in AD?

JeffreyTambor573 karma

They were all great, but Henry Winkler is a close friend of mine, and I was so glad to have him aboard.

FreakaJebus222 karma

Would you be down for Hellboy 3?

JeffreyTambor419 karma

Yes, but they better hurry! We're going to be in walkers!

glorybear211 karma

Jeffrey--who is the most underrated actor/comedian you've ever worked with? Or a deserving project of yours that never got much attention?

JeffreyTambor503 karma

I have a passion for Steven Wright. I think he's one of the funniest people I've ever met.

TheRealAK176 karma

Hi Jeffrey,

What has been your thought process the last few years with rumors of an Arrested Development movie? Besides the writers, were there any actors on the show (Bateman, Arnest, De Rossi, Walters) that were pushing for it most?

JeffreyTambor307 karma

Well, that is very, very strong. I think the new season will promote a great amount of popularity, which will help a movie come into existence.

lamaee3165 karma

Favorite joke of all time?

JeffreyTambor645 karma

Old mister Cohen walks into his house. Ms. Cohen says, "Mr. Cohen, come upstairs and fuck me." Mr. Cohen yells up, "I can't do both."

shizknight158 karma

Do you know yet if the Onion News Empire is going to get picked up for more episodes?

JeffreyTambor211 karma

I'm not quite sure. I think so, and people are coming up to me to say they want more and people really like it.

Mr_Cutestory154 karma

Hi Jeffrey. What's the most unique encounter with a fan you've experienced??

JeffreyTambor390 karma

Once in a while, I'm ask to sign parts of bodies, which I refuse to do. One fan asked me to sign her breasts, and I'm not quite sure if I did or not.

Mr_Cutestory148 karma

What qualities do you think Arrested Development possesses that gives it such unique character?

JeffreyTambor288 karma

The same as we're using in Onion News Empire: Funny, edgy, and great respect for the audience.

StealthTheory142 karma

What were your feelings back when they canceled Arrested Development after only 3 seasons?

Also, how excited (if at all) were you when it was announced that a 4th season was in the making?

Thanks again for doing an AMA!

JeffreyTambor273 karma

I was sad. I wasn't surprised, I think we all saw it coming. It's all about timing, and things have turned out well.

I was very excited! This is the perfect time, and the perfect medium for us to come back.

sbb1993127 karma

What was it like working with the boys on the Hangover?

JeffreyTambor271 karma

All three times, they've been the kindest, nicest, most humble, grateful people I've worked with.

Broddi99 karma

Which of the Bluth kids is your favorite?

JeffreyTambor337 karma

I don't pick favorites. We don't get along.

fuegolatino96 karma

What inspired you most to get into your career?

JeffreyTambor191 karma

I lived across the street from a theater in San Francisco at SF State College, and I would go and watch them rehearse. They would take things apart and put them back together, and I thought, "Whatever that is, that's what I want to do."

PaulPaulPaul92 karma

Compare the onion tv show to other tv shows.

JeffreyTambor140 karma

As you've seen with The Larry Sanders Show and AD, I really like working on shows with innovative, edgy humor. If Amazon picks on Onion News Empire for a full season (please watch and vote!), then I think it could be right up there with Arrested Development and The Larry Sanders Show.

electricballroom82 karma

HEY NOW, Mr. Tambor! Do you have a favorite dramatic role that folks might not remember?

JeffreyTambor197 karma

Yes, Charlie Marno Tales from The Crypt with Demi Moore.

Wirephone82 karma

Jeffrey, Is there any thing you can say about the new season of Arrested Development that we don't already know?

JeffreyTambor227 karma

I'm sorry. SPOILER ALERT: Sorry.

Wirephone71 karma

Describe the new season in 1 word?

JeffreyTambor348 karma


rnc48767 karma

Hi Jeffrey, Penn State grad here... I saw recently that you were going to be giving a graduation speech Penn State Lehigh soon and I just wanted to say that my campus may have made a huge mistake by not getting you to speak.

Question is how did that gig line up for you and could you give the people of reddit a small sneak preview of the speech?

JeffreyTambor189 karma

Preview: "There's always money in the banana stand."

TheRealAK47 karma

Thank you for taking part in this. What is one of your favorite unscripted jokes from the show and settle it once and for all, who has the best chicken dance.

OnionNewsEmpire118 karma

The moment in the ONE pilot where Jeffrey's character David slaps the young girl that they've kidnapped was unscripted. He just did it and we loved it. WG

JeffreyTambor194 karma

I think the girl got pissed off.

castereedlin29 karma


According to this thing I am supposed to ask you about Onion News Empire and the future on Reddit now... so here we go?

JeffreyTambor50 karma

For Onion News Empire: Watch the pilot, rate it, and let Amazon know you want to see a full season! Only you can help get it picked up.

As for the future of Reddit: What will be over 10 billion Redditors who are Onion News Empire and Arrested Development fans can't be wrong! I love it, and I'm so happy I was able to do this!

clitromney18 karma

Hey now! Favorite episode of Larry Sanders?

JeffreyTambor37 karma

Toss-up between the one where I take over the show and the one where Hank refuses to take his yarmulke off.