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How was Faye Reagan?

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Was.. (key word, was...) the best sex I've ever had, still to this day... ever. Now, you may ask, 'why was?'... she's been dealing with major substance abuse issues for years, and for half the relationship, she hid from me. It spiraled out of control and that, along with a few other things, led to the relationship's dimise. I really hope she can get her life back in order, cause I still love her tremendously. And, I don't wish to go into much further details about her on-going issues out of respect. :)

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I am one response in and this AMA is already better than Morgan Freeman's.

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bless you my child.

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I'm afraid to click this link.. lol

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Have you ever had a girl stick her finger in your butt?

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Haha, yes, some girl's have surprised me with that, it's really not all too comfortable for the most part. Honestly, there have been times where it's felt alright, but I think for the most part girl's don't know what they're to be doing down there, so it hasn't really come up much and I'm not one really to ask. I do like it when they lick all around it though. That's a winner there.

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I'm gonna be greedy and ask another question... How was doing 'Going Deep' With Kassem G?

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good, all of it is staged and the guest just plays along.

EDIT: Due to a lengthy, agressive twitter 'back and forth', a call from his attorney as well as multiple threats from his mother, and a mysterious letter from KassemG, that when I opened it, a white powery substance went everywhere... so, in no part to any of that happening have I been persuaded to modify the erroneous statement I made the other day about being on KassemG's show and it being staged. I'm making this correction because it's the right thing to do. It's what any good American SHOULD do. So, while I was very much aware of how the show goes and, more or less, how it's orchastrated to produce comedic gold, I stress, this was independent from KassemG and his crew. I just happened to utilize my extensive background in film & video, (this all before the adult industry, mind you) and did, in fact, coach Faye on how to respond to his questions. Now, while he, personally didn't stage anything with us, the show is 'influenced' and guests, independently have the option, (if they happen to be, 'in the know' in some regard) to play along. I am aware there's common knowledge as to what the word 'staged' means but, I was honestly hard pressed to find a direct definition with regards to what I was attempting and apparently failing to use it as originally, so anyone out there wish to try and find a correct definition for this, in the context I had used it in? Also, I'd love to be a guest again on his show, but my repeated solicitations had fallen on deaf ears, I feel. All the flowers sent, messages left on his car's window written out in dove's blood and the late night phone calls that went unanswered, so... I just left voicemails proclaiming my love for him and his god-boy-man-wolf-like body... I feel woozy now, I used some of that powdery substance from the rhfndmfnfnfnc. Ncncnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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brb, I got to go bang a girl. I'll let you know how it goes after.

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Hey almost done. She's great!

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I never thought I would be better at anything than Morgan Freeman is.

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There's a famous myth that a lot of porn stars were abused as kids. Is there some truth in that?! If so what do you think about that?

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My father, who was a police officer for three decades, was very strick in a lot of ways. Now, he wasn't around too much for me, as my parents split around age 11, however, I do recall a decent amount of verbal abuse, not so much physical. I would tend to agree that a larger percentage of performers I have encountered had some adverse upbringing which, could have, indirectly affected their life down the line, but as to say it's primarily responsible for them being in adult work? No.

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Do you get tired of sex?

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Great question! Hmmm, no. It always intrigues me. I may get tired with a female partner if there's not more than one facet there to keep me attracted (I don't feel I am much to different, in that regard, than most others), but I love sex, it's such a great release for me.

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Hey there! What in your opinion, is the best thing about being a Porn Star? What is the worst?

Congratulations, with dating and working with Faye Reagan. (I hate you!)

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Best thing: constant stream of hot, young beautiful girls. Worst thing: dealing with young girls. ;) idk, there's a lot to this job that is about networking, socializing and politic'ing, which I am not the best at... This job can be lonely for a decent amount of the performers in it, I am no exception.

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Thank you for giving a sincere thoughtful response! You seem to have more of a brain than most porn stars.

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Thank you, I finally decided I should do one of these, I really should have done this about a year ago, but ya... lol.

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DO girls ever actually cum in pornos? If so, how can you tell, as a viewer, if they are or are just actually good at acting?

