I have a new EP out tomorrow called "The Pop Underground."

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TitaniumCouch397 karma

Hey Andrew. I'm going in soon to get a tattoo that is very personal to me. It will have a door opening to a piano and underneath will be the words "I'm gonna send a little rain" in reference to Kill the Messanger. It's suppose to represent the fact that that song was the first song I heard by you, and it opened a door to the music I listen to now. So I was wondering, is there anyway I could get you to handwrite out that lyric for me and send me a picture of it? It would be amazing to have it in your handwriting. Thank You so much for reading!

AndrewMcMahon567 karma

Send me a tweet to @amslingshots when this chat is done and I'll work on it

TheLastOneOut145 karma

Dear Andrew,

Your music has created very special bonds with two people in my life: my mom and my girlfriend.

In September 2011, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. One day my mom and I were driving home from a day of chemotherapy and she put on a song that would help us get through this tough time. It was "Swim". It left us in tears in the car and since then, it has been our anthem of hope.

Coincidentally, a few days later, my girlfriend, who I had just begun dating, were discussing music. She put on "Bruised" and told me this was one of her favorite songs by a band that she had loved for years. It was weird, two people show me the same band within days! "MFEO" is now the song that defines our relationship and we plan on having it play during our first dance when we get married.

I just wanted to thank you from me, my mom, and my girlfriend for making amazing music that has moved us all. One day, I aspire to be where you are, singing my songs about survival and the things that I love in life.

My girlfriend and I would like to know, what is the best restaurant you have come across in your years of touring?

-Eric (and Lizzy!)

Edit: My girlfriend would like to tell you that we have seen you perform twice (most recently at The Paramount) and you were amazing both times!

AndrewMcMahon116 karma

Thanks so much for sharing your story! To answer your question I had an amazing meal at del posto in NYC, but I am a sucker for izakaya by katsuya in hollywood. Freshest sushi, pretty affordable relatively speaking

AdamAdamson108 karma

Andrew, I don't have a question or anything. I just want you to know that I love your music so much. I have been listening to you for well over 10 years now. You and your music, from Something Corporate to Jack's Mannequin to now, have played a big role in my life. So, thank you. Thank you so much for all that you have filled my life with.

AndrewMcMahon76 karma

Thank you for listening!

andthatswhyyoualways64 karma

Andrew, first of all I just want to say thanks for making some of my favorite music. It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, what time of day, what day of week, I can put on Everything In Transit and truly enjoy every note and every word. (There is nothing like hearing the bass drop on "Holiday from Real" after the sounds of the California beach.) There are few musicians in this world that, no matter what, I will enjoy their work. But regardless of the words or the particular sound that your music has, it is more than just pleasant listening. Your songs always find a way to connect to me on a deeper layer than surface enjoyment. They make me think and feel in a way that no other music does. There are a lot of artists that have had an impact on my listening habits, but there is no doubt that my entire life would be different without your music. Thank you for continuing to make music that is not only entertaining, but meaningful as well. tl;dr your music is awesome.

On to my questions...

  1. Looking back on Everything in Transit, what do you think of the album now? In my opinion, it is one of the most complete (insert genre you think is appropriate here) albums ever. Do you think that the album was under-appreciated because it didn't have a "radio hit"?

  2. Where do you find inspiration to write new songs?

  3. I see a lot of similarities between the careers of you and your friend Nate Ruess. Both had bands that were successful (The Format and Something Corporate) before moving on to new projects (fun. and Jack's Mannequin). Aim and Ignite and EIT were, in my opinion, impeccable albums that did not receive the mainstream attention they deserved. Do you and Nate ever talk about this?

  4. I mentioned above that I could listen to Everything in Transit anytime, anywhere. Do you have an album or albums about which you feel the same way?

Thanks and good luck with the rest of your career. We're all excited for what's to come.

