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bonerjamz_041769 karma

Cheech, you kicked ass on celebrity jeopardy. Edit: I realize this isn't a question. Happy 4/20

TheCheechandChong2103 karma

Fuck yeah, I did. Thank you. -CM

Cheech4201647 karma

Oh man, am I driving ok man?

TheCheechandChong2320 karma

I think we're parked -TC

the_forbidden_garden1473 karma

In light of Snoop Dogg's revelation that he smokes 81 blunts a day, how much weed do you two smoke?

TheCheechandChong2389 karma

Twice that. -TC

cannawolf532 karma

If I may add on to this, are there any strains you guys particularly enjoy?

TheCheechandChong1565 karma

Diana Ross, because its supreme -TC

Grape Ape -CM

Anthony126981185 karma

How often do you two see each other?

TheCheechandChong2412 karma

Too often- TC

Only when the conditions of our parole allow. -CM

lobo21001153 karma

First off thank you both for doing this IAMA on 4/20! This question is for Tommy Chong. So Tommy, what are your feelings about what happened with Operation Pipe Dreams? Specifically, how do you feel being the only one who had to serve jail time, even though you were not directly involved with the glass blowing industry? And do you feel you made the right decision taking the fall for the glass industry?

TheCheechandChong2202 karma

I felt very honored and it gave me more street cred than most Rappers. -TC

iscashstillking926 karma

So the movies were totally 'stuntwheed' as opposed to the real thing, right?


TheCheechandChong2071 karma

Sometimes -CM

Why do you ask? Are you a Narc? -TC

cuddleswithwolves887 karma

Is pot really the reason you two seemed to have never aged? Also whats the hardest drug you've ever done?

TheCheechandChong1748 karma

It is the reason we never aged. -TC

Yup. -CM

Alcohol is the hardest drug -TC

Alcohol for sure- CM

cb26cpa863 karma

Whats the biggest difference you've seen between the weed culture of the 70's and the culture today? (Besides higher prices!! lol)

TheCheechandChong419 karma

We're going to answer this one live, in 8 minutes

TechSis827 karma

Who is coolest/ least coolest person you have ever smoked with?

What is your favorite type of weed?

If you could smoke with anyone who would it be?

Can you give us any words of wisdom or advice about life?

TheCheechandChong1913 karma


Snoop -TC

Tim Leary -CM

Least: John Ashcroft hogged the fucking joint the whole time. What a dick- CM

The DEA guy who busted me (He was undercover) -TC


Obama- CM

Keep your head down and swallow through -CM

Don't scratch your ass and smell it in public. -TC

cannawolf742 karma

It's DAVE! Dave! D-a-v-e! Will you open up the goddamn door?!

TheCheechandChong1313 karma

Dave's not here. -TC

I'm Dave! -CM

TheBear88715 karma

How are you guys Celebrating 4/20?

TheCheechandChong1635 karma

By trying to make it an official holiday. Call your congressman. -TC

Working for the man -CM

Frajer666 karma

Hey Cheech, was it weird going from doing stuff like Up In Smoke to doing kids movies? You ever do Oliver and Company etc stoned?

Chong I loved you as Leo on That 70s Show, did they write that character specifically for you and how much of what you said was improvised?

TheCheechandChong1020 karma

We basically trained for animation with our albums so it came naturally. What was unnatural was not talking about dope. Was never high on cartoons,no. -CM

They did write that for me, but they did not like improvising. Not at all, actually. -TC

TheTusch623 karma

I think you are at my work today: Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI. In fact, I had to activate the network ports yesterday that allow you to do this IAMA today... weird.

TheCheechandChong248 karma

Thanks for your help, man! -TC

NinjaDiscoJesus601 karma

Did you ever think it would be legalised in any state within your lifetime?

TheCheechandChong1040 karma

Within the next 2 years - CM

Before Obama gets out -TC

geraldwhite559 karma

Hey I saw you at the rock and roll hall of fame, you guys were great. How much of your speech was written and improv? Did you guys get to write you own speech?

TheCheechandChong1377 karma

One word was written -TC

It said "Start" -CM

Armitando544 karma

I'm so happy you decided to do this AMA, Cheech and Chong. I've been dealing with a very serious problem for many years. Something only you two can help me with. I've been suffering with this for as long as I can remember, and I need relief now.

I am the victim of a basketball jones.

Ever since I was a little baby, I have always been dribbling. I was the baddest dribbler in the whole neighborhood. Then, one day, my mama brought me a basketball. And I loved that basketball. I took that basketball with me everywhere I went.

That basketball was like a basketball to me.

I even put that basketball underneath my pillow. Maybe that's why I can't sleep at night. I need help. I need someone to stand beside me, someone to set a pick for me at the free-throw line of life. Someone I can pass to. Someone to hit the open man on the give-and-go and not end up in the popcorn machine.

Help me out.

TheCheechandChong788 karma


Watch the Lakers this year, that will cure you of any basketball related illness. -CM

mynameisrainer482 karma

What are your thoughts on aliens? What's your Favorite ice cream? Have you ever played disc golf?

TheCheechandChong1250 karma

I have them as family members -CM

They're amongst us, they babysit your kids, wash your cars...- TC

Pistachio- CM

Coconut- TC

That's Tommy's work out -CM

Fuck no. -TC

cooolmancole441 karma

hey Tommy how the hell do you roll the 'chong bomb'??

TheCheechandChong917 karma

Straight downhill into jail. -CM

You have to tilt it and let gravity do the work -TC

fresh_like_febreze434 karma

Hey guys, how was it like being on The Simpsons?

