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I am Rutledge Wood, one of the hosts of Top Gear on History, and I’m a roving reporter for NASCAR on SPEED. I’m currently practicing racecar driving in the new Scion FR-S this weekend for the 37th annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race (April 20), along with Andy Bell (Mtv’s Nitro Circus) and actress Kate del Castillo and 17 other drivers (visit for a full list).

Ask me anything about my involvement in this race for charity, my competitors, about my show, about NASCAR, plaid, beards, or cars. I’m answering questions between 12:30 and 1:30pm PT on Saturday and will also try to answer as many as possible during my breaks on the track!

Or if you have any questions for my competitors let me know and I can try to get answers.

EDIT +++++++ Thanks so much everybody! I gotta go train now! TPCR..and watch Top Gear Tuesday night! Thanks NEW EDIT- I tried to get to all the ones that popped up after I was done! Thanks

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LTCOakley62 karma

Has there been any talk of doing a cross over episode where you guys challenge the TG UK presenters, similar to what TG Australia did? If not, do you have any interest in doing that?

rutledgewood90 karma

We've talked about it a lot...I think and hope it will happen. It's part scheduling, and part that we know both groups will cheat their ass off, so we probably should do it on an aircraft carrier somewhere in the Atlantic.

naxter4828 karma

Both shows would probably try and use the Stig in the race part of the challenge.

rutledgewood24 karma

For sure...I bet our Stig is faster.

White_Stig68 karma

Always two there are, a master and an apprentice.

rutledgewood49 karma

Yoda! What's up player!

JayBents36 karma

1) Aside from Mexico or Canada, are there any plans for a travel episode outside the states like the UK version has done?

2) How great was watching Tanner repeatedly get zapped by the electric fencing?

rutledgewood34 karma

The last show this season we went to was so beautiful. Shocking Tanner with that fence over and over was so much fun!!!! Thanks for watching

tayaro36 karma

Will we ever get to see Top Gear US take on amphibious cars? Because that'd be awesome.

rutledgewood25 karma

You know what? I'm sitting next to Olympic gold medalist Jessica Hardy who's also in the TPCR with me and Tyler Clary is here too and they both want to be a part of it when we do. I need to work on my swimming first if we try that.



rutledgewood25 karma

on the show? I think the Cadillac CTS-V wagon. I love almost everything about it

iamaredditer36 karma

How many boobs do you see while at talladega?

rutledgewood104 karma

Including mine? 2

nsgiad20 karma

Is that two pair, one pair, or two, one boob encounters?

rutledgewood30 karma

Two single boobs.

mhoke6335 karma

I have a theory that the US Top Gear is suffering from what I call "Wesley Crusher Syndrome". Wesley Crusher was a character on Star Trek: The Next Generation that many people were very vocal about how much they didn't like that character. Wil Wheaton, who played the character later said how that really depressed him. After he started doing conventions years later he found out that the vast majority of people actually liked the character. It just happened to be that the people who hated the character was much more vocal and felt the need to express that opinion loudly and often.
Now, in the days of Reddit and Twitter where you have a much easier time interacting with fans. Have you found this to be true? I like the US version a lot. It is getting much better and it seems because the camaraderie between you three is growing a lot and you three, especially Adam, is getting less afraid of making jokes. Would you agree with this assessment?

rutledgewood38 karma

Hmm... Well, that's a really interesting theory. That certainly could be true. Here's what I know...people are watching. We've had the wealthiest and youngest audience History has ever had during our time. Families watch...women watch (and for the record,a lot of them, which I think is great). I told someone early on if they didn't like it so much, would they rather go watch Pimp My Ride's last season or this...and that ended that discussion. We knew when we were interviewing for the show that it would be an uphill battle for some. In fact, one of the most candid moments in the process which could have cost me the gig was when they asked "what's going to be the biggest hurdle for this show" and I said "people like me that love the UK show. If we try to copy the characters that are the three of them, we will fail. If we use the format and be ourselves, I think we have a shot to make a show with a future." And I still think that's the case.

