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Omnigog373 karma

If you were to win the lottery

what would be the first thing you'd buy?

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do you work? or do you have a dream job?

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My job is at Sears. I carry in heavy boxes from the big trucks that bring them in. I have worked this job for almost a year, and it has made me really strong because of it. The job i want to have is assistant manager of my department. Then i wouldnt have to carry in any more boxes haha.

Fisted_by_a_Midget107 karma

What do you like most about your life?

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I like to spend time with my brother. We go out into the city on weekends, and he takes me to places i like to go like the park and dave and busters. Sometimes he even takes me to places where people buy beer, but it tastes really nasty.

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Do you have an independent social life?

sfklasjkfjiwi1120 karma

I have several friends that i know. I even have a girlfriend.

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Does she also have DS? Are you able to drive and go on dates on your own or do you need help?

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My girlfriend also has Down Syndrome. We like to hang out a lot and do things like regular boyfriend and girlfriend. He and i are really close. And we dont go on dates. He just comes over to my house and watches pokemon with me.

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Does your girlfriend live near a family member like you do with your brother?

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Im not sure, i dont know there family that well. But my girlfriend and i are best friends! We hang out a lot, and my brother really likes her. It means a lot.

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I bet your daughter and i would be good friends.

HighFistDujek82 karma

What do you like to do for fun?

sfklasjkfjiwi1106 karma

I like to play with my brothers dog when i get bored. I also like to watch Pokeman and play with the action figures. I also have an old game called an n64, but it isnt very fun :( Sometimes, i like to ride on the bus sometimes with my brother. We sit in the back and i like to watch all the people that get on and off.

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What are your favorite action figures?

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I have a charizard action figure, a gi joe action figure, and a larger misty doll.

nicholas-c64 karma

Really brave and well done!

Do you feel people don't understand you just because you have Down's syndrome? I have met a lot of people with it and on the most part they are the friendliest people you will ever meet!!

sfklasjkfjiwi163 karma

Most people treat me like im weird, but some are really nice to me! Sometime people get really fidgety when i touch them, like im sick or something. They might not be used to being touched a lot, but thats just how i like to say hi!

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How did you meet your girlfriend? Do you want to get married one day? Does she have downs syndrome?

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Why would we get married?

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Are there any misconceptions you would like to clear up?

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We are not stupid, and i am very good at a lot of things.

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When did you become aware that you are a little different from everybody else?

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I dont think im any different.

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what do you say to yourself on days you're just feeling down?

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When i feel sad, i like to go have my time in the room a little early.