I will still answer questions. I will DEFINITELY try to get to your question and please feel free to ask me anything. One more thing that i wanted to say. If you would like to play Xbox with me message me and i will send a Private message with my tag

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greenday9580 karma

Thank you all for the kind words you have made me feel 100% better THANK YOU ALL

Schoolwasnotcool15 karma

I got bullied as teen too but trust me bro it gets better. I actually just moved back and saw one particular asshole recently at the liquor store right down the block from my new place. I asked him to double bag it juuuust to be a Dick. True fuckin story, and now I will be returning every day now just for the siiiimmmpllest of shit!

Laugh it off and smile about it all. We can't change who we are but we can change the way we view this crazy ass world of ours, and if there is anything I've learned, its that the only view of anything that matters is our own.

Keep up your spirits bro!!

I was going to make you a kickass meme with the audio "put a hump in ya back and rock wit it." But, sadly I have no clue how....

greenday954 karma

Thats ok your words are kind enough

greenday9521 karma


Lamlot19 karma

Hey, I also have type 1 NF and actually help with a weekly chat for youth who have NF. PM me if you want to talk sometime. Also come join r/neurofibromatosis.

Also to ask, what is your favorite food to cook yourself?

greenday9526 karma

I love sausages alot like the jimmy dean and hot italian and thank you

Draggon24x16 karma

As a guy who comes from a school where I never really witnessed any bullying that much I have to ask.

Were they your typical bully who were the biggest and baddest kids in school (or think they are anyways), or was it the snobby preps who gave you trouble? How did you get away from it all? A hobby, friends or family maybe?

Also as some others have said before, GO TO COLLEGE! Major in something you particularly enjoy and live life. People in college are a million times more mature than they were in high school and you'll probably make some of the best friends too.

greenday9526 karma

it was the people who think they were better than anyone else and i had 1 or 2 true friends my mom was amazingly helpful

curiosity2311 karma

Have you gotten used to the bullying? Every human being has the right to be happy and no one, no one deserves to be bullied

greenday9523 karma

The bullies got to me i stopped going to school and now i am home schooled and i am looking to go to college but i still deal with the constant staring behind my back and its caused me to not want to go out anywhere

nineteen849 karma

Please don't always take the staring as ALWAYS negative. We could just be interested in something because it is not something we are used to seeing. We could be curious and have questions but we've been conditioned not to.

greenday9511 karma

I understand its just id rather have you ask whats wrong than just stare at me blankly

Burngis123 karma

Go to college, man. In my experience, I have found that there is a drastic difference in high school and college, and there really isn't a lot of bullying. You will probably always get stares, which sucks..but rise above it, bud. I don't know what your religious proclivities are, but for what it's worth, I'll definitely be praying for you.

greenday953 karma

That is what i heard alot from you people and my mom

spitfire91072 karma

what grade were you when you started getting homeschooled

greenday959 karma

4th then i went back for 5th got bullied out of 6th went back to school for 8th and got bullied there by kids and a teacher so ive been homeschooled since and now i am a senior in highschool

JustPassingJudgment9 karma

What causes the tumors?

greenday9519 karma

Well normally they are caused by infected nerves that grow big and get VERY tender to the point where some of them are sore to the touch

intentsman8 karma

can you swim? is it comfortable to swim?

greenday9525 karma

actually its very therapeutic i love swimming it also take pressure off my back and legs

CollaborativeFund1 karma

Have you ever tried yoga at all? Is that possible for you?

Sorry about the jerks in your school. A lot of people mellow out by their mid-20s, so it should get better once you're out of high school.

What's your favorite book?

greenday951 karma

Sadly i used to do yoga but when it started growing it became almost impossible

Reubenwilson8 karma

Sorry to hear it. Have you looked into surgery, or ways of having it removed/reduced? Do you have any options?

greenday9512 karma

sadly no i have had 9 surgerys for stuff like this and 99% of the time they grow back

allthehobbies2 karma

Is there a name for the type of tumours?

greenday9513 karma

they are type 1 i believe but the disease is called neurofibromatosis

fanggoria7 karma

Don't ever let any jerks bring you down! You're an awesome person and I think anyone that's ever said anything rude to you really has it coming to them. What a bunch of creeps. I really hope things get better for you and you don't find yourself surrounded by assholes because you seem really cool and you definitely do NOT deserve that sort of treatment whatsoever.

greenday954 karma

Thank you for saying that i do believe you have good karma on your way

greenday955 karma

Thank you all i wont be answering anymore questions i thank you all for the support

FreshleighB4ked5 karma

<333 much love from Nevada! Things will get better :]

greenday953 karma

Thank you so much

dabeeisme5 karma

What advice would you give to parents of kids with these types of issues to help thier kids through something like this?

