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Thank you!

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I would just like to say that I get really emotional (in a good way) whenever I see that video. Thank you for that.

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:) Thank YOU

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What is your opinion on the dislike of cochlear implants among the deaf community?

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'To each his own'. I personally do not like that they are not reversible :(

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Can you expand on this? I was under the impression you can just turn them off?

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You can, but they are permanent. There is no reversing the surgery. That scares me because science and technology is constantly evolving and I'd hate to be stuck with something. Not to be rude.....that's just my personal feeling.

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Whats the best thing you heard so far? And what do you enjoy more now that you can hear?

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My little girls giggles and their heartbeats. I enjoy movies, radio, music, and pretty much any general interaction now :)

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Do you find farts humorous now?

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Depends on if I'm down wind from it or not ;)

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Awesome! I remember seeing this video a while ago and it made me so happy for you! How did you know what the lady was saying to you in the video when you weren't looking at her? I figured you'd be able to read lips or something but when you covered your face and nodded when she asked "can you hear me?" I found that amazing! How were you able to recognize what it was she was saying to you?

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My ear worked :)

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What sounds do you find unpleasant?

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Screaming kids, shrill whistles, loud public toilets, and sirens :)

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Not Lil Wayne?

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HA, bless his heart, he's having a hard enough time right now.......I'll not say anything further ;)

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You're nice.

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I try!

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I would love to know what it was like to hear music for the first time.

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Surreal. Absolutely surreal the first time. It was a Peruvian band playing on the sidewalk in New York when I went for The Today Show. I stood there in awe s I realized I could hear each different instrument. The first band I saw was our friend Josh Weathers, and I was amazed at his voice.

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If its the same josh weathers band that i know I used to go see them every Sunday night at Lola's in stock yards they're an awesome band.

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Yes! That's him!

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When you first started to hear, did you find the sound of your voice weird? Or was not what you expected?

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I found it VERY weird! I think I sound nasally. Lol.

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This is a very common perspective of one's own voice in the general public.

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That's what I keep being told :)

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Is sex much better now you can hear?

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How would sound affect the action? Lol

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What sounds surprised you the most?

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Children, they all sound soooo different! Lol

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How long did it take you to get familiar with hearing? I can image you have some trouble sleeping in a busy neighborhood.

Also, for some reason I misread 'hearing' as 'shaving'.. I should go to bed.

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I'm still getting used to it! Lol. I turn the implants off at night. I live on some acreage in an old farmhouse, and my hubby snores.......every noise had me reaching for a pistol and kept me up. I just go back to my comfortable cocoon of silence at night :)

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HA, yeah.

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Have you listened to any classical or orchestral music yet? If not, I would suggest trying it.

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Only through the radio. I'd love to go listen in person.....the opportunity just hasn't presented itself yet ;)

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Do you have a "favorite voice" yet? A celebrity or someone with an incredible speaking voice

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Oh man, there are a lot of actors/actresses I love. I'm really digging accents right now..........Men with accents are dreamy.

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Do you find it easy or difficult to work out different accents?

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I only know what they are because my husband tells me. Lol.

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Yes! Especially because I've done several international interviews. Japanese, German, etc. those are hard ones.

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Oh my, do tell.
I have a somewhat thick Texas accent. What are your favorite accents? Southern > British amirite?

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Well I'm a Texas girl married to a Texan of course Southern accents are at the top of the list. Just something about hearing a man say 'ma'am' that gets me ;) As for others, Australian, English, and South African are some great ones.

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Were you surprised at how much noise there is in the world? Was there anything you never thought made a noise that does? (Tapping your foot, clicking a pen, the crackle of a fire, the crunch of eating, etc.)

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Yes! Right after I was activated, I scratched my head and jumped. I had no idea you could hear yourself scratching your head. Lol. Also, chewing and swallowing.

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Has your life changed in any negative way?

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I'm busier and on the computer more! Lol

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How did you and your husband meet? Did he sign when you first met?

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I never signed. Learned it at deaf school, but lost most knowledge of it after entering public school. (My parents didn't learn it and I knew no one else who signed) I was waitressing at a lil hole in the wall joint in my town when my hubby came in and asked for my phone number one night ;)

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So, what are the challenges of being a deaf waitress?

sarahchurman82106 karma

Having to constantly ask people to look at you when they speak and explaining that you wear hearing aids and are deaf.

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Nope, never heard of Airwolf.

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Has anyone actually verified this yet?

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How do I go about doing this? I gladly will.

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Nice try, Josh Weathers...

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Have you had your second cochlear implant done?

