I'm in Sydney, Australia where sex work is legal and regulated. I began working in the industry this month and have done 2 shifts so far.

My last post was removed for lack of proof. I am at the brothel now doing my third shift so far. PROOF: me with my roster sheet in the girls area and inside the private gym. The display case on the right side of the first photo holds sex toys available for purchase.

National Geographic did a segment on where I work, you can view it here: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/taboo/videos/5-star-brothel/

You can see the rooms I'm in in this video. We are not allowed to take our phones into bookings so I cannot show you the bedrooms.

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Ghostshirts1790 karma

If i want to schedule an appointment for your services but can only perform while a clown is watching will your company provide the clown or will i have to bring my own?

candytrip1790 karma

You will have to BYO clown and also pay for him to be in the room.

Trelalala306 karma

No lady clowns?

candytrip872 karma

There's a $50 charge for Fantasy.

KEEPCARLM439 karma

So you're saying you have clown costumes at hand? I never considered fucking a clown before.

candytrip758 karma

Not at hand but I'm sure we could accommodate your request

candytrip1540 karma

Also a clarification on the racism comments in the last post - I'm sorry to anyone who was offended by what I said, it was a throwaway remark. I don't have anything against other races but I was being honest when I said don't find certain ethnicities attractive.

kingmorons1307 karma

if i hire you and i finish early. will you spend the rest of the time upvoting me?

candytrip1097 karma


TheDude19851096 karma

First... we both get naked. Except... we're both wearing sailor hats. Then we get into a jacuzzi filled with Pepto-Bismol, I clip your toenails, and you shave my buttocks.

How much would that cost?

candytrip804 karma

$400 minus the pepto-bismol.

d_snizzy910 karma

What if a guy finishes quite early and he's paid for the full hour/half hour? I'm sure it's all different but do they generally just chat, leave early?

candytrip1245 karma

They stay and chat, have a drink, a massage or if they can, go again.

SuperDan1348549 karma

has anyone paid for the full hour, finished early and left?

candytrip1229 karma

People finish early but we stay and chat and cuddle. Nobody has left early on me.

LikeChicken892 karma

If I happened to be in Sydney and wanted to spend an hour with you specifically, how would I make that happen?

candytrip2179 karma

I work at Stiletto under the name Karma

AJSTOOBE546 karma

Any particular reason for that name?

candytrip2150 karma


snowplay257 karma

Discount for redditors...? Yes?

candytrip506 karma

I don't make the prices, baby

derdomi885 karma

holy hell, please do more GW posts. That is all.

candytrip1225 karma


technicallynotlegal643 karma

Is sex without a condom ever allowed?

What if a guy showed up with $10k and papers to confirm he was clean and he wanted to cream pie you?

candytrip881 karma

No. That's up to the girl but if management found out somehow the girl may be fired.

Tropicalfirestorm612 karma

Sorry there aren't as many upvotes. We've just had a lot of prostitute AMA's.

PreviousNickStolen674 karma

Most of them were not real prostitutes, just karma whores though.

candytrip2518 karma

My working name is Karma and I'm a whore. What up.

Edit: TY for the gold http://i.imgur.com/IlNGr.gif

candytrip393 karma

That's okay!

ribbitmeow594 karma

favorite position?

candytrip2231 karma

On top. Where I belong.

iLoad1099 karma

that answer game me shivers

candytrip1517 karma

Damn straight.

RobofWVP592 karma

How often are testing for STDs done? Also thank you for posting.

candytrip878 karma

Every month, the brothel files your documentation.

leash199164 karma

how common/uncommon is it for a worker to get a positive test?

candytrip90 karma

Not sure, sorry. Haven't tested positive yet myself though.

Roboticide40 karma

Do they screen customers? Seems like it'd be bad for business if you had a repeat customer show up and infect half the staff.

candytrip55 karma

We do a health check before sex.

louiedizzle526 karma

How sexually satisfied does your work make you feel, if at all? Is it fun? If so, which aspects of the job are especially fun?

candytrip999 karma

It's quite sexually fulfilling, and it is fun. I still see my casual sex partners regularly, but it's less of a necessity.

