Thanks so much for having me guys! My fingers are tired of typing. Come see me on tour this spring!

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The dreads have taken out many bandmembers, front row fans, light rigs and gear throughout the years. They are particularly fond of getting stuck on bass tuning pegs.

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Three of us did shots of Jager with you at the show in Cleveland. Great show man!

BrianFair_SF7 karma

Thanks for the shot! Always enjoy drinking after the set with fans.

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When you guys first started making the rounds in Massachusetts, did you ever imagine that you would get a worldwide fan base and really make a lifelong career out of your music? I only ask because I'm psyched that you did. I've been following you guys since I was so young I had to sneak booze into shows in bra balloons. I feel like a music hipster when I'm all, "I knew Shadows Fall before Shadows Fall was 'cool'"

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Hahaha. We still aren't "cool"!!! Nothing is more metal than "booze in bra balloons". But no, we never imagined Shadows Fall reaching the level it did but we put our heart and soul into the band and worked our asses off to make the most of our opportunities. We have traveled to place i never imagined I would make it to and have played with all of my favorite metal bands from my childhood. It's been an amazing run and I feel blessed for all we have done.

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First saw you in 2004 playing with Himsa and Full Blown Chaos. It was also my first metal show and I've been a massive fan of metal ever since. The highlight was you being pretty far into the bag late in the show, walking back stage to get a beer, evidently forgetting you had the mic in your hand and the sound of you opening the beer just echoed through the building followed by a roar of cheers.

I don't have a question, just wanted to say that you and Shadows fall as a band definitely set the groundwork for my taste in metal, so thanks for that.

EDIT: Actually. What are your thoughts on the evolution of the sound of Shadows Fall? Of One Blood is probably my favorite album but it has a very different sound compared to War Within which is my second favorite.

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Hahahaha. Awesome story. As far as our sound, each record is a snapshot of where we were at as a band. The early albums have a rawness and youthful energy and we were learning who we were as musicians and a band. Each other record shows a progression in our playing and what we were listening to and feeling at the time. We just surrender to the flow and let things unfold as they do.

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Thank you for making music

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Thanks for listening!

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Hey Brian. Chunky or creamy Peanut butter?? See you 4/19 ../

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Shit. So much I want to ask but so little time. Ummmmm.... Hi. Your fucking awesome :D. When you were starting out who were your main inspirations?

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Early on it was HR of the Bad Brains, Chuck Billy of Testament, Bob Marley, Paul Dianno of Iron Maiden, Eddie Sutton of Leeway, Jonah Jenkins of Only Living Witness, Ian Macaye of Minor Threat and Keith Morris of The Circle Jerks were a few.

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Why do you guys don't play Of One Blood/Somber Eyes to the Sky songs more often? Remember Santiago, Chile? We were all asking for more oldschool songs (Never heard "Pure" or "To Ashes" live, for example).

Have you considered reissuing Somber Eyes to the Sky?

BrianFair_SF7 karma

We do play Of One Blood songs on tour. Its tough to fit everything into he setlist now that we have so many records! haha. We do play Fleshold occasionally but nothing else off Somber. Maybe we will dust some off one day but for the most part we focus on material that we wrote once I joined.

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I understand you do yoga. What type? Is it laughter yoga? I'm asking because I am thinking of restarting yoga to relax and heard that the laughter approach is good and therapeutic!

BrianFair_SF5 karma

I haven't been practicing as much as I should these days. I have done a variety of classes of different styles throughout the years. Mostly now I do a routine of different poses I have picked up.

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Could you outline your general religious ideals/beliefs/what have you?

I've been curious for years. There's a lot of references to a lot of schools of thought in your lyrics but on over-all package value I'd assume you're Rastafari (dreads, "Power of I&I" et al).

BrianFair_SF11 karma

My spiritual philosophy and beliefs evolve as i experience different phases of life and learn new things. I have never adhered to any dogmatic beliefs but have always felt a deep spiritual connection with the world. Rasta has been an influence without a doubt but I have also studied a variety of viewpoints and taken bits and pieces to create my own outlook.

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Hey man, fellow metal lover and Massachusetts resident here, living in South Hadley at the moment. How is it touring with Killswitch Engage? They seem like such fun loving and hard working dudes. Hope to see you in concert again soon, hopefully before I move down to Jacksonville in the summer.

BrianFair_SF7 karma

Masshole Pride!! KSE are without a doubt my favorite band to tour with and some of my favorite people in the world. Best dudes ever.