AndrewMcMahon135 karma

  1. I look back on transit a lot and truthfully have never felt it was under-appreciated. I love the cult status the album took on. I do think warner dropped the ball in a major way deciding not to work Dark Blue as a single after we completed the video, but thats all water under the bridge.
  2. As far as inspiration for new songs, I look in the same places I always have. The demons of the day. The big questions that still come up about life and where I fit in the world. Those questions don't go away and so the songs stil come.
  3. Nate and I have definitely spoken about this. I was onto Jack's a good couple years before fun. began and both he and Jack reached out to me on more than a couple of occasions to discuss what the transition was like for me. Out of these conversations came the first fun tour when they opened for Jack's acoustic during the glass passenger era. I have so much respect for what those dudes have accomplished
  4. Wildflowers by Tom Petty, August and Everything After by the Counting Crows and Weezer's Blue album. More recently Circuital by My Morning Jacket, or Continuum By John Mayer

GivePopPopYourHair62 karma

Hi Andrew! What's your favourite lyric that you've written, and what's your favourite lyric anyone has ever written?

AndrewMcMahon205 karma

It's funny how the words we never say, can turn into the only thoughts we know

Most things I worry about, never happen anyway TP

m0dizzle41 karma

Andrew, you have been a huge inspiration in my life. Over the past 6 years I have turned to your music for advice and solace. Thank you so much for writing Konstantine, that song got me through some of the worst anxiety-filled sleepless nights of my life. The Dear Jack documentary inspires me to follow my dreams. I can honestly say you are my hero and my idol.

I would love to tell you how much your music means to me in person-- how hard is it to meet you before or after a show? Where do you usually hang out?

You were incredible in Boston, by the way!

AndrewMcMahon67 karma

I try and come out about 45 minutes to an hour after every show. Usually it is by my tour bus or in front of the venue.

breakingdevelopment41 karma

Andrew, you are such an inspiration. I’ve been dealing with depression for several years now and your music always makes it seem like I can make it through another day. I even got the word Swim tattooed on my wrist to remind me to keep going even when times get tough. I love all your music with Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate and I’m a supporter of your charity the Dear Jack Foundation. I guess my question would be, what was your favorite part about working on your new solo project and what is your favorite song on the new EP?

AndrewMcMahon65 karma

I'm sorry to hear about your depression. I have been there before and I know how painful it can be. Thank you for the tattoo! onto your question: My favorite part of the solo ep was the freedom to create without expectations or a plan. Not having a label meant all I really needed to do was make something that moved me and move on.

Seraphly32 karma

http://i.imgur.com/UtwxwuJ.jpg I also have a swim tattoo, in memory of my brother who drowned.

AndrewMcMahon88 karma

I'm so sorry for your loss

saraflo39 karma

Hey Andrew! I've been a huge fan of your music since I was about 13 and I'm so excited for your new EP. I know that Konstantine is a very private song, do I'm not going to ask too many questions about that, but was wondering if you could tell us why you don't like to play it very often? Thanks!

AndrewMcMahon140 karma

Truthfully, because it's so long. I don't ever play it in sets where I'm not headlining because it would take up half my stage time. I do love the song though and have enjoyed being able to bring it out recently on headlining shows

AmeliaJean2834 karma

Your fans love you for your near constant touring, but how does being on the road most of the year effect your personal relationships with your family, friends, &wife?

AndrewMcMahon60 karma

It can be tricky and I do a little bit less than I used to. It's been a part of my life since I was 18 so most people in my life are rather used to it. Still I don't like going more than a couple weeks without seeing my wife, so she does a good bit of traveling as well

howgreatwouldyoube34 karma

Hey, Andrew!

Congrats with your new solo project by the way. It's the best thing you've done yet. The mix of old and new is incredible.

Two questions for you, if you don't mind.

1) What is the significance behind 11:11? It's mentioned in Konstantine, you designed a shirt recently with it, and your final Jack's Mannequin Concert was on November, 11th (the first one at least.) Is there a story we don't know?