TheCheechandChong767 karma

It was great! Very cartoonish overall. -TC

It's like going on a tour of DC you see all the Simpsons monuments. -CM

Hobowithabagel343 karma

At what age did you guys start smoking?

TheCheechandChong785 karma

18- TC

20 , right after I got laid. - CM

a_wandering_man270 karma

Sounds like that was a great day, Mr. Cheech!

TheCheechandChong412 karma

After I smoked i thought, "They lied to us that this stuff was bad, what ELSE did they lie about?"-CM

Zenof328 karma

Cheech and Chong, to answer separately:

1.) What was your favorite movie to make?

2.) What do you think your best movie was?

3.) What is your favorite movie that is not yours?

4.) Will you two ever get back together to do another movie?

TheCheechandChong862 karma

  1. Up in Smoke -CM

Still Smoking -TC

  1. Still Smoking - TC

Next Movie (Even the TV version where we smoke space diamonds) / Up in Smoke - CM

  1. Chinatown-CM

Badlands- TC

  1. You never know -CM

If the money is right -TC

It has to be 2m dollars in unmarked bills -CM

And a Chuck Berry Guitar - TC

mercurysgirlx303 karma

I wanted to share my favourite halloween costume of mine with you:

(I swear, the shirt was yellow. Weird.)

Thanks so much for doing this ama! My questions are:

How much weed was consumed on set while you filmed your movies?

Mr. Marin, how connected are you to your brand, "Cheech"? I see them in stores all the time. Do you have any part in the design process?

I'm prepared to spend the first half of my 420 here reading you guys at a solid [9]

TheCheechandChong365 karma

3.4 kilos per day -TC and CM That's just by the crew- TC

I must have. Yes. I find the designers before they go to design school and nurture them through design school just so they can design a Cheech t-shirt. Its the only scholarship where they pay me. -CM

fuzlilbun292 karma

Hey guys,

If you could change one U.S. domestic policy that wasn't related to marijuana, what would it be?


TheCheechandChong1054 karma

Gun insurance should be mandatory -TC

Immigration policy, and make Spanish the official language -CM

Make all the white people self-deport to their country of origin- TC

Fog_xyz276 karma

I've always wondered about the legal witch hunt that Tommy went through. Was there something in particular that put you in the Fed's crosshairs, or was it just a matter of wrong place, wrong time? Given the slow but steady progress towards decriminalization these days, do you think that if it all happened again today, you'd handle things differently?

Incidentally, the first movie of yours that I ever saw was Corsican Brothers and I loved it. Then again, I was 11 at the time.

TheCheechandChong575 karma

It was the national radio ads for the bong business, and the right wing talk radio and I'd out everyone. Ashcroft was a big listener and that kind of made me a target. -TC

Ashcroft is now working at In N Out Burger -CM

hard2c1333233 karma

Cheech, I know your a big supporter of chicano arts, so I was wondering who are some of your favorite artists (Painters, musicians, etc.)?

TheCheechandChong383 karma

Carlos Almaraz, John Valadez, Frank Romero, Carlos Don Juan, Patssi Valdez, Maragaret Garcia, Vincent Valdez, Werk -CM

BlackBirdDk219 karma

Happy 4/20 CM & TC!
It's lovely to see you two doing an AMA.
I will celebrate this lovely day with my all time favourite film; Up In Smoke.

I have a single question though: Did you smoke the van after you were done filming Up In Smoke?

TheCheechandChong439 karma

Just the bumper - TC

Parts of it -CM

sigh1342206 karma

Santa Claus and His Old Lady is one of the highlights of the Christmas season for me - what's the story behind it - how you came up with it, the process of putting it together, etc.? Thanks for the AMA!

TheCheechandChong357 karma

Lou Adler, who was just inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, asked us if we had anything for Christmas that could be played on radio. And we just made it up. - CM

Tommy just said "I don't know who Santa is". -CM

jpaShadrach200 karma

Cheech, are familiar with Joe Rogan's Podcast? Tommy was a great guest a few months back and i'd love to hear you on there. Love you guys.

TheCheechandChong561 karma

I'm familiar with Joe, not his Podcast. I'd love to do it. -CM

Joe doesn't want Chicanos on his podcast. -TC

Jack_and_Sally179 karma

Would you guys rather smoke out of a bong sized horse, or a horse sized bong?

TheCheechandChong383 karma

Horse sized bong, and a duck sized one too. -TC

Rob_Saget118 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA! My parents grew up with you two and i did as well, so thank you for bridging the gap between generations.

  • Why do you think recreational use of marijuana hasn't been legalized in most states yet?
  • When can we expect to see Up in Smoke 2?
  • Would you be interested in coming on my podcast and talking about the above and nerding out?

Thank you again for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

TheCheechandChong249 karma

  1. They obviously want to outlaw fun -CM
  2. Rich White Guys-TC
  3. Let's see how the animated movie goes first, if the fans prove their loyalty by watching it, we'll consider it. -CM
  4. Talk to my manager -TC

Semiinterestingman76 karma

How much live performance did you do before recording your first album?

TheCheechandChong145 karma

We did about 2 years. 1 year in Shanghai Junk doing topless improv and 1 year in LA doing Hippy and Black clubs. -CM

pagit55 karma

Happy 4:20.

Was Sargent Stadanko based off a cop in Vancouver and how was he involved with Operation Pipe Dreams ?

Ever thought of doing another movie?

edit: Sorry looked at your twitter feed and saw you are doing another movie.

TheCheechandChong98 karma

He was based on a real RCMP NARC from Vancouver, but he has nothing to do with Pipe Dreams. -TC