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Hi, hello, I grew up idolizing Full House because, even though the unconventional family was a television trend in the 80s-90s, FH protrayed a family (most importantly to me, daughter/s) without a mother figure until Aunt Becky. It made my life feel way more awesome. When I was picked on, I would tell the kids "Well, there's no mom on Full House! And they're happy!" So, thank you for that semblance of normalcy.

Even though there were other shows with unconventional/non-nuclear families, was there any difficulty in dealing with the absence of a mother role in the pre-aunt Becky seasons? Is that why Becky was introduced and integrated?

Also, I was first exposed to hockey through Full House and I'm a huge hockey fan. I'm sorry to admit to you that as an Avs fan living in Chicago (but not a Hawks fan), we're inevitably rivals... but thank you for that exposure, anyway. :)

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My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2/21/14 and died 11/30/14. In the months between, I couldn't keep him out of the garden. It was an amazing summer and I've picked up the love of gardening from the experience. It's wonderful to hear that you receive the same enjoyment from it. :)

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HEY, us Chicagoans would love if you headlined locally in Chicago more often! ;)

After 'donating' for a hoodie, music, and drawstring bag in three separate 'donations', I'm stretched too thin financially to go out to libertyville for a non-headlining/short set show. :( I can't wait until you come back in a headlining show. Loved the St. Charles show a couple months back!

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Yeah, me too! I couldn't believe they came to St. Charles, just a few miles from me in Elgin. It was insanity with so much Nonpoint energy in that tiny bar, I loved it!