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MastaKungFu1266 karma

Why did G4 fire you?

AdamSessler1831 karma

I don't know. I was given no explanation. I had heard rumors since January of last year that I would be without a job by April...and then it turned out to be true. That's all I can factually say, because that's all I know.

David_mcnasty908 karma

Why did Splinter Cell Co-Op theater have to end?

AdamSessler1050 karma

you have no idea how hard that was to produce, i love 'em but it broke a few spirits.

deman8899745 karma


AdamSessler2023 karma

If I could change anything...it's people's nasty behavior in online games. I come from a time when being a nerd meant being an outsider and you hid your activities from your peers. The idea of terrorizing people for their differences in a game is anathema to me

AdamSessler1326 karma

The game that was the biggest influence was Ghosts and Goblins. the art direction was so strong that I played the game to see what th next level looked like, not for bragging rights or high scores

ItsOnlyKetchup587 karma

Hi Adam, I've been a fan since early X-Play. My question is, what upcoming game of 2013 are you most excited to play?

AdamSessler1320 karma

Bioshock Infinite and Last of Us....I feel like a junkie in withdrawl waiting to play those games.

Useless_imbecile517 karma

What is the one thing you thought at the beginning of this generation we'd be seeing more of in the games industry at this point in time than we actually are?

AdamSessler805 karma

love this question! What I didn't expect was the indie movement and the domination of the military shooter. The beginning of this generation was so long ago, It's hard to remember.

AdamSessler379 karma

I still think that the contempt stemmed more from being on TV. As a medium, there's an innate distrust coupled with aversion to how powerful and authoritative it can be. We were offering opinions with a big bully pulpit, that breeds contempt.

will650480 karma

Hi Adam, thanks for doing this AMA! What are your thoughts about some of the rumors swirling around for next gen consoles such as blocking used games and requiring a constant internet connection? If these features are in fact going to be a reality, do you think the industry will end up benefiting or suffering?

Also, what kind of pants did you end up wearing for this AMA?

AdamSessler703 karma

I have heard the rumors and, while I know nothing officially I do believe that one or both of the new consoles could require a persistent internet connection, or at the very least, required for particular content. as far as blocking used games, I don't know if it's possible nor do I think they want to strain the Gamestop relationship that badly.

LedZepAddict457 karma

What game completely defied your expectations? (Positively or negatively)

AdamSessler1029 karma

Actually Super Mario Galaxy just blew me away. After Sunshine I didn't know what to expect but the amazing and unique design on every single level of that game, without swimming, was one of the most impressive accomplishments I have seen.

AdamSessler417 karma

Hey guys...that was a lot of fun, but I have to get back to work. I will do this again, the questions were exceptional. Speaking of which, we're about to cross 100k youtube subs. If we hit it, we might get a cookie or something and I'm kinda hungry. Subscribe to our channel here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rev3games

More self-promotion: you can follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/AdamSessler. Also check out our Twitter at http://twitter.com/rev3games, our Facebook page and our Google+ page, that's where we post extra stuff like this dumb picture of Max.

Thanks again, guys!

RedditvonRedditstein358 karma

Hi Adam :) What game feature or game itself made you first go "Whoa! This changes everything." Thx :)

AdamSessler751 karma

Half-Life and Deus Ex. Both were the games I never realized I absolutely had to be playing until I started playing

Sunshineismylife355 karma


AdamSessler763 karma

No...time and money. We had very little of either...also, our offices moved and we had to work around E! employees who didn't appreciate nonsense.

OptimumForge338 karma

Do you ever go through spells where you find yourself tired of games? It's not permanent, perhaps just spending so much time in the industry being the cause.

I freelance for work while still in college and have had this come about once or twice. Does working full time in games make you want to distance yourself a bit from them at times?

Have appreciated your work for a number of years, enjoyed meeting you and shaking your hand one one or two events in the past few years.

Good luck on the AMA!

  • Landon

AdamSessler632 karma

Great Question. Ever so often I can reach burnout, where It's tough to play ANY game. Playing burns blood sugar and sometimes I need to replenish. Having said that, I never get tired of the idea of games or the creative people making them. I always want to believe that something awesome is around the corner.

azhyen297 karma

Any possible way Meet The Sess will return in a serious fashion?

AdamSessler430 karma

gimme a little time...it's something I've always thought about.

pumpjockey287 karma

Adam, as a demi-god of gaming, what games would you suggest everyone play at least once.

AdamSessler889 karma

just a demi-god? i feel so unfinished.

play Shadow of the Colossus, a ratchet and clank game and Bioshock

TheC0mm0nEnemy284 karma

You originally gave Mass Effect 3 a pretty solid review and even praised it's ending. After all the controversy with it, do you still stand by it?

AdamSessler627 karma

No..I still love that game. It really affected me, the sense of mortality, the idea that, at the end of the day, you are your choices. The fact that your final choice doesn't impact the narrative was significant to me, existentially, that makes sense. Also, I kinda knew that was the last review i was going to write for G4, you cans see it in the text.