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How long has it taken you to get those epic dreads?

As an aside, seen you live a couple of times. Always been a good night. Black Crusade in Glasgow back in '07 is still one of the best gigs that I have ever been to.

BrianFair_SF9 karma

Black Crusade was incredible and the Glasgow show was insanity. The dreads began in 1993 after I had my senior school picture taken for my mom so the last haircut was two decades ago. haha.

TheHess2 karma

Superb. Glad you remembered that show. Quick follow up question, what was it like touring with all those bands together? So much talent on display!

BrianFair_SF3 karma

That line up was incredible. Great bands and a great variety os musical styles. It was a party ever night. Rager.

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Hey Brian! First of all, I'm a big fan of Shadows Fall. I went to all of your shows here in the Philippines since 2008. I was a student that time and I can say it is money well spent. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to get my poster and CD signed by you guys on your last visit. What do you like most about our country? And how did you grow that epic dreads? Keep on doing kick-ass music guys!

BrianFair_SF5 karma

We love The Philippines!! The shows have all been incredible. My favorite part of our trip was traveling to Boracay and having a few days of sun and fun on the beach. Can't wait to come back! Dreads are just a matter of time. Feed them herb and play them 70's dub reggae. haha

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Hey Brian! Really excited about the Death Ray Vision album, any chance that we will see new OVERCAST music? Looking forward to the CT show.

BrianFair_SF7 karma

JAY!! The DRV record is a smoker! So stoked on it. Really channels our love of raw and fast hardcore but with a few twists and turns. I doubt there will ever be new Overcast music. We just wouldn't write the same way and it would feel a little forced to try to. You never know though. Can't wait to play with Integrity in CT!! Time Warp Show.

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Who are some of your musical influences in terms of vocal style? Loved the new album by the way, you guys did some great work on that one!

BrianFair_SF4 karma

Thanks! I just listed a bunch of early influences: HR of the Bad Brains, Chuck Billy of Testament, Bob Marley, Paul Dianno of Iron Maiden, Eddie Sutton of Leeway, Jonah Jenkins of Only Living Witness, Ian Macaye of Minor Threat and Keith Morris of The Circle Jerks were a few.

Lately its been the singer of 16 Horsepower, Gregory Issacs, Trey Anastasio, Morrissey and lots of non metal stuff!!

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Hi Brian! Please answer any of the questions below, whether it's a few or all of them.

-If you could tour with any band, whether they're still around or not, which bands would you tour with and why?

-What's your opinion on popular music of today?

-What show/tour did you play that you realized that Shadows Fall was taking off and was going to be a big band?

-What's the biggest insult someone has ever given to you about your music in person?

-If you weren't a musician, what would your 2nd dream job be and why?

-And lastly, how can I convince my friend to grow dreads?

Thanks for making awesome music, you guys rocked it at Pop's!!

BrianFair_SF12 karma

  1. Metallica
  2. Most pop music is terrible these days. No one plays or writes with any heart. I miss the days when pop music meant The Police, Men At Work and The Cars and you had to have musical talent and songwriting skills.
  3. Ozzfest 2003 changed everything. Next level was arena tour with Slipknot and LOG in 2005.
  4. "You suck!" not creative but effective.
  5. Pro skateboarder, but i was new gnarly enough.
  6. Feed them herb and play them 70's dub.

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I was an intern at Atlantic Records back in 2006 for your product manager. At some point, I probably embarrassed myself answering the phone when your manager was on the other end. And then I would send an AIM message to the product manager letting him know someone was on hold for him. And then I would approve some more Myspace friend requests for bands while trying to sneak myself into their Top 8. And then someone would bust out their Sidekick. Oh, 2006.

Is there a social cause or charity that you're really committed to and wish more people supported?

BrianFair_SF5 karma

That is a perfect time capsule of 2006. Thanks for the help. We needed all we could get at that time. haha.

Once cause that is close to my heart is funding research for autism and other development issues children are facing in greater numbers these days.

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Hey Brian! I was wondering what sort of effect having one of your songs put on guitar hero had on your band. P.S. Thanks for the great music!

BrianFair_SF4 karma

At the time, Guitar Hero 2 exposed us to tons of people that would have never heard of Shadows Fall so it was great. The song was pretty challenging so I think that helped as well. I was TERRIBLE at it.

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Hey Brian, this is Sean from Dark Ascent (fat guitarist with glasses). We've opened up for y'all a couple of times when y'all came thru OKC with Trumpet. First I just wanted to say thanks for coming down this way. Some bands forget that OKC has metal fans too. Wish I would have been able to party with y'all after the shows.

