This counts as proof.

You know what? Why not post some other things up here so you can follow things:




Steam Group:

Website: (Join our forum. It is the best. You will love it.)

Well, that was actually fun! I didn't expect this! Thanks for your questions and for watching my educational videos! I'll probably check in on this again in a bit if questions happen to trickle in still.

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Peopleface120 karma

Do you have a PO box so I can send you anthrax

broteampill60 karma


chris_wilson46 karma

y im tired?

Also, thanks for doing Path of Exile! A lot of our weekly development schedule hinges on when your next video will come out.

broteampill25 karma

Thanks for MAKING Path of Exile! I sincerely really enjoy it. I wish I had more time to play. It may be making another Bro Team appearance sometime soon though...

Please keep up the great work, you guys are awesome!

chris_wilson15 karma

Well we have both voice acting and sewers now! I regret not ever seeing what parts you'd pull out of our voice acting for maximum hilarity :P

broteampill12 karma

Well.....maybe if we have a FIGHT night soon and happen to venture to Wraeclast, the occasion may rise for just such an event..... Also, MACE OF TRIT WEAPON INGAME?

St0uty31 karma

When will you stop making videos about games and start your inevitable porn career?

broteampill51 karma

I'd say Bro Team has another 2 or 3 years. Then the fun begins.

magunwarrior30 karma


broteampill57 karma

They're k.

mattheww30 karma

1) What's your process like for writing? Do you usually play through and capture tons of footage first, and then write/edit totally afterwards, or do you tend to think of a joke/line while playing and then capture footage to fit?

2) How long does it take to make a typical video?

3) You're just one dude, right? I'm still so confused.

broteampill61 karma

The first one. I play through a game and record footage that I think is exploitable. I never really go looking for bugs, they seem to find me. For the Aliens: Colonial Marines video, I had no idea that trying to go into a small pool of water in a cave would cause the player to fucking clip through the wall and then be able to go on a LEVEL DESIGN odyssey, skipping 2 or 3 checkpoints (being an assault on some PMC base or some shit, wasn't really paying attention) then activate a checkpoint and continue the game past all that business. So you kind of have to keep an eye out for potential hilarities. That said, I don't really comb through every level of a game trying to break it. Or even go out of my way to find bugs. They just happen, and it is the best thing.

So, then I cut a story out of the footage, taking an average of 2 hours of video down to 8-14 minutes. Then comes the shouting. Then I refine the cut, and realize how fucking lame the recordings are. Then the self-loathing comes and I do a few more passes of better recordings. Then I refine the cut more.

I think it takes about 3 days to make a video, but I've been trying to take more time with them. Hard to say. I was casually working on the Space Marine video for over a month and still wasn't feeling it. It completely changed 4 times. Other times I have gone from installing a game to posting its video in two days.

It's just one dude. I really enjoy being ambiguous about this though. In the early days, I thought it was hilarious to castigate someone in the youtube comments for believing it was only one person behind this, then later implying that it is indeed only one person behind this, then later finally confirming for good that there is in fact a team involved. Now you people do that for me. Thank you. It is still funny.

mattheww7 karma

Awesome, thanks for the details!

For awhile, I was certain you were permanently descending into madness (culminating with The War Z video). What was that about--life stress? Just happened to play a bunch of crazy broken games in a row?

broteampill25 karma

I just thought it would be fun. Plus there were a bunch of comments about how shit the videos were and that it's only screaming. I usually try to cater to what viewers are vociferous about not liking. Especially in the early days. That is why yelling and swearing even more.

EzEXE14 karma

to provide clarification on the third one, he is the pill, we are the bro team.

broteampill22 karma

What he said!

EzEXE28 karma

I think the Cricket Revolutions video is arguably the most hilarious one, just because it caught us so off guard. Slayed me. How did you arrive at the idea of making a video of Cricket Revolutions of all things?

broteampill25 karma

I saw it on Steam and wanted to do it for months. I was going to give it the standard treatment, but April Fool's Day was coming up fast and I didn't have anything planned. So then that happened.

Peopleface27 karma

Realistically, what's your favorite game that you've Bro Teamed? What was your least favorite?

broteampill44 karma

I love terrible games. It's like watching a terrible movie with friends and having a laugh over the obvious poor decision making.

