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do you ever dream in your created languages?

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Fuck yes, Marc Maron. Thanks for doing this. Three questions

  1. What types of guests can we expect on the podcast in the future? I liked the Coop episode and would love to see more visual artists on the show.

  2. Once the show gets renewed for season 2, who would you like to have on it? I've already heard you promise appearances from Amy Schumer and Sam Seder. Can I make a request for Steven Wright. The image of him wandering around your neighborhood looking for your house makes me smile so intensely.

  3. Can you start using "laser" and accuse Pete Holmes of stealing it? Please

Thank you for the hundreds of hours of entertainment. boomer lives.

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passion for fuckin'

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has your music ever gotten you laid? cause then it'd be a score-score

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Hey now! Favorite episode of Larry Sanders?