2) fun. opened for you back in 2010, or 2009 I think. Now, since they've exploded, you were invited to open for them. Your following is definitely a dedicated group, if a little modest. Do you ever hope to reach fun. sized (see what I did there?) success, or are you happy with where you're at and happy creating new music for your fan base?

AndrewMcMahon70 karma

  1. 11:11 is always a number I catch when I'm at my most conscious and it happened to be something I shared with the girl I wrote that song about. That said I look at any combination of ones as I sign I'm on the right path to this very day
  2. I am very happy with where I am at right now, but certainly have always aspired to reach as large an audience as possible. If I could conquer the world as fun have done I would most certainly be game.

DoesntKnowHotKeys32 karma

Hey Andrew! Huge fan of your music, so glad I got to see you live the few times that I did! What went into writing the music and lyrics for the song Caves? It's such an unique song, thanks!

Go Celtics!

AndrewMcMahon137 karma

It started as a dream I woke up from in the middle of the night. That piano melody was in my head. I wrote the first two verses basically half asleep at four in the morning. I finished the first half the next day and then spent a month in the shitty little rehearsal room in glendale with no AC in the middle of the summer figuring out how to finish it. That room was so hot and it felt like a cave and thats where the title came from. I never turned the lights on so it would stay as cool as possible so I wrote the entire second half of the song in the dark, sweating.

xrm430 karma

Hey Andrew -- I'm a huge fan of your music, and have a lot of questions. I picked the two questions I'd like you to answer the most:

  • One of my favorite songs by Something Corporate is "The Astronaut". Care to explain the situation you were in when you wrote it?
  • "If You C Jordan" seems like one of those songs you wrote when you were really young and angry at somebody. Could you give us a quick summary of what happened that lead to you write that song?

Other than that, I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your music (especially all of Everything In Transit), and I'm happy you were able to beat Leukemia!

AndrewMcMahon86 karma

  1. Written in the old Cello Studios in hollywood. Wrote it in an afternoon and recorded the piano and vocal live that night. Definitely one of my early stoner jams, very much about my hope for big success on the first soco album
  2. Jordan was inspired by a long summer of hearing I was going to get beat up by a dude, who ultimately didn't make good on his promise.

ell9329 karma


You mentioned in dear jack that you don't know whether or not you want to have a family some day, do you still feel that way? You and Kelly would make amazing parents.

Also, thank you for everything you've produced over the years. You've been a huge inspiration in my life for around 5 years now.

AndrewMcMahon116 karma

Thanks for the question. Kelly and I are very interested in starting a family. We have to go through IVF due to the fallout of my cancer treatment, but look forward to someday having a child

JoshYouAh51428 karma

I love your music, your song "Kill The Messenger" is probably the most touching song I've ever heard.

AndrewMcMahon35 karma

thank you

1gunners425 karma

Probably cliched to say, but I overplayed "Konstantine" so much in college that seeing the name spelled without the K looks wrong now.

You've been touring pretty heavily in the past year or so (saw you twice in San Francisco/Bay Area) and was wondering what your favorite stop has been. And are there any songs that you enjoy playing live more than others?

AndrewMcMahon38 karma

I can't really pick out a favorite stop per se. I will say there was a crowd in orlando that was one of the loudest I'd ever played for. Blew the whole band away. On this tour it was really fun to play "no man is an island" and "walking by". I love the moments on stage when it's just me and the piano and the crowd gets quiet. Lot of good stuff comes from those moments

tabulous23 karma

Hi Andrew -- I was curious if there was any chance you might ever record the songs you wrote for Smash? I felt like they were very characteristically you, but it made me sad that it wasn't your voice. :(

Love what I've heard of the new EP & can't wait for it tomorrow!

AndrewMcMahon26 karma

I love the songs and may one day perform them live. That said I don't own the copyrights since they were written as works for hire so I could never sell them

KarlinSummer12 karma

I had the same question, I LOVE "I Heard Your Voice in a Dream".

AndrewMcMahon20 karma

Thank you!

baileygrib23 karma

What is the one song of yours that you feel best showcases your talent ss a musician?