The aspects of my job I enjoy the most are meeting interesting people, some of the guys are great for conversation and have a lot of great stories. Also I've had great sex on the job, which is always fun. There was also a booking where I played pool for four hours naked in high heels. That was especially fun.

louiedizzle353 karma

Thanks for replying :) Are there instances in which you can actually decline to have sex with a client? I.e. if they physically repulse you are are just uncouth? One more q. When you do have enjoyable sex at work do you let your clients know that you enjoyed it? Does that alter their experience at all?

candytrip543 karma

Of course nobody is forced to have sex with anybody, but I haven't had instances where I've had to decline a booking. We are able to walk out of a booking if a client repeatedly doesn't follow rules or things like that.

And of course I do! That makes the experience more enjoyable for all involved :)

Baconipples336 karma

Do you also tell them the experience was enjoyable when it wasn't? ;)

candytrip818 karma

Yep :(

Mad_X480 karma

So what is the distinction between "high-end" vs .. hmm "normal" or "low-end" ??

Is it price/looks/clientele ? Sorry, I am clueless on these things

candytrip647 karma

I would consider low-end to be dodgy happy ending massage places or those that operate from a suburban home, etc

candytrip521 karma

High-end would refer to the prices as well as quality. Our brothel is on that end of the price scale, but it's reflected in the size of the place, the rooms and general quality of the place and the girls.

Gortonis454 karma

Is this the same brothel that Jim Jeffries talks about taking his disabled friend to? Also known as "Four Floors of Whores"

candytrip607 karma

We only have three floors so I guess no :(

falaqa432 karma

give us an AMA in a year

candytrip393 karma


Everek426 karma

I live in Sydney too.....

Anyway, what was it like on your first shift? I probably would have been too nervous to even concentrate.

candytrip1023 karma

We got into trouble for going overtime because neither of us wanted to leave.

candytrip1009 karma

I was really nervous but my client was equally so. He was a hot young 20 year old and hot and fit and hot. He was good.

costanza_vandelay764 karma

So he was hot you say?

candytrip927 karma

He was hot.

phatti454 karma

Was he hot?

candytrip734 karma


A_NigerianPrince429 karma

But was he hot?

candytrip723 karma

He was hot and hot.

VT-Sensational202 karma

And fit?

candytrip393 karma

Fit and hot

GFandango230 karma

See everyone?

hot..and hot...and hot

throw the rest of your shit out the window

candytrip484 karma


fibonaccipretzels67 karma

Was it Zyzz? It was, wasn't it?

This is like every 20 year old's dream. Go to a brothel, get the girl on her first day, blow her mind, and she doesn't want to go after the hour is up.

candytrip173 karma

He's dead, yo

ribbitmeow389 karma

favorite/ least favorite part of the job?

candytrip875 karma

Favourite part of the job is the sex and money, least favourite is the boredom waiting around between clients.

krankie11476 karma


candytrip1523 karma


Augrills388 karma

This doesn't relate to prostitution, but in Australia, what kind of authors do you read in high school literature classes? Like Americans, we read The Great Gatsby or The Sun Also Rises or Absalom! Absalom! Are there books that are considered "Great Australian Novels?" What are they?

candytrip435 karma

We read a lot of Tim Winton as far as Australian authors ago. I remember studying Tirra Lirra by the River in Year 11. We mostly focus on a lot of modern classics like Farenheit 451, Lord of the Flies, Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men as well as a lot of Shakespeare. I've also studied Pygmalion a few times.

kimberlitepipes387 karma

What is your wage ? What is the cost and what do u make ?

candytrip819 karma

I make $200/hr not including extras, the client pays $400/hr. I've been working once a week, the shifts are 10 hours long but it depends how many bookings you get. I make about $1500 per shift.

SuperDan1348778 karma

$1500 per shift? It takes me a month to make that at my job. What am I doing with my life?

candytrip2147 karma

Not being a hooker?