So when a game's really fucking garbo, that is the ultimate victory. It might be Garshasp, just because of its technical failings. Ambitious for a bunch of Iranians to make with free software or whatever the story is, but just an utterly shit game. I complimented them first so I wouldn't sound like an asshole. Alpha Protocol was also really fun. I kept getting fucked up when I tried to use stealth, so very early on I decided to just run in and try to fuck everyone up with my spy fists. IT WORKS VERY WELL. It actually made the game fun as hell. Ok, Call of Cthulhu too, because it had the same STEALTH exploitability, and offered a lot of PLEASE MAKE FUN OF THIS moments.

Hard to pick a least favourite. Maybe Space Marine, it was really tedious. I felt like all the ingredients were there for a fun game, but it just didn't happen. Also there are so many fucking corridors and elevators that that finally became the focal point for the video. Fuck man. I thought we were here to kill greens.

MasterCasterBlaster12 karma

My favorite of yours had to be Painkiller. Everything in that video made me laugh.

broteampill12 karma

Thanks! You're a gent!

RaZwizard26 karma

What's your favorite method of receiving anthrax?

broteampill64 karma

Mail. I even set up a PO box for it.

Nidhamu24 karma

Do you even lift?

broteampill40 karma


GenuineCocksucker24 karma

What's up with the "Pill"? Everyone knows you as Bro Team, and everyone forgets the Pill. It doesn't even make sense in context.

sexbad41 karma


broteampill62 karma

This. I was trying to think of some macho bullshit name and liked "Bro Team" because it was like Protein. My roommate of the time was also trying to help me out with a title. I asked him how "Bro Team Supplement" (LOLLERS) sounded. He said, "What about Bro Team Pill?" That was it. Beats the original title of "Neat Encounters". Seriously.

Still, I might do a joke intro with these so don't tell anybody.

LeFemur23 karma

Will I ever get laid?

broteampill57 karma

Probably, but by an uggo. Soz bra.

EzEXE19 karma

Would you rather traverse 1 turret sized sewer, or fight 100 sewer sized turrets?

broteampill30 karma

Traverse the sewer. Look how easy that is.

AtillaBosma16 karma

Can I send you a kilogram of shit with anthrax in it?

broteampill27 karma

Do you eat the anthrax then shit it? I would like to know specifics before I say that it's ok.

Chipers16 karma

You goin to PAX, punk?

broteampill40 karma

YEAH, ARE YOU? I don't know anyone who is also going. If you are going, let us drink beverages and recount our tales about video games.

thatfancychap15 karma

WHO IS the Bro Team?

broteampill40 karma

Some white person.

CaptainKittycat14 karma

What is your favorite sewer level?

broteampill18 karma

Probably a Ninja Turtles one from the days of old. Nothing really comes to mind. For some reason.

RomHack13 karma

Do men (or women) ever stop you in the street to ask you to sign their boobs?

broteampill25 karma


IronGeth13 karma

During the Streamys you said I could touch your beard.

....Touch it for me.

broteampill32 karma

I'd prefer if you did. Baby.

IronGeth8 karma

But I won't be able to contain my ovaries.

...I can't fucking handle it.

broteampill20 karma

It's no big deal. Just imagine it is someone's pubic hair, but on their face.

IronGeth9 karma

You mean it isn't?

broteampill39 karma

No words now. Only beards.

ErosandPsyche11 karma

How did you get started with this in the first place? Did you ever think you'd be pinching tits and playing vidya for a living, or was there a catalyst that started all this?

broteampill37 karma

Well, I was a graduate from a film & television production program. In my final year, a sickness I had for a long time started to flare up pretty bad. I graduated and it just kept getting worse. Sometimes I couldn't stand or move around for more than 10 minutes without getting really dizzy and lightheaded. I was misdiagnosed with something not very related to what the actual cause ended up being. So shit was fucked. Right when I wanted to get my career going, probably start some production company and shoot a bunch of short films and try to make the festival circuit, I was lying around on my stupid ass in agony about the world.

