Hey I'm Al Madrigal. I’m a correspondent for The Daily Show and I’m also a stand-up comic. I have a new special coming out this Friday at 11/10c on Comedy Central. It’s called “Why Is The Rabbit Crying?” Here are the first three minutes: http://on.cc.com/145lYWZ

I'll be back at 2 p.m. today to answer questions. Ask me anything.

UPDATE: I JUST GOT PAGED. So I have to take off. Enjoyed this though, I'll be back.

“Why Is The Rabbit Crying?” premieres Friday, April 26 at 11 p.m. EST on Comedy Central

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hsmith711229 karma

What was the hiring process for your gig on The Daily Show?

Was the decision mostly in the hands of Jon Stewart, The Daily Show producers, or were Comedy Central execs involved in the process?

almadrigal636 karma

I submitted my own piece based on a Congresswoman in Texas named Debbie Riddel who wanted to make an exemption for illegal immigrants who had domestic help jobs. Sent it in, they flew me out, read with Jon and he shook my hand and said welcome to the daily show. That plus a good 13 years of doing standup and various TV gigs. While very inclusive and open to suggestions, Jon is really the sole decision maker at the show. As he should be, his name is on it,

thatSTUDerer110 karma

Daily Show office gets flooded with thousands of submissions

almadrigal136 karma

I'm sure.

hsmith71139 karma

That piece sounds familiar. Did it end up airing on the show? Do you have a link to it for us to watch?!

almadrigal113 karma

She changed the bill that day, otherwise I guess I would have been on the show that night.

DarthGregor214 karma

Do people ever get pissed off during the correspondant interviews, or do they basically know what they are and go with it

almadrigal283 karma

Not much pisses me off...I'm easily annoyed. People try to be funny because they think that's what we're looking for. If you watch the show, that stuff never makes it on.

G_Sharpe200 karma

I think he meant to ask if the interviees ever get pissed off, like when you make them look like a fool.

almadrigal318 karma

Ahhh! NO they don't - they love it. I did a gun silencers piece with the nicest man, David Saylors. I was hoping he wouldn't be pissed...because it could have gone either way. Him and his wife loved it.

pimpslipper85 karma

I think what he's asking is do your interviewees ever get pissed off? "Mo' bridges, mo' problems."

almadrigal175 karma

that dude was 6'6, 375 easy.

drumby58 karma

I remember reading that the Daily Show used to try to avoid identifying themselves as such. Now people are more familiar with you and the show. Do you think that has hindered your ability to conduct interviews?

almadrigal110 karma

Everyone knows the show and what we're doing. Very careful not to misrepresent ourselves. It's my understanding that scheduling has always been tough.

mr_lightbulb195 karma

Hey Al. Do you think some of the pieces you guys do should be considered journalism? One thing that comes to mind is that piece on the small town that was run / owned by a corporation.

almadrigal408 karma

For sure. Mandvi almost got arrested on that one. That's a sign that you're pushing the boundries...when homeland security shows up.

benbuzz79035 karma

can you link to that?

mr_lightbulb95 karma

I can't find it. I forget the name of the segment and google isnt helping.



almadrigal178 karma


YoungO188 karma

How does the daily show always find clips from years ago that make news pundits look hypocritical and stupid so quickly. Is there some sort of database?

almadrigal318 karma

the staff here is incredible.

a_series_of_excuses163 karma

What do you think it will be like when Jon takes his vacation?

almadrigal445 karma

It'll most likely be the same as when the responsible kid's parents trust them with the house while they go on vacation. We might break into the liquor cabinet but we'll keep it small.

vexion123 karma

What's your favorite piece you've ever done on The Daily Show?

almadrigal287 karma

Mexican American Studies Ban.

DeweyTheDecimal114 karma

What's it like working with Jon Stewart? Is he as awesome of a person off the camera as he is in front of it?

almadrigal184 karma

Jon's a cool dude, great comic and really good at what he does.

mistermisfit9198 karma

Do you guys ever get recognized as Daily Show correspondents when out in the field? If so, do certain people refuse to talk to you because of it?

almadrigal274 karma

absolutely @ the DNC & RNC this past year. people ran to and away from us.

CrazyEdward98 karma

Who is your favorite Daily Show correspondent, past or present?

Or future, if you know something we don't...

almadrigal260 karma

They're all pretty cool. Friends w/ Riggle, Wyatt, Schaal & Hodgman. Oliver might be one the hardest working funniest guys I've ever met. Colbert is a total bad ass.

