Thanks everyone for chiming in, we appreciate all of you and if we did not get to your question we will be doing this again. Make sure to check out our current Indiegogo campaign and new record both available. Elias, Robb, Adam, Rasheed, Dave... See you on the road!

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Palidrafod8 karma

Hey guys, this is awesome and I hope to see others take advantage of the opportunity to chat with you. Any news on more dates, I won't ask specifically for my city cuz I know how old and mundane that must get. the pet peave of "when are you coming to my town" when you were just there last week.

With the huge resurgence of fans, likes on facebook piling up, selling out shows, does it feel like it did in the 90s or is it a new feeling to Robb and Elias? and for Dave, Adam and Rasheed does it feel different from the local scene of Inn Cinema?

Touring with hell yeah has to be amazing and Id love to see them. I think you should get to Band camp one more time, and bring them with!!

I know last year Robb asked many times for votes on a set list but I havent seen it with the new lineup, do you guys know pretty much all the songs now? or is it still a work in process? Hearing Rabia was amazing but Id still like to hear past it all or breathe from time to time......changing up the versions of the acoustic songs from the cd back to metal version was a great touch for someone who's seen so many shows in a row btw.

robbnp5 karma

it is an amazing feelin to be able to have a resurgence. As far as the new guys thsi is an killer experience as to only playing locally in chicago

rasheednp3 karma

Touring with Nonpoint is quite different than it was with Inn Cinema, lots more shows away from home way more but the one thing is the same. Snapping and Rocking out till we cant breath and or puke! :) we stay energetic on stage

FreelanceWriter848 karma

Hey guys. Looking forward to seeing you back in Flint on May 8th. I've been to almost every show of yours at the Machine Shop, going all the way back to 2002. You also have the distinction of being the first band I ever saw live in concert! I know you're close with Sevendust and have enjoyed touring with them over the years. Have you ever thought of asking Lajon Witherspoon to do some guest vocals on a song? I think Lajon and Elias together on a track would be very cool!

robbnp10 karma

It has been mentioned quite a few times on our end for sure

mercyowl5 karma

I don't know who you are, but I like buses.

What are your opinions of buses?

robbnp8 karma

Busses are killer

mercyowl3 karma

Good to see you're a fan.

I had a listen to some of your music so I could ask some slightly more appropriate questions. I like the Phil Collins cover.

What would you say your favourite song has been to date? Or, to phrase differently, if you had to introduce someone to your music just through one song, what'd it be?

robbnp2 karma

That Day

mercyowl2 karma

It's not the sort of music that I'd normally listen to, but I like it.

Good work? Slightly more condescending that I meant, but yeah it's good. Thanks :)

robbnp1 karma

Your welcome

lilyth885 karma

Love, love, LOVE Nonpoint! I've seen you all a million times in Madtown. (I was even in the "I Said It" video!)

  1. How have you all handled the fame and stayed so down to earth? I've been fortunate enough to meet you guys a couple of times, and you just seem so....human. Too many rock bands let the fame, money, women, etc. go to their heads. How do you stay grounded?

  2. Besides being away from family, what is the worst part of being on the road?

  3. You're playing Band Camp this year....right? ;)

robbnp3 karma

I am not sure what fame means you know, we are all thankful we were able to do this for this long and still callit a career.

That is the worst part, is being away from your family

As for band camp, if we are invited we will be there

lilyth881 karma

Well JJO better invite you then!!

robbnp2 karma

We hope they do!!!

rasheednp2 karma

Lilyth88 we love playing madtown and will play there as much as possible. Thanks for being in the video!

irialx4 karma

Elias Soriano is a sexy mother fucker. Thats all I came to say.

robbnp5 karma

He is a sexy man

rasheednp2 karma

Super sexy

-efilnikcufecin3 karma

I saw u guys in september at Wallys pub In Hampton Beach,NH Was a great show. was able to get pictures with you guys after the show and also got a set list signed. You guys rock. Hope you guys make it back to nh soon. Cant wait for the Sevendust show 4/19 at hampton beach casino

rasheednp3 karma

Great venue. I had the twin lobsters there. Mmmm mmm!

robbnp1 karma

We love playing there

IceFireMadness3 karma

Nice to see you guys on this website! I've been a long time listener and I'm glad to see you on Reddit.

My only question is: what are your plans for the next album? What do you plan to do next and what can we expect?

robbnp3 karma

Still supporting this new one so a another wont be till next year

Palidrafod3 karma

I do have to say, out of all the cds they've put out over the years, this one has more replay value then any other. It hasnt left my cd player since prerelease.....Amazing to drive to and its in good company with the other NP discs

robbnp3 karma

Thank you so much!!!

officialnonpoint3 karma

Thanks everyone for chiming in, we appreciate all of you and if we did not get to your question we will be doing this again. Make sure to check out our current Indiegogo campaign and new record both available.

