Hey Everyone,

We’ll start up at around 2:15, just wanted to open it up to get some questions in.

Also, Before we get started I wanted to share my condolences with everyone affected by what happened in Boston yesterday.

Edit Thank you all! Sorry I have to go. It's been a crazy few days. I hope to see you all at a Tulsa Shock game!

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TheWNBA68 karma

I have a question for Reddit: If I can't wear number 4, what number should I wear?

KillerCh33z29 karma

Favorite NBA player?

TheWNBA69 karma

Kobe. I'm a huge Lakers fan. Outside of the Lakers, I like KD a lot and how he carries himself.

cokeandtostitos26 karma

Are you still gonna rock the headbands??

TheWNBA50 karma


djb8551123 karma

What happens when you go to a park and play pickup games. How's the reaction when you're schooling guys who think they're better than you?

TheWNBA93 karma

I don't do it anymore. But when I used to they didn't like it. They tried to be physical and I would win. Beat a lot of guys back in the day.

richtran2322 karma

Who was the toughest player you had to guard?

TheWNBA72 karma

I guarded Maya Moore. She's tough.

15plus2isnot3913 karma

What player do you most look forward to playing against in the WNBA?

TheWNBA30 karma

It's going to be weird playing against Tamika Catchings because I look up to her and now I have to play against her. I look forward to that.

Stay_see13 karma

My younger sister Ashley is a HUGE fan. What is the best advice you would give to a dedicated 6th grade basketball player? Also, best of luck in the WNBA!

TheWNBA30 karma

Work hard. Make sure you take care of your school work. You don't have to be the best but be your best. And good luck to your sister Ashley!

flip_kid12 karma

What basketball players did you look up to growing up?

TheWNBA33 karma

Lisa Leslie, she was tight. The face of the WNBA for a long time and I really looked up to her.

CBInThisHo12 karma

So every question isn't basketball, what's in your iPod? Favorite movie?

TheWNBA22 karma

I listen to Beyonce, Chris Brown, Neo, Rihanna. I'm super mainstream. My favorite movie is Lion King or Dirty Dancing.

Shante321211 karma

You're such an inspiration to myself and others. How do stay so grounded with all this attention and you're only 22??

TheWNBA22 karma

I have a good inner circle. My parents keep me grounded.

TooTall_Kyra11 karma

Did you ever get scholarship offers for volleyball?

TheWNBA24 karma

I didn't really look. Everyone knew I was going for Basketball.

sdears10 karma

are you nervous about your move to tulsa?

TheWNBA32 karma

No, I am very excited. I can't wait to get started. I met some of the fans last night and they are amazing.

DdvdD9 karma

Hello! Unrelated question, but what has been the most exciting thing that has happened to you over the past 10 years?

TheWNBA30 karma

Being drafted in the WNBA Draft

caitlinswindle8 karma

What's your favorite song right now?

TheWNBA13 karma

I've been listening to the Rihanna CD for a while now. Anything Neo. No particular song

frankeocean8 karma

Who was your biggest influence growing up? It can be basketball or non-basketball related. Thanks for doing this AMA :)

TheWNBA10 karma

My mom.

caitlinswindle7 karma

What was your proudest moment?

TheWNBA17 karma

My proudest moment was putting on my Notre Dame jersey. I was dreaming about it since I was a kid.

havlisar7 karma

I know you and Candice Wiggins are good friends. How excited are you to get to play alongside her in your professional career?

TheWNBA8 karma

I'm so excited. I talked to her last night. She is ecstatic to have me down there. It's good to have a familiar face when going to a new place.

RedditKinger6 karma


TheWNBA9 karma

The women's basketball team and men's team were close. We knew the football players too because their games were the hottest ticket.

longlivenyy5 karma

Who have you met while at ND who have helped you enhance your game? Any current/former WNBA or NBA players?

TheWNBA8 karma

Niele Ivey, I wasn't a point guard until I worked with her. She really helped me develop my game.

Adytzah5 karma

Got any "guilty pleasures" that people wouldn't expect from you?

