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ediblemessiah332 karma

Going into the film, did you realize you would have multiple sex scenes with the alien hybrid of Fabio and Christopher Walken?

juliettedanielle223 karma

I did know, yes.

mudclub212 karma

Oh god, so many more questions.

  • What mental (and physical) preparation did you undergo prior to making sweet love to a boiled ham?

  • Was Greg Sestero as dreamy in person as he is on film?

  • Is Mike Holmes as downright awesome in person as he in on film?

juliettedanielle151 karma

That first bullet point just made me spit out Coke Zero on The Lola.

Greg Sestero is totally dreamy. But he's also a GREAT friend to have. So sweet. And...he hasn't aged a BIT. Not fair!!!

Mike Holmes is awesome, yes. I don't keep in contact with him, which is a shame!

thepain73204 karma

Did you ever think Bugs Bunny was hot when he put on a dress and pretended to be a girl bunny?

juliettedanielle132 karma


Frajer189 karma

Are you still tearing people apart?

juliettedanielle169 karma

My husband might say yes, on occasion. But in general, I really try not to. I don't like to see people unhappy...or stressed...or upset...or, you know...torn apart and whatnot.

cork3d167 karma

I LOVE The Room. Made an account just to ask you a question. I'm not trolling, seriously -- I've been trying to find out if anybody else has noticed this: During the second sex scene with Mark -- exactly between 1:06:20 and 1:06:23 -- a very tiny boob slap occurs. You can JUST hear the "clap." The "boob slap scene" is a source of great amusement among the Roomies (not to be confused with roommates) who I've shown it to, but nobody outside of our group seems to have noticed it. Have you encountered anybody else who has picked up on this? Did you know about it? I'm completely serious, I swear. Please respond!

juliettedanielle159 karma

OMG I didn't notice this! Now I know what I'll be doing after I get done with this AMA.

David_VanPatten106 karma

My friends and I are big fans of the boob slap. I'm glad you asked this.

juliettedanielle111 karma

I swear, I never knew it was a thing.

Blegatron154 karma

Is there any chance that Tommy Wiseau is a genius and his mysterious/eccentric public persona is the real act a la The Prestige?

juliettedanielle321 karma

The Prestige is one of my top five fav films. And...no.

juliettedanielle145 karma

I am already reading some of the questions. God, I love you guys.

moreputin_lessgluten132 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how awkward was filming those sex scenes? Did you actually feel Tommy Wiseau's tommy wiseau in your belly button?

juliettedanielle274 karma

They were not sex scenes. They were love scenes. ;)

It was a closed set...about as comfortable as you can get in that kind of situation I guess. Tommy had his stuff taped up...so no. To be honest though, when we were filming...I had no idea it looked like he was humping my belly button.

fionad92132 karma

Did you ever find out where Tommy's seemingly inexplicable accent comes from?

juliettedanielle213 karma

I seriously have NO idea. :(

rsplatpc69 karma

No one EVER asked him where he comes from?

juliettedanielle194 karma

The actors asked him a lot. I never got an answer. I think he's an Aquarius though?

reyshells129 karma

I've been publicly humiliated by Tommy for asking where he was from (many spoons were thrown and I got quite a speech about American freedom). I'm sure you're asked this a lot but... seriously, does no one know?

juliettedanielle164 karma

Yeah, he guards that secret pretty closely. I have no idea.

tomkesler112 karma

Have you ever had sex in real life to "You're My Rose" or "I will"???

juliettedanielle173 karma

Oh, God no. I think it might scar me...permanently.

wexfun96 karma

Tommy is obviously a strange guy, but what was the absolute weirdest thing you saw him do on set?

juliettedanielle270 karma

He drinks more Red Bull than any human I've ever met.

mrmair9189 karma

Have you seen the Nostalgia Critic's review of The Room?

juliettedanielle161 karma

Yes, and I actually LOVED it. I can't wait Rifftrax though...way too scared.

coachbrew80 karma

How was the half pesto and artichoke, half pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza?

