Tommy Chong

Tommy chong 2
is a Canadian-American comedian, actor, writer, director, activist, and musician.

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TheCheechandChong2412 karma

Too often- TC

Only when the conditions of our parole allow. -CM

TheCheechandChong2389 karma

Twice that. -TC

TheCheechandChong2320 karma

I think we're parked -TC

TheCheechandChong2202 karma

I felt very honored and it gave me more street cred than most Rappers. -TC

TheCheechandChong2103 karma

Fuck yeah, I did. Thank you. -CM

TheCheechandChong2071 karma

Sometimes -CM

Why do you ask? Are you a Narc? -TC

TheCheechandChong1913 karma


Snoop -TC

Tim Leary -CM

Least: John Ashcroft hogged the fucking joint the whole time. What a dick- CM

The DEA guy who busted me (He was undercover) -TC


Obama- CM

Keep your head down and swallow through -CM

Don't scratch your ass and smell it in public. -TC

TheCheechandChong1748 karma

It is the reason we never aged. -TC

Yup. -CM

Alcohol is the hardest drug -TC

Alcohol for sure- CM

TheCheechandChong1635 karma

By trying to make it an official holiday. Call your congressman. -TC

Working for the man -CM

TheCheechandChong1565 karma

Diana Ross, because its supreme -TC

Grape Ape -CM