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is a pornographic actor and director.

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Was.. (key word, was...) the best sex I've ever had, still to this day... ever. Now, you may ask, 'why was?'... she's been dealing with major substance abuse issues for years, and for half the relationship, she hid from me. It spiraled out of control and that, along with a few other things, led to the relationship's dimise. I really hope she can get her life back in order, cause I still love her tremendously. And, I don't wish to go into much further details about her on-going issues out of respect. :)

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Well, I think the argument can be made to say that, since porn is fantasy... it's not "real". The girls who are in such seemingly "violent" or aggressive films are there of their own free will and are actually into that style of sexual acts. Porn, videogames and mainstream movies are used for escapism and while we, as a society, accept such violence in games and movies... and, such implied, extreme sexual acts like rape, incest or pedofilia in mainstream movies, I think it's only fair to say that, yes, while porn is becoming more "hardcore" it's what we as a society "wants" right now, (we wouldn't make it if it wasn't selling). I do think there should be more of a disclaimer for a lot of these rough sites, like how kink.com does it with pre/post interviews of the girls explaining they love that type of work, and loved the scene and they did it completely willingly, there was a "safe word" and it was a very controlled environment.

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Haha, yes, some girl's have surprised me with that, it's really not all too comfortable for the most part. Honestly, there have been times where it's felt alright, but I think for the most part girl's don't know what they're to be doing down there, so it hasn't really come up much and I'm not one really to ask. I do like it when they lick all around it though. That's a winner there.

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My father, who was a police officer for three decades, was very strick in a lot of ways. Now, he wasn't around too much for me, as my parents split around age 11, however, I do recall a decent amount of verbal abuse, not so much physical. I would tend to agree that a larger percentage of performers I have encountered had some adverse upbringing which, could have, indirectly affected their life down the line, but as to say it's primarily responsible for them being in adult work? No.

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Best thing: constant stream of hot, young beautiful girls. Worst thing: dealing with young girls. ;) idk, there's a lot to this job that is about networking, socializing and politic'ing, which I am not the best at... This job can be lonely for a decent amount of the performers in it, I am no exception.

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Best Moment: Realizing my job is to fuck and that millionaires have to pay out the ass for what I get for free, or paid to do. Worst Moment: Knowing that nothing is certain and staying relavant is difficult.

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My goal is to fuck one, the likelihood of that happening, I feel, is slim. :) The most interesting were a LA police officer, a dental hygienist, a disabled youth program worker, an aerospace engenier, and what I believe was either, a summa cum laude or magna cum laude graduate of a prestigious college. And, as for sex outside of work for cash, yes, I have performed with another girl as a private show for an individual who likes to watch.

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Great question! Hmmm, no. It always intrigues me. I may get tired with a female partner if there's not more than one facet there to keep me attracted (I don't feel I am much to different, in that regard, than most others), but I love sex, it's such a great release for me.

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Yes, sometimes... how you can tell? Well, if you can see their toes curling, (key sign)... otherwise, all the other signs probably are fake, as I can tell when performing with girls if their toes don't curl. But, a lot of these girls are great at acting for the camera.

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bless you my child.