In June of 2010 there was a public AT&T webserver that had a URL for a public API with a number at the end of it. If you added one to this number you might see the next iPad 3G user email address. I aggregated a sample of this data and sent it to a journalist. I contend that I as an American have the right to profit from accessing a public webserver, adding one to a number and embarassing a large corporation.

Despite an email from AT&T stating the data was "published", "no security was bypassed" and "I don't think they [the feds] have a case", the feds disagreed. In November of 2012 I was found guilty of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the same law used against Matthew Keys, Aaron Swartz and Stephen Watt.

Tomorrow morning is my sentencing. The pre-sentencing report recommends around 4 years of prison time. I have been told by the government to "prepare to be processed" that very morning. I may go to prison tomorrow.

Ask me anything.

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weevugotapurdymouth343 karma

weev, after you get stabbed in prison for being a huge cunt will you stop being a huge cunt?

weev270 karma


craze17753 karma

Do you have any regrets with the whole at&t fiasco? If you can do it all over again, would you have gone to at&t before going to a reporter about their security issues? And finally, are you nervous about facing 10 years in federal prison?

weev66 karma

My regret is being nice enough to give AT&T a chance to patch before dropping the dataset to Gawker. I won't nearly be as nice next time.

Thayora23 karma

Can we write letters to you when you are in prison? Or is that a no?

weev37 karma

Yes. I will answer any and all letters.

runrundan9 karma

If you have to go to prison, what kind of books do you want us to send you?

weev15 karma

Long, laborious literature. Classics are great. Whatever you want to send me.

kraq5 karma

What are you going to work on when you're in prison? Do you think you will have internet access?

It's really sad to see such a smart guy struck down in his prime... I disagree with you most of the time, but I still think you're really misunderstood.

weev15 karma

I will be going through Donald Knuth's "The art of computer programming" end to end. I will write a book or two. I will have a lot of my writing transcribed by volunteers and posted to social media websites.

runrundan4 karma

who is on the back of your tablet?

weev0 karma

Mayor Bloomberg

octal4 karma

How do you think our government and criminal justice can be repaired? Do you think it will be accomplished in your lifetime?

weev10 karma

I cannot answer this question due to my thoughts being in violation of the US code. I can, however, say that I believe that it will.

aguadito3 karma

Why didn't/don't you flee to avoid arrest and imprisonment?

Why would you go and face justice when it's irrational and, well, unjust in this case?

If you found your way to Europe you wouldn't have and would not been nabbed.

weev-12 karma

I would not flee because this country is my chosen land. it is the land that God promised to my people. I will fight to the death for the Constitutional liberties ive been assured me by my forefathers.

trifles2 karma

When violating the CFAA retroactively becomes a capital crime (lol constitution) what do you want your last meal to be?

weev11 karma

I want thinly sliced kobe beef, wasabi mashed potatoes (real wasabi, not fucking horseradish with green food colouring) with a truffle and onion duxelles combined with a balsamico di modena reduction. I want sauteed asparagus with grated mimolette. I want a chocolate gluten-free cupcake filled with bavarian creme.

ZappaPants1 karma

I'm unsure the reasoning behind not allowing you to be in Arkansas at this time, but assuming you do end up going to prison, will you be allowed to return (and do you want to...)?

weev2 karma

Yes I would like to go back to Arkansas I believe the government does not want me to go back because of my extensive Militia connections another worried that I would perform some sort of waco deal

mumumoo1 karma

HEY Weev, don't you agree that Daniel Spitler was a fucking idiot for pleading guilty?

weev2 karma

Everyone has to make their own choices. It is probably best for one's life to plea out and not fight the beast. However, if everyone does that none of us will have any rights left. I would sooner die than kneel to tyrants. Not everyone is a madman from the Ozarks like me.

SmilesFTW0 karma

First off, GL with your trial. The government is overstepping their bounds with these "trials". In light of the Aaron Swartz case, I hope they see that what they are doing is blatently wrong.

Do you think the government will want to make an "example" of you by giving a harsh sentence?

What do you think is wrong with the law or the government that needs to be changed?

weev0 karma

I don't know the mindset of the judge or DOJ. They might want to go easier to as not appear unreasonable given the situation with Swartz. They also might be wanting to show everyone how powerful they are and thus institute a draconian sentence.

I cannot tell you what I think should be done to fix our current governmenr. Expression of my thoughts on this subject is a violation of the US code.

weevugotapurdymouth0 karma

weev, who is your douche friend sitting next to you? Does he also play bum darts?

weev-1 karma

We have a dartboard here. It may in fact be used to play bum darts. My friend prefers "Jesus Christ Baseball Darts".

digbey-5 karma

Hi weev, I just wanted to say what a huge fan I am of your work. I have been following you since I was a sophomore in high school (wow, it's already been four years) and was so upset to learn of your noble struggle against AT&T. Many afternoons were spent after school reading your LJ posts, and your twitter updates are still sent to my phone.

Thank you for doing this AMA, hopefully you get some good questions. I wish I could more eloquently state how you've changed my life but nerves are getting in the way. In the terrible event that you are sentenced to some prison time, is there any chance that you would let me write you? How would one go about getting your address? Thank you very much for reading this, my hopes and prayers (and bitcoins) are with you.

weev0 karma

I will answer any and all letters. I will make them rather entertaining I'm sure. You can absolutely write me. I tweeted my federal prisoner number a little bit ago. You can plug it in to the prisoner search at the BOP website.

weevugotapurdymouth-8 karma

weev, how many fingers can you stick in your bum?

weev14 karma

My hands are tiny, but I can stick in my fist up to my elbow.