Hey everyone, I'm down in Florida for spring training, but have a few hours free this afternoon. Ask me anything.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for all the great questions! I gotta run. GO JAYS!

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menky66912 karma

You're famous in Toronto for your ability to quickly grow very masculine beards. Would you be willing to grow a spectacular Canadian playoff beard if you guys make a playoff run?

JoeyBats_191281 karma

Of course. Why wouldn't I?

Nrossi523 karma

Who is the toughest pitcher you have faced in the majors?

P.S Mets fan so im pretty much rooting like hell for you guys to win the AL east, good luck this year.

JoeyBats_19929 karma

For right-handers it's Jered Weaver. For lefties it's CC Sabathia.

CDoug459 karma

Who can eat more nachos, Travis Snider or Eric Thames?

JoeyBats_19897 karma

Travis Snider. By far. Not even close.

erix_438 karma

How much does "clubhouse chemistry" really matter? Would you prefer an MVP caliber jerk as a teammate or the nicest guy in the world who can't hit .225?

JoeyBats_19642 karma

Clubhouse chemistry is important, but it's not the only indicator of success. Also, clubhouse chemistry is not dictated by the attitude of one individual. So, it comes down to having the right mix.

zachfulkerson418 karma

Who is the funniest in the clubhouse?

JoeyBats_19962 karma

Brett Lawrie. Not sure he even tries to be funny, but he is hilarious.

Spelunkert395 karma

Can you hit a homerun off R.A. Dickey?

JoeyBats_19678 karma

I don't know, but glad I don't have to try. Happy to have him on my team rather than having to hit against him.

kcanuck368 karma

If you could be a professional athlete in any other sport, which sport would you pick?

Best of luck this season from all of us out here in Saskatoon, SK! You've got all of Canada behind you guys!

JoeyBats_19514 karma

Probably football. Would love to play WR.

frail_snail349 karma

thank you for being a part of this organization. as a canadian, who lives in toronto, and is a lifelong jays fan we are so happy to have you. all i want to know is: what is colby rasmus like to hang out with? [hope the wrist is ok, have a great season]

JoeyBats_19408 karma

We all hang out quite a bit. Colby is awesome to hang out with. Loves southern food (which I happen to love as well).

ieataquacrayons312 karma

What's your favorite ballpark to play in? (Aside from Rogers Centre)

JoeyBats_19966 karma

Fenway. Amazing baseball atmosphere and a ton of history in that park.

vinylcoffeephotos265 karma

Hey Jose! What are some of your favourite spots in Toronto?

ps. GO JAYS!!

JoeyBats_19463 karma

For a good steak I usually go to Barberians or Jacobs. For good Italian I usually go to Bucca.

Minifig81241 karma

In your opinion, what ballpark has the best tasting food?

JoeyBats_19523 karma

Best clubhouse food would be at Yankee stadium. Good variety and quality both pre and post game. Best visitors clubhouse in the MLB.

MethoxyEthane230 karma

Would you rather fight 100 Jon Rauch-sized ducks, or 1 horse-sized David Eckstein?

JoeyBats_191238 karma

The Eckstein-sized horse...but shouldn't the question be 100 Eckstein sized hoses or 1 Rauch sized duck?

ItsDJ211 karma

Hey José, thanks for the AMA! With all the monstrous home runs you've hit, do any stand out to you right off the bat? Regardless, best of luck to you and the Jays this season!

JoeyBats_19428 karma

Yeah, the most memorable HR I've ever hit was #54 in 2010 off Felix Hernandez in Toronto. One I'll never forget because it was the last one in a magical season.

Doctor_Adequate188 karma

Hi Jose! I live in Toronto and have seen what you've done for baseball up here, so thank you!

I am also beyond excited for this year's team.

How excited are you for guys like Reyes, Cabrera, Josh Johnson, and Mark Buehrle to join the team? What do you think they will bring to the team that was absent last year?

JoeyBats_19300 karma

I, along with the whole organization, are really excited about the upcoming season. Anytime you acquire that kind of talent in the off-season it changes the makeup of the team. We're a confident group and are excited about the upcoming season. At the same time, we know the rest of the league is really good as well, so we still have to execute when it matters.

rustyarrowhead140 karma

Hi Jose - thanks for doing an AMA!!

I was wondering how you explain Edwin Encarnacion's transformation last year - it was eerily similar to your own. did you help him along the way at all? is there anyone in the blue jays organization that propelled his or your own success?


JoeyBats_19263 karma

I don't think Edwin really had much of a transformation so much as he was given an opportunity to play every day. His talent and work ethic took over from there. The defensive switch also seemed to make him much more comfortable.

rhineauto130 karma

Huge Jays fan. Only thing I can ask is, how do you keep the beard looking so fantastic?

JoeyBats_19251 karma

I don't do much of anything to it. Just keep it edged up and hope for the best. Glad you like.

Caoism127 karma

How is it taking BP against Dickey?

