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That's what I'm saying but it's hard due to all the Mercin and doin time.

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How do you feel about marijuana

Talk to me

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Have you ever heard of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)? A very good organization doing great work!

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No. I am stoked to check this out now. Thank you.

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Hey I just want to say thank you for your hard work! I love Detroit and think there are a lot of amazing people and things there. Thank you for protecting a place I come from!

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I appreciate it!

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Thanks for doing this! I grew up in Detroit and can only imagine what your job is like. I have 2 questions for you.

  1. In your opionion, what is the roughest area/neighborhood of Detroit?
  2. What is the craziest thing you've ever seen on the job?

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Roughest is probably Eastern District. 8 mile to 94, Van Dyke to Gratiot.

Most crazy thing I have seen would be a failed suicide attempt where their front are of their face was blown off but them still breathing.

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First, I want to say that living in Detroit is the first time I've felt the police were there for my protection, and not to make the city money. Thank you.

Secondly, as a Corktown resident, what are some things I absolutely should do to stay safe?

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Corktown is awesome. If I had to live in the city, that's where I would be.

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Ever been called out to Hardcore Pawn? There seems to be a lot of fights in that shop.

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Ha. Nope. Don't work in that area. I tried to watch that show once and think I made it about 3 minutes.

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All the time man. Unfortunately the economy is rough and the job market is not here. I have a girlfriend and a child on the way to worry about.

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Are there any parts of Detroit that you just don't patrol because they're so bad?

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No. We go everywhere.

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Where's the best mom & pop restaurant in Detroit, and what do you like to eat there?

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Suppinos pizza in Eastern Market is awesome. Unfortunately I work 7p-7a so most places are closed when we want to eat. Polish Village is a main stay when we have time too.

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If you work 12 hours a day do you still work the normal 5 days a week? If so, that totally sucks.

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One week I only work wed/thur and the next week those are my only days off.

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Are you aware of any corruption that goes on within the police force? How many officers would you say have been a part of this "dirty" activity?

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I haven't seen any but I'm not in a position to. If someone was about that life they wouldn't be doing it around me.

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s it true that speeding/red lights aren't even worth pulling people over for with everything else going on? Have heard that urban DET streetlights can be treated essentially as stop signs. Do you feel overwhelemed since there is a shortage of officers?

As for proof, just scroll down and on the right side you'll see a box of moderators and click 'message the moderators'. The Red Wings just snagged a playoff spot tonight as well!

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I would say 75% of the time you could get away with rolling a red or stop sign. The problem being that in a city with 1900 officers, you never know when you catch one who will write you the ticket every time. Easy answer is the odds are in your side, but don't get upset if you end up an unlucky one.

In terms of officer shortages, I am extremely overwhelmed. We are constantly chasing runs for 12 hours. We usually have 20 runs waiting for us when we start and never catch up. There is basically no time to really give each run the attention it deserves without leaving another citizen out there in trouble.

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What is the worst street corner in terms of number of crimes committed?

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7 mile/Van Dyke. John R/7 mile. Southfield/joy rd. anywhere with a bus stop and gas station really.

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I read somewhere you have a rampant vigilante violence(it was specifically noted as justified homicides i believe). What is your opinion of more citizens going armed and shooting to kill?


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If I was a citizen I wouldn't be caught without a gun on me. With that said some people get a little reckless thinking they can shoot people for stealing their rims. That's when it goes a bit far. I'm all for armed citizens when it's done right.

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Is it true that some of the squad cars aren't properly equipped with necessary things like a computer? And if they are, do they even work most of the time, or have you had ones without working computers/dashboard cameras?

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This used to be the case but most of us out on patrol answering runs have functioning computers and cameras. Cameras and body mics are a huge deal that is very important to administration. 3 years ago we def barely had a working computer.

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I have noticed that a lot of people don't stop and wait or don't stop at all at red lights during night time hours in Detroit. In your opinion is this cultural or is it because they don't feel safe.

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Don't feel safe combined with knowing they probably won't be stopped.

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Why Detroit PD and not one of the suburbs?

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They were hiring. I never wanted to be the type of officer who writes tickets. I was under the impression I could help the city.

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Welcome to Reddit!

A good way to prove your identity is to perhaps censor your badge number and post a photo of it. Identity protection, first!

My questions are of the following:

  • What's the roughest thing you've experienced on the job?

  • How bad is crime in Detroit as opposed to how it was twenty years ago?

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Worst thing. If I were to get specific, dead children.

In a more broad sense, the whole environment is just extremely negative. The situations are always horrible, our bosses and coworkers are always miserable. Just being surrounded by complete negativity for 12 hours a day is the worst part of the job.

I wasn't working 20 years ago so I wouldn't be the right one to compare but I can say that it is extremely bad right now.

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My whole family is from Detroit. My Grandfather was a Detroit Police officer and his brother was a fire fighter during the riots in the 60's. They both agree Detroit is almost beyond saving at this point.

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When asked I basically say that it will be two cities. With Dan Gilbert and all that money, downtown will be awesome in a decade. Everything else will be worse than it is now.