My question stems to getting folks interested in coming to shows. It seems harder and harder to get folks out, much less buy a ticket to a show. I know its been a while since y'all were a mere local band but figured you had some wisdom and magical dred power to pass on.

Next US tour, if Trumpet can go, come grab your brother's from down south \m/

BrianFair_SF5 karma

Hey man!! We love playing in OKC! As far as getting people to shows it's tough but the local scene is the key to everything in the touring world! We were doing it before the internet so for us it was old school flyering and word of mouth. These days there are alot more tools available. Just flood the local area and hit up national shows to flyer and spread the word. Good luck.

severus_stark3 karma

the Overcast reunions have been great but when is the Frenzy reunion coming?

BrianFair_SF3 karma

Frenzy is eternal so there can't be a reunion! Frenzy Crew for life.

Nev51503 karma

What influences did Adam D bring to the way you recorded your new album ie. guitar tones and vocal work and what kind of ideas did he bring to the project

BrianFair_SF4 karma

Adam D was amazing to work with. He had tons of great ideas about vocal harmonies, guitar layering and other subtle overdubs that really added a new dimension to the songs. As a vocalist, he pushed me to try new dynamics and voices as well as challenge my range. Hopefully we will be able to work with him in the future. One of the best in the biz.

sinurgy3 karma

Saw you guys at Joe's Grotto in Phoenix a few months back, you guys freaking rocked the place and the crowd surf to the bar to get a shot was awesome! I somehow ended up on the bus having beers and...uh...beers with you and Corey for a bit. I'll never forget hearing the bus start up and Corey saying "oh shit, Wyoming, unless you want to head to LA, you probably better get off the bus". haha It was just another night for you guys but a cool memory for me! Thanks for the down to Earth hospitality and I look forward to your next return to the desert!!!

  • Oh and since it's an AMA, I have an actual question...what is your favorite cover to sing live and why?

BrianFair_SF3 karma

That show was drunken insanity!! haha. my favorite cover to do live is Bark At The Moon. I get to channel Ozzy and sing about werewolves. Doesn't get much better.

RadioGuy2k3 karma

When you first started singing, more importantly screaming, did you have a rough time not making your vocal cords raw? I'm sure there's an art to it, because I sure as hell can't do it for longer than a few words without coughing up a lung and sounding like shit, and you sound great the whole show.

BrianFair_SF9 karma

I started screaming in hardcore bands at an early age and never had a real technique. I just stumbled into a comfort zone where I could scream my heart out without tearing my throat apart. On tour, I warm up before shows and try to minimize off stage damage but it can get pretty beat up on long runs. Just need to find a balance.

J_JKow3 karma

Hey, Brian. First, congrats on the latest album and what I'm sure was another hell of a tour. A few band-related questions for ya:

  • What's ahead for SF? With Jon helping out Anthrax on the road and Jason now joining up with Toxik, are you guys taking a break as a whole for the time being? Maybe jamming and working on some new material?

  • How's the relationship with Razor & Tie been compared to your previous labels and is Everblack Records on the shelf for good?

  • Death Ray Vision is finally getting its debut album out this year. What can fans expect it from it and what influences did you guys draw from?

  • Is there anything in your career you'd go back and change or do differently? Not even so much as in saying "This was a mistake," but "We zigged here where we could have zagged" for better or worse.


BrianFair_SF3 karma

This year will be a little wacky for sure. I have my first child on the way so I let the guys know I would need a good amount of time off the road so the guys knew it would be a good time to pursue some other things. We will be playing some shows in April and a few random one offs in the summer until I'm off baby duty. We do plan on writing new material during this down time as well.

Razor and Tie has been killer so far. Its a tough time for labels these days so as long as they show support and help spread the word about the band we can't ask for much more. As far as Everblack, it was mainly a way to release Retribution with Warner Brothers as the distro and Ferret as a promo team so there weren't really plans to keep it as a working label. These days the last business move I would make is to run a label. The DRV record is a collection of raw fast thrashy hardcore songs that combine or love for early hardcore like Infest and Cro-Mags and crossover bands like Leeway and DRI. Good dose of Motorhead and Kill Em All era Metallica as well. In hind sight there are things that didn't work out that would be cool to change but given the circumstances I would have made the same decision 9 times out of 10.

jtigrrrr3 karma

Hey Brian... we caught you at the Sherman in PA, and then in Clifton park the next night in the storm. Awesome shows! Loved the crowd surf to the bar for a shot, and back before the vocals started again.

