Hi reddit. I am Quentin Dupieux, director of the movie "WRONG". Ask me anything.

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UPDATE 4:59PM ET: thank you to everybody who participated in this AMA. I had fun and hope you enjoy WRONG.

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GentlemanDefault207 karma

Mr. Oizo, when will Flat Eric return?

QuentinDupieux178 karma

soon maybe

ocean_spray88 karma

How much convincing did you have to do with anyone when trying to get financing for Rubber?

Was it a pretty straightforward, "I'd like to do a movie about a killer tire." "Sure, sounds great. Here's some money." How much pressure did you have to deal with about the idea of Rubber being a movie?

QuentinDupieux100 karma

i'm very lucky to work with the best producer on earth, who is a very good friend at the same time. basically, he trusts me and just go out find money for my nonsense projects..

Ponyboy0981 karma

You're writing process (music wise) took a drastic turn midway through your career. Can you elaborate on why you switched from using mostly hardware to a mostly DAW oriented setup? what sort of software tools have you found to be most important in your writing/production process? and finally, which song of yours are you most proud of?

QuentinDupieux88 karma

i think i'm proud of this tune called 'textes' (stade 3 EP). i just love it like someone else did it. i think it is a perfect tune. i switched to software because i got bored with my old analog equipment. i needed something new and exciting

NRiot49 karma

When you made 'Analog Worms Attack' did you use any drugs?

QuentinDupieux251 karma

no, i was just young. being young is the best drug ever.

dno_bot47 karma

Who are your favorite contemporary electronic musicians or DJs? Who does Mr. Oizo go to see when he goes out?

QuentinDupieux219 karma

i have absolutely no respect for DJs.

youOWEme47 karma

What was the inspiration for Flat Eric, and why has he stuck around with you for so long?

Love your music! We can't wait to check out the new movie this weekend!

QuentinDupieux93 karma

flat eric was inspired by dogs.

ozzyhola39 karma

Thank you for making some of the most bizzarely wonderful music and films I have ever consumed. Steak is such a wonderful movie, and the soundtrack was a brilliant collaboration. I have a few questions, Mr. Oizo...

  1. What is the situation with WRONG COPS? I really enjoyed the short that was online a few months ago, Marilyn Manson needs those kind of roles.
  2. Any chance on making new music? (Stade 4)
  3. Do they make Chivers jackets to buy, and what does Chivers mean?

QuentinDupieux44 karma

chivers means SHIVERS. it is a reference to cronenberg's movie. no, you can't buy a chivers jacket, you have to make it yourself. wrong cops is now a 90 minutes movie. i'm finishing the editing

asorgie39 karma

Hey Quentin,

I worked on Wrong Cops and your most recent project here in Los Angeles under your first AD, Ian. Just wanted to say that I'm happy to see you on reddit doing an AMA and wish you all the best in the future!


QuentinDupieux65 karma

andy ! i know you

zakt35 karma

I'm literally watching rubber right now, and you sir are a strange fellow.

QuentinDupieux126 karma

don't stop watching

mudclub33 karma

Thank you for your freaky, freaky bass.

QuentinDupieux39 karma

my pleasure

axlee32 karma

Do you feel like your saturated electro sound in the late 90s (Flat Beat, etc) inspired what is now "mainstream dubstep"?

QuentinDupieux83 karma

monday massacre sounds a lot like this new wave of dubstep yes.. but at the same time, i was very influenced by some other stuff when i recorded this. so i guess it's just normal.. you never create from scratch. always have to be inspired by something else

yarrysmod29 karma

What exactly happened that made you release your EPs for free on your website ever since the release of "Stade 3"?

QuentinDupieux103 karma

the process of putting out a record is really slow and i got bored by this.. i record music very quickly but then i have to wait 4 months to put it out.. i decided to have fun and just put the music online myself

GoatWolf28 karma

Do you prefer mango or melon?

QuentinDupieux197 karma

fruits are retarded

fucktopia25 karma

Do you have any plans to do any club tours in the States? Philadelphia needs you!

QuentinDupieux97 karma

i'm a bad dj

DuckHomme24 karma


QuentinDupieux28 karma


FrontRowSteve21 karma

How do you sit down and write a film like Rubber or Wrong? Do you just allow yourself to be swept away in the quirky possibilities, or do you try to etch in some sort of message in there as well?

QuentinDupieux102 karma

i don't like messages. i have nothing to say.

Lunchb0x81220 karma

What was it like working with Marilyn Manson on Wrong Cops? I've always enjoyed his acting roles, and his character was a RIOT!

