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AnthonyMimming89 karma

Kayden, after a long hard day of fucking people, what is the most quenching beverage you would enjoy?

LitAFartOnce173 karma

I hope it would be Listerine.

Kayden_and_Tucky122 karma

Man you stole what would have been an awesome punchline if I'd had time to think. So I guess I'm stuck with saying water.

LitAFartOnce42 karma

I must admit that I was proud of that one. You can come junk-punch me if you want. I have PLENTY of water.

Kayden_and_Tucky64 karma

Junk punching goes against my whole way of being in the world though.

HypoLuxa19 karma


Kayden_and_Tucky29 karma

fair enough. I'll take you up on it non-violently

allegrotechie71 karma

Kayden, I just want to say you are my all time favorite 'special' actress of all time. You're literally an 11/10. Fuck on.

Kayden_and_Tucky107 karma

kayden: "Fuck on." I might make t-shirts that say this. Thanks for being my muse.

astrograph64 karma


Kayden_and_Tucky47 karma

Kayden: agreed

Dinoman2852 karma

Wow Kayden Kross! For once the pleasure is all mine.

Kayden_and_Tucky46 karma

Why hello there.

Reinheardt41 karma

What IS girl/girl scene?

Kayden_and_Tucky20 karma

Tucky- It's a webseries starring Kayden et moi. You can watch it for free at GirlGirlScene.com

swordgeek40 karma

This is for Kayden. A year ago, you were described as "...probably the smartest woman besides Nina Hartley and Asia Carerra to ever work in porn." What brought you to porn as a career?

Also, you're one of the few (but increasing!) stars who seems to have made a career in the mainstream media without abandoning porn. Is there less of a stigma about being a porn star now than there was when you started?

Kayden_and_Tucky51 karma

Hi! I think it becomes cool and uncool in hollywood to have pornstars in mainstream films the same way anything else trends. Right now everyone treats it like a cool little secret that they're hoping breaks and adds a PR bump.

swordgeek16 karma

Interesting. So even if it's more acceptable, it has a side-show act feeling. How long before acting in porn will be considered 'just another gig' for stars?

Kayden_and_Tucky47 karma

I think it's less that pornstars are crossing over into mainstream and more that mainstream is crossing over into porn. Look at the shows that come out these days.

takamatsusoke30 karma

Tucky and Kayden, did you guys bang off camera?

Kayden_and_Tucky50 karma

Tucky- Yeah. She wrote about it on McSweeney's.

takamatsusoke26 karma

Kayden, How was Tucky compared to the porn girls you've slayed?

Kayden_and_Tucky59 karma

Tucky was very real about the whole thing. It didn't feel like a performance. Plus she knows some black magic shit about chicks' bodies. I was a novice.

takamatsusoke15 karma

Wow! God bless you, Tucky. That's quite a revelation, Kayden.

Kayden_and_Tucky37 karma

Tucky- I'm doing the Lord's work.

takamatsusoke13 karma

Well now that Kayden has said good things about you, Tucky, what was it like for you to have sex with such a beautiful and experienced porn star?

Kayden_and_Tucky43 karma

Tucky- Terrible, just terrible. I had to go into therapy to overcome the trauma. (;

takamatsusoke14 karma

Damn, good answer. When I logged in, I was a fan of Kayden, logging out, i'm now a big fan of you too, Tucky. Thanks to both of you for answering these questions frankly and honestly. Good luck on raising the money for then next season of your show.

Kayden_and_Tucky20 karma

Tucky- Thanks. Muah.

obrany30 karma

Kayden - why don't you do anal scenes?

Kayden_and_Tucky95 karma

economics: they won't pay any more for it. I get down in my personal life though.

BannedFromEarth26 karma

Tucky: How many Kayden Kross videos have you watched?

Kayden: Hey (◕ω◕)

Kayden_and_Tucky35 karma

Tucky- my gf showed me one. She's a big Kayden fan.

Kayden_and_Tucky33 karma

Kayden: Just one!?

Kayden_and_Tucky36 karma

Tucky- I'm shy about these things.

Kayden_and_Tucky140 karma

Kayden: I'lll send you a mixed tape. And by "tape" I mean a poorly edited video of my highlights downloaded from a piracy site and cut to jive with a really bad musical number.

mayhan091623 karma

When you guys met at Dinah was your kiss staged?

