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Do you think Snorri's transcriptions of the Eddas were influenced by his Christianity? Did he change the myth at all to push Loki into more of a devilish role to better match the Christian mythology?

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When porn stars have sex whilst off the clock, do you find that you default to positions that are "camera friendly"(e.g. postured upright in missionary) out of habit?

By the way, No one survives and Cooking with Kayden are amazing.

Also by the way, you severely downplayed the unicorn's agility and ability to maneuver in your unicorn vs. rhino scenario.

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Kayden, you once tweeted that you'd give a free hug to anyone you caught wearing a Nekrogoblikon shirt. I was wondering, if you caught me wearing a Nekrogoblikon shirt AND your model fleshlight, could I get a free kiss?

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My...hand? No no, I need my hands for juggling and other various activities. I'll hold the fleshlight with...something else.

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Hey Emily and Joey!

I really love ASW. I can't even count the hours I've spent pressing the "fnord" button. Thanks for making it as long as you did. It's been really great.

P.S. My sister just had a baby, and I think it might be the next Baby Doom. What should I do?