AndrewMcMahon62 karma


lindsey2323 karma

Hi, Andrew! I've noticed that a lot of your songs center around healing, overcoming obstacles and becoming stronger. This has been a deciding factor in me making it through complex posttraumatic stress disorder and some of the events that contributed to it. It inspires me to keep fighting for myself and others in similar situations.

What music has been the most helpful to you during your challenges? 

AndrewMcMahon63 karma

I have always used music for this reason, both as a listener and a writer. Early days it was counting crows, then jimmy eat world and the getup kids and third eye blind. As I get older I have found myself loving anything Jim James does. I listen to dawes a lot and have also been finding a lot of solace in the new phosphorescent album

sheeeeena23 karma

is there a specific show, or moment during a live performance, that changed your life? like from that moment on, things were different?

AndrewMcMahon107 karma

I got stoned by an audience in italy and I stayed on stage until every last rock was thrown with my middle fingers in the air. I realized I was pretty tough at that point

blockdmyownshot20 karma

Andrew you've been an inspiration to me for a long time now.

My friends and I always joke about how you have the best bridges in your songs is that something you consciously think about? Also you write about space and colors a lot, my friend says its cause you smoke a lot of weed, any truth in that? Hah

All the best with the new music

Ps I met you on valentines day during your west coast winter tour in St Louis and made you sign a bunch of things for friends. I apologize for that. You also made fun of me for having the edited version of Everything in Transit

Edit: thought of another question

AndrewMcMahon61 karma

  1. Thanks about the bridges. I grew up listening to Billy Joel who was a master of the bridge. I think it is a really important moment in a song. I do write a lot about space and colors, I wouldn't necessarily say because I smoke weed. Truth told it's been several months since I have. I have always tried to be a visual writer. Some of my biggest break throughs in writing have come when I say to myself, don't write what you're feeling, write what you see when you feel it.

jwells255319 karma

Hey man, first thanks for the AMA. I'd like to know what some of your favorite artists that you enjoy listening to. Also, do you have any great life advice for a college student? I'm in nursing school and knowing you went through leukemia helped me relate your experience and learn everything I possibly could. Way to beat it man!

AndrewMcMahon81 karma

I'm pretty obsessed with the Miike Snow records as of these past couple years. I could listen to them endlessly. Best advice I could give anyone would be to live lean so you may always pursue the things you love. No money will ever add up to the joy you feel when your day is filled with purpose.

Seraphly18 karma

Hi Andrew, whether in my ears or in my head, your music has been the backdrop to much of my life. Question: Are you really done using names in songs? I remember an interview once where you said you were done.

I know you love tattoos, so I wanted to share one of mine with you.http://i.imgur.com/UtwxwuJ.jpg Years ago, my brother was attacked and drowned by a pitbull terrier. Because of that, I spent years afraid of water. I never learned to swim until my teens, but once I learned I never left the pool. I eventually got my lifeguard certification. And I keep swimming.

I'm glad you finally put a Toronto date up. I haven't missed a concert to date yet (I loved when you performed Dallas in Kitchener!)

Thank you for your words, Andrew! They've meant the world to me.

AndrewMcMahon34 karma

No I'm not done using names in songs. I will probably be a little more careful in the next couple records, so I don't overdo it though.

fashioncoat18 karma

Hi Andrew :) I'm honestly the biggest fan of both Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin, and I've always been curious... what is your favourite song to perform/get the crowd involved in? Ps. it was super nice to meet you, you're truly an inspiration to a lot of people, thank you for that.

AndrewMcMahon48 karma

Thanks so much. A favorite for me has always been La La Lie. It means a lot to me and I love a good singalong

passingcars16 karma

Hey Andrew! I've been a long time follower and fan. Seen JM twice and went to the SoCo reunion tour. Awesome. Two part question:

I vaguely remember reading a blog post about how you were afraid of the internet, the possibilities that it may release. It's kind of daunting, I agree. Has your opinion on the internet changed much since?