TraceeLeCanadian223 karma

What do you do with your six days of free time?

candytrip825 karma

I attend university 2 days a week, work in marketing one day a week and am a freelance photographer/graphic designer. I like to keep busy mostly!

Shibalba805259 karma

Do your other jobs know you hook on the side?

candytrip573 karma

No. It's definitely not something I want my other bosses to find out about.

KEEPCARLM247 karma

You know for a fact who one of your upcoming clients would be if they found out.... Right?? haha

candytrip608 karma

My bosses are female

MrKrazybones211 karma

Damn $400? Thats way cheaper than Vegas escorts who I might add look used up.
Vegas escort services were charging $250-$400 just for the initial fee. More costs on top of that if you want to do anything more than chat

candytrip554 karma

Dude, bummer. $400 includes sex, mutual oral and a massage.

KEEPCARLM236 karma

Is that a posh way of describing a 69er?

candytrip336 karma

Not exclusively 69

stillsinking21 karma

You won't S the D unless they E the P?

candytrip35 karma

No I suck the dick

stripmeandwhipme352 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! A couple of questions:

  • do you find sex with paying customers truly arousing, or are there certain customers who just don't turn you on? What do you do if you're not in the mood?

  • Are there any fetishes that you enjoy outside work, e.g. wearing latex, exhibitionism etc.? Would you ever consider working in an establishment that promotes this kind of thing?

candytrip604 karma

I am truly aroused by some customers but not all of them. When I'm not immediately attracted to a guy I try to find some common ground or something about him I like. I believe that a connection is important, especially if they're paying so much money for your time. If I'm just completely not into it, which doesn't happen, I fake enthusiasm and use a lot of lube.

I do have a few fetishes - bondage, choking, spanking/etc I probably wouldn't consider working in fetish though, because I like keeping those things for my personal sex life.

stripmeandwhipme254 karma

How often do you have sex in your personal sex life? Do you ever feel too tired to perform after a heavy 'day at the office'? And what's the most outrageous or risky sexual thing you've ever done?

candytrip398 karma

I have sex maybe twice a week in my personal life and yes, there's been times I've been too tired after work. The most outrageous would be some ropes and bondage.

lozza2442219 karma

Don't do any of these with your clients till they've been your regulars for a long long LONG time. Girl agreed to it with one of her regulars, things got nasty and moral of that story is he's now up on an attempted rape charge.

candytrip240 karma

Yeah exactly. I don't think I would do bondage/any sensory deprivation at all with clients.

MrKrazybones336 karma

So I'm into some pretty freaky stuff. How freaky will you go?

candytrip580 karma

No scat and I won't rim anyone. Most things I reckon would be faire game for me.

jdbarker328 karma

If the sex trade wasn't legal & regulated, would you have still considered doing it?

candytrip693 karma

No absolutely not. The risks associated are too high if it's not a legitimate operation and I value the protection that my institution provides me.

jdbarker174 karma

2 more. When did you decide to go into this trade & how was the hiring process done?

candytrip296 karma

I've been considering it for the last year or so and made the decision last month. I called up the brothel and asked about working and the invited me in for an interview. I did an interview with the manager and filled out an application for and started that week. It was quite a speedy process.

XaltD135 karma

Did you have to "prove" your self or anything like that?

candytrip584 karma

No, they assumed I know how to have sex.

TheEpicBiologist316 karma

Thanks for the great night!

candytrip362 karma


Viperi297 karma

Do you squirt?

candytrip550 karma

Yes, but not during sex, only with my hand.

Ghostshirts1132 karma

squirting hands don't turn me on.

candytrip746 karma

Damn. I thought they were pretty special.

slappity279 karma

What kind of freaky stuff are those treadmills used for?

candytrip376 karma

It's the private gym in the girls area for those who want to work out before/after a shift.

slappity168 karma

Have you ever had anyone famous come in? Like Larry Emdur?

candytrip404 karma

I can't disclose clients' identities but yes, and a lot of football players (AFL & NRL).

slappity146 karma

Interesting. I would have thought it'd be more Union players for some reason. So no Larry Emdur though? Blink once for yes!

candytrip252 karma

Union players too. Some players from the All Blacks came in recently.