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Yes, sometimes... how you can tell? Well, if you can see their toes curling, (key sign)... otherwise, all the other signs probably are fake, as I can tell when performing with girls if their toes don't curl. But, a lot of these girls are great at acting for the camera.

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I always thought Faye came because she was with you and you guys were together, was this a safe assumption? It's just so much hotter when you are convinced the girls are actually cumming. Also, do you know of any stars that regularly cum or any male stars that usually make their partners cum?

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Very much a safe assumption. Yes, Lia Lor, India Summers, are ones that pop in my head.

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How do you feel about a lot of porn becoming increasingly violent towards the girls who "star" in them? Not just rough stuff, but scenes that are intentionally fucked up. I'm talking about stuff like Max Hardcore or Facial Abuse and websites like that which seem to be becoming mainstream. These vids are not so much people enjoying fucking as much as blatant depictions of sexual assault. How do you feel about this?

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Well, I think the argument can be made to say that, since porn is fantasy... it's not "real". The girls who are in such seemingly "violent" or aggressive films are there of their own free will and are actually into that style of sexual acts. Porn, videogames and mainstream movies are used for escapism and while we, as a society, accept such violence in games and movies... and, such implied, extreme sexual acts like rape, incest or pedofilia in mainstream movies, I think it's only fair to say that, yes, while porn is becoming more "hardcore" it's what we as a society "wants" right now, (we wouldn't make it if it wasn't selling). I do think there should be more of a disclaimer for a lot of these rough sites, like how does it with pre/post interviews of the girls explaining they love that type of work, and loved the scene and they did it completely willingly, there was a "safe word" and it was a very controlled environment.

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No question. Just wanted to say thanks for doing an awesome AMA! Keep on fuckin!

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Thanks man, I am very new to reddit, as you can see... So, please do whatever you do to make this more popular.. :) I'd be very much appreciative.

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You sound like such a polite gentleman, and that is so fucking hot.

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Hey danecrossx, IthinkshewantstheD

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Can reddit get me laid?

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Have you ever had sex with a celebrity, and who?

Also have you ever had sex for money outside of the porn industry?

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My goal is to fuck one, the likelihood of that happening, I feel, is slim. :) The most interesting were a LA police officer, a dental hygienist, a disabled youth program worker, an aerospace engenier, and what I believe was either, a summa cum laude or magna cum laude graduate of a prestigious college. And, as for sex outside of work for cash, yes, I have performed with another girl as a private show for an individual who likes to watch.

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Disabled, youth program worker?
Disabled youth, program worker?
Disabled youth program, worker?

Farisr9k40 karma

I like to think he deliberately left it open to interpretation.

danecrossx71 karma

a program worker who monitored and supported disabled youth

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Best Moment: Realizing my job is to fuck and that millionaires have to pay out the ass for what I get for free, or paid to do. Worst Moment: Knowing that nothing is certain and staying relavant is difficult.

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So def, please be sure to follow me on twitter so we can talk about the film RAMPART.

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Have you ever fapped to your own scene?

danecrossx321 karma

Haha, totally, but not to myself, but just reliving the moment.

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What got you into porn Industry?

Are you planning to leave it any time soon?

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The need to survive got me in. I had to finish a project I started in college. (password is hostelterritory) And, yes, I would like to leave this biz sooner than later, I don't like staying in one place too long.

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Hey, I am back!

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Is it strange that I'm answering your reddit questions while Natalie Heart does a naked striptease for the camera in front of me...

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Yes, I do feel I am heterosexual, as I could never see myself in a relationship with another male. I don't find myself in clubs and checking out the guys, or when I have the "want" for sex, I am not thinking how much I want to go suck a guys dick or fuck some dude in the ass... That being said, for work doing DVDA or any variation of the sort, is basically the "gayest" straight thing you can do, lol. The industry is very hetero-flexible but there's still a stigma with some performers who openly do both, gay and straight scenes, (presently or in the past) to where certain companies won't associate with them potentially, or the female performers will refuse to work with them. Honestly, it has gotten a lot better in the last couple years, however.

