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You need to put your mind at rest first, the body will follow! No tv, loud music etc. Also a hot shower. No books either . They are just as effective (if not more) at stimulating your brain. Which in turn keeps it active while you try to sleep.

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Thanks everyone for the questions! I will do the best I can with keeping up. Sorry if it takes me a while, I am getting off of work and have a two hour drive home. I promise to keep answering questions as they come in !!

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Stress is a major contributing factor in poor sleep quality. If the mind is unable to relax, the body follows. Do you normally take a while to "unwind" before hitting the sack? A hot shower, no electronics and no meals before bed usually do the trick. As far as dreams, it's a tough call. Children as most likely to experience night terrors and such. If you are dreaming a lot that is a fairly good sign, as you are able to progress through the other stages to reach REM.

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Hmm.. Do you wake with frequent headaches or shortness of breath? How about limb movements? If you have a regular bed partner, consider asking them to look for these issues. Also, do you dream often ?

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At this point I would just say get up. Shower, exercise and eat a nice breakfast. I think sleeping for only an hour or so will actually make you more tired. But seriously, drive safe and don't do this a lot !!!