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The future of candle marketing right here. Room smells like weed? Why doesn't it smell like candles? Buy our candles today.

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When did you become aware that you are a little different from everybody else?

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Can more people please start playing robot roller derby disco dodgeball please. Difficult to get the hang of it but once you do oh boy it's fun. I'd compare it to airbrawl or tagpro in terms of difficulty starting out, you will get destroyed by people who have been playing longer. With enough practice you'll be one of the people tearing shit up though

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Just drop it on the ground, hit alt f4, and pick it up again.

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Just tagging on here for anybody who reads this and may want to know one use for transmutations I haven't seen anyone talk much about. They can prolong time between bank trips for tons of skilling. For example lets say you are mining coal for xp. You transmutate the coal to mithril, then when you get 3 mithril (9 coal) you make adamant ore. Then when you have 3 adamant ore (27 coal) you make rune ore. This means you could mine 756 coal in one inventory. Bring a few signs of porter and you live in the mines! And this would work for other skills too, of course.