I won in October last year. I was working full-time but have quit to get this money properly sorted. Obviously a lot has changed for me so AMA.

EDIT: thanks for playing, I'm off to buy a monocle, fire some advisors, and give money to a Nigerian prince. I'll try answer any remaining questions later. BYE

Clarifications: I have seen over 13 different advisors, 2 of which I already know other wealthy people that use them. When I say I want a sporty car, I mean like £6k on a good (but used) mx-5 or something. I never said I haven't given any to friends or family already, all I said was I won't give to those begging for it. My wife still works and I will again (soon) and we already have property to rent out. And many of you seem to think my friends NEED financial help when most of them are doing well for themselves.

edit: READ FAQ 100 duck sized horses everytime,

Played for 2 years before win

Yes charities are getting some

UK winning are not taxed

Yes a friend has asked to borrow,

It was weird for a few weeks, now my live is nearly as it was,

Investing a third, third on house, third on play and rentals

No I am not giving you any :-p

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clark_ent982 karma

Can you do an AMA this time next year? I'm hoping you don't follow the same path as most lottery winners

throwawayrichboy782 karma

That would be a good idea. I hope I remember to.

nomansland333591 karma

What's the first thing you spent it on?

throwawayrichboy1621 karma

a sack of dog food, and my wife bought a "big" bottle of Ribena lol.


Dude, you've got money now! No need to eat dog food anymore!

throwawayrichboy1452 karma

But it makes my hair so glossy

jimmithy504 karma

Have friends asked for handouts? How have you dealt with that?

throwawayrichboy790 karma

Yeah and my response will always be no. However if they want to start a business I think I'd like to be a part of that.

Nigerian148 karma


throwawayrichboy101 karma

lol I was about to ask if you were nigerian until I saw the name

Cunt_Puffin455 karma

I'm guessing millionaire raffle on euromillions?

throwawayrichboy563 karma

Correct sir, approx 1 in 3.5m chance of winning

killmefirst433 karma

What was the first expensive thing you bought just for fun?

throwawayrichboy1380 karma

A gold pocket watch, I like to wear 3 piece suits to weddings etc, I feel the watch just makes me look that extra bit smug.

PawnShop804347 karma

Are you doing anything to make more money (stock market, CD's, gambling, etc) with your winnings?

throwawayrichboy548 karma

Yeah, I set asside £300k to go into investments that should get me a minimum of £20k a year, which is more than enough to run our household bills etc, so anything else we earn is just play money.

EDIT hope you noticed I said "should get me" Over the last 10 years the lowest the portfolio (this investment) has made is 7% during the recession. So no it is not guaranteed but it is a firm I trust through acquaintances that I know have invested for a while who recommended them as well as Camalot recommending them.

penguinmonkey309 karma

Did you tell friends and family?

throwawayrichboy431 karma

I told my family, and the friends I see most often, I am trying to tell people on a one-to-one basis.

scottduvall469 karma

There was a lottery winner who told absolutely no one that he won, but instead asked around to all of his friends for a little financial help. "Hey, I'm struggling, could you help me out..." He only had one friend who helped him out willingly, and was really there for him. Everyone else abandoned him. Then he told everyone he won the lotto. Nobody came asking for money. The one friend who did help was more than reimbursed and stayed a good lifelong friend.

throwawayrichboy200 karma

Damn I wish I had done that!

penguinmonkey303 karma

How did they react? Has it changed any of your relationships?

throwawayrichboy407 karma

They are supportive, they are very happy. Most stuff is the same except with my friends our version of "yourmama" was "richboy", now that is no longer an irony

ess_tee_you288 karma

How much would you estimate you spent on lottery tickets before you won?

Did you pick the numbers yourself?

Did you always play the same numbers?

Do you still play the lottery now?

throwawayrichboy351 karma

I spent about £600, always random numbers, I d still play

llachlann284 karma


throwawayrichboy651 karma

Every one seems fine . . . at first. My younger sister is the only one who has voiced annoyance. She thinks if she won then she would pay off family members mortgages. Overall everyone seems genuinely happy for me.