iamaredditer25 karma

What kind of cars do you have in your stable?

rutledgewood27 karma

There's a few on the garage section of my website (not trying to plug that intentionally) but a few are '66 VW Double Cab pickup,'53 Plymouth Suburban, '05 Scion TC (car I raced last year in the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race), and a few project cars

preske9 karma

66 VW Double Cab pickup

I like your taste

rutledgewood8 karma

Thanks! I love that do my daughters

jeff_Oh3 karma

I think I'm late to the party but it's funny you guys are discussing the VW Double Cab.... I just discovered so I saw it for the first time last night. I liked it so much I sent links to some friends to see what they thought about it. My lady friend said that she liked the pickup however her mother used to own a 1983 Honda Civic Wagon and she preferred it.

I hate that I missed this. Rut, you may be my favorite TV presenter so Thank You! (if you even see this)

rutledgewood6 karma

Thanks man! I appreciate it!

ZachMettenberger22 karma

Do you think Tanner is a better driver than Jeremy Clarkson?

rutledgewood40 karma

Holy hell yes. It's not even a level playing field. I spend my weekends traveling with NASCAR for SPEED and I'm around some of the best drivers in the world, and Tanner Foust is truly on that list. I'm not a bad driver, but next to him, almost anyone looks like they can barely drive.

Bama01143 karma

I can hear /r/topgear's jimmies being rustled.

naxter4817 karma's probably true.

rutledgewood47 karma

Probably true? NO. It's completely true. Has He raced in competition in multiple series and won? He can power slide like a mad man, but Tanner's the man in a car.

ccatlr10 karma


rutledgewood10 karma

That's the damn truth man!

Treacherous_Potato21 karma

I watch the show for your beard.

rutledgewood28 karma

Thank you. I condition it, so it will be very glad to hear this news

Treacherous_Potato11 karma

Be honest how much poon do you get from that beard?

rutledgewood32 karma

Well, I'm a happily married man of 10 years this year, so ask someone who's been married that long how much tail they get...if you're married, that's a much funnier comment.

icantdrive753 karma

Would it be weird to ask what your beard regimen is? It truly is masterful.

And on a less odd subject, do you ever get out to the PRI show? Seems like that would be important journalistic something or other for the NASCAR side of things.

rutledgewood6 karma

I've actually never been to PRI. Almost went this beard, I shave around it every other day or so. I was my face with soap, then hit the beard with a little conditioner. That's it. Trim it once a month between haircuts.

iamaredditer21 karma

What happened to the whole star in a reasonably priced car and the stig?

rutledgewood35 karma

We had to haul arse to finish the 6 shows that aired in August so that they'd air along with Counting Cars, so we basically just didn't have time to do it. Then, they found it gave us more time to tell a story and less people changed the channel (which happens during the studio for both TG's) so we just rolled on. I miss it big time, especially the Stig laps, which I think is a great equalizer.

MasterCronus28 karma

I much prefer the show without the celebrity interview bit, but I do miss seeing the Stig laps.

rutledgewood16 karma

That's cool. It's funny you guys all basically agree on that.

Liquidjoe21 karma

Is Tanner Foust really that short!?

rutledgewood32 karma

Sort of..haha. He's not tiny but I'm 6'3''

NakedMuffinTime20 karma

What do you think is the most overrated car?

rutledgewood53 karma

That's a great question...I always have trouble with that. In LA, it's the BMW 3's the Civic of BMW and people act like they're made of gold. However, the E46 M3 is still one of my favorite cars ever.

drivendreamer9 karma

It is special

rutledgewood48 karma

You're special.

iAmReynolds19 karma

Who do you think you are most similar to on Top Gear BBC?

rutledgewood44 karma

I can't remember his name...not the tall one with the gut, or the tiny one, and it's not the pianist with pretty hair....It'll come to me.

tyrone11819 karma

What's your favorite car and why?

rutledgewood32 karma

1957 Chevy Bel Air Coupe. I think it's the most iconic and timeless car that this country has produced, and I think that anyone who sees one can think "That's a cool car."