I lived with two former classmates of the same program. One started a YouTube channel a few months after we moved in together ( Check his videos out! You may indeed loller! We don't live together anymore, he is still making hilarious videos though). We'd come up with dumb skits to do and shoot and put online. It was really his thing, I mostly helped with some ideas, some editing and having a very good camera. It was fun to still be keeping the skills we learned in use while I was otherwise shedding butt tears over being useless and pissing over all ambitions.

So! Soon I started to feel better. I found out what the hell was actually going on with my human body and started the fix stuff. I had enough energy to start doing creative things again, and for years I'd wanted to make "reviews" that made terrible games look great. Plus it was an excuse to buy all those shitty games I kept seeing for $1.25 on steam. So I started playing Garshasp and recording all the sweet things that happened. The original angle was going to be this Christian kid who is playing games that his older brother told him are SICK. The videos would be an exercise in doublethink, not acknowledging the obviously terrible onscreen events but instead talking up how great the game was. The novelty would be how lame the kid is, how frustrated he gets trying to pretend the game is great, so forth. It was seriously going to be called "Neat Experiences". I think I still have the intro video somewhere.

I started recording and it fucking sucked. It was boring and awful. But not only that, I got angry at how poor I was doing at the whole thing. Then I decided to just record that. Idiot descriptions of the game while not being pleased with how much I suck. "Fucking Garshasp can do anything." "This fucking guy has the longest asshole." So forth. Then I kept building off that. Then it needed a name.

So no, I didn't expect this to go anywhere. I expected maybe 300-400 recurring viewers for a bit who felt like they were in on it and just compltely got this dumb review show that keeps popping up on Digitom's channel. Then I expected it do dwindle down after about 8 videos, then I'd just stop. If it actually did well though, I figured I'm make a channel for it. One day it took off, so I did.

gearmarine9210 karma

Broteam how do I get the whisper shoes?

broteampill19 karma

I used to ask this of people in Left 4 Dead, hoping they'd believe I was an idiot who didn't know how to play. It usually worked. I am petty.

AngusG12310 karma

When was your first blowjob?

broteampill37 karma

My first blowjob today? Probably around 11:30.

Orayn9 karma

Do you really want le Reddit audience? j/k What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

broteampill53 karma

Duck sized horse flavor.

1337change9 karma

what is the mace of trit!?

broteampill20 karma

The deevs took it.

chickenandtaco8 karma

my groms are not high enough can you help

broteampill11 karma

I help those who help themselves. Get infected, bro.

spennser8 karma

How did you make the sounds in the Minecraft video you guys did? I'm consistently amazed by them.

broteampill17 karma

Just had to believe. Then your mouth shoots them out.

tyronekiller8 karma

Does your throat hurt often?

broteampill31 karma

Never. Doing the Dishonored video was the closest I came to getting battle damage. I recorded that over three days. Doing it on the second day hurt at first. Doing it on the third day for sure caused some shit.

But I'm so fucking tough so w/e

KingMcKerchar3 karma

Bro, I have to know where the idea for "The Disco Nerds" came from and how you expanded it so well for the Dishonoured video. It was the first BroTeam Pill video I ever saw and still to this day is my favourate, but yeh, why did you all of a sudden make up a huge story about dance cops and shit rather than scream at the game? (apart from the obvious lulz)

Also, thatnk you for making these videos and keep doing a Bro's work

broteampill11 karma

Thanks! I actually prefer these types, but I think doing them too often will alienate the non-believers.

I figured Yahtzee was going to go for the obvious misprunciation gag. Plus I'd noticed a bunch of things while playing that really set things up well for the dance theme. Plus it is not what one might expect. I usually like to not go completely the exact opposite of how I feel about a game, but more like 125 degrees from it. If it were a circle, and liking and not liking were on different sides. I have other graphs that explain this as well.

meatmeatmeat8 karma

did you go to school to yell video games?

broteampill16 karma

I was at university for psychology at one point. LOO!

Tehok7 karma

Dear Rahcel Maddow,

I know you're a gay, but I'd like to do you. Not because I'm attracted to you, but just to confirm. I PM'd you a picture of my wiener and taint in case that does anything for you, get back to me on when we can do this.


broteampill9 karma

I don't know who she is. I don't watch TV or know many American things. Is she nice?