I was a guest photographer for still rockin inside~~

BrianFair_SF3 karma

That was perfectly timed that night! haha. Thanks for braving the snow.

compbioguy3 karma

Hi Brian, couple of things. Not really questions. First, your recent SF live album was one of the best I have heard. Right up there with Unleashed in the East, Live after Death, Nevermore's recent one (Voyager, I think) and the recent At the Gates release. You guys are great showmen.

I also want to apologize for the entire city of San Francisco. Your show with Fear Factory was appallingly poorly attended. The folks I talked tothat were there were shocked. Come back (hopefully headlining) and you will have a real show from a great thrash city.

BrianFair_SF4 karma

No need to apologize. Our next show in SF was with Killswitch Engage at Slim's and it was INSANE. Non-stop stage dive insanity. See ya next time!

CrackedNuts2 karma

What is one band that you wish you could, or could've if disbanded, open for at least once? Also, can't wait for 4/19! Will be the first time I see Shadows Fall, and I have heard many amazing things!

BrianFair_SF5 karma

Metallica with Cliff Burton would be the ultimate.

kitkatalyst2 karma

Do you still skate?

BrianFair_SF7 karma

YES!! Been skating a lot again lately. Me and our merch guy Mikey were on a skate mission these past two tours and hit up tons of parks and street spots around the country. Skate and Destroy

Sloth7732 karma

Exactly how tall are you? My buddies don't believe me when I say you are over six feet with dreads to the floor

BrianFair_SF8 karma

I a little over 6 feet even. The longest dread hits my calf. Yup. they are long.

BringBackFannyPack2 karma

First off, I love your music! Secondly, you are with the same label as my favorite band NONPOINT. You think you could get them to do an Ama?

BrianFair_SF2 karma

Those dudes rule. I'll let them know is a killer way to talk with fans. I've had a blast doing it.

delthrom2 karma

If you could be anything in the refrigerator, what would you be, and why?

BrianFair_SF12 karma

An ice cold beer. Refreshing and the life of the party.

clickthisway3272 karma

What are the chances of a Mass. metal tour coming together with Shadows Fall, Killswitch, ATR and Unearth? I have heard it brought up a lot but it has never actually come together. Think it will ever happen?

BrianFair_SF3 karma

We all talk about it whenever we are together. I would LOVE to do any kind of tour like that. It's usually scheduling and logistics that get in the way.

VagrantCorpse2 karma

Brian, in your spare time you seem to be an avid golfer. What do you typically shoot? What are your favorite courses to play?

BrianFair_SF3 karma

I'm a terrible golfer but I love the game. I played some small courses in Mass and Rhode Island for awhile. My favorite course I have played was in Queens but I forget the name. Hoping to golf a ton this spring and summer!!

CyN1caL2 karma

Hey Brian, I had the opportunity to shoot you guys on the last night of your tour with Hatebreed. At one point, I was shoved under you in the photo pit with your dreads whipping me in the face. It made for an awesome photo! :) Not trying to pimp myself, but here is the set:

The photo I just mentioned is about halfway in the set. Thanks for being an awesome subject t to shoot man, you guys were all killer!

BrianFair_SF2 karma

The main danger you will face in the Shadows Fall photo pit is a concussion from an errant dread. Heads up. Thanks for the pic!!

koknbalz1 karma

Why did Sneaky Joe get kicked out of The Frenzy Crew?

BrianFair_SF1 karma

Sneaky Joe has never been nor never will be kicked out of The Frenzy Crew. He will however remain elusive.

STDizzle1 karma

Hey Brian, what bands/artists do you listen to when you're on tour? Most interviews I've read say that band members can't stand metal after living with for months on end!

(That's not a knock against it, it can just be exhausting sometimes!)

BrianFair_SF4 karma

Actually this last tour we were blasting a lot of metal! It was 90's death metal party many nights with Morbid Angel, Deicide, Entombed, Carcass, Demolition Hammer, Assuck.

When it's party time its all arena rock like AC/DC, Skid Row, Aerosmith, GNR etc.

But for the most part, I listen to a lot of mellow music in my headphones like Spiritualized, Grateful Dead, Velvet Undergroud etc.

chocoguy71 karma

Hey Brian, huge fan of Shadows Fall, you guys were one of the first bands to expose me to metal. When the band was just getting started, how much band practice did you guys do in a week to get ready for a show?