Elias, Robb, Adam, Rasheed, Dave... See you on the road!

Dude Where's Our Bus Campaign:



New Record:

igotskraped2 karma

First time I saw you guys was on your Statement tour in Chicago many moons ago. It took me almost 9 years to get back and see you guys live again and since then I've seen you twice in the last few months (Rockford, IL and St. Charles, IL). You guys KILL it at every show! It seems to me with this new album you guys are getting an influx of new, never listened to you guys before fans. How badass is that to you guys that after so many years of playing and touring that you're still able to bring in new listeners?

robbnp2 karma

That never gets old and it really makes us feel acomplished

SarahMascarah2 karma

All of you, boxers or briefs? especiallt interested in Elias's answer haha When you guys were at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT- Elias, do you remember a young lady standing on a chair? Teeheehee that was me, and I swear we had eye contact a few times.

rasheednp2 karma

Boxers till I run out of boxers then briefs

robbnp2 karma


zombies_eat_faces2 karma

I am a student at UW madison. Please tell me you guys are playing in madtown more than once this year and next year.

robbnp6 karma

Hoping to get back there

gregorious2 karma

Guys, I have a friend who makes electronic music with a lot of metal undertones and he is interested in remixing one of your songs. What would be your thoughts on that?

robbnp2 karma

Do it

waffles_272 karma

Do you have a bullet? If so, is there a name on it?

robbnp2 karma

Someone's name is on it

jessers252 karma


robbnp4 karma

Thank you for your support and continue to spread the Nonpoint gospel

Palidrafod2 karma

You guys always get the same questions, perpetually giving the same there talk of maybe a book by Robb and Elias to tell the history of the band? I know you're so pro active online answering what you can when you can. What are some of your biggest pet peves from fans? I know you don't like your shit sold on eBay ;) How does that make you feel, that a fan waits after a show for you to get something signed and they just go to get a quick buck.

Also to this day, how many copies have sold of the self titles? Are you close to a gold RIAA?

Has anyone ever gotten physical with a dick in the crowd either taunting the band, throwing shit or being an asshole to other fans?

robbnp1 karma

I have been working on a book, I think telling the history of the band would be tricky, most people know our history. Ebay it is what it is, we usually personalize. less value for them. Just one time we have been taunted, i took care of them No sure how many copies have been sold

scwinks1 karma

Saw you guys on Saturday for the fourth time and every time I've seen you the crowd got really into the show. Do you have any tricks you use to get a crowd going or is it all just a natural part of your personalities?

robbnp1 karma

We are just ourselves

Glassjaw131 karma

You guys going to come to Canada before the world ends?

robbnp1 karma

Hope to for sure

rasheednp1 karma

I'd like to.

Scuzzboots1 karma

Who would you feel like you had the best chance at winning against in a fight out of the members of Sevendust, and why? Also, worst chance. Go!

robbnp2 karma

Fight with Sevendust, those are our boys. We would never fight against them but we would fight with them against other people. Nonpoint and Sevendust against anyone. Yea we will win

lazyrocker6661 karma

You guys are bad ass. Are you coming back to Orlando any time soon? What is one band that you have not toured with that you would want to?

robbnp2 karma

Earthday Birthday Next week and deftones

ItzOrangecat1 karma

You guys are creating some sick tunes, still waiting for some live performances in Norway tho... ;)

robbnp2 karma

Hope to get there soon

Nd4Wd1 karma

What music is playing right now?

robbnp2 karma


NoNPoiNT961 karma

Hey guys !!! :D Thank you guys for that new self title you released in October, it was and still is amazing! Elias what is your favorite song that you've made with Nonpoint?

robbnp1 karma


VictoriaVet1 karma

Happy Birthday Dave!!

robbnp1 karma

Thank you

Wifiguy861 karma

Are you guys going to play Oregon anytime soon?

robbnp1 karma

We were just in Portland a few days ago

tasteecrans1 karma

Weird moment-jjo is playing "truth" right now. Just wondering how often you take current events and social issues into account when songwriting? With so many listeners, it just seems like the perfect platform to highlight issues that concern you guys personally.

robbnp2 karma

AS often as we can. We take all issues into consideration

455face1 karma

I still have some Nonpoint Factor material from SFlorida. Does any of the new guys still talk to Picasso?

robbnp1 karma


[deleted]1 karma

Im a loooong time fan of nonpoint.... like i said since the slammy days of nonpoint factor. Also long time fan of crash poet. How cool is it that i can listen to new nonpoint and it just kills. plus the inn cinema dudes are beyond perfect as the present and future of nonpoint.

rasheednp1 karma

I keep in touch with Pico from time to time. He doing a lot of great tattoo work. Thanks for listening to Crashpoet and Inn Cinema means a lot.