juliettedanielle81 karma

I don't know...I have never had it. But I DO love pineapple and jalapeno. Seriously? Yum.

mudclub28 karma

I have to recommend pineapple and banana pepper rather than jalapeno.

juliettedanielle45 karma

Imma going to try that!

rsplatpc80 karma

When on set, seriously, did ANYONE you ever encounter say anything about the prop photo frames not having real photos in them?

juliettedanielle61 karma

I never heard anything about it.

needmorepillows79 karma


juliettedanielle133 karma

Considering how hardcore Chris-R was...they would have had to be really good ones, right?

abuckley8967 karma

Are you still in contact with Tommy? Does Tommy actually view the film as a black comedy? Does he hurt ever that people don't take the film seriously as the drama it appears to be? Is Tommy in a relationship? Is he married? How's his sex life?

juliettedanielle87 karma

I don't see him much. I'm not sure about that stuff...

I do think it hurt him initially when it wasn't so well received. This was his baby.

starcollector65 karma

I've heard that the actors weren't allowed to see the whole script while filming- is that true? Did you have any sense of what the, uh, "quality" of The Room would be in the end while you were filming? Thanks so much for the AMA!

juliettedanielle124 karma

This is correct! Since I was in most of it...I got most of the script. But not all. To be honest, the quality of the room is high. We had a full crew. But I still didn't think anyone would see it because...well...you know....

Boy was I wrong!!!

hoyahoyahoya64 karma

It seems like Sestero has saddled up to Tommy and spends a great deal of time going from screening to screening with him - why is it generally just those two at the screenings and not you or the multitude of other actors?

juliettedanielle120 karma

Greg and Tommy are very close...they've been good friends for YEARS. I don't really know the reason Tommy doesn't want us at the screenings. I love taking photos with fans and answering questions. But...it is what it is.

rsplatpc21 karma

Have you ever had the chance to ask him or has there ever been any communication about why no one else is involved?

juliettedanielle29 karma

It doesn't bother me that much. I guess I'll have to ask next time I run into him.

kateing59 karma

can you make your neck do that thing on command?

juliettedanielle97 karma


I re-watched that scene the other day and wow...gross AND impressive.

I have spent a lot of time trying to do this on command. My good friend & director of The Trouble With Barry Mike Justice, promises he is going to put on a wig and be Michelle some night and we will try and recreate the moment. If I can learn how to do it...that is going on my resume! ;)

KevinAlberttheRock47 karma

How did your friends and family react to your being in the movie? What did they think about it?

juliettedanielle145 karma

Good question. Friends & Family are barred from seeing it. Friends see it anyway.

My mom friggin LOVES The Room. LOVES IT. Weird? Yes. But it's true.

My dad...well, this is a funny story. He thought it would be ok to watch it on Comedy Central when it came on for April Fools. I told him not to do it...he'd be sorry, but he said he was putting it on DVR. The next day I get an email from him saying he turned it off the minute the black boxes came up on screen. haha!

mrmair9147 karma

I read an interview where you said that the hardest seen to shoot was the roof scene with Denny. Was it just that the lines were hard to deliver seriously?

juliettedanielle126 karma

Yes, that's exactly why. What KIND of drugs. What KIND of money. So awkward. Plus, I felt like she wouldn't be that upset...because nothing really upset her that much.

kittybow45 karma

Have you ever had any regrets about participating in The Room?

juliettedanielle116 karma

In the past, I totally regretted it. But it's who I am...and as I get older, it gets easier to tolerate. I'd probably do it again...but different. There would be a "love scene" time limit for sure.

roastedbagel43 karma

Hey Juliette! First off, love the kitty, name?

Secondly - do you remember the very first time you were recognized "on the streets"? If so, how was that experience? Were you freaking out on the inside? Did it come unexpectedly?

My friend just recently experienced something similar and he said he was more excited than the fan, to the point where the fan was creeped out.

juliettedanielle61 karma

I don't freak out when I get recognized...but it does make me happy. Especially now...because I don't look the same...so if people know who I am, it is usually because they follow me on FB or Twitter and know the me then AND now. I LOVE taking photos with sweet, respectful fans.

