Adam Sessler

is the executive producer of Revision3 Games, and best known as the former co-host of X-Play with Morgan Webb and editor-in-chief of G4's game content for the network.

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If I could change's people's nasty behavior in online games. I come from a time when being a nerd meant being an outsider and you hid your activities from your peers. The idea of terrorizing people for their differences in a game is anathema to me

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I don't know. I was given no explanation. I had heard rumors since January of last year that I would be without a job by April...and then it turned out to be true. That's all I can factually say, because that's all I know.

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The game that was the biggest influence was Ghosts and Goblins. the art direction was so strong that I played the game to see what th next level looked like, not for bragging rights or high scores

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Bioshock Infinite and Last of Us....I feel like a junkie in withdrawl waiting to play those games.

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you have no idea how hard that was to produce, i love 'em but it broke a few spirits.

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Actually Super Mario Galaxy just blew me away. After Sunshine I didn't know what to expect but the amazing and unique design on every single level of that game, without swimming, was one of the most impressive accomplishments I have seen.

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just a demi-god? i feel so unfinished.

play Shadow of the Colossus, a ratchet and clank game and Bioshock

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love this question! What I didn't expect was the indie movement and the domination of the military shooter. The beginning of this generation was so long ago, It's hard to remember.

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tablets as controllers.

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No...time and money. We had very little of either...also, our offices moved and we had to work around E! employees who didn't appreciate nonsense.