My kid has a couple skull defects from birth, and is obviously "different" looking, and while we do our very best to teach her to find her beauty no matter what (shes only 4 now) I KNOW there will be a day when she faces this type of crap.

Kids are mean, evil, vile little assholes and I am sorry that you have had to deal with bullys. (I did too)

greenday9513 karma

well what you need to do is to just tell her she is more beautiful than anyone say that they might look nice on the outside they are ugly on the inside and tell her she is beautiful on the outside and in

dabeeisme4 karma

Thank you for your advice. :D you certain sound like a nice kid! :D Cheers!

greenday955 karma


Overlordscummybum4 karma

I respect you brother, extend your middle finger and give a hearty "FUCK YOU!!!" to those scum bag bullies.

greenday955 karma


greenday953 karma

Im sorry but i dont lnow how to post a picture on here

intentsman3 karma

Do you know any other people with this condition?

greenday9510 karma

through facebook and stuff i havent met anyone with this in a LONG time

intentsman3 karma

How far away does the farthest one live? So you could meet in person.

greenday958 karma

North carolina and i live in florida

intentsman2 karma

can you drive? Can you drive that far? I can't imagine driving would be comfortable, even with a specially padded seat back.

greenday959 karma

i dont drive yet but weirdly im fine sitting in the car im getting my license soon so time will tell

LiquidCoax3 karma

Dookie is still one of my favorite albums to drive (fast) to. Tell me THIS doesn't make you want to do 80 in a 45.

greenday9510 karma


LiquidCoax2 karma

The tour for that album was one of the first concerts I went to by myself. 1994. Aaaaaaand now I feel old.

greenday9511 karma

get ready to feel older i was born a year after that

JUDAHSisdmon3 karma

do u have a dog???

greenday957 karma

i had two until about a month ago but we moved and we thought he couldnt take it so we left him with my grandparents even now im starting to cry remembering the times i had with him

routari3 karma

Do you tend to make more accurate guesses and predictions than other people?

greenday952 karma


ethanzh3 karma

What do you think of the new Greenday trilogy? What's your favorite album from it? I ask because of your username. :)

I would play Xbox with you, but I don't have one, haha :)

greenday952 karma

I Love them all except for tre but i think my fav is uno

ethanzh2 karma

Cool! Do you have an all-time favorite Greenday song, from any album?

greenday951 karma

I LOVE Hold on and castaway

DoodleBug93613 karma

You're awesome! Love your username :)

greenday952 karma

Thanks :3

Catboo63 karma

Who's your favorite super hero? Why?

Figured you might need a break from all the deep questions. Hang in there buddy :)

greenday954 karma

3 The flash #2 Batman and #1 CAPTAIN AMERICA

Scared233 karma

You are incredibly brave

greenday953 karma

Thank you

shanim133 karma

I hope this doesn't sound stupid but do you have back problems? Is is heavy (sorry if I worded it weird)?

And favorite Green Day album? They were my first concert .

greenday958 karma

I cant lift heavy things cant walk a block without starting to hurt and american idiot cause that was my first album

shanim131 karma

What would you say is one of your favorites from the older records?

greenday9511 karma

warning kerplunk and insomniac

Iknowathingortwo2 karma

What do you want to do with your life?

greenday9510 karma

work in sports entertainment

totallynotmyalterego4 karma

That's doable. Maybe you should look into casting sports? Or even e-sports? I'm a huge fan of Starcraft myself, you should look into that :)

greenday956 karma

well i LOVE WWE

GooBerry2 karma

Me too, man! Who are some of your favorite current superstars?

PS - don't let the bullies get you down!

greenday953 karma

Randy Orton, John cena, Sheamus, Jericho, the miz.

totallynotmyalterego1 karma

Go for it mate! Start a youtube channel, cast the hell out of matches and replays you find and get an audience. I'm 100% sure you'll make it. You'll need fraps and some replays to cast over and a decent mic, then it's all about casting. I'm not sure if you can go directly into the WWE scene, because you kinda have to be there live to cast right(?). You should ask around a bit, see if any other subs have some good tips. PM me if it goes good, would ya?

greenday955 karma

Thank you ill have to do that

monkeydi2 karma

I have a fucking question and Im not fucking joking at all bro. Where the fuck do you live? Are you on the east coast? I swear to whatever the fuck I need to swear to, I will come to your town with men and weapons and fucking brutally beat these preppy assholes on your behalf. Please dont think this is a joke or some tough guy act. I swear I can help you.