SparkBunny1 karma

My husband and i have been fans of yours since 2005, and we always try to see Nonpoint on stage when you're in town, even though it's usually during the week, when we have to find a babysitter that doesn't have school in the morning. Elias has by far the best stage presence i've ever seen.

We were super excited about your indigogo campaign, and decided to get the drum heads signed by Robb. Then they got changed and were going to be signed by the whole band (which is even better). Then the # purchased counter below the drum heads reset to zero, after we'd already donated the $125 for them. We were confused, so we emailed you about it, and never got a response. We also tweeted you about it, and never got a response. Then, the drum heads were completely removed from the website. My question is, what gives? Do we still get the drum heads? If not, will we at some point get our money back? What's the deal here?

robbnp2 karma

You will get the drums heads all orders are saves by indiegogo

bcolby201 karma

hey guys! just saw you in spokane on saturday 3/30 with Hellyeah and All That Remains. You did not disappoint in my first time seeing you and it was worth the 500 mile drive to boot. very impressed with your live show. (no your sign though :( although i was very pleased to hear what a day)

how do you guys feel about where music is heading today, with more bands like black veil brides and that sound becoming more popular? not that i see it as a bad thing, it's just different from what im used to.

also what are your opinions (if any) on Bring Me The Horizon? i am absolutely in love with their music.

keep kickin ass boys!!

robbnp2 karma

Well we really dont have any opinions on new bands, i know Dave likes bring me The Horizon. We only worry about Nonpoint. I have not heard either bands music to be honest

blyonz041 karma

You guys kicked some serious ass in Spokane, Wa was my first nonpoint show and for damn sure wont be the last. Hoping your indiegogo project meets its goal and ill be able to hang out with you guys next time your in town! keep kickin ass and enjoy the rest of the tour!

robbnp1 karma

Thank you so much

crogginator1 karma

Nice to see you giving Reddit a shot. :) Been a fan for a number of years and see you more times than I can count, but just some general questions.

  1. Do you guys have a favorite venue, city, and state to play in? Obviously Florida is home, but you seem to get a lot of love in Wisconsin.
  2. When people talk to you, what is the song they seem to want to hear most on tour? I've certainly got my opinions, not sure what the masses think though.
  3. Not a question, but try to convince Skindred to come back to the US and do a tour! That Nonpoint/Skindred tour in 2007 was killer.

robbnp1 karma

We love any city that will want Nonpoint to perform at Bullet with a name Not sure what skindred is doing

itboy1 karma

Will we ever see Inn Cinema open up for Nonpoint?

robbnp1 karma

They are not a band anymore

NoNPoiNT961 karma

Not to be pushy but when do you think your guys' next album will be in development?

robbnp1 karma

Next year

stonethecr0w1 karma

Wow, you guys definitely have a lot of fans in CT. I'm one of them, and I know you were just in New Haven, but I hope to see you headlining again soon! You guys are really cool to talk to as well, it's awesome that you care so much about your fans. Except I'm always scared to talk to you, Robb.. But your new album kicks ass. I guess you were better off getting a couple new guys :P Also, I hope you guys ate Pepe's Pizza when you were here in New Haven, that's the best part town. :D

robbnp1 karma

Well next time come and talk to me, i am not that scary

SoFlaCat1 karma

Hey, Nonpoint! Great to see you here! I'm from South Florida (yes, obvs) and I was wondering if you know of or talk to any other great bands from our area. Leading the Heroes comes to mind. What do you think of the scene down here?

robbnp1 karma

Honestly we do not know as we do not live in the area anymore, By the way we are playing April 14th at Club Revolution in Fort Lauderdale

Jackoff_Bauer1 karma

I've been a fan of you guys for years. However I have no question, but just wanted to drop some love on you guys..... White gooey love...

robbnp1 karma

Thank you

TayBBaby1 karma

Did I miss out? Su ks I had to work!

robbnp1 karma


Lerxtt1 karma

Who's name is on the bullet?

robbnp1 karma

Bugs Bunny

Bomrman1 karma

Hey guys. Thank you for doing this AMA. I've personally been a fan for a long time. Since "what a day". I've been fortunate to see you many times and have left fulfilled and happy each time. So, now to the questions. Are there any of your favorite bands that you have yet to play with on a tour? And who is in charge of cooking while out on the road? Thanks again guys and keep keepin it heavy!

