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To Dread:

When are you going to stream again zaebal?

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Got any "guilty pleasures" that people wouldn't expect from you?

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Most people that went to school have heard of Iuliu Maniu.

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Hey man, I remember being 15 a few years ago, I'd just finished scraping together some money so I could buy my first ever smart device, an iPod Touch 2nd gen. It was a new thing back then, so I'd download all of these apps that seem dumb today, but I remember how entertaining it was just laying in bed most summer nights, and (as a Romanian) listening to US Police radio on your 5-0 app. Thanks for that, they were some great times!

Anyway, got any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs (not necessarily app devs)?

Also, wanna hang out and listen to police radio some time?

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Did you ever get to wear one of those funny mushroom hats?