MeLurker111 karma

Haha, do you think she would pay off your mortgage if she won lotto?

throwawayrichboy421 karma

I think she would give me more than she got from me. but no

mrpopenfresh270 karma

Are you gonna blow it all on drugs and whores like that garbage guy did?

throwawayrichboy247 karma

No sir, hope not

Caboose_184 karma

Do you feel guilty about being rich without putting in any effort? Not to be an ass, it's just something I always wondered.

throwawayrichboy573 karma

No but my wife wants private medical care to which I feel awkward about. I don't know why but my attitude is "why do I have the right to better care than my friends" so i'll stick with good old NHS

Salacious-184 karma

What has changed the most in your life?

throwawayrichboy430 karma

My mental state I think, now all the 1st world pressures of buying a house etc are gone I have noticed I am much more relaxed (I wasn't stressed before though).

Petaht167 karma

Is there a thing you wanted to buy your whole life and now able to purchase?

throwawayrichboy215 karma

A descent sporty car, I've had a convertible before but it still had to be practical for everyday use where as now I can have both!

squatly143 karma

Do you think you will continue to work, or has the £1m ensured you can have an "early retirement"?

If the latter, what do you plan on doing now?

throwawayrichboy387 karma

I stayed with my job until Christmas but it was too hard work trying to meet with the financial experts around working full-time. So I am taking a year out to get my investments sorted (there is a steep learning curve), get a house etc. I am now re-skilling to become a pilot as it is something I always wanted to do.

SgtChuckle68 karma

As in a private "Cessna" type pilot, or a commercial "737" type pilot?

throwawayrichboy85 karma

I'll start at small stuff and just see what I learn and where it takes me.

xhable139 karma

Would you ever buy another lottery ticket?.. Would you advise that other people do also?

throwawayrichboy188 karma

I still do, I would say yes but only if you can afford them

mariuolo128 karma

Any scrounger yet?

throwawayrichboy284 karma

Yes unfortunately a friend asked for a few thousand to pay off debts but from day 1 we (wife and me) agreed "absolutely no loans or bailouts" we would hope our friends wouldn't ask.

felixtre122 karma

What are your plans for using the money? (investing, travel, etc). How does it feel to become an overnight millionaire?

throwawayrichboy224 karma

Plans are to invest 300k, buy a house 400k then the rest is for fun and to buy houses to fix-up or rent out. For the first week I barely ate, I often became giddy (still do), but also new stresses that I didn't expect. Like now I worry about my health a lot more

coriamon118 karma

Are you going to leave any to the kids or donate any of it?

How much did you play the lottery before you won?

throwawayrichboy216 karma

I bought 1 lucky-dip for every draw before I won. And I intend to give to charity but it is difficult with there being soo many. My future kids will have a house gifted to them for renting out only, so they always have a second income.

poisonbiscuts96 karma

Do you have enough for a diesel powered mech-warrior?

throwawayrichboy99 karma

how much would one be??

Bipedial80 karma

How much money do you actually have now from that, as in how much % did all the taxes chunk off?

throwawayrichboy284 karma

the full £1m, in the UK winnings are untaxable

Nickleass70 karma

How well off were you before the money?

throwawayrichboy121 karma

Had a good wage but was struggling to save for a house. I wasn't poor but hadn't got on the property market yet.

jagmor64 karma

what kind of drugs are you gonna buy?

throwawayrichboy185 karma

Booze is my vice

PoliteStart_MeanEnd53 karma

Why did you throw away a perfectly fine rich boy? Can I have $50? Have you considered getting a regular job for keeping a purpose in life? Is it one large sum or distributed in a payment plan for life? How old are you? Thanks.

throwawayrichboy95 karma

I am 27, I got it as one large sum. I am hopefully going to be a pilot, I used to be an engineer. After only having a weeks off working I am realising that I NEED a job.

tommoex26 karma

Did you feel like you were more prone to being robbed or attacked after winning? and did you do anything about this? extra security perhaps?

throwawayrichboy28 karma

not really

slamalamafistvag23 karma

How many people 'came out of the woodwork' and suddenly started speaking to you again after you'd won?

throwawayrichboy27 karma

non but it is still fairly secret

MaximDeWinter13 karma

You should totally fix my truck.

throwawayrichboy138 karma

I'm not a mechanic

toggib5 karma

  1. What sort of counselling were you provided with from the lotory?

  2. Why did you decide to tell your friends (I can understand family but friends is something different)

  3. Are you scared of ending up broke (like you hear a lot in the news etc)?

HF and take care!

throwawayrichboy7 karma

You get a specific rep from the camelot who makes sure you are treated well by the banks etc.

crundy2 karma

Do Camelot still have their own independent financial advisor, and if so, was their advice useful? How did you go about sorting out your investments after the win?

throwawayrichboy3 karma

They recommend a private company which seem ok so far