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How does your personal sex life compare to your professional sex life?

danecrossx450 karma

My personal sex life has been enhanced over the years due to my work. I've learned to appreciate the finer nuances to the sexual experience with the various girls I've been with. My professional sex life is just that, it's a career and, while I do enjoy it very much, at the end of the day it's all for entertainment. As a performer you're their for the person watching it, so it's best you understand how to best "get into" and convey to your audience that you want to be there and you're enjoying it, (even if you really may be not).

Pedo_Spider249 karma

Do the women you become romantically involved with ever get jealous of the women you work with?

Do you keep your significant other updated on your work schedule or talk about work at all?

danecrossx642 karma

The girls recently I have seen, (one I am still currently with now for the past 6 months) are not jealous and it's really wonderful. She asks about my work and has actually watched scenes of mine, (though, she actually doesn't watch porn to masturbate). This girl is also not in the adult industry, she's just a girl in college. :)

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Lol... there was this one time in Texas, years and years ago, probably 2003, anyhow, I was out there visiting some friends and I ended up meeting this girl off of AFF and FUCKING HELL, just awful... girl was drunk, didn't look like she did in her pictures and was just a dead fuck. Now, why you ask I committed? A few reasons, mostly I wasn't getting laid much back then, and I felt awkward and couldn't come up with any decent excuse otherwise to find my way out of this situation I got in. I was just about 19 and never had a girlfriend, live and learn, ha.

danecrossx237 karma

Hey ya'all :) I have to get ready to go to set soon. I am working with Natalie Heart today. If you can, please up-vote the questions you really would like to have answered. I'm really super new to this so I am trying to figure out how to manage and go through as much of these as I can.

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"brb gotta go fuck a girl, I'll tell y'all how it is afterwards ;)" This man will go down in reddit history.

danecrossx195 karma

using that.

thejapanesefirefly222 karma

a few questions :) How many girls have you fucked? How long do you plan on doing porn for? What are your hobbies? What is your social life like? Who is a girl in porn that you haven't fucked but would really like to if u could choose anyone?

danecrossx454 karma

I've not fucked enough... lol, probably around 600. I don't know how long, maybe another year or two. I enjoy doing various video projects. I have been working on a band/tour doc for my favorite band. I like magic tricks, and playing board/card games. I love to travel, if that can be a hobby too. I am not all too exciting. Girl I want to fuck, if I could... presently, it's her

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Read every answer so far Dane, great AMA. Very interesting and you give really good answers. Here's a question, do you think that when people hear the word porn actor/actress, that they don't expect a porn actor/actress - in their eyes - to be intelligent, emotional, or has even a bit of solidarity towards others. Or in other words, the negative view towards this vocation.

What's your stance on this if you look at it from a distance. (colleagues, why this view, your POV)

Bonus question: what is something in the world that interests you right now?

danecrossx278 karma

Thank you for your kind words. I do feel there is a general stereotype that I've encountered with regards to, someone like myself. I usually hear, "I didn't think you'd be so well-spoken." or "Wow, you've done a lot of interesting stuff for being a porn star." But, to be honest there are a decent amount of people that could wander into or are in this business currently that didn't have an opportunity (or maybe the interest) in going to college or traveling around the world or having the type of social adversity and respective, inexperience I had growing up as a loaner, and teachers pet... and, always having and identifying with older people than me. It's just who I am, and I feel, that makes me not like the majority in my business, and once again, ironically, an outsider in a lot of regards. I've learned a tremendous about in this business about how to act around other people in various social and sexual settings and I have made A LOT of mistakes... and, I am still learning. It's cost me financially and on an interpersonal level, but I don't give up and I wouldn't take anything back. BONUS: You know, I really love to travel and a friend of mine, for the last couple years, really wanted to visit North Korea, (course, not now) be we honestly were going to go next summer. I find North Korea a fascinating country, and while I don't agree with their regime and their forced labor/internment camps, it's just always been a place that I know not a lot of people have visited. I've always had a love for telling the story. I went to film school and worked in news for 6 years prior to porn. I just like to get out there and discover the world first hand... come back and share my experiences.