MadlyFlyingCows19 karma

How much fun was it watching Adam's mustang barrel roll off that cliff in your offroad rental car episode.

rutledgewood27 karma

Dude...that was freaking insane. I've never seen or heard anything like that in my life.

BeastKiller45019 karma

For people who think American Top Gear isn't as a good as the UK one what do you have to say? I try to tell people to watch it is a different show, since the UK guys have so many years of experience with each other.
Also, how do you feel about having the Top Gear name? Are you trying to live up to the name or make it your own.

rutledgewood38 karma

I love it...I think it's a franchise show that we have a lot to be proud of. If people just sit down and watch, they'd enjoy. The fan boys just felt threatened. It's like when a band gets signed and people hate on them...But TG was already signed.So it's silly.

BostonFire1518 karma

Hey Rut, I love the show! Is Tanner as much of a little girl in real life as he comes across on the show?

rutledgewood21 karma

hahaha I love the guy...we all hang out the whole time around when we're shooting, so I think he's awesome. He kicks my ass on the reg.

BostonFire1511 karma

In all seriousness though he's a hell of a driver. You're definitely my favorite on the show, and I'm not just saying that because of the flannel. What's been your favorite moment of top gear?

rutledgewood9 karma

Thanks. It's hard to say on favorite moment. So many fun times...but flying through the air in that Superlite truck was amazing

Liquidjoe18 karma

Have you meet James May yet and how is he!

rutledgewood36 karma

I haven't...the only one I've met from the UK show is Hammond. And honestly, he's a delightful guy. I got to show him around at Texas Motor Speedway when he was shooting there.

finster_davenport12 karma

Why don't they include this sorta shit in the BBC epi's? Or did they? Link please?

rutledgewood14 karma

They did. Hammond raced around in a Cup car at Texas Motor Speedway.

sarasquirrel16 karma

I have a few questions....Will they ever find a helmet to fit you? Do you think Tanner could race in a NASCAR race? Have you ever tried getting a NASCAR driver to co-host Top Gear?

rutledgewood24 karma

Helmet- Yeah...Simpson is here fitting us for our suits for the Toyota Pro Celeb race and they want to make me one to fit (I wear an 8 fitted hat). I think Tanner could go great in NASCAR but I don't know if he'll ever try it. He's got insane car control. I would love for my friend Kyle Petty to come on a show sometime...lots of NASCAR drivers watch and love the show

ronald_r3215 karma

How much of Top Gear is scripted? I know some of it has to be as you can see the joke coming a mile away.

rutledgewood30 karma

It's not. At all. What you're sensing is called producing. Just like the UK show. We're just blabbing like idiots and someone else is editing it to show and tell a story. The challenges are written down on paper...that's it.

ronald_r329 karma

That's cool then. They should produce it so it's a bit more instantaneous haha :) love the show, on my auto download list here in Australia.

rutledgewood7 karma

Yeah, it's just hard to make everything work for everyone. They're telling a story of stuff that happened to us, so it's not an easy job.

MadlyFlyingCows15 karma

What was the process or criteria for how you guys were selected as hosts for Top Gear. I know you and Tanner's background but sometimes I have to wonder about Adam. I find him hilarious but is he as dumb as he seems?

rutledgewood28 karma

They looked at everyone who had been on tv for cars in this country for the last 10 years...Adam did a pilot for History about cars that didn't get picked up, but he was in the mix from that. I think they saw something I did on SPEED that a racefan loaded up illegally on Youtube. I love whoever did that...