I really dig the song "Airports." Which leads me to a question about travel. From your Instagram, it seems like you travel a lot. Where's your favourite place and where do you want to go the most?

Additionally, thank you so much for the song "Katie." That's actually my name, and the song helped give me hope during my depression. I'm now well on my way through the "road of recovery," as cliched as that is. Thanks again.

AndrewMcMahon29 karma

  1. Internet opinion has changed considerably. I really have benefited from my fairly recent investment in social media. It's been great for my connection to my audience and executing my business in this new independent world I've entered
  2. If there is one place I've been that I'm dying to go back to it is Bali. I stayed a week in the jungle outside Ubud and it is truly the most peaceful place I've ever been

white23demon15 karma

Andrew, I have been a fan of yours probably since I can remember. A few years back, I found myself in a severe depression and tried ending my life several times. I found hope in your music, the lyrics and the amazing piano. It is probably the only reason I am alive, particulary Hammers and Strings. I was able to see you a while ago in Boise, Idaho. I don't know if you'd remember, but I was the teen girl crying her eyes out the whole time and screaming along. You pointed right at me and I knew I cfould do it. I just want to say thank you, though I do have two questions. -What would you say to those struggling with depression and wanting to end their lives? -Have you ever considered becoming a writer or writing an autobiograpy. Also, my friend and I created a page on facebook called My Hands My Life, that supports those with depression and other related things. Is there any possible way you could give us a shout out? Or if I could use some advice from you. Alot of the people are huge fans of your music and we often use your song lyrics. Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Tiffany

AndrewMcMahon30 karma

I would say to anyone thinking about ending their lives, that they should seek help. There are a lot of great doctors in this field and to keep searching for the right one until you find a fit. I know it's a long road, but there is hope there and I have witnessed this first hand. As far as writing an autobiography, I have considered it but would likely need to something a little more creative than a memoir to get me interested.

sleepinghours14 karma

What feels different writing for yourself than for Something Corporate or for Jack's Mannequin?

Also, I was at the Paradise a few weeks ago and after all these years I'm still having the time of my life watching you perform, so thanks for everything.

AndrewMcMahon19 karma

Thanks for coming to the paradise. The writing process is not really affected by which project I'm writing for. If I'm going to be the one singing it, it is equally personal regardless of what name it comes out under

realschmiel13 karma

Hey dude, what is your favorite song you've ever written?

...And what is your favorite Treaty of Paris song?

AndrewMcMahon19 karma

favorite treaty- I'll come back

Brokenlied13 karma

Hey Andrew! It's Carly (Stephen's daughter)! Just wanted to say hi! Hopefully will come see you soon!

AndrewMcMahon26 karma


Galileo512 karma

Hey! Thanks for doing this AMA. I was at the Orlando show a couple of weeks ago (I'm saluting in your Instagram pic in front of the theater), and it was the most incredible show I've seen live. The ABSURD crowd energy really seemed to pump you guys up and made for an unbelievable experience. Also, the mega bass didn't hurt.

I got to sit in on your Q&A that day, so a lot of questions I'd want to ask were answered, but I wanted to say that you've made albums and music that defined a lot of people's experience in being young and growing up. Everything In Transit was a revelation in my life, and it was the same for all of my best friends. We grew together with your music, and I wanted to say thanks for that. I really can't express the depth of gratitude I and others like me owe you for that.

If you want a question, I guess there's this: How do you internalize the idea that you've had a vast and deep impact on others' lives through your music? That putting your own thoughts and feelings into songs has allowed other people to listen to that music and relate and work through their own existences? I imagine it's scary and humbling and overwhelming.

Thanks again!

AndrewMcMahon25 karma

I think because I have always had such deep connections with other peoples art, knowing that others feel that way about mine in some sense comes with the territory. I try to always make something true to myself first, but I find the truer it is the deeper it connects with my audience. In that way I am constantly held accountable to not making bullshit art. Something I'm very grateful for

kksliderr12 karma


You are incredible! Will you be playing only your solo music during your Summer Tour or will you include SoCo and Jack's? I'd be happy either way.