ThatWasFred39 karma

Do you ever get sick of people constantly throwing quotes from The Room at you on Facebook, on the street, and in this AMA?

Related question: Are there any quotes in particular that you wish they'd stop using, or wish they'd use more often?

juliettedanielle99 karma

Love this question. I don't mind when fans do it...unless I'm trying to post about something really serious like animal welfare or cancer (ok, well that one I understand) or something.

Friends & Family? Hell no. There are less than five people who I love dearly who can get away with it. But most of my friends just do it to piss me off...and it totally works.

I do love the "keep your stupid comments in your pocket" line. It's epic.

hoyahoyahoya34 karma

  1. Do you think we'll ever really learn anything about Tommy's background and what his deal really is?

  2. Is there any chance this is an elaborate long con, that Tommy knew what he was doing the whole time, and he's really just a normal guy from Ohio?

juliettedanielle56 karma

He is not a normal guy from Ohio. I think he's just naturally Tommy. What you see is pretty much who he is. Very sweet.

Greg Sestero is very close with him. We may get the truth very soon in his new book!

kirbith34 karma

If you could meet one wrestler, who would it be?

juliettedanielle48 karma

FANTASTIC question. And such a hard one! I think Randy Orton. Or Zack Ryder. That's weird...I know...but Ryder seems like he'd be awesome to meet in person. Hopefully I will see them at ComiCon this year!!!

Oh Wait...I'm so conflicted. Big Show...how amazing would that be?

snotsnit20 karma

It's odd but I see you as more of a Dolph Ziggler kind of gal

juliettedanielle40 karma

I like Ziggy. Proud of him for FINALLY cashing in MITB.

hoyahoyahoya33 karma

When did you know this thing was going to be a ridiculous film? Was it apparent while you were making it, or did you not get the full extent of it until you saw it for the first time?

juliettedanielle99 karma

I thought the dialogue was bad. I had NO idea that The Room would become such a perfect combination of errors that people would band together in dressed up droves to spend their Saturday nights on a regular basis.

jpbg31 karma

So, do you agree that The Room should be called, "Lisa is really mean?"

juliettedanielle114 karma

Dude, you mean "Lisa looks really hot tonight." Sorry, I couldn't help it.

Yeah, Lisa IS really mean. And manipulative. And a psychopath.

satyricon55329 karma


juliettedanielle48 karma

Sure thing! I love it. Fanmail info is here: http://www.juliettedanielle.com/?page_id=382

Rammsteinxx29 karma

Did you ever question Tommy as to why he put a bunch of pictures of spoons everywhere, and a couch infront of the TV? Lmao.

juliettedanielle187 karma

I did NAUGHT .

bingbong271529 karma

Is Tommy's butt as glorious in real life as it is in the movie?

juliettedanielle71 karma

It certainly is.

TheLameloid29 karma

If you were given the opportunity to make The Room 2, would you take it?

juliettedanielle70 karma

Hell yes. No boobs. Everything else...all in.

WaywardWayfarer28 karma

Have you ever tasted scotchka?

juliettedanielle53 karma

Maybe by accident. You know how when you're super drunk and will drink whatever "they" hand you? Yeah...

I also don't have any scotch at my house. I'm more of a wine fan. ;)

Illogical_Arguments28 karma

All I want to know is if her breast cancer was cured?

juliettedanielle64 karma

I would assume it was.

But seriously, breast cancer is no joke. Someday I'd love for the Room cast to do a walk/run for breast cancer. I think that was Kyle Vogt's idea.

ediblemessiah28 karma

Hey Juliette, I just finished my 13th viewing of The Room (No Joke but the best movie i've ever seen) and I was wondering, did you have any idea the movie would have the cultural impact that it did when you were making it?

juliettedanielle46 karma

Thanks for being such a Room fan!!! I never thought people would really see it after the premiere. Plus, I had NO exposure to cult films growing up...so I didn't even know that was an option.

malewhitestudent27 karma

Did Tommy smell bad?

juliettedanielle69 karma

No? I am sure he thought I smelled bad. I smoked a lot and he hated it.

optimisticon27 karma

What made you want to sign onto this movie?

juliettedanielle148 karma

I needed a job.

rudeboybill25 karma

You describe yourself as a "Christ follower" on your twitter, could you talk about your faith, how you came to it, what exactly you believe, etc?

juliettedanielle63 karma

Wow, what a great question. Thank you for asking!

