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most people who know weev (as in, having been on hardchats and seen him "at work") know he's not one of the good guys.

he made a reputation childishly harassing the shit out of kids all over the internet, with no real end.

as messed up as it sounds, this is really something he deserves. he's not an assange and he has not done anything noteworthy in a populist sense "for the people" (the way some in Anonymous and wiki and others actually HAVE).

it actually kind of reminds me of "Jesse James HOllywood" who was a wannabe gangster who peddled small-time drugs and then got busted doing something really stupid trying to make a name for himself. In the end he did small-time shit and got popped trying to make a name for himself doing small-time shit.

So there's a good reason why nobody wants to give this guy any money, nobody shows up to his little going-away party, and nobody really stands up for him because he's a racist mentally ill troll who doesn't deserve compassion from anyone.

Ask him how many clients he got from his stupid Apple public exploit? Zero, nada. That kind of behavior is not a business decision, it's a pathological ego-driven decision (as others have noted in this thread).

Weev and GNAA are just cyber bullies engaging in the kind of victim-finding harassment that pushes governments to regulate the internet and make it less anonymous. Him and others can try and say "it's comedic rhetoric", but as many people who know his track record can say, it's not comedy, it's harassment. And if you get off on people being upset, hurt, angry over being harassed, you're not some brilliant comedian, you're a sociopath. And it's their over-the-top internet harassment that very much includes REAL LIFE harassment that puts hacker communities at risk and frankly net neutrality and freedom at risk. Freedom is power. And with power you need to have responsibility. If you use that freedom and power to harass individuals and mess with their family, work, and personal lives, you're abusing it and putting EVERYONE's freedom on the internet at risk.

Look at the UK as a prime example, "cyber bullying" is the kind of headline-making, hitting-home stuff that makes people think "hey we should regulate the interent and stop these guys from just having a wild west culture on the net" Well guess what, if you DONT fucking go around harassing people on the internet, and you hack and fight powerful interests for the good of the people, then you are showing that you're responsible and can be trusted with the freedom and power that comes with the current culture of the internet. Abusing that power shows everyone that we're not responsible enough to use this freedom wisely and prompts regulation that affects all of us who are for an open interent and society in general. This is perhaps my biggest problem with the gnaa, weev, bantown types.

And after Weev got doxed after messing with the wrong real-life-connected dude (people who knew weev years ago know he was anonymous until messing with a major figure in the Jewish-American community, which had way more connections), then getting a taste of his own medicine (and insisting his rabid anti-semitism and racism is just "for hte lulz"), he lost his anonymity entirely. Weev got a face and name and tons of info. Then not too long after, he did this stupid "hack" (it wasn't a hack at all) and got busted trying to play it off as some brave act of information freedom and fighting a corporate power. Yea right, you harm the users, the people, and you show a lack of respect that would push any potential clients away.

If this reddit AMA is serving as any form of record this post needs to be present so they know the truth about this guy, who is not at all a "hacker for the people". He's a hacker for himself. pure and simple. No principles, just self-aggrandizement.

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We need a new Church Committee!

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THIS x 10000000000000000

The "washington consensus" has just randomly decided that the deficit needs to be reduced, but there's no indication whatsoever of that being true.

Considering we never pay down the debt because of how contractionary that is to the economy given our debt-based banking system, the discussion of deficit reduction in the name of slowing the accumulation of debt is crazy, when the demand for safe dollar assets is so high.

Great question!

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Why didn't you cover your tracks sufficiently to avoid being traced?

Guccifer is still on the loose after hacking politicians, celebrities, and bankers.

Are you just an unskilled script kiddie who got caught doing something pointless? And does realization of this make going to prison that much more painful?

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What are the prospects (politically) for forming a new Church Committee to start investigating and getting on the record the depth of the crimes of the deep state (NSA, CIA, etc.) in the post-9/11 context?