AndrewMcMahon28 karma

I will do at least 3 of the four ep tunes and fill in the other 6 or 7 tunes with jacks and soco

BecAndKeyB11 karma

Out of all the songs you've written do you have a favourite one?

And how do you feel about performing on your own without a band behind you?

We're going to be seeing you at the Union Chapel in London in May, it'll be ten years since the first time we saw you with Something Corporate! Can't wait!

AndrewMcMahon25 karma

It's hard to pick favorites. I have a handful of moments that do stick with me on the writing front though. Me and the moon being one of them. It was a very bold statement that really set itself aside from more carefree something corporate songs that preceded it. I am very proud of that song. Recently Synesthesia is something that I am connecting to in a very personal way.

DongSandwich11 karma

Hi Andrew! I've been a huge fan for longer than I can remember and your documentary actually brought me to tears. What's been your favorite part of your journey so far and why?

AndrewMcMahon27 karma

This part! because I finally feel like I'm on the other side of a pretty good amount of heart ache.

lolstebbo11 karma

Hi Andrew,

This isn't really much of a question as much as it is a thank you (okay, it's not a question at all). Your music inspired me to start playing the piano again. I came across your music when I was a low point, and not just your music but also you yourself has been really inspiring for me. There's a lot more I want to say, but I suck at saying things. Thank you for being a part of my life, and thank you for letting us have a glimpse into yours.

On another note, you might want to have your merch team BCC peoples' emails.

EDIT OKAY WAIT WAIT I do have a question. Do you ever hit writer's block? If so, how do you get around it?

AndrewMcMahon14 karma

Thank you so much. On the bcc front, that was an error that only effected 100 people and I really appreciate you pointing it out. It won't ever happen again

Karlor11 karma

Hello Andrew! I saw Jack's Mannequin at Summerfest a few years ago and it is the reason I have my best friend. Without that concert that person would not have such an important part on my life, so I want to thank you for that. My question is do you have a favorite song to perform? You had a lot of energy when I saw you live so does one song just bring that energy out more than others? Also I am really enjoying your new sound in the songs you have released. Looking forward to your EP tomorrow! Thank you!

AndrewMcMahon18 karma

Thanks so much for coming to the shows. Mentioned earlier that la la lie is pretty high up there for me

logic_and_emotion10 karma

If you could partner up with any current musician(s) to make a song, who would it be and why haven’t you done it yet? Also, can you try to get on Zach Braff’s new movie’s soundtrack?

I am terrible at choosing things and favorites, but you are literally my favorite musician. I love your energy and charisma both onstage and off. Your love of life has definitely inspired me to keep going through tough times.

My friend and I gave you a thrift store bedazzled jean jacket when you were in LA a month ago and you rocked it, any chance you remember it? Anyways, keep on piano rocking, looking forward to your new EP!

AndrewMcMahon53 karma

I remember the jacket well! I would love to collaborate with Danger Mouse. He has a way of taking every artist he works with, stripping their sound down to it's most minimal and essential parts and then propping their voice and words up in a way they've never been heard before. My gut says a record with danger mouse would be my finest hour and hopefully one of his. Dreams****

bstkeptsecret8910 karma

Hey Andrew! I hope you're doing well. I was wondering what your favorite album is and why?

AndrewMcMahon28 karma

Probably wildflowers by Tom Petty. I have listened to that album since I was 10 years old and I have connected and reconnected to it at several different stages in my life. Such a full record. I also have a big thing for prairie wind by neil young.

ob89 karma

What made you decide to transition away from Jack's Mannequin and start your current solo project?? Ps. you are awesome!

AndrewMcMahon25 karma

Thanks! People and Things really closed the loop on jacks for me so it was time to move on and just be myself for a while

shewhosqueaks9 karma

I know you have recently been doing some song writing for the TV series Smash. The songs you have wriiten for the show so far have really been standout songs. Is this a path you will be exploring further?