I grew up Christian (Episcopal)...but didn't really form that deep connection with Jesus Christ until later in life. My parents never talked to me about it...but I always felt the need to seek it out. As soon as I got my drivers license, I drove myself to churches in the Sugar Land area (where I grew up)/ Only recently, did I find a church here in LA where I fit in. They are Lutheran ELCA. I love it.

I believe that there are too many barriers between people and God...and there shouldn't be. Ask and you will be let in. Seek and you will find Him. And no matter what your life situation, God is there...waiting for you with open arms.

stopXstoreytime30 karma

Atheist here, but gotta send some love to the ELCA. I grew up in it and the connections I've made in the DE/MD Synod area are incredible. I'm happy that you found an ELCA church around where you are! Lutherans are becoming wonderfully progressive.

juliettedanielle25 karma

Yep, that's what I like about them. But they are progressive AND they love God so much. It's a celebration of that personal relationship with God. They are into community service, too....which I love.

duck-billedplatitude24 karma

My friend chatted with you on Facebook the other day. It was a big highlight for him as this is now the go-to movie to watch before the Oscars come on every year.

And you can't go wrong with cats for upvotes. Good job.

juliettedanielle43 karma

Very cool! Before the Oscars, eh? Lord...

I have five cats. Cat people rule. I also love dogs...but the cats forbid me from getting one. I think my husband might leave me if I bring home another living thing into this house.

tomkesler24 karma

Do you still own THE red dress? Ever considered selling it on eBay?

juliettedanielle63 karma

Yeah, Tommy destroyed it. But I have the black dress I wear to seduce Mark. I've considered it, yes...but I'm going to probably save that until I'm poor or something.

beaverteeth9223 karma

How many members of the cast do you still keep in touch with? Are you close with Tommy at all?

juliettedanielle50 karma

I hug Tommy every time I see him...which isn't often. He's a very nice guy.

I keep in touch with Greg Sestero, Philip Haldiman, and Kyle Vogt (and Robyn Paris a bit, too).

snotsnit23 karma

Did you have any particularly rough times with any of the other actors?

Also, I want to thank you because my local cinema has a pre-recorded video of you introducing The Room every time they show it and I couldn't think of a better way to introduce the film

juliettedanielle32 karma

The actors got along from what I remember.

Which cinema is it? That is so cool! Thank you!!!

satyricon55322 karma


juliettedanielle28 karma

I will certainly be painting more! I love it. Any suggestions on a non-spoon item?

Blegatron22 karma

Hi Juliette! Huge fan! Few questions: 1. I've always wondered if the character of Johnny was based on how Tommy viewed himself and if in his own mind he was wronged by a woman (possibly named Liza). Any chance that's true? 2. I've read that some of the actors felt the dialogue was a bit off in places and needed revisions. Do you remember any juicy lines that failed to make the final cut? 3. What was up with Denny? I've seen the Room more times than I can count and every time I invent a new back story for him.

juliettedanielle28 karma

We (the other actors and I) totally thought Tommy saw himself in Johnny...it seemed very personal.

I don't remember any dialogue not making it into the film. I mean, isn't the dialogue weird enough already?

Denny is a fun character. I have seen some fan fiction back stories, too. I love those.

thepain7321 karma

If it was up to you, what kind of movie would you be the star of? Sci-fi, romance?

juliettedanielle45 karma

It is my DREAM to be on the SyFy channel. I'd also like to do a really bloody horror movie soon. I'm a great screamer!!!

Illogical_Arguments47 karma

I'm a great screamer!!!

Too easy.

juliettedanielle47 karma


PurpleSfinx21 karma

How many times have you seen The Room?