I haven't heard anything about Larry Emdur though. I'll assume yes.

slappity75 karma

Have you ever bumped into a client somewhere out in public? If so is it awkward or do you just high five?

candytrip201 karma

I haven't yet but we're not meant to approach clients in public anyway. A cheeky wink would be funny though hahaha

PM_Me_Your_Boobs_269 karma

Strangest request you've ever had?

candytrip557 karma

Nothing really strange. Playing pool naked probably.

FrostMonstreme221 karma

Has a little person ever paid you lots of gold to take his squire's virginity and then pretend he was so good you would not charge him for it?

candytrip29 karma

No :(

RAM_Burglar217 karma

Describe your typical clients, if there's such thing as typical. I'm guessing since you're "high-end" that weeds out some of the nasties. Mostly businessmen?

candytrip402 karma

Surprisingly not a lot of businessmen. I haven't had a typical type of guy, they're all different. There's been an electrician, drummer, retired businessman, uni student, miner and a married couple (not sure what they did).

chingchongbingbong99181 karma

Why don't you have more pics???

candytrip327 karma

Refer to my r/gonewild posts.

dr90156 karma


candytrip199 karma

Not to my knowledge.

otivito154 karma

How is someone who has as much sex as you, a redditor?

candytrip346 karma

There's a lot of boredom waiting between clients.

LikeChicken144 karma

In your expert opinion, how much truth is there to the notion that "size doesn't matter"?

candytrip544 karma

Size matters to an extent. If it's micro you better learn how to eat pussy.

LikeChicken156 karma

So, what would you say is "big enough" to contribute?

candytrip372 karma

I reckon 5 inches in sufficient.

lots_of_sarcasm814 karma

"in sufficient" or "is sufficient".
Please don't scare me

candytrip393 karma

*is, sorry.

ry345 karma

do your clients go down on you? are they allowed to?

candytrip7 karma

Yes and yes

Chavran139 karma

What are your long term plans? I dont mean to presume too much, but your brothel likely won't keep you on indefinitely. So, what's next?

candytrip275 karma

I plan on finishing my degree, going travelling, and then getting a full-time job in my field. This was intended to be a temporary income while I'm studying.

Exploitable204 karma

That may change when you make less money working 5 days a week with your degree than you do now.

candytrip261 karma

That's what I'm worried about.

SuperDan1348137 karma

How good are your massages? Do you get trained or anything?

candytrip225 karma

No training but I've practiced on friends and clients and apparently I'm pretty decent.

emanresutnaveler135 karma

If I came to your brothel could you get me a Reddit discount?

Also is there a maximum number of girls I can hire at one time?

candytrip223 karma

Sorry, I don't set the prices :( And no, if you got the money, you get the girls.

Merryberry9135 karma

Who has been your most memorable customer?

candytrip287 karma

I've had a few memorable ones. My first one obviously, he was really young and hot and probably more nervous than me. Another was a retired businessman who had lived the good life (and obviously still is).

marshsmellow68 karma

Young and hot?

Tell me, was he hot and fit?

candytrip83 karma

Hot and fit

ApolloTM1 karma

Young and retired? He definitely had it good.

candytrip6 karma

No they were two different clients haha.

Misty_K107 karma

I think this is a really interesting post and i just have two questions. If a 18-22 year old girl came up to you and said she was interested in starting this type of work would you try to discourage her? How long do people typically work before "retiring" and finding another job?

candytrip143 karma

No. If she's confident enough and comfortable with the idea then it definitely is a good job for her. We have mature ladies working here do is I don't know how long the typical career is but a lot of them go private.

Terryhall88 karma

Hey! Interesting post.