ErosandPsyche7 karma

Will you ever do another video like the cricket one? It was out of character but a nice change of pace

broteampill18 karma

April 1st is coming pretty soon.

pwniess7 karma

Your voice is sexy. Are you sexy?

broteampill11 karma

Nope! Thanks though!

pwniess5 karma

LIES! Marry me.

broteampill12 karma

r u hot?

pwniess5 karma

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

broteampill13 karma

Ok bb please giv hand in marriage

finntheprofessor7 karma

When will you make a full length film? With action, romance, comedy and strong anti-Semitic undertones?

broteampill15 karma

Probably 3 years. That is actually my goal. Not Bro Team related. Just weirding an audience out related.

poopotomus7 karma

If you were a video game character, who would you fuck?

broteampill25 karma


EatSleepRAGE7 karma

Do you usually expect... a knife in the throat?

broteampill12 karma

I never expect that.

WTFisTHis0986 karma

What is it like when you became partners with Machinima and how did they affect your lives?

broteampill21 karma

It was fucking awesome. They made my life excellent. Machinima gets a lot of shit talk from internet people. And as fucking golden as that OneyNG video is, it's false. Mostly.

The people I deal with are so fucking cool. Intelligent, kind, inspired, inspiring, creative, and funny as all hell. When my channel got partnered, that was excellent enough. Money for playing games and making retarded videos about them. But then a few months later, they approached me to see if I was interested in doing the same thing but as an official Machinima show. I fucking was. It is a dream job. I play games and make videos about them and then get money for it.

But more about how good Machinima is. I got to meet a ton of Machinima people at PAX Prime. They are so fucking cool. Down to earth and awesome people. I was starstruck and speechless most of the weekend. The people I had seen in countless videos and such, I was now hanging out with. It was really surreal. I don't really subscribe to celebrity culture and actor worship, but when you see or deal with a bunch of rad folk online a lot and look up to them, then you're suddenly in their presence, shit is fucking real.

If I was standing next to Taylor Swift, I would not give a fuck.

uknwthat1kid4 karma

She'll probably just write a song about you later.

broteampill5 karma

I don't know anything about pop culture but I know enough to know this is hilarious. Fuck! Thank you.

asb8226 karma

Thanks for doing this IAmA!

  1. Which video did you have most fun doing?
  2. What did you do to get yourself ready for the gibberish in the Minecraft video?
  3. How long did it take for you to come up with the Skyrim rap?

broteampill18 karma

  1. I answered this somewhere else, but the cop ones. I think. No single video really comes to mind, they're all fun to do. Especially when you've been playing a game that scream in your face all the various ways to ridicule it. And you know how many fanboys are going to be not pleased about what you've said.

  2. Nothing really. But I will explain the motive behind that HERE AND ONLY ONCE. I wanted to see how well a video would do based only on the merits of being about Minecraft and having "Minecraft" in the title. I thought that even if the content was utterly shit and inane with really no entertainment value or redeeming qualities at all, it would still do pretty ok. I was right!

Fuck Minecraft.

  1. The Skyrim rap probably took 3 or 4 hours to write. The actual music took pretty long to create. I wanted a simple general repeating beat, but the trick was to make it bad but not so terrible that it's actually really unpleasing to listen to. The whole video probably took 4 or 5 days to make.

Reddit formatting is turning these into a list. I know 3 comes after 2.

Redline_Fire5 karma

Can you handle it?

broteampill11 karma

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

Teigi5 karma

yeah bro team! So how many bros does it take to make the team?

broteampill16 karma

There are 13 of us that all play different roles in the team.

hawkeyexp5 karma

I watched on of your video drunk, and i couldnt help but notice how depressed you sounded in all of them. :/ Do you need a hug?

broteampill9 karma

I have a pretty monotone and unenthused voice. I think this helps sound annoying by things in video games.

I will hug u tho brudda

hawkeyexp3 karma

I mean at the end of one of your videos you were like, I am like in later 20's and this is all i have.

broteampill3 karma

I'm actually really happy. My life has become great. Don't believe the lies!

willpv235 karma

Can you handle it?

broteampill7 karma


Slingray1205 karma

Dude, any way we could get in on the group gaming that you guys do? like the tera vid?

broteampill7 karma


Check the facebook or steam group for announcements. They're open to all humans who aren't douches or tryhards. Or 14.

kalebmcc5 karma

I've really enjoyed your streams, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3 and Binary Domain especially. What criteria do you use to pick which games you stream and which you edit into complete videos? How do you decide what games to play? Do you just go for games that look exploitable or are some of these for your own enjoyment?