BSquadLeader95 karma

I don't have a question, I just want to say you are perhaps my favorite correspondent on the Daily Show and I'm excited for your stand up special this Friday. I've watched some of your stand up in the past and they always make me cry tears of joy. A cholo soccer coach comes to mind... classic.

almadrigal96 karma

thanks Bsquad!

mehrlicht86 karma

Hi Al! Thanks for doing an AMA. Which of your fellow Daily Show correspondents is the funniest off camera? Why?

almadrigal174 karma

everyone here is hilarious. Johnny Hodgman is one of the funniest people I've ever met.

mhowardwsu78 karma

What has been your favorite interview you have done.

almadrigal242 karma

this one. seriously, really liking this.

Tim-Sanchez75 karma

Sometimes you intentionally do interviews where you take a particular viewpoint, which may be wrong, intentionally for humour. Have you ever broken out of character off-screen to disagree or agree with who you are interviewing? Have you ever wanted to?

almadrigal149 karma

YES!! But I've learned to just go with it. I was lucky enough to get the notes that Colbert gave to Rob Riggle - Staying in character might have been rule number one.

Tim-Sanchez89 karma

That actually made me think of another question: how close are you guys and Colbert?

By the way, I used to think your surname was "magical".

almadrigal134 karma

Jon produces that show...we do stuff together quite a bit.

Kick_Kass74 karma

How fun is it to interview people who don't get the fact that it's a joke.

EDIT: Also, are you recognized often when you go out in public?

almadrigal105 karma

All the interviews are fun. You're basically fishing for comedy - I really enjoy the field work portion of my job the most for that reason.

BrowncoatUVA73 karma

If you could have lunch with any comedian, alive or dead - who would it be?

almadrigal217 karma

George Carlin.

drumby68 karma

How do you manage to keep a straight face during your interactions with some of America's strangest citizens? The "out in the field" interviews are my favorite part of the show, because of how you guys are able to catch people in their own hypocrisy.

almadrigal206 karma

It's hard not to light up when someone gives you gold.

Chinablond57 karma

Hey man! I love the show!

What's your favorite "behind the scenes" story about working at the Daily Show? Who's been your favorite guest on the show?

almadrigal223 karma

I got to meet Tom Cruise last week. Say whatever you want about Tom Cruise. Home slice was cool as shit.

dvftpatrickjcarr53 karma

What is your favourite method to eat peanut butter?

almadrigal160 karma

Large table spoon. Half Skippy Creamy or Simply Jif. Half Red Rasberry Jam with seeds.

BoogsterSU253 karma

Stupid question but are you a Trekkie, Whovian, Brony, Tolkien, etc. or have joined any other pop culture community?

almadrigal228 karma

Big Regular Show, Game of Thrones and Adventure Time fan. My schedule is crazy so I can't commit to chatting about them too much.

NvaderGir36 karma

You just got even more awesome!

By the way, you can come here at a later time and continue answering questions when you're free!

almadrigal66 karma

Cool I'll definitely do that.

WhyHelloSean50 karma

Has anyone ever had a really bad reaction off-camera after the interview was over?

almadrigal122 karma

The worst thing I've had happen was a Senator just straight up no-showed. That sucked.

karmanaut49 karma

Can you please provide some proof that this is actually you, like a photo of you with a sign that says "Reddit" or something like that?

almadrigal115 karma

Is that really necessary? I mean I guess I could, but do I have to? It's me. In my office at the daily show.

Gorphan48 karma

How did you decide on Austin as your shooting location for your special? We all love you here, by the way.

almadrigal86 karma

Comedy Central decided, but that honestly was my first choice. Love it there as well.

almadrigal125 karma

Not during SXSW, that's a total shit show.

letdogsvote46 karma

How precisely does your milkshake bring all the boys - or girls, perhaps - to your yard? Is it quality of ingredients?

almadrigal248 karma

I'm lactose intolerant.

Chargos43 karma

How did you start working in stand-up comedy?

almadrigal97 karma

I started really late. 28 years old. Open mic'd it. Put my head down and went for it.

JstnJ39 karma

Who are some of your favorite comics?

almadrigal89 karma

Patton, Chappelle, Bill Burr, Peretti, Brendon Walsh...there's a lot. Big Fan of Standup.

foreveracubone39 karma

What's hanging with Wyatt and Jon Oliver like?

almadrigal117 karma


mrjamesmaskell39 karma

Hi Al,

Love your stuff! What is the writing process like on the Daily Show?

What is the collaboration like?