Kayden_and_Tucky42 karma

Tucky- NO! I tricked her into kissing me. I had never seen her before in my life. I didn't even know she was famous.

Kayden_and_Tucky38 karma

Kayden: In the moment I thought I'd been the aggressor but the video replay showed otherwise. Our realities are always so skewed from this perspective.

GabbyBondworks13 karma

Hellloooo ladies. Just one question. Any chance of a blooper reel for the show airing via youtube or whatever the young kids are watching things these days? I'm sure you all have a snootful of footage, especially if Abisha is around. Ok time for scooby snacks. Rock on ladies. Rock. On.

Kayden_and_Tucky22 karma

I vote for a blooper reel but Tucky is the decision maker. I just work here.

Kayden_and_Tucky41 karma

Tucky- Remember when I punched you in the butt?

Magni_Thorsson13 karma

Kayden, you once tweeted that you'd give a free hug to anyone you caught wearing a Nekrogoblikon shirt. I was wondering, if you caught me wearing a Nekrogoblikon shirt AND your model fleshlight, could I get a free kiss?

Kayden_and_Tucky24 karma

If ever I were to give out free kisses it would be for this.

slayerofscum13 karma


Kayden_and_Tucky67 karma

Kayden: I look at people like they're crazy and pretend it's not me.

Kayden_and_Tucky63 karma

Tucky- I don't really leave the house so it's not an issue.

tersit12 karma

Tucky, besides Kayden's beauty, what made you want her to be in your show?

Kayden_and_Tucky18 karma

Tucky- we have amazing chemistry, imo. As an actor, she is totally unafraid.

Coldaethyl11 karma

What influenced your decision to put in the epilepsy storyline? I know it's based on your own experiences, how did you come to the decision to make it so public?

Kayden_and_Tucky15 karma

Tucky- There is such a lack of awareness about the condition. I was getting fed up with people calling ambulances and referring to me as "epileptic." I feel I have a responsibility to talk about it.

erik26908 karma

Also why the heck won't Digital Playground just pay Manuel his rate so he can keep doing scenes with you? What are they thinking? You and Manuel do great scenes. I know you can't say much because it is boyfriend and the company you work for. Just wanted to say I was disappointed that they decided to cut cost there of all places.

Kayden_and_Tucky12 karma

I am extremely disappointed in Digital Playground but again, I just work here.

herozero136 karma

Kayden, I know you're probably tired of talking about this, but I think the story of you starting stripping to save a pony is one of the greatest things ever. 1) is it true? 2) what happened to the pony? 3) how often do you get asked about this? Also, you seem awesome, are you awesome?

Kayden_and_Tucky15 karma

I aspire to awesome. Yes the pony story is real. After he was rehabbed I found him a home and rolled the adoption money into a pregnant mare that was pulled off the slaughter yard. I get asked about this about as often as I make myself available for questioning (:

Hughescuse6 karma

Do either of you find more pleasure in a man or woman? I'm are both sexes are great, cause its your profession, no offense, but I'm sure you each have a preference, am I right?

Kayden_and_Tucky15 karma

Tucky- 100% gaylord

Kayden_and_Tucky17 karma

Kayden: I like boyish girls and boyish boys. I also think blue trumps pink and superheros are cooler dolls than barbies. So boyish is just a general life preference I suppose.

shaggyninelives6 karma


Kayden_and_Tucky12 karma

Tucky- Lauren was eating and we decided she should keep doing it once we started rolling, then it became a thing. Poor Lauren was making herself sick.

worthless_pos_winner6 karma

Hi kayden. Fellow sacramentan here. Do you ever visit the 916? Any fond memories? Is there anything you miss about this place?

Kayden_and_Tucky10 karma

I miss the trails along the river. Outdoor sports are so much better there.

emwungarand5 karma

I subscribed to DP because of Kayden.

Kayden_and_Tucky10 karma

This is a great thing.

dragrace5 karma

Hey Guys! Thanks for doing this AMA!

  1. Do any of the cast members act the same as their character off screen?
  2. What was the most difficult scene of the show to film?

Kayden_and_Tucky9 karma

Tucky- the most difficult was when I had to yell at you bby.