Side note: zomg! I am so excited to read this ama!! I am having a fan girl moment over here.

AndrewMcMahon22 karma

I would love to continue to work on TV, Film and Stage projects. There are some things floating around but nothing firm as of now. My goal right now is to create in new configurations as often as possible. Smash was fun, because it challenged me and I think I do my best work when I feel challenged or have something to prove

dkong729 karma

I’ve had the chance to see you in concert 3 times at Summerfest in Milwaukee and you always put on a great show. I know you are touring right now, but what music are you playing? And do you have any plans to tour again with Jack’s or Something Corporate?

AndrewMcMahon26 karma

I am currently doing songs from every era of my catalog alongside new material. The idea of touring under my own name was that the wall separating Jacks from Something Corporate would be broken down and everything could live on one stage together. As far as touring with jack's or soco there are no plans as of now

yxp8 karma

All I ever wanted to tell you was that your words changed my life. I'm pretty sure you get this all the time. But at one point when I had hit rock bottom, your music got me through my down times. Thank you for the positive.

But on a more selfish note, can't wait for you to come back to Philly!

AndrewMcMahon18 karma

thank you so much! I'm glad the music helped. See you in Philly in no time!

WhatWouldTylerDo8 karma

Hey Andrew. You've been a huge inspiration to me - not particularly music wise, but your music has had a profound effect on my outlook on life. During my university years, the lyrics picked me up and taught me to love life. I even got a 'swim for your life' tattoo to remind me to try my hardest to succeed. Anyway, my question is: when you hear people talk about you as an inspiration, how does it make you feel? Are you modest, embarrassed, or do you agree with them? ;-)


AndrewMcMahon52 karma

I think I'm a pretty modest guy. I take those words very seriously but I wouldn't say they feed my ego. I grew up on the words and stories of artists I listened to. I derive so much inspiration from the lives of those I admire. For me to hold that place for anyone is something I take very seriously and I appreciate it very much. That said my hope is that people keep the real me in mind when they think of me. I'm every bit the fuck up that the next guy is, I make big mistakes, I can drink too much and say things I shouldn't. I truthfully am as perplexed by the universe as much as everyone else is and am just doing my best to make my way like everyone else

figuresofspeech8 karma

Hi Andrew! Thanks for doing this! I am a big fan, and I like to think that your music got me through high school. "Read your books but stay out late some nights" is my favorite song lyric ever.

Anyway, my question: Your lyrics have been called cryptic. Is this intentional? What is your writing process like?

AndrewMcMahon10 karma

Sometimes they're intentionally cryptic, but mostly I just like poetry and writing words that can be beautifully without being completely direct

ccmmssjl128 karma

Andrew, I don't have a question, just a statement. You are my biggest inspiration. We briefly met at the show in Tucson last month (I have the 11:11AM tattoo on my arm). I can never seem to get the words out when I'm around you. You are my hero. Thank you, thank you. In as few words as possible, you saved my life and gave me motivation to just fucking go for it. I landed my dream job (in the music industry!) and I can't even describe how you helped get me there. I hope this finds you well


ps my tattoo has gotten total strangers to donate to the Dear Jack foundation. Your story moves everyone.

AndrewMcMahon8 karma

thanks stacey!

StuartScottsLazyEye7 karma

Hey Andrew, thanks for making the music that you do. As much as I love your albums, seeing you perform is just so inspiring in a way that I find hard to describe.

Since you dropped the Jack's Mannequin monicker does that mean you won't be performing with Bobby, Jay, and Mikey anymore? Have they moved onto something new as well? Can't wait for the EP!

AndrewMcMahon17 karma

mike and jay are with me, bob is now performing as oxblood. Check his stuff out it's incredible

Fubes7 karma

Hey Andrew! Long time fan, having been to six of your shows dating all the way back to 2007. Your tour with Plain White T's and Panic! was my first ever concert, and Jack's Mannequin became one of my all time favorites from that night on.