How long does it take to write an episode.

Given it is a news show, when does this take place? Who is involved

Sorry for the 5 questions!

almadrigal94 karma


almadrigal75 karma

Okay - 1. we all pitch and write all day

almadrigal75 karma

  1. Everyone can contribute. Everyone - interns can pitch.

mliska488833 karma

Does a small part of you wish you were still firing people for a living?

almadrigal54 karma

Never - but it's a skill that has certainly come in handy.

RalphMunster33 karma

As a Hispanic, do you/or young relatives often sell "Chiclets" as well. I'm a Hispanic, and I often get approached with inquiries for lawn work.

almadrigal66 karma

we still have a shitload of Madrigals in Mexico, my understanding is that the chiclet days are long behind them.

Joker2231 karma

What is your favorite color?

almadrigal82 karma

the deep sea blue that I use as the backdrop in my special.

Rob_Saget30 karma

Your standup is too hilarious! I'd love for you to be a guest on my podcast to nerd out about entertainment and comedy. Would you be interested?

almadrigal60 karma


kmo9728 karma

Favorite superhero?

almadrigal102 karma

Blue Beetle!!!

todstodo26 karma

What's it like working with JK Simmons in the Farmers commercials?

almadrigal45 karma

he's great. everyone working at that level, should be great.

TokingMessiah26 karma

Do you identify your crew as being with the Daily Show during interviews?

almadrigal43 karma


per100centjuice25 karma

What is your favorite setting to perform comedy in? Television, stand-up, podcasts, etc.? What do you have to change about your approach to being funny in these different settings if anything?

almadrigal73 karma

I prefer to perform comedy in a city that can command at least two major league sports teams in a club that seats bet. 200-250. Underground.

Alethomancer24 karma

Who finds the stories for those amazing field reports? And how much of the stuff that you correspondents say - that's almost always insightful, hilarious, and makes a huge ass out of the person you're talking to - is invented on the spot, and how much of it are bits you edit together later?

almadrigal39 karma

We all pitch, we have producers that work tirelessly to find us the best stories and interviews.

NandoStevens24 karma

Wanna go see Iron Man 3 on Thursday night?

almadrigal59 karma

I'm seeing it this weekend for sure. In LA, with my 10 year-old son.

noteberry22 karma

Why did you choose the title, why is the rabbit crying?

almadrigal41 karma

line from a bit - felt a little more unique than all the other one word titles people have used over the years.

themoplainslife21 karma

First of all, you are my favorite correspondent on the show and i watch it every day. I loved the whoop de doo segment last week. My question is what is your favorite segment ever on the daily show?

almadrigal44 karma

I loved the His Panic Room chat...really partial to the field pieces though.

ineedthistoupvote18 karma

What's a cooler job, astronaut or pilot?

almadrigal35 karma

Pilot. easy.

tukarjerbs17 karma

If you could change one thing about the the show (in any aspect) what would it be?

almadrigal45 karma

It seems to be working.

V_for_Lebowski13 karma

Your parts on the show have been some of my favorites since I was lucky enough to be a guest when you reported on the MLB All Star game back in 2011.

Having said that, what were your favorite bits to do? And how long do you get to prepare for them?

almadrigal24 karma

I loved that one, it's always fun when it goes wrong.

fallingshoes11 karma

How much does a State Farm commercial pay?

almadrigal33 karma

Farmers. And it doesn't pay anything anymore because they're not using the Jr. agents in the latest run.

Rgraham_45 karma

Are you jealous that John Oliver is taking over as host instead of you?

almadrigal20 karma


Allzy004 karma

How do you feel about always doing the Latino pieces? Do you feel that the Daily Show typecasting correspondents is a satire on network TV, or does it get tiring having to do the same pieces and ultimately perpetuating the issue?

almadrigal15 karma

I don't always just do Latino pieces.

honeyberk1 karma

Why were you such a dick to my 16-yo son at TriBeCa 92 Y show last year? Totally OK: Singling him out to talk about blowjobs multiple times. That's comedy. Totally dick-ish: Telling the audience repeatedly that he was only 10 yrs. old. That's lame and just plain mean.

almadrigal5 karma

I love making fun of people that bring their kids to comedy shows. He looked ten and you seemed cool with it after. Why the change of tune dad?

doctorjbc0 karma

Has SI put you on the cover of Genesis yet?

almadrigal3 karma

No - article coming out soon though. Paul Totah special.

sanchopaza0 karma

Where do babies come from?

almadrigal3 karma

your mom's vagina