Motoagogo14 karma

Thank you for doing an AMA today. I have two questions for you. 1. Out of all the cars you have driven which would be your favorite and why? 2. How is your relationship with Adam and Tanner outside the show? You all see to laugh and have a good time yet I always wonder if you have a secret war with tanner haha.

rutledgewood17 karma

Thanks! I think my favorite car I've ever owned and driven is an '04 Subaru WRX STi. I loved the hell out of it. My favorite car I've ever driven...the Ferrari 458 Italia down at the Petty Exotic Driving School at Disney. It's so bad ass and handles like a dream...I'd take that over a Veryon any day of the week.

surfinglife9513 karma

On the show that just ended at 3, what did the blurred out yellow writing on tanners car say? Awesome show too.

rutledgewood25 karma

I'm not near a tv so I don't know. If it was the one where Adam rolled something on it with paint, then it's ASSHAT, which aired originally...Maybe because it aired during the day time it was blurred.

crossfade13 karma

Hey Rut, first off I love the show and thanks for being part of it and thanks for doing this AMA!

  • What happened to the Stig?
  • It seems like Tanner gets to drive all the fast cars lately. Even when you or Adam won the competition. Is it because he's a pro driver?
  • A couple times on the show you've mentioned your love for Civics :) Do you really have one, what kind is it? I have an EG hatch myself and love it!

rutledgewood12 karma

Hey man, see above for the first part please...on the 2nd, sometimes it's schedule, sometimes I get to drive a Bugatti and then get found out that I fibbed a bit. I do want to do some more power tests but we have to get creative on how we do them sometime. I do indeed have an '83 Civic wagon. It's on my website's is getting a custom PLAID interior as we speak!

p4lm3r12 karma

The first season of TG looked like 3 monkeys thrown in a small cage and poked with sticks. This season looks like you guys are really starting to play off of each other. Am I totally off with that observation?

rutledgewood10 karma

Well, season one we just had to stick tighter to the format...they relaxed it more after the studio didn't look great. I think the videos have always been great

jigielnik4 karma

I love how you guys and the US producers have taken the show and made it your own. It was great that you tried the UK format, but I am SO glad that the producers let the show evolve on its own, keeping what works and dropping what didn't.

The films you make look fantastic and they are fun and funny to watch. I'm a consummate TG:UK fan, but as an American I am so glad for Top Gear having a version over here... because first of all, who doesn't want more top gear??? and second, you guys are just getting better and better!

rutledgewood5 karma

Thanks a lot! That's how I feel too!

zeppelinx210 karma

Hey Rutledge! What are your thoughts on the FR-S you're training in?

rutledgewood11 karma

Hey ! I love's such a great car for the money. For 25 grand, you've got a push button drift car/ road race car/ hot ride. I love all the ones at SEMA that had the insane Rocket Bunny kit on it.

Cmbgo1210 karma

Do the producers ever tell you what your going to do before an episode, or do they tell you while filming?

rutledgewood15 karma

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't...they want us to experience stuff at the same time as the audience a lot of times.

bishopazrael4 karma

Knowing this makes me want to start watching the show! Thank yoU!

rutledgewood6 karma

My pleasure...sometimes, they ask really vague questions and then tell us what to pack. But any time we buy cheap cars, we really do pick those and most of the time I personally find the car online & we have a killer guy named Tim Wilson who's a huge car nut and basically every day he's driving all over the place checking out cars for us. Fun job.

Rat_of_NIMHrod10 karma

What kind of aftermarket parts/upgrades would you recommend for the everyday car guy?

rutledgewood23 karma

Start with the basics. Intake/high flow filter, then nice exhaust system. But the best money you can spend if you want to go faster is a performance driving school.

mw3haha9 karma

~ 2006 Volvo v60 or Audi A4? I'm a highschool student looking for my first car! (Before you say I'm spoiled, this is my money I've been saving for years.)

rutledgewood17 karma

Good for you! That's awesome. Honestly, I'd go for the's going be easier to own, maintain, and probably afford. But really, go with which ever one puts a bigger smile on your face.

naxter489 karma

What was your favorite episode/challenge? guest star?