My all time favorite song of yours has to be Caves, but I was never fortunate enough to hear you play it live. The emotion of both the lyrics and the music as you fought off the cancer has been an inspiration to me always.

My question: How difficult was it to transform your battle into a song? What drove you to document such a personal part of your life into The Glass Passenger? Also, when will you be returning to upstate NY?! We need you to come back!

Finally thanks for this AMA, one of the few I've been looking forward to!

AndrewMcMahon18 karma

Caves was a tough one to finish. I recently listened to passenger and was shocked how honest it was, when truthfully I felt so turned around and confused while I was making it. Nothing really drove me to write it, I just write whats in my head and the recovery process was brutal and all encompassing. I think we'll be in upstate with OAR this summer, but definitely check the web site for specifics!

madeoutofdreams7 karma

Hey Andrew, Are there any plans for some concerts in Germany and will I be able to buy The Pop Underground in Germany via iTunes or something?

AndrewMcMahon17 karma

I believe you will be able to get it on itunes in germany. I would love to come back. It's a little cost prohibitive for the size shows I would be doing, but I'm hoping this first trip out to the uk paves the way for a larger european run

tbkbt7 karma

Hey, I'l be coming to see you in Glasgow in a couple of weeks, what can we expect from you? just solo, or a mix of JM/SC/Solo stuff?


AndrewMcMahon24 karma

Mix of everything. Just me and the piano. Kind of terrified but it should be fun

britt7397 karma

You are by far my favorite musician! Just a few questions :)

1) What's your favorite song to play live?

2) Do you come up with the artwork for the albums?

3) How did it feel coming back to the music scene after battling cancer?

AndrewMcMahon19 karma

  1. answered earlier
  2. I am very involved with the art on the record, but hire individual artists suited for the albums
  3. It was crazy. So much of that time is a blur it's hard to pin down the emotion

imyourgirlfrient6 karma

What is your favorite meal?

AndrewMcMahon21 karma


doctorelliot6 karma

Hi, Andrew! I know you've grown past both Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin, and you're now currently doing a solo EP. Are you thinking of continuing solo, or are there any collaborations in the future? Is the EP the start for writing a new album?

Also, just to add, you've performed the two best concerts I've ever been to - this past one in Scottsdale, AZ, and a SoCo one in Tempe. You always give your shows your all, and it's incredible! Thank you for the music that's been the soundtrack of my past decade!

AndrewMcMahon13 karma

I'm just going to keep writing and collaborating and let the art be the guide. Not sure yet if the ep will turn into a full length. I may leave it as a stand alone.

LoganLikesBooks6 karma

Hey! I saw you at Summerfest two years ago and it was great! But sadly my sister made me leave early so we could see Meatloaf. Will you be back again this year?

AndrewMcMahon21 karma

I believe we will be opening for OAR there!

xPostman5 karma

Where do you plan to go after this, musically? Do you think you'll release an LP or just do smaller EPs?

AndrewMcMahon13 karma

Hard to say. This chapter is all about the process. I'm going to keep writing songs and let the process inform how they are released

Carlee_Lewis5 karma

Hi Andrew! So stoked to see you on Reddit. Huge fan! My question is: Will you be coming through Texas anymore in 2013?

AndrewMcMahon16 karma

I'm assuming there will be some texas dates in the fall. Not a hundred percent on that yet though

alicenlee4 karma

Hi Andrew! Like everyone else, I am a huge fan of you and your music.

I'm interested in your recent involvement in the Broadway scene. With writing songs for Smash, and more recently the upcoming 'Broadway Does Andrew McMahon' show at 54 Below, would you ever consider writing your own show, or getting more involved in that kind of business?

AndrewMcMahon23 karma

I was very into musical theatre as a child and early on in high school. I actually almost attended boarding school in high school to pursue theatre. Starting bands definitely took me on a different path, but recently the broadway community has started reaching out to me and it has certainly piqued my interest. Hopefully something cool will materialize there.