Also, what games do you legitimately enjoy playing?

broteampill10 karma

I stream the games that I'm going to be recording footage for anyway. Or because I'd been streaming lately anyway and a bunch of people asked if a stream is happening again on that day. I'm glad you enjoy them! Many don't. But I just figure I might as well shoot the shit with internet strangers while I stream the game I'm going to be playing anyway.

Plus you people help me figure out things I'm too stupid to realize on my own. Thank you and I need you.

MagicCityMan3 karma

Just wanted to throw out there that I was the guy who got your "I want the gold, gimme the gold" reference when you were streaming Revengeance. Probably the crowning achievement of my entire life.

broteampill5 karma

Thank you. You are the leprechaun I've been waiting for.

Hepatitis_A5 karma

Any bro-girlfriend that gets to put up with you screaming at a computer for days on end?

broteampill9 karma

I'm single. I don't think girls would like that idea. Or me.

Voltahh5 karma

Take me with you,

broteampill14 karma

Ok, but there's no coming back. Make sure you're ready.

ImpulseX5 karma

Knife to the throat?

broteampill10 karma

omg r u crazy that would hurt some1

sinefato4 karma

Was Norwegian Heat your attempt at breaking into film making? Has anyone called you to by the feature film rights to it yet?

broteampill8 karma

My attempt at breaking into film making was going to a shitty north Toronto film "school".

We're getting way too many offers for Norwegian Heat. Everyone wants to give us too much many but we could probably make it for only 5 million.

Llamapiez4 karma

What's your opinion on /v/?

broteampill14 karma

I wish I could quit you.

Jump_My_Juicy4 karma

What was your favorite Bear pun?

broteampill19 karma

I really liked Bearemy spoke in class today. Hard to choose just one, really. It was nonstop for probably 3 hours, I had to cut a lot of stuff out to keep the video short.

I did like the Starbucks BEARista one though. Everything god quiet and I thought the dude was going to start belittling the girl for whatever her job ended up being. When he asked if she worked at Starbucks, I expected some condescending shit to start flowing. Then he asked if she is a bearista. All that setup and tension. Fuck. Genius. I love these people.

McTwisterson4 karma

What's the best sewer in video games?

broteampill6 karma

Ninja Turtles NES. Probably.

Mountainfog4 karma

Crate? Crate. CRATE.

In your opinion what is your finest video?

broteampill10 karma

Ah fuck, I don't know. It's a grating experience to rewatch any of them. I cringe hard. I could have made them so much better. I was also tempted to say "crating" instead there.

Except the Fate videos. I like those. The people who come out and play make me cry laughing every time. So probably one of those.

schitso4 karma

What happened with the female bros tryout thing?

broteampill10 karma


leredditXDmaymay4 karma

Why your new videos suck dicks ?

broteampill23 karma

Because I'm so rich now that I don't care about quality, only pumping out videos to make more money.

Dillonator4 karma

Can you never reveal your face? I was so disappointed when I found out TotalBiscuit was a fat fuck and then when FrankieonPC was a really lanky fella.

broteampill4 karma

This is why I revealed myself. If Bro Team got huge and I was still a hidden entity, it would inevitably be extremely disappointing to everyone when they found out about me. By disappointing you early on, you have time to heal and hopefully I will keep some viewers!

Pojjan4 karma

How did you survive all that graphics from Crysis 3?

broteampill10 karma

I didn't. The suit has taken over.

-Shinya-4 karma

Why did you stop with the SEWERSSS jokes? The past few times you've mentioned sewers there wasn't as much as a yell.

broteampill9 karma

The rave system was deactivated. Hopefully someone will get it going again soon.

Schroederfgson3 karma

Do you live in the GTA?

broteampill10 karma

Yeah, I live beside the Scott Pilgrim castle. I said it this way so people who don't know about Casa Loma can think I'm cool.

