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That's no surprise, Air Canada's motto is WE'RE NOT HAPPY 'TIL YOU'RE NOT HAPPY! for a reason. I hate them and take Westjet every chance I can!

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I just got back from 2 weeks in Kenya... Mara, Nairobi, Mombasa, Narok, Naivasha, Nakuru. I love Kenya!!, but I do have one question. Everywhere I went, there was garbage strewn all over. An otherwise really nice park by the ferry in Mombasa, for example, or every town between the Mara and Nairobi. Otherwise, Kenya seemed pretty well maintained. WTF?

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And also, just a comment, I was kinda blown away by the high rate of cell phone ownership (even amongst Maasai literally living in mud huts with no plumbing) and mobile money use. I since read about how the latter is higher in Kenya than anywhere. Oh, and I was impressed by all the TV aerials in Kibera!

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So the cause of the crash was engine failure in a single engine plane, is that right? And he had to do a forced landing in jungle?

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Your life must be one big "I told you so" about smoking.

My FIL died a few years ago and I was shocked that at his funeral, the priest in his eulogy or whatever you call it actually said something to the effect of "it's sad he's dead even though he did bring it on himself by smoking".

Anyway, peace.