  1. Would it be weird if a guy came in and say "oh hey karma, I loved your AMA!"?

  2. How old are you? That's probably not a polite question but at least I'm not asking you to rim me.

candytrip95 karma

  1. No, it would be great!
  2. I'm, turning 20 soon.

freddy_schiller73 karma

Are you a fan of Firefly? I ask because you seem like the closest thing there is to a Companion IRL.

candytrip143 karma

I haven't watched Firefly yet, but it's in my torrent queue.

Harry41f5 karma

Just try Netflix for free.

-Not a netflix salesmen

candytrip4 karma

I'm in Australia :(

ellipseseverywhere59 karma

If I won the lottery and wanted to build an addition onto my house how much would it cost per hour to hire 2-4 prostitutes to tile my new kitchen floor, bottoms are ok but they all have to be topless? Also, would you be for or against using other power tools like a nailgun or power sander at my direction if my contractors are too expensive?

candytrip42 karma

Outcalls are $600/hr each, multiple girls are $80 each extra. Hahahaha maybe,

still_blazin_doe52 karma

you have great curves. just sayin'

candytrip64 karma


HDATZ43 karma

If a guy asked you to be honest about your level of attraction to him, and you didn't find him very attractive, would you be honest or lie?

candytrip101 karma

I would lie.

ry3436 karma

had any clients with huge dongs? what would you consider big?

candytrip64 karma

Over 7 inches. About 3 big ones so far.

FaustyArchaeus35 karma

Am I allowed to eat some MDMA and come in and mess around in a session. Always wanted to do that. Prob would have bad sex but hug lots but always wanted to be with a working girl doing that.

I am an old raver and want to live the past

candytrip44 karma


mike11276934 karma

Are you happy? That's the only really important question. If you are, keep havin' fun. If not, I am sorry. Peace.

candytrip36 karma

Yes :)

Thank you

pteroso32 karma

Where in Australia is prostitution legal (just NSW or elsewhere as well)?

candytrip66 karma

Prostitution is legal in all states of Australia and brothels are legal in NSW, Victoria and I think Queensland.

CaptCurmudgeon30 karma

Do you ever get solicited by women?

candytrip65 karma

I've done a married couple where she was the one most into it.

patgeo29 karma

Have you got any bookings from Redditers (this AMA) yet?

candytrip94 karma


JG00G29 karma

What's the weirdest/kinkiest thing a client has ever asked you to do?

candytrip38 karma

I haven't had any kinky requests yet, I suppose the farthest it's gone was a client who really wanted to rim me.

Will report back if any weird/kinky requests arise.

JG00G35 karma

So there's some weird shit down under

candytrip80 karma

There's weird shit all over.

flawlessbrown29 karma

Hypothetically speaking, what would you do if you saw your father walk into the brothel and then he happened to get you?

candytrip76 karma

I don't meet older asian men for this reason.

rizkyw28 karma

Do you/would you take women as clients?

candytrip99 karma

I've done couples and yes, bring on the pussy.

garbage2326 karma

How much to have sex on the treadmill while it's on?

candytrip40 karma

Not enough.

MrDrSirYes21 karma

My GF is bi. Could we get a 3way ? How much?

candytrip38 karma

Yes. $700/hr.

Tastysalad10117 karma

how many/whats the percentage of clients you have that you would of had sex with without getting payed?

candytrip28 karma

Maybe about 10%

RAWRyan11 karma

Do you feel awkward telling people you recently became acquainted to about what your profession is? How do you go about that?

candytrip17 karma

No, I don't feel awkward about it. I obviously don't tell most people only a few of my friends know, I suss them out first.

Carighan9 karma

Going by what's average, do you have a lot of spare time in your 10h shifts? Or does it tend to be booked end-to-end?

Following from that, how do you defeat the boredom? ^_^

candytrip16 karma

I only get booked for about 4 hours. I bring my laptop and a book :)

slave-of-izzy6 karma

It sounds like your experiences have all been good and you do not have a history of sexual abuse or poverty which drove you to prostitution of which I am glad and often not the case in the rest of the world.