DwarfInASuit270 karma

Hey Adam, I'm a dude who loves talking and writing about video games and was wondering if you had any good tips on how to start getting involved in some serious games journalism?

AdamSessler680 karma

Read a lot of criticism, not just opinions and judgements but critical theory as it applies to language. We need to find ways to discuss games outside of the up/down vote of quality, but something that investigates what makes t so unique as a medium.

LtThunderpants231 karma

Why Rev3?

AdamSessler438 karma

It just felt right. We're small, so we can make decisions fast and be nimble. This team here is awesome and everyone's clearly supportive of doing video content that isn;t the same as everybody else. In the next few weeks we're going to be launching some new shows...it'll all make sense

thebuggalo223 karma

Adam, can we expect you to cover E3 this year? I always look forward to getting your input on the announcements and your interviews with the developers. Will Rev3Games be at E3? And how much content can we expect?

AdamSessler375 karma

Oh yes...we will be there in force. I'm starting a boot camp now to get Max to work 23 hour days

wasdie639195 karma

Hi Adam. Long time fan of your work. My question is, is there anything a console manufacturer, publisher, developer, or distributor can do that is an instant turn off for you and would cause you to not spend your own money on that particular product or service?

AdamSessler780 karma

tablets as controllers.

Rob_Saget173 karma

As someone who watched you on X-Play for many, many years, thank you so much for doing this AMA!

  • What projects are you working on nowadays?
  • Do you think there will be a channel similar to TechTV or G4 in the near future, or was G4 the last of a dying breed?
  • What was the downfall of G4?
  • Why did you leave X-Play?
  • I went to school to get a degree in broadcasting and journalism just to work with X-Play or AOTS, but now that those shows are gone and I'm getting to graduate, what in your opinion is the next X-Play/AOTS?
  • Would you be interested in being a guest on my "nerd entertainment" podcast, Unrendered? We would love to talk to you!

Thanks you again for this AMA and for all the laughs you gave everyone over the years on X-Play!

AdamSessler451 karma

I am now with Rev3 Games at Revision3 check it out http://youtube.com/rev3games

No i don't think there will be anything like TechTv and G4 in the future. The internet is a much better vehicle to provide information on those subjects that television, which is inhibited by time restrictions. The downfall of the show was due in large part to people less interested in waiting for 6:00 pm to find out about games.

Mushroomer172 karma

Adam, where do you see the MMO model heading in the next generation? After high-profile flops like The Secret World & SWOTR, and soon-to-be-flops like Elder Scrolls Online - is the subscription-based MMORPG dead for good? Free-to-Play seems to be the current trend, but I still feel most hardcore gamers are hesitant to embrace microtransaction-supported titles.

AdamSessler304 karma

It has to go Free to Play in some fashion. TOR was the last gasp of subscriptions and that didn't go too well. What is necessary is a FTP model that can support more sophisticated design in games without breaking them.

Levit0169 karma

Adam I really adore that you aren't afraid to to speak your mind, and in a lot of cases stick up for people working in the games industry like your infamous Metacritic rant. I was wondering, have you ever had to bite your tongue on a particular subject because what you say may put your employment at risk? If so, was there ever a time where you chose to remain silent in the past but wish you had not?

Keep up the great work at Rev3 games!

AdamSessler236 karma

I've pulled some punches when I thought about whether I would stand by my statements the following weeks.

GatonM159 karma

WHY did you commentate on SSF4 at evo years ago?


Was this something you were forced into or something you thought would be a good idea? Clearly and Unfortunately you'd never played street fighter before or understood how rounds work. This was quite embarrassing and wonder how the fallout went.

AdamSessler362 karma

I was told to. I kinda knew it was going to go south, I don't always have the agency people think I do.

Paper-Cut158 karma

Hey Adam! Over all the years, what game would you say you had the most fun reviewing?

AdamSessler359 karma

Ratchet and Clank...Up Your Aresenal, i love that game and I was given a lot of time before embargo.

Dynamicc151 karma

Hey Adam! Just wanted to say thanks for doing this AMA. I have been watching you on TV ever since I started playing videogames. I remember coming home everyday and running to the TV to catch the new episode of X Play.

I have a few questions.

What do you miss most about the old days of G4/Tech TV? For me, it was the skits you guys did on X Play.

What are your thoughts on the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft and the rumors about them so far?

How do you see the games industry evolving in the next few years? Looking back today, it is amazing to see how far games have come in regards to story, open world exploration, etc.

Once again, thanks for taking our questions!

AdamSessler397 karma

What I miss from the old days was being young and having hair. Also, I worked with some seriously funny people, that's where those skits came from.

Tetradact143 karma

Hi Adam. What's your thought on Kickstarter and how do you think this will affect funding for a game in the future?

AdamSessler237 karma

it could be really awesome or die horribly. I love that creative minds can make product without being beholden to publishers but, once we get our first disaster, the whole thing can go sour.

alpharudy126 karma

Hey Adam, what do Max and Tera smell like?