JoeyBats_19214 karma

Luckily for me that hasn't happened yet!

imo06122 karma

Hey Joey Batts! I've been a Jays fan even before being a Leafs fan (which is saying something in TO). In 92 and 93 my Mom took me out of school to go to the parades, and I just remember how cool they were. So to say I'm excited about this season is an understatement.

My question: What single thing do you think helped the most in your break out year a couple years ago? And if you don't think it was a single thing, then how do you think they all combined together?

JoeyBats_19255 karma

Three things really. 1: Adjustments at the plate / swing 2. New and consistent approach to hitting 3. A manager and team that believed in me and gave me a chance

Bryan_Hallick121 karma

What kind of antics or practical jokes go on in a MLB clubhouse?

JoeyBats_19386 karma

The best one I've seen was actually in a minor league clubhouse. A guy lost a bet and as punishment he had to put himself in one of those industrial sized dryers for 1 min (super low heat). Wasn't quite what we'd hoped, he didn't tumble like clothes do, but still hilarious.

WellTimedQuoteGuy105 karma

Did you enjoy the time you spent playing with the Pirates?

JoeyBats_19186 karma

Yep, Pittsburgh was great. Developed a few good friendships with Jose Castillo, Nate McClouth, Freddie Sanchez and Ian Snell.

VaginasBoob97 karma


JoeyBats_19331 karma

Really tough question. One of my favorites was actually watching Pedro strike out the side in the All-Star game about 12 years back.

mzanier97 karma

Jose, what are your favourite shows on tv, right now?

JoeyBats_19339 karma

Can't believe I'm writing this, but I'm big fan of Betty White's show Off Their Rockers!

MSJ288 karma

At what point did you realize that you were not only going to make it in the MLB, but actually be one of the most powerful home run hitters in the game? Or did you always know you had that power behind your swing?

JoeyBats_19207 karma

I always felt like I had a good chance to make it in the big leagues. That said, even though early on in my career I felt I could contribute more than I was, I never really figured I'd be one of the top HR hitters in the game.

webcrawler8976 karma

How much fun did you have making that commercial where you're like an old school gangster? Its probably one of my most favourite commercials! Also, good luck to you guys this year, Go Blue Jays!

JoeyBats_19134 karma

That was a fun one! Meeting the actors and working on the spoof of the Untouchables was great. I don't think I'm a very good actor, but I had fun with it anyway.

damp_panties74 karma

How much does having a packed home stadium effect the performance of a team? Does it matter as much as everyone says?

JoeyBats_19166 karma

It certainly helps. I wouldn't say that it necessarily makes a difference between winning or losing any particular game, but in the long-run the home-field advantage is real.

Metsmatician62 karma

How big do you think your change in swing (believe late 2009) played into your change in results on the field? I looked at the swing myself and it looks like you made quite a few changes.

Are you familiar with "sabermetrics"? How much do players talk about things like OBP, WAR, if at all?

Thanks and good luck this season. I'm a Mets fan so know you have two great additions in Reyes and Dickey.

JoeyBats_19117 karma

The swing changes were tremendously helpful. I didn't see the change in results for a while though. I started making the swing changes right after I was traded to the Jays in August 2008, so it took about a year before I was really comfortable with them and started to see results.

TMLLBJ59 karma

Hey Jose, how is your relationship with Brett Lawrie?

JoeyBats_19124 karma

Great teammate. Brings TONS of energy to the team. His future is really bright.

bp432157 karma

If you weren't playing baseball, what do you see yourself doing for a living?

JoeyBats_19152 karma

Hard to envision not playing baseball for a living, but if I wasn't I'd want to work in finance.

thebrettman56 karma

How did you receive the news of the trade that brought Reyes and company from the Marlins to Toronto? Was there chemistry early, or is it taking time? Was this move a surprise?

JoeyBats_1986 karma

Heard about the trade just like everyone else, though the media. Chemistry has been great from day 1. Everyone's just excited about getting ready for the season. The move was a pretty big surprise (a pleasant one of course). You don't typically acquire that much talent so quickly.

sonothebeach52 karma

Which former Blue Jay do you look up to as an idol? And if it's different, which former Jay do you think your game is most similar to?

JoeyBats_19138 karma

I'm a huge Tony Fernandez fan. Growing up he and Ken Griffey Jr were my two favorite players.

JudahMaccabee52 karma

What's the hardest thing about playing professional baseball?

JoeyBats_19126 karma

Just the competition. Keeping your performance at a high level is incredibly difficult because of the quality of the competition.

h_crazydangerous49 karma

Hi Jose!!

Last summer I had some pretty horrible injuries playing baseball (massive concussion, broken femur) but I'm looking to get back when our league starts back up in summer.. been training and looking forward to getting back since I was able to walk again.

So I am just wondering how much of an awesome feeling was it getting back on the field again and gettin the bats going? My comeback won't be so great, but I'd love to hear from you!!

JoeyBats_1985 karma

Love to get back on the field. Being away from from baseball from that long was brutal. I'm really enjoying getting back on the field, but also the comradely from teammates and competition from opponents.

BladesOfLawrie41 karma

What are your favourite toppings for a pizza?

JoeyBats_19117 karma

Usually just ham. Nothing too crazy.