Honestly, if you could go back in time would you still be in it, considering effects on your career etc.?

juliettedanielle48 karma

Under five times. I'll occasionally watch Youtube clips. I'd be in it again, yes. But there would certainly be a cap on how much boobage was shown. Seriously...like...ALL the footage was used.

mudclub20 karma

Todd Barron. Fucking Todd Barron. How did he wind up having a career in film while the rest of you went down in flames?

I need a Todd Barron AMA wherein I get to beat him to death with a camera.

juliettedanielle43 karma

I just googled him. LOL. I found this gem: http://www.avclub.com/articles/a-viewers-guide-to-the-room,25721/

" The film is constantly going in and out of focus. (“Damn you Todd Barron!” He’s the director of photography, and that’s what you shout when his credit pops up) Whenever the film goes out of focus, people shout “Focus!” Of course, when it does come back into focus during a sex scene, it is necessary to shout “Oh God. Unfocus!” "

RedKryptonite20 karma

Have you seen the Rifftrax version of The Room and did it hurt your feelings or did you laugh?

juliettedanielle89 karma

I heard "bloated Brittney Spears" somewhere and decided it probably wasn't a great idea to watch it.

VictorClark19 karma

Who would you say was the most memorable fan you met since doing The Room?

Also, did Denny ever get off those drugs?

juliettedanielle38 karma

I went to a Halloween screening of The Room and there were these two fans dressed up as elderly people and they stayed in character THE WHOLE TIME! Loved them.

rudeboybill19 karma

Are you and Allan from Birdemic an item? There seem to be quite a few pictures of you two together...

juliettedanielle34 karma

Alan is awesome. We've had the chance to work together a few times...and I hope more in the future! We're not an item. I'm married. But laaaaadies....I hear he's single!!!

TheJase17 karma

Juliette, I have seen The Room 59 times in the past 2 years... about 10 of those in theaters. You and Tommy have really made given something wonderful to this world!

juliettedanielle31 karma

HUZZAH!!! That's a LOT! Now, question for you. How do you keep track of the viewings?

UltimaGabe17 karma

Juliette Daniels! I own one of the spoon paintings you made! (The red-orange one.)

What are your reactions to all of the crazy things people shout out during showings of The Room?

juliettedanielle31 karma

Thanks for getting a painting, yay!

I can't listen to the reactions...because people are having fun, but that's me up there...so that's tough. I do want people to enjoy themselves though...I just protect myself from it. I do love hearing about new trends that come out. Even after all these years, people find new things every time.

kirill14n17 karma

I remember reading/ hearing about the set being really chaotic, as in Tommy would constantly fire crew members, scold people for laughing during some of the scenes, etc., etc. Is any of this true, can you elaborate more on this? Also why did Peter 1.0 leave?

juliettedanielle45 karma

I don't have much info on the crew member situation.

Yeah, the part in the movie where he is in the bathroom and goes "in a minute, bitch"...well when I was doing my coverage, I turned around and I could see the entire crew stifling laughter and I lost my shit. He got a bit miffed.

Peter 1.0 aka Kyle Vogt left because he got another gig and shooting was behind schedule as I recall.

DerClogger17 karma

Is there any reason that one of the love scenes in The Room was reused? Was it just because of time or budget concerns, or was that supposed to be getting at something?

Also, when did it hit you that The Room was so bizarre (that's really the only word I know of to describe it)? Did you come in knowing that from the start?

juliettedanielle26 karma

No idea why they did that.

I thought no one would see it, TBH. I thought it was "off"...but had no idea it would still be relevant 10 years later. YES! It's almost 10 years now!

