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dalekchaan4 karma

I have a lot of trouble maintaining a sleep schedule. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and use a cpap machine. I find myself unable to keep a sleep pattern going. Sometimes I can go a few weeks sleeping from say 11 pm to 8 am, but then I will have one night where I will sleep anywhere from 4-14 hours and it just messes everything up. I try hard not to nap during the day but sometimes I feel so exhausted that I am forced to. I also suffer from vivid dreams. When I have a dream I wake up feeling exhausted as though I had not slept any at all.

SleepRPSGT8 karma

Hey Chaan - Diagnosed with apnea how long ago ? Would you be able to find out your AHI? That is a calculated number of the amount of respiratory events you had, divided by the total sleep time you had. That will tell me a little more. Also, do you fight sleep often and do you dream a lot?

adamisbored2 karma

Yay! Fellow RPSGT here! Good to see this represented.

SleepRPSGT3 karma

Lol figured I could help a little ;) ever gone to national conference in Baltimore ?

Dani43421 karma

Hello! I've recently had a ton of issues sleeping, sometimes falling asleep around 21:00 and other times not been able to fall asleep before 04:00, and this is a giant problem for me since I'm still studying. I've only had one dream that I could remember when I woke up in the past year or so. Got any advice? :)

_groundcontrol5 karma

Exercise more, drink more water and live a less stressful life.

SleepRPSGT2 karma

Yes ! Very important