BrianFair_SF2 karma

Glad to expose you to metal! When we first started I was living in Boston and the other dudes were in western MA so since I didn't have a car, they jammed a ton and I rolled out on the bus maybe once a week. Unless I made Matt drive me there and back haha.

roastedbagel1 karma

Hey Brian, wanted you to know that you single-handedly got me back into metal after a 10 year hiatus and I appreciate that. Your music really does something for me and I've had you in constant rotation across all media players I own for nearly 8 years straight.

So what's currently playing in your [insert music player here] that you can't get enough of?

BrianFair_SF3 karma

I'm glad we could help to bring you back to the party!! I have been on a huge old school hardcore kick and have been listening to lots of Circle Jerks, INFEST, Judge etc. On the opposite spectrum I've also been listening to tons of Phish. haha. Yup, I'm a dirty hippy.

darthstupidious1 karma

First off, I just want to say thank you: despite growing up on the west coast, the New England metal scene is what I grew up with, and from my earliest inclinations into metal, I was attached to Shadows Fall like glue.... "The War Within" was the first metal album I ever loved listening in its entirety, and I've been a huge fan of the band since. I've also really enjoyed your stuff with Overcast and Death Ray Vision, and you've been one of my biggest inspirations for honing my metal vocals. So... thank you.

Now that I'm done jerking you off, I guess I'll just ask what the status is on Shadows Fall? I know you guys put out an album last year, and I know that Jason is touring some work for other bands and you're doing your own thing while Jon and Matt glam it up in their other band, but what are the chances that you'll be touring or recording anything else soon?

Again, thank you, and make sure to never shave your dreads. They're metal as fuck.

BrianFair_SF1 karma

I appreciate the support man!! As far as Shadows Fall, we just finished two full US tours in support of the new record Fire From The Sky. We are taking some time off now. I have my first child on the way so I won't be able to tour for a few months. Jon is filling in for Anthrax while we are off the road. We do plan on writing some new material while we are off tour and will be back up and running in the fall.

wampumstompum1 karma

BF - If you could re-live one live show / performance, which one would it be? And as a follow up, which show do you wish never happened?

I've seen SF play a few places over the years but I have to say the Halloween show with Unearth, KSE, LOG, and SF @ the Palladium was probably the greatest metal show I have ever been too. As a quick side note, I'm also on the cover of your DVD The Art of Touring. I'm the only guy in a sea of black shirts wearing red throwing horns up (Almost dead center). Anyway, thank you for all the great music and memories.

BrianFair_SF3 karma

Yes that Halloween show was one of the greatest nights ever. That whole tour was an unreal experience. That is a killer pic from that night.

One show I'll always remember was the Massachusetts Ozzfest in 2003 at Great Woods. Just total chaos, playing to 15,000 people just 20 minutes from the house i grew up in.

BrianFair_SF3 karma

Show i wished never happened ... tough one. If it was that bad then i was probably too drunk to remember. oh yeah... Roadrunner 25th Anniversary. It's not that I wish the show never happened, I just wish I hadn't tried to keep up with Joel from KSE drinking Jameson. Bad move.

LawrenceTheGreat1 karma

I'm a huge fan! much love from utah! Which states fans are the roughest?

BrianFair_SF2 karma

We have had some brutal pits in Utah! Not sure who is the roughest though. It can vary from tour to tour. Also depends on the lineup. This last tour with Hatebreed and Dying Fetus was brutal every night!

bathsalts1381 karma

I saw you play In Springfield VA the other week, y'all sounded amazing!

BrianFair_SF1 karma

Thanks! Fun show and crazy energy that night. Love venues without barricades that are far from the stage.

addictedtopain1 karma

Hey Brian! Me and a friend travelled from UK to US Texas to come see you guys play on the strhess tour back in 2006? Just wanted to say you guys were awesome!

BrianFair_SF4 karma

That's crazy bro!! The Strhess tour was a blast. Killer line up.

keyalerong1 karma

I saw You guys Play a couple years ago in Nampa/Boise with 5FDP and again with Trivium, at Mayhem Fest if i'm not mistaken. I wanna say that i absolutely love your cover of Bark at the moon. Any Chance you guys will be making your way back through Idaho? and Do you guys play any other awesome Covers? Thanks.