Battedpuppy3 karma

BroTeam will you do more videos of your friends reading sexy fan fiction.

broteampill9 karma

If that happens during our FIGHTS and it is hilarious, then yes. But check out FunWithSexbad, he's the guy responsible and this is his youtube channel:

RealDrAwesome3 karma

Which bro is the best bro? Also I peg you as a fellow Deux Ex fan. TELL ME I'M RIGHT.

broteampill4 karma


Burdenslo3 karma

the other guys in your videos like funwithsexbad how did you meet those guys because its fantastic how much you guys bounce off each other in your streams

broteampill6 karma

Some of them are people who've added me on Steam and showed up to FIGHTS, the rest are just those who've showed up to FIGHTS. Why not show up to FIGHTS?

I usually try to find the worst free to play MMO that is still functional and then we invade.

14513 karma

Do you like role playing games?

broteampill5 karma


Ninja_Surgeon3 karma

What's your preference: /r/gaming (or /r/games if you don't like cancer) or /v/?

broteampill6 karma

I don't really ever go on reddit. I don't really ever not go on /v/.

I am too old for this. But it hurts so good.

magentagoose3 karma

Why does it sound like you're gargling a horsedick?

broteampill10 karma

I am gargling a horsedick.

Sorkijan3 karma

Hey I love your videos. The Lord of the Rings: Online one is my favorite. I watch it at least once a day just to make said day better. Also your streams are fun to watch - the un"bear"able playing of tera had me giggling and shitting myself. I'm not sure if you're still monitoring this thread but I had a question.

Were you guys planning on doing "reviews" of older games at some point? I think it would be a lot of fun to see someone raging in the style of your videos while playing an old hard-as-fuck game like Contra or Rise of the Silver Surfer for SNES.

broteampill3 karma

Thanks dude! I, in turn, love you.

I was interested in doing NES games and such, but then I found out about Angry Video Game Nerd. Can't wait to add him to the list of people I've ripped off!

So no, probably won't. Maybe some Nintendo 64 games though!

slug_man3 karma

You seem to find a lot of the problems in games, and play through them pretty quickly. Are you some sort of ex-expert gamer, or a previous beta tester?

Perhaps, you're an XXXpert gamer?

broteampill9 karma

Nope, just a manchild. I do equip all the best gamer gear though. I eat doritos.

verde6223 karma

Mr. Pill,

How much of your wordage is written down ahead of time (like a more standard writing process) or just developed while you are clipping together the visuals?

The funniest episodes are when there is a distinct theme; like how Far Cry 3 was all about meat and Dishonored was about dancing. Clearly the intricacies of your genius are not lost on me.

broteampill5 karma

Thanks! I may do more of those types after all, they're my favourite.

For the first few games, I was taking notes while I played. I had 3 pages, front and back, of notes for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I didn't end up using most of it.

Now I don't write anything down. I get a few ideas as I'm playing the game, but when I edit the video down to about an 8 minute clip, then I start thinking about what I'm actually going to say. Then when the time comes to record, I run into the problem of being too fucking stupid to know what it is I actually want to say. I know the approach and the joke and so forth, just not how it should come across in human words. However this only happens once in a while since I am such a genius etc etc etc

EzEXE3 karma

Oh, fuckin, dude. How old are you?

broteampill8 karma

I'm 26. Isn't that fucked up?

Razorable3 karma

1v1 me brah?

broteampill8 karma

ok wut map

Max45a3 karma

Favorite console?

broteampill14 karma


broteampill13 karma


broteampill16 karma


Its_All_Uphill3 karma

Can you handle it though?

broteampill7 karma


ironslimjim133 karma

Do lesbians taste like chocolate or ginseng?

broteampill23 karma

Lesbians don't taste. They only love.

Chris_Parker2 karma

What inspired you to start making videos?

For me, it was playing with friends and feeling like others would find the kind of shit that went on during games entertaining and seeing guys like you make videos--it's tons of fun. Also, thank you for the videos--gives me something to look forward to every once and a while!

broteampill3 karma

Having a burning idea that I finally had to act on. I couldn't just let another idea fart away.

And thanks for watching!

jepazo2 karma

Dream job?

broteampill4 karma

I am currently working at my dream job. But another one is to write and direct videos and films that people laugh at or get weirded out by or think about later.