What's your reaction to the level of success Top Gear US has had? Do you ever get bothered by the criticism the show seems to receive (i.e. not being as funny as UK version, etc.)?

rutledgewood16 karma

Dax Shepherd has been my favorite Celeb for sure. He's a super good dude, genuine car nut, and went out of his way to have fun with us. I think TGUS is a great show and I'm honestly so pumped to be a part of it...I think it's so close to being huge, but someone might have to get hurt first :) When Hammond gt hurt in that dragster, their ratings basically doubled. I don't want to get hurt though...I got kids man.

tayaro9 karma

How on earth did you talk Tanner into wearing those electrodes on his face during the muscle cars episode? Also, since he was in the passenger seat during the Mustang vs. horse race, I have to ask - is he as bad/nervous a passenger as the show made it seem?

rutledgewood19 karma

I have no idea! But he totally fell for it. Those hurt like shit.

PunjabiPlaya8 karma

Are you really part Honda?

rutledgewood17 karma

I'm part a lot of things...Toyota, Honda, VW, Chevy, a pinch vintage Dodge, and an old ass Grand Wagoneer.

Derpstomper8 karma

What is the favorite flannel shirt you have? Could we have a picture?

rutledgewood10 karma

haha I'll work on that

Derpstomper16 karma

Oh my god Rutledge talked to me

rutledgewood16 karma

hahaha I'm trying to talk to everyone! I try my best on twitter too

WhereIsMiKeg8 karma

Without your personality I don't think the show could exist. I'm a huge fan of the show and would like to know-

1- Do you own any trucks?
2- What truck would you buy today off the show room floor?

rutledgewood17 karma

Thanks! I miss my '08 Tundra Crew Max, but I drive a Chevy Suburban very day (family man that has a car trailer) but technically my '66 VW is a truck. If I was buying a new truck...Ford Raptor hands down.

model19116 karma

Why do you like the ford raptor?

rutledgewood9 karma

It's a complete shit kicker man. Honestly. It can handle so much that's thrown at it, is totally capable in stock form, plus it can tow, has a great interior, and the Sync/My Touch system is killing everyone right now

spjmcm8 karma

Favorite episode of Top Gear?

rutledgewood13 karma

Either Alaska or maybe Tuesday night's show coming up. We had so much fun in the snow

Spidrmn12347 karma

What really was on the magic eye from the zombie prep special?!

rutledgewood10 karma

A picture of this AMA :)

Spidrmn12344 karma

Secondary question if you are so inclined. Did that guy ever say what the lipstick was for after the world ended? Lol

rutledgewood9 karma

Yeah- sorry that got cut out...he said it was so you could use it to write notes on glass, painted surfaces or where ever. Nice guy...I felt bad for calling him a nut bar. He was truly a fascinating guy.

tstirling137 karma

  1. How long have you been growing your beard?
  2. I read somewhere they made a Focus ST Tanner Foust edition... If there were to be a, say, VW Pickup Rutledge Wood edition, what would it be like?

rutledgewood9 karma

Since 2000..I told the story below on how it happened. If I had my own edition of a car, think plaid interior, bright fun colors, and just enough power to get you in trouble.

luvkiss19737 karma

I love watching you on Nascar Race Hub and any other time I can see ya. I am glad that you can have fun with it. Thanks for sharing your pics. I love seeing them, keep up the great work. What is the hardest thing about getting ready for this race?

rutledgewood2 karma

Thanks! It's honestly that we can't practice on the Long Beach track that toyota sets up until the week or so before. Lots of changes from how we train.

answeReddit7 karma

Have you ever driven a car based on a self-sustainable fuel such as a vegetable oil, pure ethanol, methane (can be made from bio-digesting manures anaerobicly) or similar?

rutledgewood12 karma

I have not...I did think about building a veggie diesel Benz Wagon a few years ago. I dig the hell out of the idea

aliterati7 karma

I watch both the UK and American versions of Top Gear and enjoy them both. Though, some episodes of the US version make my skin crawl.

Why on challenges do you, specifically, act much dumber (or that you don't give a shit) than you actually are?