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well, soon I hope. We did a blow job scene together once, only, I think, years back, but never fucked... We do each love the band Pinback, A LOT, so I am thinking based on that knowledge, we should have good sex. haha

danecrossx141 karma

Alright, another common question is about STDs... Here, in the adult industry we have self-regulated standards of safety for our performers which are also monitored by the county and private, non-profit organizations. Basically, we are one of the most, if not the most tested, sexually active population in the world. Every 14 to 28 days it is MANDATORY that we give blood and urine samples for testing. We can not ever work with out it, EVER. So, for the last 6 years I've had my arm poked almost to the point where it sometimes looks like I shoot heroin into this one vein on my left arm. :) Now, that being said, our testing is NOT meant to be preventative, no sir. It is rather meant to reduce the risk and rate of transmission of various STD's/STI's. "It's great to learn! Cause, knowledge is power!" The adult industry doesn't really encounter any substantially higher STD rates than the average person who engages in unprotected sexual acts with their partner in whatever various forms they so choose, whether it be oral, vaginal, anal... ear, idk. Anyone who has sex runs the risk for exposure, (even with barrier protection methods) to various STI's and STD's. But that being said, just because you are with someone who may have a bacterial infection, or is asymptomatic and a carrier or MONO, HPV, HSV or even HIV, it does NOT guarantee that you too will acquire said, 'disease or infection' even if a condom WASN'T used. Now, have I been exposed to various things? Of-Fucking-Course. Did I know right away? Yes. Was I treated and was it remedied/resolved/cured? Damn right, it was. Statistics show, if you have sex you will encounter someone with something... less you sleep with one person, your whole life, ever, (and then, even then they could still have something!)... Safe sex, is NO sex, or just sex with yourself a lot... in many fun ways, like stranglebation! So for example, condoms are NOT 100% effective against the transmission of HSV, ( And, now speaking about oral sex specifically, unless your using a condom, (EVERY TIME) to suck your man off or 'go-down' on your girl using a dental dam, (EVERY TIME)... you still, pretty much run a same risk as if you were to stick your love-stick inside her twat-doodle. There are a lot of misnomers, and stigmas out there and I really would like to see the general public more educated on these matters because, if we knew the reality and the actual risks involved and the public was tested more often, we would significantly reduce the risks and transmission rates... And, this is seen in a prime example with HIV testing and higher rates of condom use, (which HIV is 100% effective against if, no failure occurs and is used properly) Our talent pool is essentially a closed loop, (least we aim to keep it that way as much as we can). So, the only way something can get in, is if it is brought in and with our rigorous testing, we end up knowing about it very quickly and the matter is resolved. With that, I say I like sex, I am not out to endanger those whom I work with (or fuck, in general) as I do it responsibly and with a great knowledge base as my guide.

toddmhardin127 karma

Hello Sir thank you for doing an AMA. I am against the act of lemon stealing and the people who do this unforgivable crime. What is your stance on the matter?

danecrossx230 karma

Don't ever fuck with someone's lemons. I personally have used my lemon tree to secure a loan.

Kutchyx127 karma

Would you ever consider midget porn?

danecrossx469 karma

Yes, I WANT TO FUCK A HOT MIDGET.... Reddit... make this happen... now. :)

Gamjasalad98 karma

Do you ever get upset when people type your name in to Google search and it doesn't show any suggested searches?

danecrossx337 karma

Yes, right now... I did.. I am angry. I need to go now. This has killed me inside, you have no idea. FUCK.

If only my penis were 10 inches.

DublinItUp71 karma

What's your secret to lasting so long?

danecrossx51 karma

I masturbate for hours.

inneresting53 karma

Do you find that your standard of beauty (in a woman, physically) has changed since being in the industry? Do you find it makes you more critical of normal women after being around porn stars all day?

danecrossx67 karma

Fucking amazing question! Yes, they've improved. I am more discerning. But, no "normal woman" appeal to me just as much as the average, good-looking porn girl, possibly even more so. :)

thechicagonigga53 karma

this has easily been one of the most entertaining AMAs I have ever seen. now, an obvious question; have you had a STD, and if so, many?