robbnp2 karma

Well we would love to tour with Korn, KsE, Deftones, Metallica. When we do cook, Elias is the one that gets it going.

officialnonpoint1 karma

Chat Ended.

tasteecrans1 karma

Which do you prefer, large venues, outdoor festivals, or small, bar-like stages?

robbnp1 karma

If its a show, we do not care

NoNPoiNT961 karma

I know this is WAY too personal but I was just curious if you or Elias went to college. (Please don't be offended) I'm not judging! You guys are awesome no matter what. Just wanted to ask that, if it's too personal, disregard it and please answer this : What is your fav band Robb?

robbnp1 karma

Elias went to College, not me. Never cared about school. My favorite band is Rush

SmartAssX1 karma

Wow havent heard for you guys in a long time. Loved your music when i was younger. Keep up the good work

rasheednp1 karma


Talonspyre1 karma

Hey! I have been a huge fan of Nonpoint since Development.

Was wondering. do you guys ever go disc golfing at places while on tour?

rasheednp2 karma

Never while on tour but i have a couple of times in Michigan, good times! Not easy and keep your eye on the disk:)

robbnp1 karma

Never have done that

JDMnAR1 karma

Hey guys - with all of the amazing songs in your catalog over the years, as well as wanting to jam the new songs live so people can hear them that might not have, how do you decide on a setlist? I know when you are headlining you have a lot more leeway in playing more, but when you are a supporting act on a bill how do you balance getting the new stuff out there with playing crowd favorites like Bullet, What a Day, Endure, etc. Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you again in Little Rock on May 1st.

robbnp1 karma

Decididn on a set list is one of the most difficult things we have had to do, but we manage

JDMnAR1 karma

Haven't ever seen a weak set from you, or a song I don't want to see live, but I'd love to see Frontlines, Everybody Down or Temper show up in the set in Little Rock. Keep on with the killer shows, and stay safe and healthy on the road!

robbnp1 karma

might have to give those a shot

nightwing20241 karma

Any plans to do more covers? "In The Air Tonight" by you guys is my favorite version and one of the best songs ever. You have such a distinctive sound that I can instantly pick you out of a lineup of artists. Thank you for being so fucking awesome!

robbnp1 karma

We would like to,

BuffMcHardbody1 karma

You guys are incredible, and I love the new album.

Just one question, Who has been your favorite band to tour with, and why?

robbnp6 karma


voldin911 karma

What is yout favorite song to perform live and why? By the way I've been to 3 of your shows and they kicked ass! Rock on guys!

rasheednp3 karma

Thank you so much. We all appreciate your support. Personally I like songs that i get to sing with Elias like Left for you, Endure, That Day and quite a few others but all the songs are great to play live because they all have great energy.

robbnp2 karma

All of them

EvereneTheFirst1 karma

How do you judge the growth of your fan base? Do you guys have other jobs other than music?

robbnp2 karma

Well this year it has been really weird seeing so many sold out shows, we are really stoked about that for sure

robbnp2 karma

Not sure how to judge that

Nd4Wd1 karma

What is each of your biggest influences? BTW, LOVE the new album.

robbnp1 karma

We are influenced by so much different stuff that it would not be fair, why we could not mention it all

rasheednp1 karma

I second what Robb said. There's just to many to mention:)

L1v3m1n1 karma

I am happy to see you guys gaining a lot more attention and still remaining as down to earth and in touch with your fans, not many bands pull that off like you guys and the campaign was an awesome idea, I loaded up on some great perks. I was just wondering, you guys are on tour ALL the time and shows almost every night, what do you do with your down time to keep entertained?

robbnp1 karma

Watch movies, facetime with our families, play video games, write music

gregorious1 karma

Hey guys hope the tour is going well, let me ask you this, what is it like touring with Vinnie Paul is he as bad ass as he portrays himself?

robbnp1 karma

one word. LEGEND

rasheednp1 karma

He is! Great guy, LEGEND no doubt!

sarisky1 karma

I just saw you guys on the 22nd at Club Nokia. It was first time seeing Nonpoint, and I just wanted to say thank you! You did not disappoint, though I think you are deserving of more stage time then you had. Elias, you are awesome and I enjoyed hanging with you on the smoke patio. I guess if I had to ask a question it I'd have to know how crazy are the guys from Hellyeah, really?? LOL!

robbnp1 karma

That was a killer show. We have loved goign back to LA and playing for our fans. HEll Yeah are a bunch of Normal guys well they are to us but they really do have a great time on tour and you can see the fun they have