For instance this past weeks episode, the Apocolypse, it seemed like you guys didn't care at all about the challenges or car additions, save for Tanner. I think if you asked a lot of the Top Gear fans, they would say the best episodes are the ones where they are less heavily scripted to make you guys look stupid/immature.

rutledgewood6 karma

Well, it's like I told someone who emailed me a nasty one this week about that show. If you're watching Top Gear to prepare yourself and your car for the end of the world, then you don't understand what Top Gear is all about. It's entertainment, not a factual plans for the end of the world. Also, we don't have a script, and I try not to be dumb ever. I'm ok with being an idiot when the mood calls. Thanks for watching though, and I hope you get my point. Magic eye isn't camo. It's just something stupid I came up with. That electric fence was the shit though !

iamaredditer6 karma

If I was to see what is recorded on your dvr what shows and movies would I see?

rutledgewood16 karma

We'd have Top Gear, American Pickers, Sesame Street, and I think the Bachelor is still on there from my wife.

rutledgewood16 karma

But movies...RAD, Big Lebowski, and Wet Hot American Summer.

wpm6 karma

Wet Hot American Summer is far too underrated.

rutledgewood7 karma

It really is. The ginger dude in there, AD Miles, is Jimmy Fallon's head writer. Case closed.

chipper7476 karma

If there was a split second life or death decision and you could only save either Tanner or Adam, who would you pick?

rutledgewood30 karma

I'd save you. Because you're worth it. Neither of them would have gotten on my AMA, but you did. And for that, I love you. I always loved you.

BeerAndChowder6 karma

What's the funniest thing you have ever witnessed behind the scenes?

rutledgewood9 karma

There's some great stuff on the DVD's I think..I need to think about that.

FutureResident5 karma

I've loved TG from the first episode I saw. I had watched every single UK, US, Russia, Australia episode until last season. I stopped watching Top Gear US when Tanner smacked a dog in the head during a horribly planned bit. I'm sure the dog was fine and really didn't feel much pain, but that was the last reason I needed to stop watching your show. Top Gear US's badly canned chemistry was already turning me off at that point. I kept watching even when I wasn't really digging it anymore, then the dog thing. Would you trade either of your co-hosts for someone else? and.. Did anyone step-up when the dog bit was being planned and say, "Hey, maybe putting unsteady animals in a car and making hard turns with it is a bad idea?"

rutledgewood10 karma

I think we're talking about when he moved the dogs face out of his face when he was covered with sausage around his neck, right? I'll be honest, I don't think I'm going to say anything here of value that would change your mind besides that crouched down in the back of that Merkur was the dog trainer, who was ready to call the dogs off of Tanner if they snapped and started biting them...after all, he was trying to haul ass in a car and he was wearing sausage. That's one of those ideas a producer comes up with to put us in stressful situations to make others laugh. I know that Tanner loves dogs, he wouldn't try to hurt one, nor did the trainer, or anyone else feel he had wronged anyone or anything. I get that it clearly offended you and I'm sorry about that, but know that we're not out to hurt anyone, and we take all the precautions we need to like having the trainer on hand and in the car to make sure everyone involved is ok. Hope that makes sense. Hope you'll give the show another shot. Also, skip the "150mph show," they put a bunch of rats in a helmet on me and it was awful. You won't like that, although it was the sole promo for the show that week, and people seemed to really like it.

Duskembrance5 karma


rutledgewood3 karma

Thanks man! I think it's a good time slot...and a lot of folks watch. But I wish a lot more watched

thebutcherswife4 karma

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

rutledgewood17 karma

GREAT QUESTION ! Assuming that I can't calm the horse sized duck into letting me ride it, I'll take 100 duck sized horses.

carpy223 karma

How would you explain NASCAR to a newbie?

rutledgewood15 karma

Um, basically, like many other things in life, we spend a lot of time going round and round but we never really go anywhere.