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Were you an officer before the auto companies started pulling out? If so, in your opinion how has it changed over the years?

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I was not. Without being specific, I have a little more than 5 years working. I can say that to a man you will hear every veteran officer say it has never been worse.

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What area do you work? Do you enjoy your job?

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I would rather not get that specific but I don't work downtown.

I try to break my job down into little instances. Most I dislike, but deep down I love helping people are stopping a terrifying situation for them. That part is extremely awesome.

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The Wire for sure. The politics and management nightmares are spot on.

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whats to stop you or the other detroit cops form getting a police job in a less shitty city? some low crime suburb in utah or north dakota or something?

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Nothing. A ton of officers are leaving right now. The only thing holding people back is a lack of available jobs. Economy is rough in Michigan. Most departments are scaling back and laying off.

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A lot. Look at an area such as Corktown. So much creativity and ambition with the means to flourish. Detroit has some of the most creative people in the world. I think the arts are one way back.

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Is it true that you guys get 911 calls that you simply don't have enough officers to respond to in a timely manner? I seem to remember hearing that even same day response times in Detroit are only for dire emergencies.

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Yes. There are calls that go unanswered or not within 5-10 hours. Any run were someone is in danger will be answered tho.

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Hey dude- I'd love to buy you and your growing fam dinner. Anyway I can send you a gift card for anywhere of your choosing?

Anyway, here is my question: Have the police from other areas been coordinating with you guys more? I know a lot of the crime has been spilling out into the suburbs.

Back when I used to live there, it seemed like everyone in the burbs just tried to ignore the problems in the city and stick to their own petty agendas. I hope they're helping out more now.

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I personally do not work with any other agencies. I'm sure investigative units do branch out.

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Any stories you wish the local news would cover more/less? Anything you think should be getting more national attention?

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Yes. The closings of parks, libraries, youth centers, ext. How that is going to effect crime in the next 5-10 years.

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What level of education must you be to become a police officer? What level of education are you specifically?

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We will hire with just a high school diploma. I have a two year degree.

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This is pretty overwhelming. I didn't think there would be as much interest as there is. Sorry for any typos or improper grammar. I use the Internet on my phone and am doing the best I can.

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In a city that birthed EmineM, and ICP; is it hard to not want to be RoboCop once and awhile?

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I would rather be Rorschach.

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The hardest part of doing the right thing is that sometimes you do it all by yourself. Thank you for sticking with it. The city needs you and is grateful even when they don't communicate that very well or often.

How do most officers handle the stress? How much do you see alcoholism, divorce, domestic violence, gambling, suicide, etc as a consequence of your jobs daily exposure to the very worst behavior of humankind?

I believe that it must take a very specific set of skills, personality traits and self-control to not forget the humanity of those you serve. How do you do it? How do your fellow officers do it? Do you talk to each other about the way this job has changed your view of people? Are there support systems in place to help with the effects of your experiences or are you all on your own?

Source: Husband is a retired officer from Warren and managed to deal pretty well with the experience, but has stories of others who were not so fortunate. It is not an easy thing to show up where more often than not you are going to have to meet and manage people who are already pissed off. Thank you for your service.

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Alcoholism, infidelity(a big one), meds. A lot of divorce. Some domestic violence. Suicide has happened a few times recently.

My partner and I discuss life and our views all day. I imagine we are each others therapist in a way. I do see a psychiatrist but he is more of a prescription guy. I met with a psychologist a few times but really didn't get any value out of it.

I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I surround myself with loving and good hearted people. I avoid negative environments like the plague when I'm not at work. Despite all the crime and poverty I see, I know everyday I am going to see or talk to people I love. That's what keeps me sane.

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Are the blue pigs still playing?

I grew up with them before I left.

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Ha I have no idea about this. Sorry.

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Is the police situation over there as bad as the fire situation?

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We're all in the same boat. Those guys have it bad too.

Scrotasticle19 karma

What would you say most of your calls are about? From what I hear most of them are domestics? Also I read an article that there is a mafia family still in Detroit. Has there been any issues with them that you have heard of/experince? Thanks bro be safe.

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Most calls are domestic. No mafia problem as far as I can say. No street kid would give them the time of day if they tried muscling in.

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Opinions on Charlie LeDuff?

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Charlie is the man!

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Do you live within metro Detroit? What do you think about the residency laws for firefighters and police? A good family friend retired as a captain in the DFD, and this is one of the topics we kick around a lot. He used to have a straw apartment he kept on the books for show back in the day, so I'm not completely naive.

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If they brought back residency people would quit.

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Do you know Robocop?

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No personally. But a girl I know. Him and her got..it...on.

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as someone who used to live in detroit i thank you for your services. Really.

question: how do you feel about being videotaped in public? assuming the person taping is not interfering with your job. Whats the general consensus among officers?

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I can only speak for myself and I have no issue with it. I always conduct myself with compassion and proper morals. Has nothing to do with being police but I treat people how they should be and when situations do turn negative I know what I'm doing is still the right way I was trained to. Basically if you are not doing something wrong it shouldn't matter.