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I am curious, what is planned for Friday at noon? Mass organized uprising in the streets. It really feels like the evolution has already begun.

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It is the age of technology, record everything. Use it as evidence and bring it to the attention of the principals or whatever your school has.

If they do nothing, move to the next level, get your parents involved and go to the city. Inform them that the faculty is bias towards students with disabilities.

Also know that college is awesome, and you will have the option to go there very soon.

Source: Kid who had shit thrown at him on a regular basis in high school because he was different. (literally and figuratively)

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So for the past year or so a few friends and I have been working on a series. We have made concept characters, have a pilot script set and ready, and plenty of the scenes done as well. Currently (slowly) we are creating a pitch bible.

Do you have any advice for people trying to get their ideas and show in front of the right people?

On a second note, alike many others I wanted to say how much I enjoy Ugly Americans. I feel like it redeemed Comedy Central in my eyes. It has been too long since a good animated adult comedy has come out!

(If it makes any difference in your response we are adults, which unfortunately means jobs, which slows production time... and a 100 mile distance between most of us)

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Ah, nvm. I was looking at guilded comments and this one caught my eye. Figured it happened recently, sorry about that.