VelocilBrian3 karma

Why arent your shows on Netflix??? I really want to rewatch them!

rutledgewood8 karma

Good question. I have no idea. I thought we were but maybe just season 1?

ohlerdy3 karma

Why can't any of the non-British Top Gear variants ever seem to reproduce the humor of the original British version without being just uncomfortable to watch?

rutledgewood19 karma

Well, I don't try to emulate them, so that's a key to success. British humor isn't for everyone. I enjoy it, but I don't try to act like it. Turns out there's a big population who had never heard of TGUK (I know that sounds crazy) but some people can enjoy each TG show for what it is...a great format with 3 extremely lucky people who get to have the kind of fun we dream about...and somehow I'm lucky enough to be one of those people.

surfinglife953 karma

What do you think of the new NASCARs?

rutledgewood10 karma

They're cool...they look so much better. They'll get them figured out soon.

Biggerben2102 karma

Did you go to MHS in Peachtree city I heard rumors that you went there.

rutledgewood4 karma

Yeah! Go Chiefs! I was junior and senior class president. Class of '98. You a fellow PTC'er?

luvkiss19732 karma

I am excited to see this race. Have you spent any time with Jackson Rathbone?? What car does he drive??? What is the most fun you have had this year with racing??

rutledgewood4 karma

Jackson is a great guy! Our cars aren't set number wise just yet...we'll find out April 9th...This race is the most fun I've ever had with racing. Except maybe for Tuesday night's Top Gear...that's a good one.

luvkiss19732 karma

I watch you on Nascar Race Hub every night. I promise to check it out!! Thanks!!

rutledgewood8 karma

Thanks! I'm really lucky to have 2 jobs that I love and the fact that History and SPEED are both cool with me doing both is a really amazing thing.

doh602 karma

What was your first car?

rutledgewood4 karma

1981 Volkswagen Rabbit pickup diesel. 4spd, zero options. It was a gift from my Grandpa. I wish we still had it. I loved that thing

bikiniduck1 karma

The last Top Gear USA episode I saw was a 45 minute long Ford commercial. When will the show stop doing that, and start being more like the Top Gear UK, or even Top Gear Australia?

rutledgewood16 karma

When we the last time you watched? If it was the trucks one, I disagree. We don't have anything to do with who sponsors the show, and there's no payment or consideration for using certain vehicles. Did you see when Jezza drove the FT86 aka the FRS? He loved the hell out of it. I assume you will ask him the same thing? That feels a little bit like a double standard to me.

BluesFan430 karma

Just a statement, you ruined it for me by playing the clown on the pre race shows.

Understand, exposure and making money, but, well, that's that.

rutledgewood10 karma

Well,just a statement, but understand, that NASCAR is a sport. And it's only purpose is to be a form of entertainment. I just try to have fun with the drivers and make them real people...I don't want to ask "How's your car?" because that's what we talk about so much. If I was you, I'd relax and clue in to the fact that the drivers enjoy me being there and having a good time with them, so maybe you can too. I'm not that bad :)

fourthought-1 karma

Do you think that our obsession with cars is a threat to the environment? What do you do in your capacity to further environmentally-friendly initiatives relating to cars + driving?

rutledgewood8 karma

Not really...I think we're finally getting smarter and faster...I think if auto racing goes all electric, auto racing is dead.

Rumsquall-1 karma

Is it hard competing with the best Top Gear?

rutledgewood26 karma

Well, we never planned to try and be them...our show is much more even across the board vs how the UK show is set up. There's only one Clarkson, one Hammond, and one May. We aren't trying to fill those rolls and we would have failed miserably if we had tried. We're just 3 guys who come from very different places with cars.

Gates_bill-6 karma

Why does the TG:US suck so much? When is the show going to stop mimicking TG:UK? Are specials planned, like the ones TGUK has?

rutledgewood10 karma

If I had to guess why you think it sucks, I'd say it's because you're not on it. We have specials all the time...the show has grown a lot since season one, so maybe you should actually watch it to see how good of a show it is. Or, you could continue to be a fan boy and miss out on a fun show.