Jose Bautista

is a Dominican professional baseball right fielder for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball. He has major league experience at six different positions, because of his role as a utility player earlier in his career.

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JoeyBats_191281 karma

Of course. Why wouldn't I?

JoeyBats_191238 karma

The Eckstein-sized horse...but shouldn't the question be 100 Eckstein sized hoses or 1 Rauch sized duck?

JoeyBats_19966 karma

Fenway. Amazing baseball atmosphere and a ton of history in that park.

JoeyBats_19962 karma

Brett Lawrie. Not sure he even tries to be funny, but he is hilarious.

JoeyBats_19929 karma

For right-handers it's Jered Weaver. For lefties it's CC Sabathia.

JoeyBats_19897 karma

Travis Snider. By far. Not even close.

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I don't know, but glad I don't have to try. Happy to have him on my team rather than having to hit against him.

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Clubhouse chemistry is important, but it's not the only indicator of success. Also, clubhouse chemistry is not dictated by the attitude of one individual. So, it comes down to having the right mix.

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Best clubhouse food would be at Yankee stadium. Good variety and quality both pre and post game. Best visitors clubhouse in the MLB.

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Probably football. Would love to play WR.