QuentinDupieux46 karma

manson is nice, crazy, funny, intense, sweet, disturbing and smart. i had a blast working with him.

barzolff18 karma

What is the weirdest picture you've came across on the internetz?

QuentinDupieux32 karma

are you barzolff for real ?

MexWhoCan17 karma

I always love your remixes and production work. Are you planning on bringing that Mr. Oizo sound to some of those new Daft Punk tracks?

QuentinDupieux63 karma

ask them to ask me

lausteg16 karma

What is it like to be signed to Ed banger?

QuentinDupieux67 karma

nothing special.

speedsol14 karma

how can i become an actor in your next movie?

QuentinDupieux73 karma

you have to be bald and short.

medicinal_J13 karma

First of all thank you for all of your contributions to film and music over the years.

Who is your favorite artist from Ed Rec to work with (musically)?

QuentinDupieux65 karma

sebastiAn is the best. kills everyone. huge talent.

barzolff13 karma

Hey Oizo, is your music supposed to make my ears bleed ? Cause it does and i love it.

QuentinDupieux50 karma

your eyes should bleed too if you watch WRONG

pandapeter13 karma

  • What project did/do you like to work on the most?
  • What collaboration would you like to do in your lifetime (music/movies)?
  • Who do you look up to, as an artist?

QuentinDupieux27 karma

editing a movie is my favorite part.. i also love to record stupid music.

pezGato12 karma

will there be any future handbraekes releases?

QuentinDupieux45 karma

oh yes.. EP #2 is almost ready

karstenhool12 karma

Will there ever be a release of Steak with english subtitles and how was it to work with Kavinsky? Heard he is kind of hard to work with.

QuentinDupieux32 karma

you an find a version of steak with english sub in canada.. the subtitles are not really good, but still, you can get an idea.. kavinsky is an old friend, so it was pretty easy to work with him.

MexWhoCan11 karma

If you were given the opportunity to sit down and talk to any director (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

QuentinDupieux23 karma

probably luis bunuel.. just because i love his writing

camnicoll11 karma

What do you think of the hype Daft Punk are building for Random Access Memories?

QuentinDupieux58 karma

daft punk are the best.

hydenine10 karma

Why did you make your first two movies in French then switch to English? Chivers!

QuentinDupieux30 karma

english is of course more international !! nobody really cares about french speaking movies

taciturnn10 karma

Hi, I watched Rubber and I liked it very much. It is pleasant to watch movies that are so different from the classic, straitfoward, predictable movies. It was a breath of fresh air for the cinephile that I am. I was just wondering what was your motivation behind Rubber? For the hell of it? To prove a point? Or was it the famous "no reason"?

QuentinDupieux51 karma

no reason is a real guide. sounds like a joke, but i do believe that life is filled with no reason.

linkkjm10 karma

What are your favorite musical acts besides you?

Can I have some beard tips?

QuentinDupieux47 karma

beard tips ; shave it yourself. do not make it perfect otherwise you'll look like a poodle

theentrociter9 karma

Does music influence your film projects?

QuentinDupieux18 karma

maybe a little bit, yes, but it's hard to tell how..

monsieurdoc9 karma

Big fan here, both music and movies. How do you find all of your inspiration ? When Wrong Cops will be released ? Bisous de France.

QuentinDupieux30 karma

inspiration is everywhere. i just had the idea for my next movie 12 minutes ago, while eating a good pizza in Austin.. wrong cops will be ready in about a month.. don't know when it's going to be released..

mmweez9 karma

Could you explain what your process when it comes to composing music is like? What kind of gear are you using? Where are your samples coming from?

QuentinDupieux45 karma

there is no process, i just follow my instinct. i use a laptop computer with some stupid softwares

LeoSerious9 karma

Rubber is my absolute favourite film, I cannot describe how much I love it. You clearly have intelligent messages and interesting comments in your films (For me Rubber makes a very well thought out comment on media audiences reiance on the media they consume and the tire seems to be a psychopathic killer who needs the media to make him famous to carry on killing), but does'nt it disappoint you that a lot of people read your films at surface level? Like all the people who say it's "weird for the sake of weird" or just laugh because it's a tire killing people and don't bother thinking about it?

QuentinDupieux34 karma

everyone sees a different movie. i have no problem with this

poartickle9 karma

what really happened between Analog Worms Attack and Moustache ? were you hit by a seagull ?

best 2 albums of all times, of alll times!

QuentinDupieux26 karma

i like the seagull theory.

DanielEnTest9 karma

I'm pretty confused about a lot of your track titles. I have to ask why LAMBS ANGER? What do you mean with POSITIF? And something more... Are you expecting to visit LatinoAmerica? Argentina, Chile, Brazil... THANKS !!!