AdamSessler417 karma

elderberries and despair

Bulletpointe124 karma

Hi Adam, I'm a game design student and currently taking classes with your former producer Greg.

What ONE thing could I say to rattle him that only you and him would get?

AdamSessler192 karma

I love Greg and miss him. Tell him hello. He's pretty unflappable but ask him about the review of "Gore"

FATstronaut5112 karma

Hi Adam!

What's the biggest difference between working on television and working on the internet?

AdamSessler236 karma

The internet never sleeps, for one. Everything for TV was so mired in production systems that kept us from being timely, reactive and current. Now I can respond to events while people still remember them.

BKSenior98 karma

I think you lived across the street from me on Spaulding., I used to see you every morning. Was that you?

AdamSessler124 karma

I did live on Spaulding...which one were you?

omgpokemans95 karma

Hi Adam, long time fan! My question is do/did you ever receive pressure from your producers/editors/whoever to give a game a different review than you felt it deserved; due to perhaps pressure from the publishers? Would you say this is common in the industry?

Also, what are your thoughts on the debacle about the new Aliens game?

AdamSessler167 karma

No...never received such pressure. Maybe I got lucky.

Go watch my Aliens review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv5bt2h1M-E&list=UUQXR8pItAoKDAJSbphFxbrg

jezues93 karma

First off thanks for doing this AMA, you're awesome. My question is with the gaming industry seeming to focus so heavily on multiplayer do you think there is a possibility of single player focused games making a comeback such as skyrim?

AdamSessler184 karma

I'd love to think so, but only a few companies, like Bethesda can actually have a successful single player-only game. Perhaps Bioshock Infinite might pull it off.

rederit87 karma

Do you work out?

AdamSessler160 karma

I like to Box, but I haven't since moving to SF. I kinda need to.....

Emorio86 karma

How do you feel about the state of G4 as a channel, now that most of the gaming content is gone?

AdamSessler224 karma

The channel wasn't doing well with the gaming content on. X-Play had really bad ratings the last few years. They probably made the right choice. I don't really care, though.

Windpipe78 karma


AdamSessler152 karma

Casey_Anthonys_Kid71 karma

Hi Adam, been a fan since the early X-play days. I was just wondering do you still keep in contact with any of your G4 mates? If so who do you still hang with? i hope its kevin pereira cuz kp is the best

AdamSessler99 karma

I have some very good friends from those days. I keep in touch with them.

GeorgeAndrewsXCIII46 karma

Hey Adam, big fan of X-Play, broken hearted when I heard about the whole thing. Say, I just have one question, could we expect to ever see you on G4 again? Maybe reporting from comic con or E3? That'd be awesome to know, thanks again man!

AdamSessler109 karma

No. I don't expect them to ask, but still, I like moving forward.

wienersoup45 karma

Adam. What was your favorite underrated wii title? A good game that nobody bought due to the Wii market generally not taken seriously by audiences?

AdamSessler113 karma

Boom Blox, i loved those games. they made my arm hurt but they were so simple in their pleasures it was quite elegant.

Karsonist44 karma

I'm doin it, would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses?

Also, I love you.

AdamSessler167 karma

Horse-sized duck. I'm counting on a vulnerable underbelly when it falls over....for massive damage.

I love you too.

minecraft10142 karma

What was it like working with Mr Sark ? :D

AdamSessler60 karma

I love that guy. his ability to play shooter was divine.

MadnessX42 karma

Hi Adam,

Are you ever going to do something like Sessler's Soapbox in the future? I really enjoyed watching/listening to those while you were on G4.

AdamSessler73 karma

I am...it's called Sessler's Something watch it here youtube.com/rev3games

stolemyusername29 karma

Are you wearing pants?

AdamSessler138 karma

no....the pants are wearing me.

ajkelly00721 karma

Which E3 reveal was your favorite?

AdamSessler61 karma

Uncharted 2 was among my favorites. Although the most memorable was the reveal of the PS3 pricing, the gasp in the audience was deafening.

BiffSlamkovich19 karma

People have "guilty pleasure" movies and TV shows. Are there any video games you know aren't very good, but you can't get enough of them anyway?

AdamSessler52 karma

ever so often i put in Too Human...there's something about how it plays that feels good from time to time.

TechMonkey7419 karma

Were you nervous at first coming to Rev3Games? Being a different media and having the acceptance of the established Rev3 crew?

AdamSessler32 karma

yes I was nervous. i also had just caught the stomach flu and I was scared about looking emaciated and light-headed.

corgi_butt9 karma

Hey Adam! Looks like I missed the start of the AMA, so I don't know if you'll ever see this question. But anywho, what do you think that Nintendo needs to do to re-energize the gaming market with the Wii U? It seems that Nintendo have shot themselves in the foot by sticking with the 'Wii' brand and having an ambiguous and confusing marketing strategy.

AdamSessler19 karma

Nintendo needs to have Nintendo games available now. Why they launched with such lackluster games is baffling and the recent sales data is demonstrating that in spades.