Follow up, how often do you get tested?

danecrossx83 karma

Yes, in the business we are exposed to STD's at various times and I have been treated and resolved for those occurrences. It's no different than the general public who's sexually active, in that regard, as to what one may be exposed to through sexual acts... What's different is, we are tested every 14-28 days with urine and blood being taken, so as to not be preventative but limit the potential exposure risk to other performers and the public.

BnScarpia52 karma

In the industry, what would you say is the smallest penis you've seen working that doesn't specifically use his small size as a marketing angle?

danecrossx109 karma

Oh, lol... That, would have to be a man who goes by The MINION. He's really a super nice guy, but go look him up... my god.

lvehatentragdy438 karma

I love your work, especially with Faye, but I gotta ask, what is memorable, if not MOST memorable blooper you can remember happening while filming?

danecrossx126 karma

I was jerking off to keep as hard as possible before we were about to go back to shooting and the girl's face was right near my dick and hand that was jerking it off... I accidentally hit her in the face with said, jerking hand. ~_~

mendies38 karma

I see you're back, so weird question, as a guy hopes hoping to soon lose his virginity (kinda late) do you have any tips to relax into it and generally get the most out of sex?

danecrossx75 karma

Well, you should masturbate for extended periods of time.. like, try an hour, than two.. and do this for awhile. It will help with orgasm control and your partner will love this. :) And, really feel your partners subtle movements and if you can't at first, don't be afraid to ask for advise from her.

danecrossx33 karma

So, a lot asked why I got in the business. It was to finish this project I started in film school. A travel show about backpacking and hosteling in Europe called Hostel Territory. PASSWORD for all of them is: hostelterritory

I'm still trying to get a home for it. It's been a few years now. I am happy I was able to complete it and in large part due to the opportunities I've been afforded by being in porn but since it hasn't taken off like I hoped it would, I'm now left with a "so, what's next to do" feeling.

archers_scotch29 karma

Do you ever watch other performers for ideas on how to improve your own work? Any takeaways that you've found?

danecrossx42 karma

Yes, I watch others to see how they perform, but there's only so much you can take away from that. We are all individuals and should have our own relative style that's conveyed. There is a method to how a male performer should go about fucking on camera. There are however subtle nuances that must be interspersed to make a really great scene. Fucking and love making. Being there and connected with the partner, or making damn well sure that the girl (and the audience) thinks you are.

itsmrcool23 karma

What advice would you give to a young male trying to become a pornstar?

danecrossx55 karma

Don't. The industry is ultra competitive and to make a living doing it, is no different. It's kinda funny how the country talks about, "the 1%"... well, it's kinda fucking like that in the adult industry now. Except it's not the 1% of performers who get most of the work, it's probably more like the top 10% but in an industry this small, that's not a lot. It bothers me on some level that there are good people who should be able to make a decent living in this business but can't because of silly politics and some immature people.

danecrossx21 karma

Can reddit get me laid?

YeaThat21 karma

What awards have you won?

danecrossx37 karma

I have won 4 awards. 3 awards were given the same year by three different accrediting bodies, that was for best new male performer. The other was from a European company for best male performer.

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danecrossx35 karma

You know, I used to like her but that site went down hill, in my personal opinion after it got sold off to a larger porn conglomerate.

Unsuspectingturtle16 karma

Are most male pornstars dicks naturally that big, or is there a lot of enhancement drugs going around.

danecrossx32 karma

Erection pills are most common... nothing really makes your dick bigger though. So, yes guys in this business were born with larger than avg dicks, for the most part.

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danecrossx3 karma

clarify please.

seldom_seen8 karma

It's a internet porn joke right now stemming from a horrible video involving ATM. Essentially, this guy is trying to be witty because he can't think of a question.

danecrossx11 karma

Alas, as much time as I spend online I apparently am not hip to all the "goings ons'... Thanks for the heads up.

danecrossx10 karma

lol..'s_Only_Smellz.html Sometime's I am late to the game with this shit.

seldom_seen5 karma

It's a regular lemon party in here.

danecrossx9 karma