TheWNBA16 karma

CHOCOLATE! Huge chocolate fan. Scandal is my favorite TV show. I hate that I love reality TV.

favoritodedios5 karma

Spanish is my favorite language do you speak any?

TheWNBA9 karma

I took Spanish throughout high school and a little bit in college.

TooTall_Kyra4 karma

What number are you wearing in Tulsa? Will you be playing in the preseason game against the Sparks or will you have graduation that day? My bestfriend and I are going to see the game! I follow you on twitter! :)

TheWNBA6 karma

I want to wear 4 but we'll see how it happens. If I can't have it I'll ask my twitter followers what they think I should wear

anneharris4 karma

What type of movies you prefer horror/scary or comedy/feel good movies?

TheWNBA6 karma

I really been watching scary movies lately. I have always loved comedies but recently it's been all about scary movies.

RedditKinger3 karma


TheWNBA7 karma

Maybe, I haven't thought about it yet. I'm really just thinking about my WNBA future right now.

chuckiemag3 karma

What is your go-to pregame meal?

TheWNBA7 karma

Pasta and grilled chicken

caitlinswindle3 karma

Hey! I'm from Boston, so thank you for your condolences. Are you going to have to change your jersey number/will this affect your twitter name?

TheWNBA2 karma

If I don't keep it I'll change it to just SkylarDiggins but I haven't thought too much about it.

frankeocean3 karma

What is your fondest memory from playing at Notre Dame that you will carry with you with the rest of your life?

TheWNBA4 karma

Big East championship was special and so were the trips to the Final Four. Such a fun time and great opportunity.

cakinator3 karma

How was your experience with the USA Under-18 team? Would you be interested in playing internationally in the future as well?

TheWNBA7 karma

I absolutely want to continue playing internationally for USA. It was a great experience at every level I played.

crucialbiscuit2 karma

What's your favourite food?

TheWNBA10 karma

I am huge pizza fan (good thing I'm in NYC right now) and I like Italian food

crucialbiscuit3 karma

Favourite topping?

TheWNBA8 karma

Pepperoni, but I recently tried mushroom and I liked it. I never tried mushroom but I had mushroom and pepperoni pizza once and it was amazing.

stylone2 karma

What songs do you listen to before playing a game?

TheWNBA9 karma

a Lil Wayne or Jay-Z song

itsBrittany172 karma

What quote is the most meaningful to you?

TheWNBA8 karma

My mom always tells me "you do you." Just be yourself. On the court or off the court, you have to be comfortable with who you are.

itsa_wrap2 karma

Considering that the team you got drafted to didn't go to the playoffs last year, what do you think you could bring to the Shock team to change that?

TheWNBA3 karma

Being a leader and being competitive. They have a lot of great players and made a lot of great moves to make us successful. I just have to play my game.

longlivenyy2 karma

What is your favorite part about going to school at ND?

TheWNBA10 karma

Getting a good education and going to football games. Obviously our great basketball team too.

yaknowsllanos2 karma

Favorite sport outside of basketball?

TheWNBA7 karma

Volleyball. I played throughout my high school career.

_Justified_2 karma

Which would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

TheWNBA12 karma

One horse-sized duck. It's still just a duck

Mrfresh2852 karma

U said whatap to me when i gave u a shoutout at the nd mich game so for that u are awesome .....my fav female basketball player ever ..... Congrats on the draft .. Anyways who u got takin the nba finals this year?

TheWNBA5 karma

I'm a Laker fan so I was devastated when Kobe went down. I think it will be the Heat vs. OKC again. I wish the Lakers

kaylenj1232 karma

What's your favorite store to shop at ?

TheWNBA12 karma


fantom232 karma

I know U will be totally focused on basketball but what other interests career-wise do U want to pursue?

TheWNBA4 karma

I want to get into business. I plan on getting my MBA. Also, I am interested in doing something on TV in the future.

martinez072 karma

Hi.. Skylar Diggin.. How Are You..?

TheWNBA7 karma

I'm excellent. How are you?

Cornez2 karma

What goals do you have set for yourself this year?

TheWNBA10 karma

Make the playoffs. I'm not into individual accolades. I just want to put us in a good spot to be successful in the playoffs.