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Have you ever fapped to your own scene?

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Have you heard from Dennis Eckersley since your story about the MVP awards?

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Charlie, I'm a huge fan.

The way you are able to tell stories about complicated subject matter without sounding like the typical TV robot is really refreshing and a practice that I try to incorporate into my own writing.

I'm curious to know how you developed your style of reporting and if you think it could be duplicated elsewhere or if Detroit really feeds into that kooky aspect because of the state of things in the Motor City.

Particularly, I'm really blown away at your ability to approach potential sources for stories with a bit of a challenge. In the GQ Madman Of The Year piece they did on you, you basically called that kid out for not "doing his part." How often does that tactic work and has it ever backfired?

Thanks again for all the work you do.