Kayden_and_Tucky6 karma

Kayden: Abisha is very similar I think. We're all showing some aspect of ourselves in these roles but I think Abisha brings the most as far as a full version of herself.

SeaKo5 karma

To Tucky: If Kayden asked, would you do a non-sexual, speaking part in a Digital Playground movie? Maybe in one of the new girls-only line that KK is directing... :D

Kayden_and_Tucky17 karma

Kayden: consider this me asking. (pretty please)

Kayden_and_Tucky19 karma

Tucky- I must warn you, Kayden, I am highly susceptible to flattery.

Kayden_and_Tucky14 karma

Tucky- Are you saying you don't want to watch me have sex? :'(

takamatsusoke6 karma

I'd buy a movie with you and Kayden doing a hardcore scene especially after Kayden described what it was like being with you. Now i'm thinking you guys would be better than when Kayden was with Stoya.

Kayden_and_Tucky15 karma

Kayden: Tucky is the prettiest awesomest most amazingest person on the planet and I think she should be in one of my movies in the most risque capacity that she will agree to.

Kayden_and_Tucky13 karma

Tucky- no one understands why you are asking me to do this. Me especially. Is this a Jedi mind-trick to get better lines of dialogue?

Kayden_and_Tucky19 karma

kayden: Fuck the dialogue I'm pushing for the dirty

Kayden_and_Tucky12 karma

Tucky- The question remains... Why?

yordim4 karma

How do you react to claims that you consistently have one shoe stolen on set?

Kayden_and_Tucky12 karma

Kayden: its all true. Sadly sadly true.

Fordged4 karma

Have you always wanted to be in adult film?

If so/not, when did you finally decide, "Yeah. I kick ass at this!"

Kayden_and_Tucky9 karma

I didn't really think of it as an option, and then suddenly it became a major one as contracts were offered to me. I think the moment I knew I would end up doing it was the first day I walked on the AVN convention floor. I figured porn is hard to fail at so long as all of your body parts are proportionally what and where they should be, and they work.

katerkins4 karma

Tucky: any chance y'all are going to be adding another trans* character to the series? One of my biggest disappoints with the second season was its lack of someone representing that part of the queer community.

Kayden_and_Tucky11 karma

Tucky- I want to. This season we have Finn, who's genderfucked. It's casting that is the major issue. I tried to get Gay Paige to be on the show, but she's reluctant.

p0wnd11 karma

Yeah there's not enough dicks in your lesbian tv show. More dicks. Are needed.

Kayden_and_Tucky9 karma

Tucky- <3

Kayden_and_Tucky20 karma

Kayden: that's like requesting more vaginas in the bear/cub parties. They are necessarily excluded to some degree.

RatedBender4 karma

How did your family find out about your work, and how did they take it?

Kayden_and_Tucky11 karma

Kayden: I think they saw it coming. I was offered a contract a year before I actually signed one. Plus that time in my life featured a lot of Jenna Jameson fandom, despite the situation of my never having seen one of her films.

sleep0holic4 karma

Whats the most "interesting" video you have had to film? Also is there any chance you are an avid xbox player?

Kayden_and_Tucky10 karma

Kayden: I wrapped a movie two days ago that had me wearing a strap on next to a cooked pig and a Willy Wonka with a jar of chocolate sauce. This was a mainstream film, mind you.

sleep0holic5 karma


Kayden_and_Tucky16 karma

You will, hopefully. fingers crossed for a theatrical release

ESummers11873 karma

Tucky- If you could have anyone in the gay community guest star on Girl/Girl Scene who would it be?

Kayden_and_Tucky25 karma

Tucky- Star Trek's George Takei

ESummers11873 karma

Tucky- How is it working with Abisha? I've met her before and she's such a riot, is she as crazy on set as she is on stage?

Kayden_and_Tucky5 karma

Tucky- We're actually pretty tame. The last time she was here, every night we just watched movies and fell asleep.

ESummers11872 karma

Will she be apart of season 3 if it happens? Which is has to by the way I'm a HUGE fan of girl/girl season. You/Evan are absolutely gorgeous.

Kayden_and_Tucky3 karma

Tucky- Thank you. Yes, Bender will be back for Season 3.

n8maxfield3 karma

Do guys in porn gain size by jelqing or are they all just natural?