AngusG1232 karma

Doing a Bro Team: Tomb Raider bruhbruh?

broteampill9 karma

Yup. That is next week's video. UNLESS THE SIMCITY SERVERS WORK LOL J/K

Omnipotant_Username2 karma

Hi Bro Team, how was it getting signed to machinima? Would you have done anything differently to get yourself to internet stardom? And sewers are ok i guess...

broteampill4 karma

Machinima is sweet! This isn't a contractually obligated opinion, either. Say what you will about the top brass, but the people I deal with are the coolest. Actually, don't say what you will about the top brass, they might be cool too, I just have never had any contact with them and they seem to have a bad reputation online.

Internet stardom was never a goal. I just had a dumb idea and thought it would be fun to act on it. Stardom in itself is shit. I'd much rather have my work have any kind of renown than myself. Celebrity worship is utter shit. I'd rather just be fond of people because they are a human being who has done cool things.

So, that said, no. This started as something to keep myself busy while I was recovering from a crappy illness. My goal was to climb the Canadian film industry ladder (LOLOOLO) and eventually direct movies. Now my goal is to climb the internet video ladder and eventually direct movies.

HapaxHog2 karma

How did you meet all the people that you play with in your Bro Streams? You all seem to get on really well, and there's so many of you!

broteampill5 karma

I just post an announcement that we're going to play whatever game at whatever time, and these are the people that showed up.

And they are fucking genius. I weep every time we play things. I've wanted to have this going for the past year but wasn't able to, only just recently has FIGHTS season been able to start properly. It's awesome. No one's a dickhead, no internet SWEET DUDES trying to be cool and funny by being rude to others, just agreeable gents having a laugh casually at some terrible game.

Check the facebook page for FIGHTS announcements! JOIN US!

torien72 karma

Can you answer these questions in a sagacious interrogatives-esque video? I think that would be the best.

broteampill6 karma

Nope! Truth time!

McClave2 karma

Which is a stronger emotion: anger or love?

broteampill7 karma

I will say anger because the Hulk cannot turn into things when he loves.

captainpimpington2 karma

What Valve game did you write for? You mentioned it in your "Thank You" video, and you never said which one.

broteampill7 karma

Team Fortress 2. It was for the Mann vs Machine update. As well as something else that hasn't been released yet. Or announced.

Schroederfgson2 karma

Have you ever met up with fans before, and what is your general experience with them?

broteampill5 karma

Never. I liked to keep my identity secret until recently. I thought it would be a fun fuck you to just wreck the mystery and show myself.

Or did I?

TillyVally2 karma

Are you gay?

broteampill10 karma


EzEXE5 karma

Is that even a question? We all are.

broteampill11 karma

I'm not.

FreshmanPhenom2 karma

Is your use of Bro meant to be ironic?

broteampill10 karma

Probably. I just wanted something that crystallizes the idea of a macho retard.

NipplesOfDestiny2 karma

If the great sky god manages to send you a Vita, will you cook it and eat the remains and upload a video of you doing exactly that?

broteampill3 karma

No, I would die. Who would upload it for me?

Schroederfgson2 karma

Do you have any games that you hate, yet you cant stop playing them?

broteampill3 karma

Not really. I hate not finishing a game, so that can be a problem when I'm trying to trudge through something awful. I have too many games on the go to stick with something I really don't like though. I want to become video games.

im_the_guy_who_sucks2 karma

Does your throat get sore from shouting and growling all the time?

broteampill3 karma

Nope! Only once kind of!

Lazzars2 karma

When you bringing back the Orb Meat and will it contain horse?

broteampill2 karma

That is for sure coming back. I might crowdsource the shout though to make it legit as fuck. Goodbye horses.

Himguydude2 karma

How do I keep the wominz from holdin' a bro down?

broteampill4 karma

Remove their grippers.

int64_t2 karma

Why do you hate Canada? Its the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

broteampill3 karma

It is ok.

masteredman22 karma

What was your first inspiration to start yelling at video games?

broteampill6 karma

My anger at being incompetent.

DerpDude32 karma

wut r u duin faget, y r u here, finaly sellin out?

broteampill4 karma


arachnopope2 karma

How do you feel about losing the Fan Choice Streamy to sourcefed?

broteampill4 karma

They probably deserved it. I'm not surprised screaming at video games didn't win.