BrianFair_SF5 karma

Not sure the next time we will be through Idaho but hopefully soon. That 5FDP show was nuts. The bar downstairs felt like it was going to cave in. We always record a few covers when we are in the studio. Not sure what the next one will be. Stay tuned!

stink-nuggets1 karma

What would you say your favorite book is?

BrianFair_SF5 karma

tough one. i'll just give you a few authors since i can't narrow it down to one. Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Bukowski and Tom Robbins I can read anytime.

jizzpellets1 karma

Hey Brian! Been a huge fan since I was 11 (I am 23 now). I've seen you guys tons of times, and even traveled to Download this year to see you tear shit up.

Something I've always enjoyed watching, and have always wanted to participate in, is when a band calls a fan up on the stage to play a song with them. Have you guys ever done this? If so, how did it go? If not, would you ever consider doing it?

BrianFair_SF2 karma

Thanks for the years of support! We haven't ever had someone come up and jam with us but I'd love to do something like that one day. Hopefully it will happen and I'll let you know how it goes.

BlazetheBassist1 karma

Hey Brian, first I wanted to thank you for doing what you do, I've been a fan Shadows Fall for quite a while.

I actually have two questions for you. First, how do you go about finding inspiration for songs? Secondly, what about being in a metal band keeps you wanting to stick with it?

BrianFair_SF3 karma

Each song really comes from an individual place. The mood is inspired by the music. The subjects can come from specific events in my life, philosophical thoughts, something I read or a completely fictional story. Some songs write themselves and come easily but other i rework and edit over and over for months.

Metal and hardcore has always been in my blood. I grew up playing and going to shows and got in the van and never looked back. It's what has kept me young for all these years. And now its all catching up and kicking my ass!!!! hahaha.

MurderMoth1 karma

I wish I had a good question, but Shadows Fall rocks!

BrianFair_SF3 karma

All good. Thanks for the support!

black_floyd1 karma

What are your thoughts on the disappearance of Toscanini's? We even lost Someday Cafe/ :(

BrianFair_SF4 karma

WHAT!?!?! This is the first I am hearing of this. This is tragic tragic news. Toscanini's was the unsung hero of my early touring days. Gus was always so good to me. This is sad news. A moment of silence for the greatest ice cream shop in human history.

lotion_on_the_skin1 karma

Hey Brian!

Just wanted to let you know that during the Austin show with God Forbid, you stage-dived into my face. It was probably the coolest thing that happened that night. I also have the video.

Thanks for everything you do.

BrianFair_SF3 karma

you're welcome! post that video on our facebook!

blink0r1 karma

Brian! Long time fan and I'm wondering when/if you guys are ever planning to come to central Canada? Not Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Central Canada wants you guys here!

BrianFair_SF2 karma

Hopefully we can do a full Canadian tour again soon. The last one with Goatwhore, Bison BC and Baptized In Blood was amazing ... and cold. haha.

Time_Bomb691 karma

Long time fan of SF and an instant fan of DRV. Thank you for the music it has gotten me through some tough times, it's my escape. Do you plan on touring anytime soon with DRV or even a few shows and is there a date for the new album? What's your favorite old school metal band?

BrianFair_SF2 karma

Thanks! The DRV record is finished but we are still figuring out a release date. Hopefully we will play some record release shows but between everyones hectic schedule it's been tough to work it out yet. We will keep you posted.

cradlecatholic1 karma

Hey Brian! I am such a HUGE fan of everything you do. I was just curious as to what bands and artists you listen to outside of the Metal genre. Any new bands we should give a try? Again, thanks for bringing the music to the people!

BrianFair_SF3 karma

Thanks! I listen to alot of music outside the metal world. For mellow spacey stuff check out Spiritualized, Doves, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Earlimart, The Warlocks. For good roots reggae check out Jacob Miller, Gregory Issacs, Junior Marvin. Other random bands to check out 16 Horsepower, Murder By Death, The Yougbloods.

shakerLife0 karma

I think I saw you on a plane once. Was that you?

BrianFair_SF9 karma


thetallewok0 karma

Hey Brian! I'd just like to thank you for doing your thing day in and day out. Shadows Fall is my biggest musical inspiration. Any crazy stories you have from the road?

Now in typical Reddit fashion, would you rather fight 1000 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?


BrianFair_SF4 karma

Thanks! So many crazy stories. Craziest nights usually involve too much booze and not enough sleep.

I'll take 1000 duck sized horses and just punt them outta the way

[deleted]-1 karma


BrianFair_SF5 karma

To reiterate, 100 duck sized horses. seem easier to punt out of the way.