Kayden_and_Tucky8 karma

Tucky- As vital as this question is, I do believe the lovely Miss Kayden has fallen asleep.

George4Greece3 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA, Kayden: will you ever do some work for other porn companies?

Kayden_and_Tucky6 karma

I'm in an exclusive contract to Digital Playground so that's not really an option right now but I'd like to eventually

George4Greece6 karma

By the way, I have never heard of your show, you guys should advertise more. ;)

Kayden_and_Tucky14 karma

Tucky- I agree. But we don't have the money. Alas, the fundraising campaign.

George4Greece9 karma

A few months ago a model did this fundraising thing on kick-starter she was a part of and was offering a Polaroid picture to any donation over 100 dollars. Maybe you guys should do this with Kayden.

Kayden_and_Tucky10 karma

I'm all over the polaroids. They make things look better than instagram in my experience.

Adaltis3 karma

How do you discuss your profession when you introduce yourself to people?
What percent of the time would you say you're faking?

Kayden_and_Tucky9 karma

Kayden: I mostly wear pajamas and read books so I think people just assume I'm unemployed. I am practically unemployed.

Adaltis2 karma

I'm in college, so I can relate. At least our careers give us comfy attire!

Kayden_and_Tucky3 karma

Kayden: the comfiest.

fanboyvalor3 karma

If you can have an super power in the world, what would it be? For the both of ya.

Kayden_and_Tucky14 karma

I always say xray vision to see nudity through clothes, but that's because it's generally expected. I really don't give a fuck about nudity anymore. But a wand that magically photoshops real life... imagine the possibilities.

aim_x3 karma

To tucky- Don't you think that not having the first season free (which leads everyone to watch from the second season) is taking away from the second season? I started by watching the first few eps of season 2, loved it, went and watched from the start, and re-watching the first few eps of season 2 with the knowledge of what happened prior, made the show much more effective. Without season 1 it takes away from that character development and discovering why Evan panics from memories of the shooting and jessie's death. As well as the emotion when Evan gives Ling Jessie's necklace... They're just examples.. But do you really think that not showing season 1 because of lack of quality overrules all of this script development that people starting from season 2 are missing out on?? xx

Kayden_and_Tucky7 karma

Tucky- Yes.

GoldStar313 karma

This is more of a statement than a question...don't get me wrong you do both have great chemistry on screen (and I presume off screen too) and I read the conversation on McSweeney's....HOT...but I think and maybe this is because I am a sappy Gold Star lesbo...but after reading up lately on you both...your minds intrigue me sooo much more and that makes you even hotter...rock on SMART hot chicks...rock on....I really hope you reach your goal, I will be sharing on all my social media.

Kayden_and_Tucky8 karma

Tucky- I can't think of a better note to finish on. Thank you and much love.

brewsee23 karma

Have either of you had your supporting actor shown up and decided you were just not feelin it thay day? What do you do if that happens?

Kayden_and_Tucky10 karma

I sent a guy home one time. I work with a pretty limited pool so at this point I know them so well that I'd almost feel bad turning it down if I were having an off day.

Kayden_and_Tucky7 karma

Tucky - oh yeah. I try to minimize the physical contact.

goodie20043 karma

Have you roped in any guest stars for season 3?

Kayden_and_Tucky17 karma

Tucky- Tegan is gonna stand next to me, and Kate Moennig is gonna stand next to Abisha, and we're all just gonna stare at each other until we figure out who's who.

CynicalWorm3 karma


Kayden_and_Tucky10 karma

Kayden: those kinds of faces always look like you're sticking your tongue out at me. Which is totally fine. I think it's friendly.

Shmuli3 karma

Kayden, why dont you do more porn work? (Than you already do)

Kayden_and_Tucky15 karma

Because I'm in a contract that limits me to one movie a month for the same company. It's just enough porn to keep the romance alive.

xm00g2 karma

Kayden, how much fun was shooting the Nekrogoblikon video? How'd that even begin? What's your opinion on that genre of music?

Kayden_and_Tucky5 karma

Sooooooo ridiculously fun. Except for the midnight shoot where I was stuck outside covered in blood. I really was shivering at the end.

toutdelasmore2 karma

Tucky, ever consider moving to Canada?