My only other concern regarding prostitution is that it devalues women and girls [or in some cases boys] to where they become objects to be bought and used instead being treated as human beings with value beyond their body. In any case I hope all goes well for you.

candytrip8 karma

Thanks. I don't feel like I'm devalued and this job has been great for my self-esteem thus far.

G-manP6 karma

Would you rather fuck 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? Before you answer though, I thought you should see what you are getting yourself into with the duck...

candytrip12 karma

How the fuck am I supposed to fuck a duck-sized horse?

G-manP7 karma

I'm sure the horses are wondering how the fuck they're going to fuck you. But I imagine it being a stable bukkake. Prepare yourself for battle.

candytrip9 karma

I'll take the duck.

Lethargic_Enthusiast5 karma

Do you harbor contempt for the men coming through? Do you feel disrespected?

Or do you understand the perspective of your clients and feel empowered through your ability to help them?

candytrip17 karma

No, I don't feel contempt for them at all. Everyone has needs and if you have to means to pay for it, power to you. I never felt disrespected, all the clients I've had so far have been lovely.

And yes, I do. I spend a lot of time talking to them and just having great conversations. They're able to open up to us in many situations and sometimes we're like naked counsellors with banging bodies.

Moontouch4 karma

What do friends and family think about your job?

candytrip10 karma

My friends are supportive and my family doesn't know.

consumeradvocacy4 karma

Do you have any moral qualms or self-esteem issues about your line of work? Also how do you attach meaning to sexual relations when you have meaningless sex all the time for money?

I'm not trying to attack you - I've just always thought those two things would be psychological damaging for sex workers.

candytrip6 karma

Absolutely no qualms about the industry or working in it. I found that it's been actually great for my self-esteem. I think I'm able to attach meaning to sex when there's a connection between my partner and I. I definitely don't see sex as a chore and I enjoy it in my personal life too.

consumeradvocacy1 karma

If you developed a serious relationship would you quit your job? *edit: terrible wording

candytrip3 karma

Probably not, I really enjoy this job and it's a great source of income for me.

usagitan4 karma

Would / Do you accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and/or litecoin?

candytrip6 karma

Our brothel only accepts cash, credit and eftpos. However I'd be happy to accept bitcoin for online requests/cams/purchases.

Tend_to_agree3 karma

Can you remember making any huge mistakes that, had you not made them, you wouldn't be where you are today?

How did you get into your current line of work?

What is the main driving force in your life and does it have a profound impact on what you do?

candytrip3 karma

Nope. Decided that I wanted to make more than I was at my retail job and did some research. Driving force would be my desire to travel, and it was one of the main motivations for doing this job. I also study at university and love my degree, I look forward to working in my field of study.

up-quark3 karma

Is it possible to have a lasting romantic relationship while being a prostitute?

candytrip6 karma

Yes a lot of the girls here are in committed relationships

Sirsersur2 karma

LEGAL Brothel?! i gotta move to Sydney!

candytrip4 karma

Yes. It's fantastic and lush. No seediness at all.

Sirsersur1 karma

What's the usual cost to hire someone?

candytrip2 karma

$250 for 1/2 hour, $400/hr

dandaman03452 karma

Ever have an incredibly nervous customer? How did you make them feel more at ease?

candytrip4 karma

Yes, my first client was as nervous as I was and he was really young. We got into it by chatting and kissing and a bit of foreplay. Once they realise that you're just another person and stop seeing you as a hooker, they relax and get into it.

gizmouth2 karma

Hi. Do you relatives know about your job ? If yes how do they react ? (if it is too personnal you don't have to answer). And have you ever had a first-timer? If yes how did he act/react to this?

candytrip3 karma

No, none of my relatives no but I know they would freak. I haven't had a virgin to my knowledge yet.

THRlLLH02 karma

Sydney Swans or GWS?

candytrip11 karma

Sorry, NRL fan :(

THRlLLH09 karma

You're dead to me :'(

candytrip9 karma


SucksAtVideoGames1 karma

What's it like to be a literal whore?

candytrip17 karma

Surprisingly normal. I go about every day life as I did before. One night a week I become someone else. It's actually pretty fun!