AsSeenFromSpace16 karma

Do you still talk to Denny at all?

juliettedanielle49 karma

I do! In fact...we worked on something last year. Check THIS out: https://vimeo.com/59931490

mexifro21812 karma

What's the deal with Carolyn Minot? I can find no information on her whatsoever! Birthdate, age, other movies, life, possible death? Do you have any information?

juliettedanielle14 karma

I have no idea. I haven't been able to find her. If anyone finds her, let me know!!!

abuckley8911 karma

When will the Neighbors Happen? Are you going to be in Foreclosure?

juliettedanielle24 karma

I'm going to say I think it won't. Have you seen the trailer? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGpwxHMUndk

showalum10 karma

WWE fandom question - Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels?

juliettedanielle20 karma

Shawn Michaels. But more than that...Edge. HAWT!

mexifro21810 karma

Now that we've all seen them... What cup size are your boobs? Also, I've just celebrated my 30th viewing of the room! Thanks for everything!

juliettedanielle35 karma



RoxieAmmo10 karma

Juliette! I have no questions for you but you are an amazing person and you (& The Room) got me through college! Thank you for the memories. Also: Greg Sestero wished me a happy birthday on facebook.

juliettedanielle15 karma

Thanks! And Greg is cool like that.

ThePatrol10 karma


juliettedanielle19 karma

No. He's very nice. He did pull a prop gun out in the audition though. That wasn't cool. But other than that...he's a really nice guy.

Surfninja10 karma

How old was Denny when he was in The Room?

juliettedanielle18 karma

We're about the same age? Oh, math...

Surfninja9 karma

Juliette, you're an amazing sport, and a total sweetheart. I sincerely wish you nothing but the best (and Lola too)!

juliettedanielle14 karma

Thanks! Lola is still sleeping on my keyboard.

WolfBro42010 karma

was there anything in the script that you flat out refused to shoot?

juliettedanielle17 karma


MsTomu9 karma

What was the biggest disagreement you had with your fellow cast members, and what was it about?

juliettedanielle19 karma

I don't tend to fuss with cast members on ANY set. So nothing sticks out here.

almeida378 karma

Did Greg Sestero consult you while writing his new book?

juliettedanielle16 karma

A little. I can't wait to read his book. It will bring back memories. And to be honest, I'm sure it's the closest ANYONE will ever get to the real truth behind The Room and Tommy Wiseau.

BenjaminTalam8 karma

Do you still see Tommy regularly?

juliettedanielle15 karma

No unfortunately. He's touring the world!!! ;)

mudclub6 karma

You are fabulous. I'm super glad to see that you've recovered over the last 10 years, and that your acting career is getting some life breathed back into it.

The questions:

  • I don't know nearly enough about how this sort of things works, but do you get any sort of residuals/kickback/cash money from all of the ongoing screenings of The Room? I surely hope so.

  • What kind of car did Johnny buy you?

  • When I meet Tommy Wiseau - and mark my words, I will meet him - shall I shake his hand or kick him in the nuts on your behalf?

  • For the love of all that is holy, when is Ghost Shark 2 coming out?

The... not questions:

I apologize for all the horrible things I've called you over the course of the 16 consecutive Room screenings I've attended. You seem like a lovely person :-/

Judging by the picture, Lola is going to kill you. To death. For what you did to Johnny.

juliettedanielle19 karma

I do NOT get residuals.

What kind of car? Uh...

Shake Tommy's hand, take a photo, and throw a football around with him. He's a riot and he LOVES Room fans.

Ghost Shark 2 WILL come out soon. We just shot a new scene for it, actually...so fingers crossed for May? You can follow the progress here: https://www.facebook.com/ghostshark2?fref=ts

thepain735 karma

What is your favorite match?

juliettedanielle8 karma

Like...ever? I love anything with Jeff Hardy from the past. Or Mick Foley.

thepain734 karma

Have you hummed Fandango's theme yet?

juliettedanielle11 karma

I certainly have! Have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rif1Bu8CD4

Mantan17014 karma

So, what was your take on Raw last night? Was that an Attitude era crowd or WHAT? (Yeah, I saw your youtube video on the Diva's division, was surprised you were a fan!) And how many people repeat that line "YOU'RE TEARING ME APAHHHT, LISAHHH!" I bet that's getting old REALLY quick?

juliettedanielle9 karma

I'm savoring RAW...and will probably take all week to watch it. I know the results...but I will still watch. Cena should earn people's respect ALONE with the way he deals with the crowd. I could never do that.