Kayden_and_Tucky5 karma

Tucky- Yes. Toronto or VanCougar

ESummers11872 karma

Why did Jessie commit suicide? Was it purely for the fact that she thought Evan was dead & gone for good .Its such raw emotion every time Evan gets upset/panics involving the shooting & jessie's death, it tears my heart all up.

Kayden_and_Tucky5 karma

Tucky- I have the reasons in my head, but I think it's best left for the viewer to decide.

bumblebelle2 karma

Kayden, would you ever consider writing a prose or poetry book?

Kayden_and_Tucky6 karma

I've tried and tried and tried and I can proudly say that there are five abandoned folders between my various desktops. One day....

sucksataskingoutgirl2 karma

I brought out the throwaway for this one. I am so petrified to ask out women. I can talk to them just fine but I truly fear actually asking them out. Any advice you can give me?

Kayden_and_Tucky6 karma

Kayden: are you a chick or a dude in need of these instructions? I feel the tactics are different depending on where you're coming from. If you're a chick it should work fine if you just pull a Tucky and start making out with the stranger in question.

reekaroo2 karma

Ha. Pull a Tucky. This should be in urban dictionary.

Kayden_and_Tucky2 karma

Kayden: true. How do we push this through?

Kayden_and_Tucky2 karma

Tucky- Read The Game by Neil Strauss

taintwontstick2 karma

Its Kayla from FB!! What's the most wildest/unique place you've hooked up?? And how would you suggest a young lady in Lexington find attractive gals like yourself for some fun?? The local gay bar is fun but seems to be packed with boys!!

Kayden_and_Tucky2 karma

Tucky- In an ATM vestibule.

takamatsusoke2 karma

The scene in the last episode where Kayden does the striptease was really hot, but Tucky grabbing her by the hair and kissing her hard was even hotter. What do you two think about that?

Kayden_and_Tucky15 karma

kayden: I think we should have kept filming....

Kayden_and_Tucky4 karma

Tucky- but the next scene we did, we were both in bed with Abisha.

insan1tyy2 karma

Hi Kayden, your scene with Johnny Sins is my favorite of all time. Is there more boy/girl work in your future?

Kayden_and_Tucky3 karma

I think my boy/girl work has been pretty steady since the scene you're talking about. That was four years ago. I did work with him again recently in an orgy scene though..

erik26902 karma

Kayden, I enjoyed the podcast you and Manuel did together. (http://doubledate.sideshownetwork.libsynpro.com/rss) Hope you guys do more long interviews like that together. Fun listen.

Kayden_and_Tucky5 karma

We're starting our own podcast soon! We haven't named it yet. Suggestions welcome.

George4Greece3 karma

You should go on Asa's podcast

Kayden_and_Tucky6 karma

I've heard amazing things. And the title of her podcast is amazing.

Lucifer_Oak2 karma

Ok, so, the obligatory question, what were the porn scenes that you were most turned on doing? And, to keep things well rounded, what scene was the biggest turn off?

Kayden_and_Tucky9 karma

As evidenced by the fact that he is sleeping on my chest as I write this, my favorite scenes have been with the one and only Manuel Ferrara. As our relationship has hit the various strides that all relationships hit we've always managed to catch some aspect of those changes in the scenes. They're always dynamic. The worst scenes are the ones that are not. Sometimes the people in the scene just aren't feeling it...

dabsns1 karma

can you please give a video shoutout to jason yoo? would make my year (i love you)!

Kayden_and_Tucky2 karma

Kayden: Which one of us are you asking? I can offer a very sincere Reddit AMA shoutout. "Hiiiiiiiiii Jason Yoooooooo!"

RuleOfMildlyIntrstng1 karma

Tucky, firearms have had a prominent place in the current season of GGS. Was that planned all along, or have you been influenced by the current national debate on gun regulation?

Would you say that you convey a personally-held political position re: guns through the show, or should viewers see it as strictly an aspect of Evan's character that's just meant to serve the story?

Kayden_and_Tucky4 karma

Tucky- We filmed this WAY before gun control became the major headline that it currently is. There's a lot in the show that's controversial and very not-PC, this is just one example.

millsey7-4 karma

How many dicks could a Woodchuck suck if a Woodchuck could suck dick?

Kayden_and_Tucky4 karma

I think the better question is how many dicks would volunteer for such an experiment.