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raziphel6 karma

Did you ever stop that turtle?

StopThatTurtle13 karma

That bitch was too fast =(

MLE_r33d5 karma

I went to a strip club on valentines day with my boyfriend and a bunch of other people. My bf bought me a lap dance from a girl of my choosing and the girl and I talked until the next song started. I've had my fare share of experience with ladies in the past, but I wouldn't consider myself attracted to females before this. This girl was a babe! She knew what she was doing! I thought she was enjoying it as much as I was, but I'm sure everyone who gets a lap dance thinks that.

So how often do the girls actually enjoy giving a lap dance? And do many of them mind giving ones to other women?

StopThatTurtle8 karma

The girls loooove giving other women dances. The majority of them end up at least bisexual if not straight up lesbians. Also guys getting dances are standard fare for them , so to give one to a woman is rare and exciting for them. It doesnt happen very often

fear_nothin4 karma

How often have you had to toss someone? Was it usually easy or did they get pissed off and try to fight?

StopThatTurtle8 karma

Mostly they leave peacefully. You'd be shocked how many guys leave willingly just cuz some stripper is screaming "get the fuck out asshole!" And making a scene

When you have to physically throw them out it gets touchy, you cant just hit them. You put your hand on an arm and if they get physical like try to push me off then I would wack them in the eye a couple of time

They are a lot more reasonable after that

samirlk934 karma

What was the best/funniest experience of a person finding out someone who he/she knew there ? e.g like a father finding out his daughter works there or something

StopThatTurtle36 karma

As i said before , all girls have to be escorted out. So im walking a dancer to her car and her bf was out there waiting by her car. I didnt know at the time but the back story was his friend saw her working and called him


So this guys outside and comes jumping out from between the cars like some kinda scary black-in-a-box (yeah like a jack-in-a-box but he was black and had crazy dreads) so he's off... "DAMN KEISHA!! WUT DIS SHIT HERE KEISHA?! DA FUCK GOIN ON?!" now i dont even know this girls real name , so im like who the fuck is keisha an what the fuck is lil jon doing here? So keisha grabs me and gets behind me hollering "T WHATCHU DOIN?! T! WHATCHU DOIN?!" and T is in no mood to explain , he wants at the bitch

So he start on me... "WHO DIS FUCK NIGGA?! HUH?! FUCK NIGGA IMMA FUCK YO ASS UP NIGGA!!" now keishas carrying on like any southern black woman at any funeral "IT AINT LIKE THAT T! WHATCHU DOIN HERE?! WHY YOU HERE T?! OH LAAAWD WHY YOU HERE?!" and T doesnt let up , "YOU FUCKING THIS FUCK NIGGA?! YOU READY FUCK NIGGA?! IMMA FUCK YO ASS UP NIGGA!!" he must have called me "fuck nigga" at least a hundred times.

I get the radio in my ear "Alex! WTF is going on out there?" I didnt even realize they were talking to me , i'd been called FUCK NIGGA so many times i forgot my name. So i just pretend to radio back without hitting the button and say loudly "We have a situation in the parking lot , call the police , i'll keep this guy here until they arrive" at that point T forgot he left the toaster plugged in at home or something because his ass lit up out of the parking lot

I stayed an extra couple of minutes to make sure he was gone and let the girl get in her car to go

IamGrimReefer0 karma

Proof? maybe an old ID or a pay stub.

StopThatTurtle39 karma

They dont use ID cards and I dont have a stub as it was years back. I have intimate knowledge of the operations, owners and structure of the business. If thats not enough.... im truly sorry. I do have better things to do than to make shit up on the internet

roastedbagel8 karma

Which location did you work at. This is kind of strange but I might be able to verify you depending on certain situations.

StopThatTurtle10 karma

West palm beach. Shawnee rd