Yes, the Divas division pisses me off so much...and the Bella twins storyline isn't helping things.

PastaToots4 karma

I direct a television show for my college campus. What would it take for you to come make a cameo on my show?!?!? Cause that would be AWESOME!

juliettedanielle9 karma

Feel free to email me more info at [email protected]. Thanks! :)

BenjaminTalam3 karma

Will Tommy cameo in Development Hell? Love the show, by the way!

juliettedanielle5 karma

Fans would just...faint. The writing is so good on this web series...and we're just getting started. Tommy on there? The internet would implode.

hello_you3 karma

I've got a few:

How old is The Lola?

What is The Lola's favorite food?

Do you ever dress The Lola up?

Thanks for the AMA!

juliettedanielle3 karma

Lola is about ten years old. She LOVES chicken and turkey. She tries to eat the raw turkey every Thanksgiving.

I once put a bunch of toy mice on Lola. Normally she'd try and mutilate me for that...but she was really sleepy.

MarkTheGenerous3 karma

My friends and I now call evil girls "Lisa" and unsuspecting good guys "Johnny" because of the room. Ex: "She's being such a Lisa! Women change their minds all the time. Poor Johnny." I just wanted to know if you we're cool with it, and tell you that you affect our everyday conversation. The Room is definitely my favorite movie - thank you for being a part of it.

juliettedanielle8 karma

THIS RIGHT HERE. THIS is why I love The Room and my fans. This makes me so happy. Thank you for sharing!

Mark, eh?

fionad923 karma

What was your first interaction with Tommy Wiseau like?

juliettedanielle9 karma

The audition process was...interesting. Very unusual indeed. When I auditioned for The Room...I had very little experience. Now, I know that is was certainly not your typical audition.

Tommy is a gem though.

fionad924 karma

Did he ask you to do anything weird that you remember from your audition? Was it an open call or were you sought out?

juliettedanielle4 karma

I submitted my headshot through Backstage West. Tons of people came in. I stuck around.

lotionfordryelbows2 karma

would you ever consider coming to Australia???

juliettedanielle7 karma

I'd LOVE that! Flights are super expensive though...and I'm a struggling actor again without a F/T day job. Ah...life. ;)

MakeMeBeautifulDuet2 karma

Hey Juliette! I have a question about the costumes for the movie. In one scene you are wearing a black skirt with a slit going up it. In another scene, Michelle seems to be wearing the exact same skirt. Is it the same?

Also, did you have much choice in the wardrobe? Where did the clothes come from?

juliettedanielle8 karma

I don't think it was the same skirt. A lot of the clothes were mine. That light electric blue top? They bought that for me. My fav for sure.

culunulu2 karma

How do sex scenes in movies work? I have wondered this for so long.

juliettedanielle4 karma

Closed set, meaning there isn't a huge crew in there. Actors cover themselves in various ways. It's awkward...no matter what the situation is or who is involved.

thepain732 karma

What superpower would you want the most?

juliettedanielle7 karma

Flying would be cool...but that would have to be paired with a new personality that wasn't terrified of heights.

Or single-handedly spaying and neutering the entire feral cat population would be EPIC.

About23Koalas2 karma

I absolutely love The Room. I'm personally going on 20 views of The Room. How many times have you seen it?

juliettedanielle5 karma

Under five. Can't watch the whole thing anymore.

gabs15152 karma

They play The Room at the local Theatre every month, what should i bring the next time i go?

juliettedanielle5 karma

Alcohol (don't drink and drive), plastic spoons, friends, football.

TheRedArrow2 karma

Hi, huge fan of The Room here! Me and my friends loved it before we had even seen it, and when I finally did, it was midnight, I was drunk and the theatre was throwing spoons at the screen and cheering during the sex scene. Good memories.

My question is: if Lisa from The Room and Skylar from Breaking Bad got into a fight, who would win?

juliettedanielle6 karma

Skylar no doubt. But personally? I could take her. ;)