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I don't have Cochlears. I have the Esteem implants. Cochlears are mechanical and my implants are natural. I do now have both ears done, so I'm in surround sound :)

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"....every noise had me reaching for a pistol and kept me up." What kind of pistol do you own?

sarahchurman82109 karma

HA. I probably shouldn't give my inventory here.

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she does live in texas

sarahchurman8265 karma

Amen! Lol

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I read somewhere that the reason you cired was because you actually could hear before and were disappointed that this was the best that you could have.

is that true ?

sarahchurman82124 karma

HA, not at all. I was born with 85 bilateral decibel loss. This is the best I've ever heard :)

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I may be completely ignorant, but if you were completely deaf before the implants, you speak EXCEPTIONALLY well! How did you learn to speak so clearly if you couldn't hear yourself? Also the difference between the left and right implants (your enunciation) is incredible -- so much improvement! Also every single time I watch your video I cry. I'm so happy for you.

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I wasn't completely deaf. I had 85 bilateral decibel loss. I couldn't hear spoken language and most noises. If a noise was loud enough, some sound got through. I attended deaf Ed school and was taught to speak. I took speech therapy and speech classes as a kid. I worked hard, but still was told I spoke as though I had a lisp. Since the implants, I'm told that my speech has improved dramatically. Thank you :)

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Have a favorite band yet?

sarahchurman8254 karma

Josh Weathers!

ZACHMAN333424 karma

Hate to be that guy, but could we have proof? Like a picture of you holding a piece of paper that says "Hi reddit!" or something (it can be sent to the mods too).

Here's the video for those interested. Makes me smile every time I see it. :)

EDIT: Not like my word is proof (and this is a late edit), but she did send a message through that FB acc she linked below.

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I have a public Facebook page at, message me info there!

sarahchurman8215 karma

Tell me how to do it and I will! I barely figured this out! Lol

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Have you been to any cinema movies with explosions and whatnot? What do you think about them if so? Have you been tested and compared to what natural people can hear? Can you hear better, worse, or the same as other people? Like frequency wise or loudness wise. Can you adjust the volume? Do you have to recharge batteries on your head?

sarahchurman8257 karma

I LOVE the movies! Explosions are loud. Lol. I'm at 40-45 decibel loss. Up from the 85 I had, so I'm still behind the average person (5-10dcb loss). I have a remote, and I can adjust the volume and turn it off :)

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How has your taste in music evolved seen you've been able to hear? Who are your favorite artists?

sarahchurman8272 karma

Yes. I love things from both ends of the spectrum. Josh Weathers, Pink, Hayes Carl, Abigail Washburn, Bad Company, Dustin Kensrue, Macklemore, Norah Jones, Don Williams, AC/DC. The list goes on and on ;)

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So ... I sometimes struggle with depression. The past few weeks have been one of those times. I've watched that video of you probably a dozen times, usually right after I've woken up. Seeing you regain one of your senses and the scared, joyful, overwhelmed crying that comes after has really been helping me remember the little gifts that I have in my life. Thank you so goddamn much for providing something genuine in a world where that can be so rare.

Just, thank you, that's what I need to say. I hope you have a fucking amazing life.

sarahchurman829 karma

Thank you so much. I hope you have a great week.

polyponic16 karma

What's music like for you now? Have you heard anything you particularly love/hate?

sarahchurman8242 karma

I love live music more so than radio. I'm enjoying every opportunity to go listen to stuff.

alienathe15 karma

What was your reaction when you heard your voice for the first time? Your laugh?

sarahchurman8235 karma

I thought I sounded weird and that my laugh was really loud :)

HelloHiggins12 karma

Favorite TV show?

sarahchurman8241 karma

Greys Anatomy is about the only thing I watch on TV. We don't have cable, but we love movies and watch one almost every night.

keepyourheart10 karma

might be a stupid question, but have you been to any concerts since you've been able to hear? and what was the first music you listened to?

sarahchurman8220 karma

Not stupid at all. Josh Weathers is a good friend and was the 1st concert. I've been to plays and will be going to a musical next weekend, but really haven't been able to spend money on good concert tix.

shouldvekeptlurking7 karma

First of all, this was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It was an incredibly touching video and I am truly happy for you. OK, so I remember reading the funniest YouTube comments ever in your video's thread. "Just wait 'til she hears Morgan Freeman's voice." So? What do you think of Morgan Freeman's voice? Amazing, right?

sarahchurman8222 karma

Yes! Is what I'd imagine God sounding like. Lol

nightshifter836 karma

What bands do you like?

sarahchurman8213 karma

Josh Weathers! (Good friend of mine)

HotDogPrince-34 karma

What would you say to people who are sick of 'emotional' videos being uploaded to YouTube for the view money?

sarahchurman8226 karma

If you're sick of them, don't watch them ;)