QuentinDupieux20 karma

you again !!

Time_Tester8 karma

Hey, I really enjoyed RUBBER. My question is, while making that film though, did you ever feel it wasn't going to turn out how it did? It's a fine line between the whole 'no reason' philosophy and just being completely pointless.

QuentinDupieux21 karma

that's true. it is hard to never cross the line. and i'm trying hard. i would hate to make a pointless movie..

KingLouisXVII8 karma

What kind of drugs have you taken over the course of your lifetime and do they influence your music/ movies? I will try to come up with some smarter questions, this is really exciting to me, you've been this mysterious crazy guy half my life so excuse my rambling, love everything you do, so keep up the good work!

QuentinDupieux37 karma

sorry i don't use drugs. only red wine.

desmoulesdesfrites8 karma

Monsieur Dupieux ! I cannot help myself to think that you are a 21st century surrealist artist, do you consider yourself as such ? Un grand fan de Lille. Vives les moules frites.

QuentinDupieux30 karma

je ne sais pas ce que je suis

KingLouisXVII7 karma

Do you regret any project you worked on because it didn't turn out like you thought it would?

QuentinDupieux43 karma

usually when a movie is done, after months of post production, i think it is bad.. then i watch it 2 years later and think it was brilliant.

Renaud227 karma

I've heard you say that you moved your movies to the U.S because that's where you basically found the money to fund your work. What was the problem in France exactly? I thought Steak was a brilliant piece

QuentinDupieux24 karma

no i moved because it is cheaper to shoot a movie in LA. but also, there's TONS of great actors here. it is a great place to make movies. but my movies are still financed by France

kayjayoh6 karma

I watched wrong and was thoroughly confused, anyway you would explain it to me?

Also what is a normal day like for you?

QuentinDupieux13 karma

re watch it maybe ?

ToasterWaffl3s6 karma

Best Thing that you ever worked on?

QuentinDupieux10 karma

the latest project is always the best.

nipsandtucks6 karma

What was your favorite film growing up?

Stade 4?

QuentinDupieux26 karma

raising arizona is my fav movie. loved it the first time i watched it, i think i was 15 yrs old.. i still love it the same way. it is the best movie ever made in my opinion. stade 4 isn't ready yet

MrBaja5 karma

A friend of mine once met your parents, and they gave her your old class books. She think about selling them on eBay, or throwing them away... What should she do?

QuentinDupieux22 karma

she should eat the books to maybe get a chance to understand life.

themanonthemoon345 karma

Hi Quentin!! Rubber is easily one of my favorite movies of all time. Its absolutely wonderful...what inspires you to come up with these crazy ideas? Im really looking forward to Wrong, it looks just as good!

QuentinDupieux21 karma

ideas are in the air. you just have to catch them.

EfferentPupil4 karma

When did you decide to make music?

QuentinDupieux18 karma

when i needed music for my short films.. i was 18

xDURANDALx4 karma

Do you have any plans to revisit your old style and make an album similar to Analog Worms? Personally that was my favorite one you released.

QuentinDupieux25 karma

it is boring to redo something you already did. sorry ! will keep on trying new stuff. can't go back to when i was 24

JewishMilkshake4 karma

Can you give us some insight on your next project, Realite'?

QuentinDupieux10 karma

right now i'm finishing my movie wrong cops. will start editing reality very soon. it's pretty hard to talk about it.. i'd rather show you the movie

bigmikegoingbiggles4 karma

Did you direct the Levi's jeans advertisement featuring your music? Do you wear Levi's jeans?

QuentinDupieux29 karma

i don't wear levi's jeans, i think they suck. but yes, back in the days i directed these levi's commercials.. that was a lot of fun

livingjoey4 karma

I'm aspiring to be part of the film industry. How does one break into it and more precisely, how did you?

QuentinDupieux20 karma

i'm still very very small in the industry.

jagsplit3 karma

Will Mr. Akchote ever make a return as an actor in your movies? I really enjoyed his performance as Felix in Steak.

QuentinDupieux16 karma

me too. he was great.. will try to bring him back. but he's FAT now. and hard to move around

StewarttheSir3 karma

what inspires you to write so creatively?

QuentinDupieux7 karma

dreams and normal life

rezpez3 karma

that effect drop urge needle elle has on the vocals is so amazing. its so psychotic, moustache is such an inventive album.

QuentinDupieux17 karma

i was just dropping the turntable's needle on a record.

xnard3 karma

Hi, I just started producing and writing music about two years ago and I'm a huge fan of your's. I was wondering if you had any advice for me? How did you get started/good at making music?

QuentinDupieux8 karma

just do stuff. you'll find your way. or not.