Edit. Dude Im reading more of this and I really want to reiterate my the sincerity of my offer. Private message me pertinent info if you want. And I swear I will help. All men deserve the sweet taste of revenge when they have been trully wronged. The people that fucked with you deserve this. Please let me help you.

greenday951 karma

its ok i dont live there anymore but thank you for that kind offer :)

BestaNesta992 karma

Why did you choose xbox 360 over ps3?

greenday951 karma

i had people i wanted to play with

ZondaRFanForLife2 karma

I envy your pants. What games do you like? pleasesayforzapleasesayforza

greenday952 karma

If you play xbox i would like your gamertag and sadly i dont have forza :(

Snush2 karma

Stay tough man! You are already stronger then any regular person :)

greenday953 karma

Thank you for your kind words much love brother

snoopycrafter2 karma

I hope you are still answering questions. Please don't take this question in a disrespectful manner, but it it comfortable to lay against things that would normally be very uncomfortable? Is it like a back rest that goes around with you? Hang In there, buddy. One day your bully/s will smarten up.

greenday955 karma

It is not a back rest it is a pox on my life and anywhere i sit instantly turn uncomfortable onl the nicest of nice are comfy

smiler2042 karma

We have a kid at my highschool that hasnt grown since he was 5.. Everyone kinda ignored him in middle school cuz he looked weird and drove around in a chair.. But now that people got to know him hes kinda like everyones cute little brother :D

greenday953 karma


michellefromtx1 karma

How often do you have to visit your doctor (do you have more than one)? What's the prognosis look like for you in the long-term? How are your parents and do you have any siblings? Thanks for answering. Sending you good energy. :)

greenday952 karma

parents are nice mom amazing dad ok i have a sister shes a pain but i love her lots of doctors and i am gonna live the rest of my lif with this

wigwam23231 karma

Could we get some proof please? I don't doubt the authenticity, it's just a requirement. See sidebar

greenday955 karma

how do i do that

wigwam23231 karma

Well, you could post pictures of your condition, but if you'd rather not post that for everyone to see, you could message the mods.

The mods' usernames are below the schedule on the sidebar.

greenday953 karma

i mean im kinda new to posing but i dont know how to post a pic

ducking_lampwaves1 karma

I like your username and also keep being strong!

greenday957 karma

Thank you

jdshy1 karma

Dude Im 17, had 3 tumors in my ear when I was 8,9, and 10 (I have a scar now), and have a big scar going down my back bc I got spinal fusion. I also love XBOX. All I can tell you is fuck the bullies.

greenday951 karma

holy shit i got a spinal fusion as well

gobooboo1 karma

Halo or call of duty... Which do you like most?

greenday951 karma

i dont have a preference

steelyt1 karma

I'm going to ask the question that everyone else is afraid to ask.

What were the names that people called you? Do you have to waddle when you walk or is your stride not affected? How do you exercise since you cannot walk far or lift anything heavy? Have you thought about suicide?

greenday958 karma

I limp due to another tumor on my left leg i got it reduced but its still pretty big and they called me freak loser dumbass and one kid when i stood up to him he said " What are you gonna do Hunchback"

gwarsh414 karma

It is the age of technology, record everything. Use it as evidence and bring it to the attention of the principals or whatever your school has.

If they do nothing, move to the next level, get your parents involved and go to the city. Inform them that the faculty is bias towards students with disabilities.

Also know that college is awesome, and you will have the option to go there very soon.

Source: Kid who had shit thrown at him on a regular basis in high school because he was different. (literally and figuratively)

greenday954 karma

sadly that was a few years ago so i cant say anything now

EyeAmAhEr1 karma

My son has NF1, he is 13 years old, and he has cafe-au-lait all over and tons of freckles, but they're all in non-visible places so bottom line he looks 99% 'normal'. So my question is: did you have this from an early age or did it get worse as you got older? Should I/he, be more worried than I/we are? Also, did you have any learning disability - he might, I'm not sure. He is in regular school and does OK grades-wise but that is in part because making sure of that is basically my second job.

greenday955 karma

it was almost unnoticeable until i was 11 then it was almost like it EXPLODED through my body

MADtheory-1 karma


greenday953 karma

I didnt wear these at school im homeschooled now and i wore mostly jeans

ancientcreature-4 karma

Don't go to college at Notre Dame.

greenday953 karma

I Don't want to Im looking for something in central Florida or North carolina

[deleted]-5 karma


GenericTwat5 karma

Please don't.

greenday956 karma

what did he say

[deleted]-15 karma


greenday954 karma

i dont want to be to far from my family though

Synister90-26 karma

I think we all know the real question on everybody's mind... Pepsi or coca cola... Which do you prefer?

greenday9512 karma


ZondaRFanForLife1 karma


greenday955 karma