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You make me happy.

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Obligatory penguin question.

If you had a penguin for a pet, what kind of penguin would you choose and what would you name it?

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Tell me something interesting about Canadian Geese. We get them all over Wisconsin and I don't know a ton about them.

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Love, love, LOVE Nonpoint! I've seen you all a million times in Madtown. (I was even in the "I Said It" video!)

  1. How have you all handled the fame and stayed so down to earth? I've been fortunate enough to meet you guys a couple of times, and you just seem so....human. Too many rock bands let the fame, money, women, etc. go to their heads. How do you stay grounded?

  2. Besides being away from family, what is the worst part of being on the road?

  3. You're playing Band Camp this year....right? ;)

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I think the most important question here should be. Can Elias submit a boxers pic to /r/ladyboners ?? =P