JonHartigan3 karma

What's your take on the whole film vs. digital debate?

QuentinDupieux12 karma

film is too slow. digital is fast.

CLASSYclassy3 karma

Who are your main musical influences?

QuentinDupieux22 karma

edith piaf

serengeti_yeti3 karma

I am very much looking forward to watching Wrong. I'm also very interested to hear any new music you've been making. Are there any plans to release a new Mr. Oizo album some time in the near future?

QuentinDupieux8 karma

would love to take the time to record a new LP. soon !

wackyshack3603 karma

What do you do immediately after getting an idea for a film?

QuentinDupieux5 karma

if i'm really excited by the idea, i usually start writing it

tillymeeow3 karma

What inspired you to create Steak? Fantastic by the way, I love your work.

QuentinDupieux7 karma

steak was inspired by the ed banger crew.

rezpez3 karma

what were things that annoyed you about analog equipment when using it and what annoys you now with the limitless possibilities of software ??

QuentinDupieux7 karma

analog equipment is great but i'm too impatient.. i need to record something very fast, or i get bored.

hugeney3 karma

I really loved Rubber, how was working with Arte? Did they sponsor you or how would you describe the process of working with them?

QuentinDupieux18 karma

they just decided to buy the film when we told them it was going to the cannes festival. before that, they didn't really like it..

carellias3 karma

hi, I've been a big fan of your music for a long time. I have a "silly" question but this highly interests me: How have the drugs interacted with your art (as a filmmaker and as a producter/dj) if you ever took some, and which drugs precisely ? What do you think of drug-taking in the context of art-making ? Any in-depth analysis of the use of drugs in the music and cinema scene ? Thank you

QuentinDupieux10 karma

everybody thinks i'm a drug addict ! sorry, i never use drugs! i tried many times to make music while smoking some weed but that's not my thing

jukd7773 karma

How do you pick your actors? Is there some kind of casting or you just choose them because of their awesomeness?

QuentinDupieux3 karma

i have this great casting director ( Donna Morong ) she puts a lot of people on tape for me, and i just pick up the best ones. usually i'm able to see if the actor understands the scene or not.

plikion3 karma


QuentinDupieux5 karma

i think editing is the best part.. i love sundance festival because it is fun

kmotiv2 karma


QuentinDupieux10 karma

ebay. but don't buy a fake one ! they suck

fredyink2 karma

bONJOUR Q! SVP REPONDRE! MERCI J'espere que tout vas bien! Vos films et vos sons , unique ! il n'y en a pas 2 comme vous ! Alors c'Est parrttiii! 1)Do you like dragon ball z? 2)Who would win in a fight between a Lion VS Bear? 3)Would you ever colaborate with Ennio Moriconne (movie and music)?

QuentinDupieux24 karma

i don't give a sh## about dragon ball Z.

rezpez2 karma

did you do the art of the purple guys on analog worms attack ??

QuentinDupieux4 karma

yes that was my stupid drawings

nandini772 karma

Can we get a teaser for Ed Banger vol.10?

Does anyone annoy you in the Ed Banger crew?

What does Carmen Castro look like?

Thanks for the wonderful music!! :D

QuentinDupieux16 karma

ed banger vol10 is coming out soon i guess.. everyone annoys me at edbanger. but i love them too. carmen castro is obese

UpBoat4202 karma

Oizo, I listen to monday massacre and analog worms seguel every time I do heavy lifting. Your music fucking rocks. I love your new stuff too, but I hope you'll make something really heavy like that again some time!

Ps stade 2 rocks

QuentinDupieux5 karma


NRiot2 karma

How do you keep stable in your mind, do you have dark moods sometimes and what's your key to keep going on?

QuentinDupieux6 karma

i'm pretty stable.

FFUUUUU2 karma

Holy shit Mr Oizo, I'm a massive fan of your stomping techno.

What absolute bangers are you listening to at the moment?

QuentinDupieux7 karma

i'm not into bangers

mdmakk2 karma

What is your favorite thing about Marilyn Manson? When does that movie come out?

QuentinDupieux5 karma

mason is really funny and smart. it's really fun to be around him. he also comes to my house wearing these weird girl masks.. he's great

i_crave_more_cowbell0 karma

Were you high during any of the making of Rubber?

QuentinDupieux2 karma

i'm never high, that's my talent. drugs can't help me to create..

Kra5-4 karma

Where i felt rubber had a great idea, i sensed a lack of it in wrong.i was a bit disappointed to be honest. It felt a little bit like "let's put that random idea riiiight here", kinda like dadaism. Just wanted to let you know.

QuentinDupieux8 karma

if you don't see the magic in it, that's your fault, not mine.